March 25, 2008
Hillary Sounds like a Defense Conservative...Wha??

...Not recently, mind you, but check out this video five-year-old video from March 6, 2003:

Hopefully you made it through Hymn #321 of the Code Pink Peace Sing-A-Long Book without ripping your hair out by its roots. If you made it through the whole video, you can also enjoy the beginnings of Code Pink Chant #4, found toward the back of the book.

Back to substance...Of course Senator Clinton is whistling a different tune now. Yeah, she still found a chance to bash President Bush in her speech, but overall, she sounded much like a defense conservative. I just finished picking my jaw up off the floor, actually. Now, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise as she IS a Clinton, and if I know anything about the Clintons, it's that they have a habit of catering to popular public opinion polls--as obviously evidenced by her pretty unabashed support of the War in Iraq in the very beginning to her current pledge to begin bringing all troops home within the first 60 days of her [God forbid] presidency.

As much as I dislike Obama, at least the dude is consistent, even if he is consistently liberal.


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