March 18, 2008
Kick this can down the road!

The Clinton News Network (CNN) says it best:
The national Democratic Party banned Florida and Michigan's delegates from attending the party's national convention this summer. But with the fight for the nomination nearly deadlocked and the reality that winning both Florida and Michigan is crucial for the Democrats to take back the White House in November, there's now a movement toward letting both states vote again.

I say yeah, let them re-vote, have the DNC pay for it and let Obama and Hillary fight it out on the streets of Miami and Detroit (The DNC should have to pay for the extra police in two of the cities with some of the highest crime rates in the US!)

I am now suffering from the Yogi Berra induced: Deja Vu all over again! I am now starting to believe that we may have a repeat of the 1968 Chicago Demo Convention in 2008, perhaps not with the tear gas and shootings by the police, but just as mean and contentious! Gee, it has been 40 years and Democrats are not known to be the sharpest tools in the shed!

PS: Has everyone noticed now that the e-mail jokes that were flying around with Hillary in them has been replaced by Obama stuff? Jay Leno once said: "When they start using you as the focus and butt of jokes on the Internet, you are toast!"

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