April 23, 2008
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

The Mainstream Media creates a lot of problems for itself.

Just look at the media fawning we've seen for Senator Obama over the past six months or so. There's not a single rational person who doesn't see the obvious bias and agenda driven reporting for Obama that goes far beyond any pretense of journalism.

Now we expect this kind of thing from activist bloggers like those at HorsesAss who shill for Darcy Burner. There's no pretense of objectivity, and such outlets are read by only a few thousand of the core activist nuts. But Mainstream Media outlets do reach a wide audience.

And with such a wide audience, the Mainstream Media has the ability to create feedback for itself that has many unintended consequences. Had their been a more rational, objective and balanced reporting on the Obama campaign, many of the issues plaguing Obama now may have been vetted in a more controlled manner over the course of his campaign. But instead we got wall to wall fawning as exemplified by despicable on-air campaigning of Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann. With these two, not even the most extreme leftist can defend how far they've departed from reporting.

And now after all of the bubble like buildup of Obama as a larger than life candidate, the bubble has burst and we are seeing voters react in rejection of the hype and overselling.

And we are seeing the same thing with the Anthropogenic Global Warming climate hysteria which has also been pumped up by the media, in advance of actual science which shows the Sun at a minimum and the Pacific Ocean as a far larger contributor to Earth's climate than was previously thought.

If the mostly left dominated Mainstream Media did not allow itself to stray so far from objectivity, then it would not end up deep in delusion deserts without food or water. Remember early exit poll results for John Kerry on election night 2004? Remarkably similar to early poll results for Obama in PA last night.

Nobody, save for a few die-hard Nutroots fanatics believes the Media's biased crap anymore, especially in the Internet age. The NYT readership is dropping rapidly, Air-America is all but dead, etc.

Isn't it time for the media to stop looking in the mirror hoping for reaffirmation of its own vanity?

Posted by JeffB. at April 23, 2008 10:00 AM | Email This
1. I think you have pretty much analyzed what’s going on. The Network newscasts have declined in ratings to the point where the CBS Evening news falls behind “Bill O’Reilly’s Factor” on the Fox News Channel. This was one of the first times that cable news beat a network newscast in overall NATIONAL RATINGS. When Law and Order CI moved to the cable USA network from the NBC national TV network its ratings WENT UP! People don’t get their news from the likes of the Everett Herald, the Seattle Times or PI, the New York Times and even the LA Times. Look at the declining profits and layoffs with the traditional media as opposed to the number of hits per day on the ‘Drudge Report’.
The American people are not stupid. They know bias when they see and hear it. These traditional media organizations are so stupid that they are driving themselves into bankruptcy by traveling on the far left and leaving the average ‘gun totting, bible thumping, bitter American’ behind.
I was astounded one morning a year ago watching CNBC when Mark Haines in a comment about the then soon to be on the air Fox Business Network shook his head and said: “They say (at Fox) that they are going to report the news for business and commerce. That is a crazy idea!” Crazy indeed.
Last week Fox Business Network’s ratings overcame CNBC across the boards. Now they will be making money and CNBC will start to lose money. What other message has to be delivered to these morons before they get the message? "The medium is the message" is a 1964 phrase coined by ‘way ahead of his time’ Marshall McLuhan. He was right, today’s medium is the Internet and he saw it coming.

Posted by: Bob Clark on April 24, 2008 06:40 AM
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