August 08, 2008
Cancer On Rails...

Many of you will have read the reports today of sky-high cancer rates along the corridors of South Seattle: Beacon Hill, Rainier Valley...

It struck me -- isn't this the exact same corridor that Lite Rail is being built fact, isn't it the social planning goal of Nickels, Sims, Gregoire to densify this area with "urban townhomes" and "mixed use" structures?

Great...find the most toxic region of the Puget Sound and put as many people into it as possible! See that's the difference between Government mandate and the market.

Ordinarily people would be fleeing areas such as South Seattle (unless the price dropped to a point where it would be a bargain for some). They would be going to areas with less people. But of course, GMA prevents those areas from being affordable.

Instead, Government decides, in vacuo, where and how people should live, not letting them follow their native instincts and free choice. The end result is a catastrophe...casting your seeds upon poisons!

Posted by jabailo at August 08, 2008 07:24 PM | Email This
1. Because the *worst* thing to do in this case would be to reduce pollution from traffic by putting in light rail...

Posted by: demo kid on August 9, 2008 09:30 AM
2. No Metro study has shown any reduction in traffic would occur.

And the pollution is from other factors besides just traffic.

Basically this is an area that should be zoned for industry...but instead, they are encouraging people to live there!

Posted by: John Bailo on August 9, 2008 10:30 AM
3. Sound Transit has freely admitted that the full implementation of their multi-billion dollar waste of transportation dollars would do absolutely nothing to decrease congestion OR pollution.

But it WILL pay off thousands of union thugs that put their on welfare ahead of the community by sucking tax dollars at the taxpayer-paid trough.

And, in the end... to the left, that's all that really matters.

Posted by: hinton on August 14, 2008 02:18 PM
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