April 10, 2008
Socialized Medicine? Americans are not that dumb.

A new Rasmussen Poll shows why Democrats are making a gross miscalculation on bringing socialized medicine to Presidential Politics.

Democrats like Hillary Clinton love to lie and trot out emotional-laden stories of dying pregnant mothers as means of justifying socialized medicine. But the reality is that such a plan would have a trillion dollar cost, and there is abundant evidence that it would not work.

Democrats are resting Presidential hopes on such a scheme, but Americans are not that dumb. Anyone who has their head even slightly in the game is aware of the disasters of nationalized health care in Canada and Britain. There are plenty of stories in the Mainstream press of the long lines, Canadians coming to the US for real and timely healthcare, and of the parallel private systems that have sprung up in Britain to address the real healthcare needs of paying customers. And we've already got three trillion dollar debacles in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Democrats apparently think money grows on trees.

Health care is not a right. And it is not free. Socialize medicine and doctors will either move to other private enterprise where they can make more money, or stop admitting socialized patients. The system will devolve into a two class system of haves who use private healthcare, and have-nots who are subject to the long longs and inferior quality of a deteriorating Soviet-like public healthcare system. But the have and have-not "two Americas" is exactly what Progressives claim to be against.

If Progressives really cared about people, they would insist on insurance reform that would allow more privatization, localized small insurance pools of low-risk patients who participate in their own health care, more preventative medicine, more screening for early diagnosis, etc. Instead they simply hold out a Free Healthcare sign, and hope that enough people will be dumb enough to think they can get something for nothing.

But the Rasmussen poll shows that most Americans are already too aware of capitalism and the real costs of healthcare to fall for such a stupid ruse.

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1. "The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more."

- Michelle Obama

Posted by: Andrew Brown on April 10, 2008 11:55 AM
2. Well done Andrew. You've highlighted the essence of the misconception of statism. Liberals really do believe there is a fixed pie. But it has been demonstrated many times over that wealth can and is generated every day. Especially here in the US. Progressives use Marxist ideology to try and convince everyone that something they don't have is at the expense of something that someone else does have.

To get the win-win, we have to realize that there is such a thing as real value and that real value has a real cost. It's easy to focus on how we trim budgets to lower costs, or do things like private risk pools to spread risk over more people, while still maintaining a modicum of personal responsibility and a private framework.

There is not enough money in the pockets of all of the so called rich, to finance all of the social schemes of the left. Trillions makes even Bill Gates and Warren Buffet look poor. But if there is competition, then there will be a low-end market niche that fills a need for healthcare amongst even the lowest rungs of the socioeconomic ladder.

It's no accident that Progressives like the Obamas focus on emotion laden issues like healthcare. Because who wants to see someone just die for lack of care. No one. But healthcare is a much, much larger picture than simply urgent emergency care. If the whole system was more focused on incentives and preventative care, then those folks at the bottom of the ladder would realize that it is in their best financial interest not to abuse the emergency care network, which drives up cost. And others who have little regard for their health until it is too late would be much more willing to address their health regularly if they realized in hit them in a pocket on a monthly basis for their insurance costs. As it is now, the entire system is setup to divorce the consumer of healthcare from the recognition of it as a value. There is no shopping around, and no realization that one's personal behavior will lead to higher costs. If we did the same thing for flat screen purchases, by going through employer implemented mandatory intermediary insurance organizations that dealt directly with the electronics manufacturers, then flat screens would be much more expensive as well.

There are plenty of ways to make healthcare more affordable, but entrusting the whole system to the government will do the exact opposite. And that's why Michelle Obama uses class warfare to create the ends to justify that means.

The goal is more statism, not good healthcare.

Posted by: Jeff B. on April 10, 2008 01:22 PM
3. Imagine what is going to happen when 47 Million Americans with free healthcare flop into this American healtcare system.

I hope you like long lines, ling waits, and Poor Care

In England now you wait a year for a heart valve replacement. I certainly hope you don't need a new heart valve, or at least not in a big hurry anyway.

Waiting to get news on that cancer Xray...Sorry, Your biopsy is scheduled for 4 months from now.

Been waiting in that waiting room for 4 hours... we'll be with you soon!

47 million, almost 1 millon new patients per state. I hope you have a B load of new Doctors, new Nurses, new Hospital Beds, and new Clinics online before you try this toad.

Posted by: GS on April 10, 2008 09:18 PM
4. One thing that has will happen if we go to a socialized health care system is that not everyone will get the same care. People think it is bad now with HMO's well if we have socialize dhealth care the "Elite" will get the best care the country has to offer while the masses will get health care on a pittiful level.

