July 27, 2007
Latest Message from Fred Thompson

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From Fred:

In the past few months, I've traveled the country talking and listening to folks. I've been discussing where I see America going, about what we need to do to keep our nation secure, what we must do to keep this remarkable economy growing, and the challenges we must address together for the next generation of Americans.

I believe the United States is at a crossroads, and what I'm hearing on the road is that a lot of people agree with me. They're ready to move forward together to meet our challenges here at home and abroad. They aren't buying into the defeatist talk about our security, our economy, and our future.

During this "testing the waters" effort we've undertaken, I've been saying the political waters feel pretty warm. It's allowed us to start laying the foundation of a good team across the country and to keep up this national conversation we've been having. Now we're going to take that conversation to a different level.

On Tuesday, August 7th, we're inaugurating a new weekly "I'm With Fred" email, complete with news, updates, and photos from the road. We're also working on the ImWithFred website 2.0, in order to keep in touch on a daily basis and to give you more opportunities to join us at events, help us organize, and spread the word about our efforts.

I'm excited about what I'm seeing out on the road. I appreciate everything you're doing for our effort.


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Posted by John425 at July 27, 2007 08:00 AM | Email This
1. I urge those who are looking at Fred Thompson to look at his appointment of Spencer Abraham as a campaign manager.

Here are some Facts
about Spencer Abraham.

Fred Thompson has lost the issues of border control and the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the GWOT with the appointment of Spencer Abraham to his staff.

Posted by: pagar on July 27, 2007 12:50 PM
2. Here is a little from LGF blog on a Abraham Thompson
connection. Most
455 comments. Most just say they no longer consider Thompson to be a candidate they can support, because of his support for Abraham.

Some bring up real serious stuff.

From an ABC article; "Abraham served in the Bush administration after losing re-election in 2000 to Democratic Sen. Debbie Stabenow; in 2006, he joined a French-owned nuclear company, Areva Inc., as chairman of its board of directors."

From comment No. 36 "Sarkozy: Trust Arabs with Nukes

Wow. Just ... wow. Nicolas Sarkozy is indeed very different from Jacques Chirac � he�s even worse. He�s made a nuclear deal with Libya, and apparently intends to do the same with other Arab countries. Sarkozy: Trust Arabs with nukes.

Now we know the price for freeing those foreign medics: a nuclear reactor.

TRIPOLI, Libya (Reuters) � After agreeing to nuclear cooperation with Libya, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said the West should trust Arab states to develop such technology for peaceful purposes or risk a war of civilizations.

Sarkozy said preventing Arab states from developing nuclear power risked stoking a �war of civilizations.�

France agreed on Wednesday to help Libya develop a nuclear reactor to supply drinking water Sarkozy told reporters in Libya that to consider the Arab world �is not sensible enough to use civilian nuclear power� would, in the long run, risk a �war of civilizations�.

�Nuclear power is the energy of the future,� he said. �If we don�t give the energy of the future to the countries of the southern Mediterranean, how will they develop themselves? And if they don�t develop, how will we fight terrorism and fanaticism?�

Here's the sentence from the article " The reactor might be supplied by French atomic energy firm Areva."

To make it short, Fred Thompson is going to be telling voters that he will be strong on terror while his campaign manager is building a nuclear
facility for Libya. That is going to cause Americans to want to vote for Fred Thompson. You've got to be kidding.

Spencer Abraham is bad, bad news for any Fred Thompson campaign.

Posted by: pagar on July 27, 2007 06:29 PM
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