March 19, 2009
Why did McMorris Rogers and Reichert vote to violate the Constitution today?

Of our 3 Republican members of Congress, Only Doc Hastings voted to uphold the Constitution of the United States today.

Why is that?

There was a legal lynching in the House today... a scummy vote where Article I, section 9, clause 3;
No bill of attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed.

was tossed out the window... and ALL of our Congressional delegation, except for Doc, failed in their DUTY to protect the Constitution.

This bill has zero chance of surviving any court challenge; the Members KNOW that, but they're giving us Bread and Circuses to deflect us from the real problems confronting us: The TRILLIONS of dollars in debt that Congress and the empty suit HAVE dumped on us... and WILL dump on us in the future.

I'm not particularly happy about the AIG bonuses, either. But I'm less happy about Obama, Dodd and Geithner lying about them. Yet, that I'm not happy about that fails to give Congress or anyone in it the right to ignore the very document that is the basis for our laws in their efforts to confuse us with MOTION... over ACTION.

To all Members of Congress, I say this: The Constitution... a document YOU swore to support and defend, is NOT a series of SUGGESTIONS. AIG screwed us... but Congress, Obama, Dodd and Geithner were the pimps. You STILL have to do your jobs... and becoming a sanctioned lynch mob in a temporary effort to provide you with cover ain't gonna get it done.

Hastings was the only shining example today... and if ALL of our congress members... including McMorris and Reichert, will ignore the Constitution TODAY... when else will they view it convenient to ignore that document that I and so many others wore the uniform to support and defend?

Posted by Hinton at March 19, 2009 11:36 PM | Email This
1. This is truly disappointing. All members of congress that voted for this Bill of Attainder should resign. They have violated their oath of office.

I would really like to have someone interview Reichert and find out if he is really that ignorant of the Constitution.

Posted by: SkepticalOne on March 20, 2009 01:00 AM
2. Their votes certainly gave cover and allowed the Ds to escape with a phony coverup.

OTOH, I can see their frustration and why they voted that way.

Posted by: swatter on March 20, 2009 08:06 AM
3. I fully agree with you. I am more saddened by this than any AIS scumbags taking ethically questionable (yet seemingly legal) bonuses. This great nation that has been the model country for democracy and rule of law became no different than some wacko totalitarian government like North Korea that wields its power tyrannically to harm personal liberty and constitution of the land.

Posted by: DopioLover on March 20, 2009 04:41 PM
4. I fully understand the concept of voting out of anger... or faux anger in the case of the democrats who forced a vote without allowing anyone to read the bill.

But we CANNOT let our anger... as righteous as it may be, to allow us... or our government... or our elected representatives... to view the greatest document in the history of Mankind as a set of suggestions to be sold out or ignored for the sound bite de jour.

Our representatives took an oath. I am becoming increasingly concerned that this oath fails to have the meaning or impact to those who voluntarily took it that it should for far too many who guide our destiny as a Nation.

Government by expediency is inexcusable. We completely ignore the $3.6 BILLION in bonuses given out by Merrill Lynch... as if it didn't happen. NO ONE, least of all McMorris Rogers or Reichert seems to be talking about THAT.

We are, allegedly, a Nation of Laws. And this vote seems to ignore them... so those who voted to ignore the Constitution could have a paragraph in their re-election literature.

If Congress can go back on their word, approved in a contract that Geithner himself pushed... then it is conceivable that our government may force the violation of ANY contract under ANY circumstance they choose.

And that would be the end of us. That kind of tyranny is absolutely unacceptable. And kudos to Doc Hastings for recognizing that and voting accordingly.

As for the others... you ought to be ashamed of yourselves... regardless of the letter after your name.

Posted by: Hinton on March 20, 2009 11:30 PM
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