March 20, 2008
Demo/'s Senate Strategy!

Having has some experience with voter targeting, Saros will have to come up with some BIG BUCKS to pay for very much MICRO TARGETING and in states where Senate Seats are the result of LOCAL POLITICS. Anyway here is part of their plans in a "nut" shell:

The biggest untold story in politics today is the historic chance we've got to win a decisive majority in the Senate this fall.
Electing Obama or Clinton isn't enough to win big progressive changes, a Democratic president will need to overcome Republican obstruction in Congress. And with 23 Republican Senate seats up for grabs, the 60-seat majority needed to block Republican filibusters is in reach.1 This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity the last time that many Senate seats changed hands was 1980.2
MoveOn members made seven million calls to voters in 2006 and helped win the House and the Senate. Together, we can lead the way again this year with a massive get-out-the-vote campaign in key Senate races and swing states.
But we need to know we have the resources to pull it off. More than 13,500 MoveOn members are already contributing monthly, and we need to get to 20,000. Can you contribute $15 per month from now through Election Day (you can cancel at any time) to win the White House and the Senate?
From Kentucky to Maine to Oregon, we'll combine paid ads with member contributions to candidates and an ambitious grassroots campaign to get our message out. And we'll follow it up with the most sophisticated voter-turnout campaign progressives have ever run.
Here are a few highlights:
• A voter persuasion program to tip swing voters our way.
• New sophisticated tools to connect volunteers to voters who probably won't vote without a reminder.
• Fun and effective voter-contact house parties, modeled on our 2006 calling parties.
• Cutting-edge "microtargeting" to find every progressive voter, even those in Republican neighborhoods. • A new effort to target people who vote by mail and need to hear from us well before Election Day.
With 60 seats in the Senate and a progressive in the White House, we can overcome Republican opposition to bringing our troops home, providing health care for all Americans, and taking bold steps to fight the climate crisis.
Thanks for all you do.
Nita, Karin, Matt, Justin, and the Political Action Team

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