May 12, 2009
SPD vs. The Jerry Springer Show.

With former SPD chief Gil Kerlikowske now running our nation's War on Drugs, let us glance back at the legacy he leaves at SPD.

Only last year, there was the saga of an SPD officer who had bad blood with two fellow officers. He decided to get back by mailing an anonymous complaint about them. A highly trained cop should be able to manage an untraceable anonymous letter. I think Ollie North showed how it is done during Iran-Contra: You go to a Staple's or Kinko's and use the display equipment to compose your letter, so that when CSI confiscates your printer, there is no match.

Anyway, this guy hand-addressed the envelope, so investigators quickly figured out that it was him. D'oh. And the complaint was readily disproven. No matter; Chief Gil later promoted him to Lieutenant at a base salary of $104,000 per year.

Another SPD Lt. was selected to go to DC with Chief Gil to oversee a team of SPD officers helping with inauguration security. This, even though the Lt. had just been popped for DUI. He was driving down I-5 with a female passenger, and according to the trooper who pulled him over, his pants were undone.

Last week there was more drama, this time even more complex. An SPD officer Rob Mahoney, age 46, was accused of french-kissing an 18-year old 'explorer' (young volunteer who is interested in law enforcement). A narcotics officer named Alvin Little Jr. helped the young explorer file the complaint. But the Times reports that "Sgt. Alvin Little Jr., who once ran the Explorer program, had a grudge against him, stemming from false rumors that he and another officer were having an affair." I'm lost already. I cannot tell for sure here to whom 'he' and 'him' refer.

The PI also reports that:
"[Mahoney] testified that he's also in hot water for sticking up for his current girlfriend, Officer Susanna Munro, who filed a discrimination complaint against the Police Department. She testified Tuesday that she was turned down [by Little]for a job on the Narcotics Unit over rumors that she was having an extramarital affair with Mahoney while married to another officer. "

Moreover, Mahoney says that the sexual-harrasment lead investigator has a long-standing grudge against him due to work-related drama. And finally, there may even have been some rivalry between Little and Mahoney over the explorer, as Little admits that he once gave her a bottle of perfume, and that it was not uncommon for officers to hug & kiss the young explorers.

Ask any crime victim who has reported a crime to SPD. Getting them to act is like pulling teeth. No wonder--I would not have any energy left to fight crime either!.

The absurd war on drugs may be a good fit for Kerlikowske, but I can't help but ask: do we really want to remake medicine in the image of this?

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