October 21, 2008
An Army of Joe's

I was over on NRO and saw this great article. It appears that "average Joe's" are showing up to the McCain/Palin rallies with signs that proclaim who they are:

Virginia Saturday afternoon. Dressed in a yellow hard hat covered with McCain-Palin stickers, wearing an orange high-visibility vest, Munoz carried a hand-lettered sign that said CONSTRUCTION WORKER FOR McCAIN. He got a coveted spot in the bleachers directly behind McCain, where he could be seen in the camera shot along with the guy holding the sign that said PHIL THE BRICK LAYER and the woman with the ROSE THE TEACHER banner.

This got me thinking, wouldn't it be great if all the Conservative websites got behind the "average Joe" call and posted something like this:

This is a call to arms to all the "average Joe's" out there. United we can stand against the media onslaught of other "average Joe's" that dare to ask legitimate questions of our leaders. Together we can make a stand and let the media know that we will not stand idle, that we will go forth and do the job they refuse to do. We will continue to ask the tough questions of those who want our votes and when the media tries to destroy us we will stand shoulder to shoulder and defend our actions not there accusations. We will not let them silence us, we will not let them dismiss us and we will not let them lead us astray from the truth!

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Posted by TrueSoldier at October 21, 2008 05:51 AM | Email This
1. Barack H.Obama
A lawsuit has been filed with the Pennsylvania Eastern District Court requiring Mr. Obama to produce documents to prove he is constitutionally qualified to run for President. So far Mr. Obama has refused to produce the documents and is trying to fight the court order to produce the documents. Any American should be able to prove citizenship in less than a day. Why can't Mr. Obama?

Here is a link to the actual court documents - http://news.justia.com/cases/featured/Pennsylvania/paedce/2:2008cv04083/281573/
A constitutional crisis will rip our country apart. If this is not cleared up now we will have a crisis. If you care at all about America you must call for Mr. Obama to produce the documents and prove that he is eligible to be President.

Posted by: joe ruggirello on October 21, 2008 08:30 AM
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