August 27, 2008
Obama and Offshore Drilling

Obama has already flip flopped on the offshore drilling issue, but Democrats as a whole, have not. This quote by Obama is pretty reflective of Democrats on the issue. Their point is that it won't have a substantive effect on oil prices.

"[O]pening our coastlines to offshore drilling would take at least a decade to produce any oil at all, and the effect on gasoline prices would be negligible at best since America only has three percent of the world's oil. It's another example of short-term political posturing from Washington." -- Barack Obama

So riddle me this Barack. If offshore drilling will only have a "negligible" effect on gas prices, why is it that the price of oil has risen nearly $8 a barrel in the past two days when it was learned that Hurricane Gustav would enter the Gulf of Mexico? If offshore drilling has such a negligible effect, then oil prices should not rise so dramatically at the mere threat of offshore rigs shutting down.

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