October 04, 2008
Biden Distorts, Exagerates and Lies in VP Debate; Yet MSM Stays Silent

I finally got to watch the VP debate last night here in Iraq and I must say it was pretty good. I feel Palin did exceptionally well and Biden did to....up until the point he decided to distort, exaggerate and flat out lie to try to make his point. The MSM has been utterly silent about these lies and distortions; yet if it had been Palin who made these claims they would have been all over it. Little Green Footballs has the following links to just some of the lies:

Biden lied about "clean coal support"

Biden Lied About Obama Not Supporting Hamas Election

Biden Doesn't Know the Difference Between Gaza and the West Bank

Biden's Lebanon Nonsense

Biden's Big Lie

From National Review Online there is this about the debate lies of Biden

Finally, I would like to point out that Senator Biden, a lawyer who was once the head of the Judiciary Committee, mentioned that it was Article I of the Constitution that spelled out the powers of the Executive branch. Well Senator Biden you are wrong. Article II spells out the powers of the Executive Branch; Article I deals with the Legislative Branch.

Of course I am not expecting the MSM to bring any of this up as it is obvious that Obama/Biden can say anything they want true or not and it will not be reported. I guess the MSM is still to busy trying to decipher what Palin's wink meant.

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