February 23, 2009
Organizing for Local Issues

We need people to become empowered to identify and work toward solutions for issues at a local level to really regrow a base of for conservative ideas. Those coming up with the best solutions for issues- win at the end of the day!

Having found this site recently I believe the information contained here is such a site.

Nationally a new site was launched called surgeusa.org on January 20th, 2009.
The purpose of the site is to provide a network of information that people can use to contact, and share their solutions of these various issues.
It is still being constructed, with input from across the nation, but it is already a diamond in the rough!

Please visit the site and provide ideas for links that will added to the effort.

Thanks, and my own blog is called Liberty4usa the reason I am promoting surgeusa.org is that I believe in the concept and the need for this site.

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