February 23, 2009
The National Party Should Take A Cue From CA GOP

USA Today( 23 Feb 2009 page 3a) has a small blurb about how the California Republican Party has voted to reprimand six GOP Lawmakers (three Senators and three Assembly). Theses six broke ranks and choose to vote for a budget which includes tax increases and borrow more money as a way to plug the $42 billion deficit the state is facing.

According to the blurb:

"The measure, which would deny party campaign money to the six, was approved Sunday by delegates at the party's convention in Sacramento. Supporters, including state party Vice Chairman Jon Fleischman, says it sends a message to politicians that there will be consequences for breaking their no-tax pledge."

Now if only the National Party would do the same to the three Senators who felt obliged to vote for the porkulous bill.

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