February 26, 2009
Government Trillions? Here is what you can do!

President Obama is already over $3 Trillion in new spending. The numbers are staggering. We are looking at about $25K per taxpayer. Even if we soaked the evil rich, by taking 100% of everything made by those earning $500K or more a year, we'd only net about $1.3 Trillion. Nothing compared to Obama's lavish spending, and he has not even begun yet with Socialized Healthcare and TARP II. And what about the tens of trillions involved in Social Security as the childish Baby Boomers demand their right to retire.

It's clearly a crazy train of the majority. So what can you do?

Scale back. The whole ridiculous scheme depends on tax revenue. They can't take what you don't make. And that will put even more pressure on the lower income tiers where the Obama plans call for lots of handouts.

President Obama is banking on the productive to finance his grand schemes. And simultaneously the productive are vilified as being ultra-rich or somehow undeserving of the fruits of their hard work. So give President Obama what we wants. Less.

Remember $4/gallon gas? What happened? A lot less driving. President Obama's plan is the oil speculation bubble of gigantic government. But it's a ponzi scheme that all depends on the artificially high price of government value.

You can bring down that price. Just take the simple steps to trim up everything. This is easy for the productive. Wife working for the second income? Maybe it's time to spend a little more time with kids. Vacationing all over the world? Maybe it's time to check out the Olympic peninsula. Spendy $100 plus Hi-Def cable package? Dust off the board games.

There's a trillion ways to save and put in your protest vote for the spending insanity.

We are all going to be Swedish.

Posted by JeffB. at February 26, 2009 10:31 PM | Email This
1. A very well-meaning suggestion, but will not do much good. It can't hurt though, especially if the funds saved are put into inflation and tax-resistant investments. Let's face it, we're screwed. We had a golden opportunity from 2000-2006 to effect real change, and blew it. France here we come.

Posted by: travis t on March 1, 2009 12:37 PM
2. It's about derivatives and saving these failed banks and institutions. We have to let them go. Let everyone of them file bankruptcy and let the courts handle it. Jim Rogers said it today on CNBC:

Those most responsible for this mess will be the ones that will take it in the shorts.

We can't survive with $600 trillion in derivatives hanging over our heads. Let AIG, Fannie, Freddie, BofA fall. Let them all fall and we'll rebuild a society far more healthy than the one this government is throwing our money at to protect.

They can't save it! They can only delay the inevitable and make it worse.

I wish it depended on tax revenue. Obama has made it clear that he'll borrow or print whatever he needs. Sure he wants to soak the wealthy, but not because he needs their money, but because he hates them. He's a Marxist down to his core.

Posted by: Reality on March 4, 2009 03:58 PM
3. If they don't get the funds, they'll just borrow more to cover it. Yes, it's completely irresponsible, but these people are beyond stupid with their irresponsible spending actions. What we really need to do is clean house of these cockroaches and elect people who think like Dave Ramsey.

Posted by: Michele on March 4, 2009 06:09 PM
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