June 05, 2011
Remembering the Reagan Memorial on This Day, the Anniversary of His Death

Few here will forget the summer that Ronald Reagan passed away, specifically---on this day of June 5th in 2004. The week of events that marked his passing ended with a magnificent funeral, followed by a cross-country flight that took his body from Washington DC to a burial service in California at sundown. A stunning day that has been firmly etched into the memory of many Americans.

Of particular significance to me was the postlude music from his state funeral in Washington DC, with some of the most hauntingly beautiful music I've ever heard. The cameras showed the Reagan family, and I still recall the tearful expression in particular of his son Michael as the body was ceremonially taken from the cathedral. The music starts at about :23 on this youtube link. Click, watch, listen---and remember.


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1. I didn't realize that my identity would not pop up at the bottom of this post, so I just want to clarify that it was I who posted this Reagan entry.

Posted by: Michele on June 5, 2011 03:07 PM
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