July 24, 2007
We're doing it for the sex predators not the children!

So here we go again, mixing apples and oranges and calling it an argument. Robert Jamison, Seattle PI columnist, tries to confuse the reader by making assumptions that meting out judgment is some how emotional. Judgment by its very nature is made to leave out emotions and having tough sentencing law for those who commit evil acts especially against innocent little kids is expected in a community that claims they are "doing it for the children."

One has nothing to do with the other.

Let's not forget that when a parent gets a call from the cops that the dead body of their child was found torn up and beaten that's emotional, but that has nothing to do with a justifiable sentence for the perpetrator who committed that evil act. That's why we have a judicial system--to keep emotions at bay, so as to have a neutral party hear and try the FACTS. That's why we have a Legislature who are given the call to pass SOUND LAW--which keeps emotions at bay, and neutrality intact.

I designed the One Strike Law (OSL) with a very narrow and specific purpose of sentencing anyone CONVICTED upon evidence of kidnapping, rape and rape of a child. Even Jamison admits to that fact, yet he adds that somehow a One Strike Law goes into dangerous territory. How? So having a very narrowly designed law targeting one kind of sex predator is dangerous, but allowing dangerous sex predators who have been given second chances to roam our streets, alleys and parks trolling for unsuspecting kids isn't dangerous? Come on Robert! Even you can see the inconsistency in your argument. Can't you?

The problem in Western Washington is that most people see tough sentencing law for the sex predator as a mean spirited, calloused and uncompassionate act and "even the ugly sex offender deserves a second chance" even though Zina won't get one at the ripe old age of 12.

There was only one Zina in the world.

This particular second chance REPEAT sex offender took that Zina away for good! And yet here we sit, bringing up false arguments like what about the 18 year old having sex with the 16 year old? Or how about: What about those who are falsely accused? As if that had anything to do with tea in China, and clearly shows the ignorance of how law works.

It also distracts from the real question: How many children have to be raped, molested, and sodomized, and some murdered by second chance repeat sex offenders before we decide to side with the innocent, and not the guilty? Please someone answer that question! When? What is the magic number? Maybe the magic number is when it's your kid.

Our state and some of its Citizens have misdirected compassion and understanding even the children of this state apparently don't warrant. We come up with emotional and illogical arguments against an OSL, and call them sound rational thought. This will never change until the so called compassionate liberal politicians and their supporters leave THEIR emotions out of the argument!

This state, its politicians, and their voters have spent more time wrangling over the very specific, and let me add, emotional laws dealing with school closures, and whales and the lack of city taxes and no one gets their boxers in a bunch over those emotional fights, yet one who wants to really protect kids with substantive law gets accused of being emotional.

Rehab, and treatment and money and overcrowded prisons, and all of those distracting arguments have nothing to do with the bottom line which is punishment for a crime that one has been convicted of by a jury.

Why is it okay for one to go to prison for 14 years for taking a geoduck or an eagle feather, but if you rape a two month old baby you get four years? Why is that okay? And yes, those two cases played out right here in King County! A geoduck got more protection than a human being. Those are the priorities in Western Washington from those who claim they are doing it for the children. They really mean "They're doing it to the children!"

I am disgusted with Olympia and their protection for the predator and it won't change until one of them get a call from the cops informing them that they have found their child's dead body torn up, beaten, and dumped in a garbage bin--then they'll want change. Unfortunately, by then, change came to late.

Tracy Oetting
Founder of:
Citizens for a One Strike Law
P.O. Box 192
Skykomish, WA 98288
Please support a One Strike Law!

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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1. Tracy, I like how you disabled comments on your last posts. Very open of you. Don't like what someone with another opionion has to say, just silence them! (Reminds me of a man named Joe. Maybe you know him? He was from the Ukraine. Lived back in the first half of last century.)

No matter! Here is what I would have written:

Tracy, I agree with AD. Profiling is important but what you were doing was just idiocy. Do you think that every Middle Eastern man with a beard is a terrorist? News flash: Jews are from the Middle East and many of them have beards. There are also plenty of Christians in the Middle East too, not to mention people from Greece, Italy, India and many other parts of the world that could conceivably look Middle Eastern (I have a friend who is a second-generation Italian American who is a dead-ringer for Saddam Hussein). Are all these folks terror suspects as well?
Get a clue, woman. Let's not become what we fear.

WFP (a right-wing conservative, Republican, white, Christian, Iraq War supporting American)

P.S. As for this post. I do agree with you on the one-strike law. Anyone who would do something that unspeakable isn't likely to be rehabilitated. Even murder can be done in the heat of passion or for some "logical" reason (money, power, etc.). Raping a child and/or killing them, there's no reason for that!

Posted by: WarmFuzzyPuppies on July 25, 2007 01:26 PM
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