June 06, 2008
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Bubba Bill Clinton is starting to pick up some unwanted, negative media exposure of late. He has been spending a lot of time, since he was basically thrown off the Hillary campaign, with his millionaire friend Ron Burkle. Ron has an assortment of expensive business/luxury jets that they both like to fly around in. But that may not be the worst of it: sources are saying that Bubba is getting involved with some questionable business deals and is back chasing pretty young women. Sources say that Obama complained about it directly to Hillary at Senator Feinstein's home in Washington the other night. Barack is afraid that a major scandal with Bill's name on it might erupt at the wrong time in the campaign. Another reason not to select Hillary as his running mate? We shall see, want we?

A Reversal of Fortune
It was a lazy afternoon at the Republican National Committee yesterday with staffers about to go to sleep after lunch watching the Fox News Channel. Then without warning about 1:30PM EDST RNC operators were OVERWHELMED with an influx of phone calls jamming up the lines. Stunned staffers finally got busy and began to take the calls while the automated system took messages. E-mails from new McCain supporters almost crashed their server. Calling in temp employees and putting everyone to work, RNC officials finally cleared the lines last night at 10PM EDST and are already dealing with an explosion of calls this morning AND A RECORD NUMBER OF HITS ON RNC AND MCCAIN WEBSITES. What's happening? Literally hundreds of Hillary backers have SUDDENLY discovered the McCain campaign as Hillary met secretly with Obama in Washington. One staffer was stunned by a 'Hollywood Insider' who asked, "Do I have to sign something or what do I do to switch parties and be a Republican?"
In addition, Republican fund raising queen Georgette Mosbacher says she expects to rake in about $35 Million dollars+ for McCain from former HillBilly backers in the next TWO MONTHS!

Yesterday, CNN Reporter Candy Crowley and the rest of her entourage settled down to their long flight from Washington DC to Chicago on the 'Obama Campaign Aircraft'. She hadn't noticed that Obama had not boarded the aircraft. Then without warning her Motorola RAZR went off. She looked down to see a message from Atlanta asking if she was in position to cover the 'secret meeting' between Obama and Hillary Clinton. Before she could react, cell phones, PDA's and electronic devices began to sound off all over the aircraft as a plane load of reporters realized, as the Obama aircraft passed through 20,000 feet, that they had been suckered!
Before you could say 'the Clinton's are at it again', reporters began to demand the aircraft turn back to DC. Shouts, cursing, whining, loud cell phone calls, spilled soft/hard drinks, and an over all belligerent atmosphere caused Obama staffers to ask the reporters to sit down and SHUT UP! When the plane landed in Chicago a very unhappy group of reporters made their way through O'Hara still talking to themselves.

Rasmussen has released another controversial poll today showing Obama with a 5 point lead over McCain with 8% undecided. What's the problem? Blog rumors suggest that Hillary campaign staffers may privately be telling McCain campaign officials that Rasmussen's polls are rigged for Democrats. If this rumor is true, Rasmussen could be faced with a Justice Department Investigation for fraud, my sources tell me. Some sources say that they have been looked at 3 times in the last 2 years because of criminal complaints filed with the US Attorney General's office....all according to the rumor mill. It remains to be seen if this information is real or something hatched up by unhappy politicians not pleased with Rasmussen's products.

Benjamin Netanyahu (also known as Bibi) is the head of the Likud party and according to the latest polls certain to become Israeli Prime Minister in the next 120 days. He is not happy that Israel has done nothing about the pending nuclear threat from Iran and Syria. He is also not happy with things going on in Gaza. He is rumored to be privately saying that unless some peaceful way to deal with these matters is not forth coming in the next 6 months, HE WOULD USE WHATEVER FORCE THAT WOULD BE NECESSARY TO DEAL WITH THE SITUATION, INCLUDING THE USE OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS ON SUSPECTED URANIUM ENRICHMENT PLANTS BURIED IN THE IRANIAN DESERT!
Netanyahu is someone known to be taken seriously. BiBi's Likud Party has the highest poll numbers it has ever had with the Israeli voters and way out in front of current Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Kadima party by a two to one margin.

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1. Do I keep having to say thanks?

I got your e-mail.

Funny how Bibi's fortunes have turned over the years. I also suspect they know and are monitoring where the Iraqi materials are, too.

I heard the nuke bomb plant in Iran is in several spots and very deep. I heard it would be hard to penetrate and destroy, but I also think Israel is up on things.

Interesting comment on Rasmussen. He, in the past, has been kind of pro-Republican. His results have seemed strange lately, though.

And Obama? Was it you or at Hot Air where they said Obama cornered Lieberman at the Senate recently and laid into him and Lieberman in reverse? Obama

I couldn't finish. I get very discouraged when I realize about 1/2 the voters went for Clinton, Obama, Gore and Kerry when they were all gents I wouldn't vote for school class president or anything for that matter. They wouldn't be an employee of mine, much less in leadership position. I keep wondering where all the good leaders are.

I have been telling my moveon and Code Pinko buddy that she made a huge mistake in not nominating Hillary. She hasn't responded. While I despise Clinton, she would be the better president than Obama. Now, they leave me in a position of a screwball listening to idiot advisors on any number of issues.

Posted by: swatter on June 6, 2008 01:55 PM
2. Newest rumor: we can't find O's birth certificate. Maybe there's hop for the Clintons' yet!

Posted by: ljm on June 6, 2008 09:55 PM
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