Here is a letter from a former Canadian system describing the health care system he grew up with, and his mother still deals with, in Canada:


Moore and Canadian health care
A letter from a listener

Dear Larry:

I'm writing to you about the Michael Moore interview on the Phil Donahue show. I would like to clarify a few things about what he had to say regarding the Canadian health care system. I grew up in Canada, and have been a recipient of the Canadian socialized health care system up until I left the socialist country (it is a socialist country) to come and live here in a free market society (unless Hillary becomes President)

My seventy years old mother, who still lives in Canada, had surgery on October 18th 2002. She had been on a waiting list since May of 2000. Twice, she was called in the course of those 2 plus years, and told that within a few weeks she should expect a call from the hospital to come in to get her surgery. But each time she was left hanging. On the third time (2 years and 4 months later), she was finally admitted to the hospital. Because of her advanced age she had taken a private supplemental insurance to cover for a private room, and other things that aren't cover by the Canadian health care system (they don't cover everything). When they called her to come in she's put a request for a private room, and told the hospital that she would pay for it and have her insurance reimburse her later. They told her that it wouldn't be a problem. That's until she show up at the hospital, and was put in a room with another patient A MAN. When she told the nurse that she had requested a private room, the nurse told her; " you should feel lucky you could have been put in a room with 3 other patients" my Mom hesitated for a moment then the nurse told her; " if you don't like it there are 200 people on the waiting list, they'd be happy to take your spot, but you'll have to wait another 2 years." What were her options? Going to a different hospital? She didn't have a choice all hospitals are owned by the government, all nurses and doctors are hired by the government. My mother's experience is not a horror story, nor the exception, but the norm up there.

For people who think that socialize health care means we all have access to Cedar Sinai are being mislead. What it means is that we all have access to County USC. It also means that all hospitals will be reduced to county USC service and standard, including Cedar Sinai. In a socialist country doctors have to go and practice medicine wherever the government sees fit. Doctors who have refused assignments have been subpoena and brought to justice. Three doctors in the province of Quebec have pending cases, because they refused to do double shift. Not only were they asked to do a double shift, they were ask to do it at a different hospital than the one they are based at.

For people who think that socialized health care means FREE health care, I've got some news for you. It cost money, and you pay for it. First of all the income tax rates are much higher than what we pay here in the US, on top of it everybody has to pay a 15.5% sales tax whenever they shop for goods and services. That includes going to the restaurant, renting a car, renting a hotel rooms, getting your car fixed, getting your haircut, buying clothes, going to a baseball game etc. Beside the taxes on gasoline is through the roof. A gallon of gas cost about $3.00 (for people who don't know Canada pay the same price for a barrel of oil as the US do, taxes makes the price of gas so high). Canadians have almost no disposable income at all, that compare to Americans people. Because too much money goes to taxes. The other perk that comes with the Canadian health care system is cheap medicine. Sometime it is
as much as 70% cheaper to buy medicine in Canada than it is in the US The reason for it is explained by the fact that Americans people pay for it. We pay an extra 70% here, so that the Pharmaceutical companies can sell their products to Canadian for 70% less. In order words American people subsidize the cheap medicine for Canadians, otherwise Canadians would not have access to cheap medicine. We also do it with the European countries, because in Europe they wont pay more than a certain amount for a specific medicine, so the cost is passed on to the consumers in the US.

How long can the system hold? That's a question the Canadian government asked itself a few years ago. Because the retired population is increasing rapidly due to the baby boomers, the Liberal Canadian government had to find a solution to keep the flow of income tax coming, so they found a very clever way to increase revenues. Let in more young immigrants so they can bring more revenue for the Federal government, and pay for the retired baby boomers. Not only that at the moment they are talking about raise the goods and services tax to 16%.

Are Canadians fed up with this? Some are. After 30 years of socialized health care, parties like the Canadian Alliance, and the Action Democratique du Quebec are becoming very popular. First item on their agenda privatizing the health care system. If there was a provincial race today in Quebec The ADQ (Action Democratique du Quebec), would get between 60% and 70% of the vote in a three party race. I know they'll get my mother's vote. I know that here in the US we do have problems with our health care system, but it not going to be solve by having less choice, and by surrendering the power of choice to the government. When people like Hillary Clinton are telling American people that they have the solution to solve health care system, and it's to socialize it, I find it anti-American. America is about making your own choice. Maybe one day they'll tell us that we should all drive the same car,
all wear the same clothes, all watch the same TV station. For once we should learn something from a foreign country. Socialism doesn't not work. And for people who do not think that it's here at our doorstep beware. Socialism doesn't happen through a revolution or a coup. It creeps up on you little by little. The more the government gets involve in private enterprises, the more you become socialist. One day you wake up and it too late, the bureaucrats control most of your money therefore most of your choices, most of your life. Only the well connected make it, because so much goes through the government that contracts are awarded to friends, and large contributors. That's why it's important to leave as much money as possible in the hands of individuals. Strangely enough, in a socialist country, the rich get richer. The highest average worth of billionaires in the world, is in Sweden. That should tell you something.

Thanks for your time Larry.


Posted by: TrueSoldier on April 10, 2008 10:06 PM
What's the difference between a Democrat and a Republican?

A Democrat thinks that a person wants a health care plan.

A Republican thinks that a person wants a job...with a health care plan!

No one says that "health care" is bad in America. They are only complaining that it costs a lot to get to the health care. But it also costs a lot to get a car, or a house. Things are expensive.

The only way to get expensive things is to work hard. Government skews the system by trying to manipulate the markets. Less government means less scams and prices then fall.

Wal*Mart is showing the way with low cost, no dicker-sticker health care.

Posted by: John Bailo on April 11, 2008 05:17 PM
6. Socialized medicine: social workers tell physicians what to do.

Posted by: ljm on April 14, 2008 11:10 AM
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