March 18, 2009

It is now all over the internet that the aging, old news reader from one of the obsolete TV networks may have been paid off by several environmental groups to host a Global Warming disaster special on the Discovery Channel that aired the night of 3/18. It is also being suggested that the old timer may also be a MAJOR investor in the Al Gore 2.2 Billion dollar cap and trade swindle. Here is a summary of the remarks I sent to my friend Dr. Jay Lehr, Science Director of the Heartland Institute:

As an educated scientist and a student of the Climate Change/Global Warming hoax, I have never in my life been so stunned as I was by a Discovery Channel special that ran tonight (March 18) and hosted by the retired and obviously aging former news reader Tom Brokaw. Complete with a compliment of radical and idiotic interviews with people who claim to be national scientists, he narrated a program full of lies, distortions and some of the most spurious nonsense I have personally EVER SEEN ON national television.

The continued drum beat of carbon dioxide caused global warming was hammered constantly onto the screen with this bogus documentary. No where in the program did the show offer anyone who disagreed with this fraud/hoax or anything like the proof necessary to support some of the predictions of disaster, even going to the point of suggesting that many of the consequences he warns about happening with global warming have already occurred. This sort of back door logic has been shot down repeatedly by thousands of scientists and engineers nationwide over the last 4 years.

A group is now collecting a list of companies who advertised on this Discovery Channel special and we will be organizing a boycott of these company's products. More to follow.

Bob Clark, Monroe

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