March 07, 2008
Products of The One-Child Rule: Chinese Hackers

Blaring on the top front of The Drudge Report this afternoon was the headline:
   Chinese Hackers: We tapped into Pentagon

My first reaction was, HOW does that not surprise me? I clicked on the link and skimmed the CNN article; to summarize, Chinese hackers are stereotypically pale-faced and thin, spend all their time waging cyber warfare on government and private websites, and claim they are secretly paid by the Chinese government, which in turn vehemently denies such allegations. So my question was WHY? The article answered that question...sorta:

And across China, there could be thousands just like him, all trying to prove themselves against some of the most secure Web sites in the world.

Yeah, OK, sure.

I don't know about you, but that kind of screams "the Chinese are bored as heck" to me. Maybe the One-Child Rule is the underlying cause behind Chinese boredom. Couples are only allowed to have one child, and girls are typically unwanted, so you're going to end up with more Chinese men than women, thus more men who have a hard time getting dates and/or spouses. And I'm going to bet that many of those men have nothing better to do than to waste time not only hacking for the heck of it but developing entire websites devoted to hacking:

CNN decided to withhold the address of these hackers' Web site, but Xiao Chen says it has been operating for more than three years, with 10,000 registered users. The site offers tools, articles, news and flash tutorials about hacking.

Mmm...yeah. They're just bored.


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