April 04, 2008
Latest on the Climate Change Scam!

Coolerheads Digest and the latest news on the Global Warming FRAUD front!
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In the News

Texas Taxpayers to Pay Billions for New Wind Power Lines
R. A. Dyer, Star Telegram, 3 April 2008

EU's CO2 Emissions Continue to Rise
Leila Abbuod, Wall Street Journal, 3 April 2008

Can the World Afford to Fight Global Warming?
Joseph Coleman, AP, 3 April 2008

Researchers Say IPCC Underestimates Cost of Fighting GW
CBC News, 3 April 2008

The Green Energy Scam
Michael Grunwald, Time, 3 April 2008

Greenpeace: Australia "Reverting" on Climate Change in Bangkok
The Australian, 2 April 2008

As Prospects for Emissions Reductions Fade, Geo-Engineering Rises
Elizabeth Svoboda, Salon, 2 April 2008

Global Economic Woes Cast Shadow on Bangkok Climate Talks
AFP, 2 April 2008

Warming Island: Another Global Warming Myth Exposed
Patrick Michaels, World Climate Report, 31 March 2008

A Maverick Climate Policy
William Yeatman, Spectator.org, 31 March 2008

U. S. Rejects Calls to Fund China's Green Energy Future
Rattaphol Onsanit, Bloomberg, 31 March 2008

Despite Hot Air, Climate Goals Are on Ice
Joel Brinkley, San Francisco Chronicle, 30 March 2008

Negotiators Start Work on Kyoto II in Bangkok
Ed Cropley, Reuters, 30 March 2008

We Can't Make This Stuff Up...

Ted Turner Predicts that Global Warming Will Cause Mass Cannibalism

Shame on ABC

ABC News Launches Vicious Personal Attack on Fred Singer on Sunday World 'News' Broadcast

News You Can Use
Global Warming: The Costs

Africa Science News reports that "the World Growth report entitled, 'The Real Climate Threat to Developing Countries - Early, Deep Cuts in Emissions' demonstrates that Europe's call for steep reductions in emissions to reduce world economic growth by one percent would cut economic growth in developing countries in Asia between 12 and 15 percent...The World Growth report assessed the cost of Stern's claim that deep cuts would only shave one percent of annual economic growth in the world economy over time. It found Stern's 1% cut in global GDP equated to a GDP loss of 15% in China, 12% in India, 12% for ASEAN economies and 4% in Brazil."

Posted by LeCerveau at April 04, 2008 10:06 AM | Email This
1. And there is this one from Foxnews.com:


U.N. Forecasters: Global Temperatures to Decrease

Of course the article still cites some "scientist" that claim this means nothing at all.

Posted by: TrueSoldier on April 5, 2008 05:40 AM
2. On top of that this report from Europe, from INTELLIGENT AND SCIENTIFIC SOURCES: Global Temperatures have not risen since 1998:
This report is bouncing all over Europe. The Green Party, apparently taking time out from smoking delta 9 tetrahydrocannibinol, has stated that CO2 emissions are causing a new ICE AGE. I do wish they could get their story straight!

Posted by: Bob Clark on April 6, 2008 05:24 AM
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