October 14, 2009
My Letter to Chairman Steele

I received a letter from the Republican National Committee yesterday that contained a 'Census of The Republican Party" and requests for donations (of course). I wish I could attach the original Census for context. Here is my reply to Chairman Steele I mailed out today.
October 14th, 2009

Mr. Michael Steele
Republican National Committee
310 First St. SE
P.O. Box 96994
Washington DC 20077-7556

Re: 2009 Republican Party Census Document

Chairman Steele:

First off, I am not, nor have I been, nor will I ever designate myself as a Republican. I am not sure how I made it on to your mailing list rolls, but I would appreciate it if you would remove my information immediately.

Now, after reading those sentences, I fear you may deem me a devout Liberal Democrat and stop reading my letter. Please let me assure you this is not the case even though I live in a very liberal region. I describe myself as a libertarian with a small 'L'. As far as I am concerned, it does not seem to matter which group is in charge in Washington DC, the leftward expansion of the Federal Government marches onward. So, if I am going to get similar leftward/ progressive policies no mater who I vote for, what exactly is my incentive to vote for the Republican candidate?

Please allow me to offer some examples:

1. Social Security (Bankrupt! I do not expect to get any of this money and resent having to pay it each paycheck.)
2. Medicare/ Medicare Part D (It's Bankrupt, so let's make it BIGGER!)
3. The McCain-Feingold (An assault on the first amendment)
4. Out of Control Earmarks (Can you say Bridge to Nowhere?)
5. The Bush McCain Kennedy Amnesty Plan (Let's reward lawbreakers and punish the law abiding)
6. Trillion Dollar Bank Bailouts

I have 4 simple words for you: STOP SPENDING MY MONEY!!!!

Now, as to your Census - I don't think you are even asking the right questions.

"Should we unite as a Party to oppose President Obama's huge tax increase ...?"
"Do I oppose the takeover of the health care industry? "
"Should Republicans fight against judicial nominees who bring a personal left -wing agenda ... to their jobs as judges?"

Are you kidding?! The fact that you and the Party will spend over 2.6 million dollars asking these types of questions and do not already know the answers is another illustration of the problem. I can give you my response to pretty much all the questions with one word: DUUHHHHH!!

In the section toward the end of your Census on the REPUBLICAN PARTY, you ask: "Do I support the election of Republican candidates across the country and the rebuilding of majorities over the next 10 years?" No - emphatically, no. Mr. Steele, Glenn Beck and Two kids with a video camera have had more impact on Obama's agenda than anything the Republicans have tried or done since his election. My suggestion now is for the Republican Party simply get out of the way.

I know you have only recently taken on the position of Chairman of the party and it would seem a bit unfair to hold you in to account over Party missteps of the past, but you are the man in charge. You ran for the position with your eyes open.

Respectfully sir, it would be a step in the right direction if the Republicans started growing spines and getting testicular implants. Maybe then you might get my support.



Amy (Redacted)
(Redacted), WA 98(Redacted)

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1. Well said!

Posted by: David on October 16, 2009 08:43 PM
2. Yes Amy here is a letter I wrote to the McCain Campaign more than a year ago. Don't ever forget that McCain is a global warming true believer and refused to drill for oil in Anwr. Sort of like that Congressman who represents the Eastside and voted for cap and trade:

"I receive a plea for additional funding from either your campaign or the Republican National Committee virtually every single day.
Please understand that I and many of my fellow Republicans are reluctant to contribute further until you and our Party stop allowing Obama and the Democrats to dictate the agenda.
I should like to outline for you as clearly as possible how the energy issue should be used to soundly defeat the Democrats this fall. Republicans have the opportunity for victory, if they will seize it.

1. The most important issue in this election is energy. Republicans need to be solidly in favor of drilling for new oil. I won�t send you another nickel, Mr. McCain, until you support drilling in ANWR, and put �alternative energy� in proper perspective. Wind and solar are not going to power our aircraft, our farmers� combines, our railroads, our long-haul trucks, or our factories in the near future.

2. Republicans need to clearly show that Democrats are the party of �can�t�. In respect to energy Democrats say we �can�t� drill, we �can�t� build nuclear plants, we �can�t� mine coal. They are only in favor of �alternative energy�, which appeals to the big city left but doesn�t help a farmer harvest his crops or get them to market.

3. When I say Democrats are the party of �can�t� this can be illustrated by their incessant lie that it will take �7 to 10 years� for any new oil to become available. Republicans need to remind voters that Hoover Dam was built in 4-years, that in 4-years we built hundreds of ships, airplanes and tanks and helped win World War II. Show those old film clips of ships being launched and planes being built, and give the production numbers. Then administer the coup de gras, �and now Democrats and Barack Obama say it will take us 10-years to produce any new oil�. There is no reason we could not be producing new oil within 2-years if we had the national will and optimism we once did. Democrats are the party of obstructionism and negativity. �Can�t� is their favorite word.

4. Start running ads calling the Democrats the �Party of Can�t�. That is exactly what they are. Show how they�ve obstructed any new energy production for the last 30-years. Remember that image of Jimmy Carter wearing a sweater and turning down the heat in the White House. That�s who the Democrats are, hopeless doom and gloom hand wringers.

5. Use the Democrats� tactics against them. They successfully exploit poll numbers, (�the majority of Americans oppose the war in Iraq�). The opportunity for Republicans to do the same thing is immense right now. Polls show that the Democratic Congress has a 9% approval rating. More importantly, polls show an overwhelming majority of Americans favor drilling, and drilling now. So please, run ads that say, �polls show that the vast majority of Americans favor immediate drilling for our own oil, the Democratic Congress chooses to ignore the will of the American people�. Use the phrase �Party of Can�t� in every speech, in every ad, the same way Democrats use �Bush�s third term� over and over. Use that repetition to our advantage. It works. If you don�t, Democrats will set the agenda and tempo of the election and we will lose.

Please, please understand that this election is being handed to us on a silver platter. At last we have a chance to finally expose who the leftist Democrats really are. Those oil drilling poll numbers are telling us that most Americans do not agree with the Democrats. We must use this issue. Remember, Democrats are the �Party of Can�t�. Say it over, and over, and over. It�s the truth.

Once you and our party demonstrate optimism and stand up to the Democrats, you will see an increase in contributions, and we will win this election.


William E. Cruchon, Jr.

Please remember this was written when we were all paying $4.00 plus for gas and "pain at the pump" was a nightly hammer the left's media used over and over. Did we anticipate the September media engineered stock market crash that made Obama's victory inevitable? Not in July of 2008.

Did the Republican Party support a RINO for President? Heck yes they did. Did Michael Medved gleefully support him? Of course he did. What would you expect of a vegetarian who doesn't allow a television in his home?

Sorry, I just had to vent a little.

Posted by: Bill Cruchon on October 19, 2009 03:42 PM
3. Bill,

I can totally relate. Between the time McCain secured the nomination and his announcement of his running mate, I was sick to my stomach because I could not in good conscious vote for him. I was preparing myself to leave the President selection on my ballot blank. When I finally did vote in November, my vote was for PALIN.

I get very annoyed with those who say 'voting for a third party will only elect Democrats.' I repeat: "... if I am going to get similar leftward/ progressive policies no mater who I vote for, what exactly is my incentive to vote for the Republican candidate?"

For me, the Republican party is irrelevant.


Posted by: Amyzzon on October 19, 2009 06:54 PM
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