April 07, 2008
Even Moonbats are occasionally right!

Well, here's to the Moonbats, they got one right.

Today, instead of the usual Hate Bush or Anti-Fur protest, they are protesting Chinese Human rights violations of the Tibetans.

Although these Moonbat climbers would get a lot further if they put on business attire and tried encourage our leaders and corporate leaders to use the intense PR surrounding the Olympics to pressure China, it is nice to see them doing something useful for once.

I don't believe that we should boycott the Olympics. That's a punishment that athletes don't deserve, and that will hurt many livelihoods. However, we do have an excellent PR opportunity to excoriate China for one of their many obvious human rights disasters.

However, the IOC has already placed a gag order on athletes, etc. to remain mum regarding Tibet and all things political. This is a disgusting display of appeasement towards communist China. And that's probably in part due to the ideological sympathy towards China held by most of the Marxists that control organizations like the IOC and the UN.

If you know anything about Chinese culture, and many other Asian cultures, you know that saving face is very important to their psyche. We have a great opportunity to use the Olympics to bring shame upon China in a very diplomatic and non-threatening way, and we should do so at every chance.

And probably even when it means letting our tree-huggers climb the Golden Gate Bridge.

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