October 20, 2008
What Barry Ain't Got...

It's surprising that underneath all the mudslinging and namecalling, one real characteristic is never mentioned.


Obama-Biden doesn't have it. McCain-Palin does.

Contrast the easily seen differences.

Obama-Biden is analytical ticket. Obama is a professor; Biden might as well be one. Their style is analytical and detached. They don't create, they react and analyze. Their campaign planks are really a critique of other people's ideas. 99 percent of the time they diatribe about this or that not working, while never offering any radically new ideas. In fact, they will criticize a Bush policy (surge) while at the same time advocating it (BO on Pakistan). Obama-Biden are both Senators. Senators are not executives...they are lawmakers...an analytical profession.

McCain-Palin is the executive ticket. McCain exemplified military leadership. While also a Senator, he commanded Committees, driving home independent policies of his own creation. He takes what he needs from both Parties and melds them into a workable whole. He orders. Palin is Governor and formerly a Mayor. Say what you want, but there is a categorical difference between an executive and a legislator. The executive leads, and organizes his bureacracy...he enacts...he makes things happen...this is what Palin has been doing all her life. She doesn't stand back and comment on "energy policy" -- she CREATES energy policy!

We need executive talent in the White House. Only McCain-Palin provides it.

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