November 22, 2006
The War Against Cars

Mayor Nickels is at it again, this time proposing to eliminate the minimum parking space requirements for development around Seattle.

So let's run down the potential impacts of this new rule:

1. Developers build condos with few or no parking spaces, and jack up the prices for those units that have a parking space. Developers save $20,000 - $30,000 for each parking spot they do not build, but charge only slightly less for the unit, pocketing the difference in profit.

2. Less street parking in neighborhoods. People driving around endlessly looking for a spot. Quality of life for existing residents is affected.

3. Fewer families choose to live in Seattle, not just because it's unaffordable, but because families require vehicles and a place to park them.

4. Retail sales suffer in downtown because there are fewer parking spots, and those that remain are more expensive.

5. More people dependent on public transportation move into the city, thereby ensuring Nickels and his ilk remain in power.

Feel free to add more of your own impacts.

Posted by Palouse123 at November 22, 2006 09:05 AM | Email This
1. They force people in outer King County to leave 2/3 of their land untouchable, but they don't force builders to put in sufficient "open space" for parking???

Posted by: Michele on November 22, 2006 11:41 AM
2. Don't want to infringe on the priorities of your already insightful list but I truly believe it's driven by using what should be parking space to build additional units.

It's simple arithmetic: Available space - parking + more units = MORE TAXABLE PROPERTY.

1. More units, More taxes.

Posted by: Tyler Durden on November 22, 2006 02:19 PM
3. I think point #5 is right on the money. Nickels and his ilk are making sure that Seattle stays an ultra-liberal bastion. Their dumb social engineering will also ensure that Seattle will continue to be one of the most expensive cities in which to live with one of the worst educational most other ultra-liberal cities. Aren't these people wonderful?

Posted by: Bill Cruchon on November 22, 2006 05:29 PM
4. I'd like to see Nickels manage my odessy yesterday with either no parking spaces or on public transportation.

3 foster kids, 4 different appointments in different locations. The youngest, a medically fragile newborn.

Nickels do you really want me to take three kids, one fragile, from Shoreline to Pill Hill on the BUS? Standing out in yesterdays cold and rain waiting for busses with sick kids.

Or should I move downtown, where the schools suck, their playmates in the parks can be drunk bums and pedophiles, an walk a mile in the cold and rain with three sick kids?

Nickels you are pompous, arrogant, ignorant, a**. When you walk everywhere, I might consider your global warming flatulence with little more than contempt.

Posted by: JCM on November 23, 2006 09:56 AM
5. Great points JCM. Shared misery is evidently one of the goals of liberalism. Of course that misery isn't shared by Nickels and the rest of the leftist ruling class.

Posted by: Bill Cruchon on November 23, 2006 04:18 PM
6. To add to the insult I bought a vehicle that is a very efficient diesel. For me the low maintenance and high mileage made the total cost hard to beat over the expected vehicle life.

It is classed under European emission standards as a low emission vehicle. it gets almost twice the economy of the competitors in it's class.

But under CA emissions this vehicle will be banned.

So much for the intelligence of the intelligencia class.

Posted by: JCM on November 23, 2006 05:47 PM
7. Great topic!

#6. Little, if any, parking available for out of town guest. Does Mr Nickles really expect people to take public transportation from Spokane, the Tri-Cities area or Portland, Oregon?

I run into this type of problem every time I go to Portland to visit my 91 year old Mother. Because of her age she no longer lives in a house and now lives approx 5 blocks up the hill from the PGE Park. There is 250 apts in her highrise and 3 levels of underground parking (there is not enought spaces for all the tenants). Occassionaly I am lucky and she can get me a vacant space, however most of the time I have to park on the street, frequently 2 - 3 blocks away. The last time I was there I lucked out and found a spot in front of her building. On street parking is free for 2 hours during the day, however you must have a permit to park longer hours or in the evening. In order to get the permit Mom had to provide proof that she was a resident at that building. Permits are sold in booklets of 10 for $3.00 and are good from midnight to midnight of the same day.

IMHO, Mr Nickles if going backwards if he continues to allow apts/condos to be built with only a few parking spaces.

Posted by: Janet on November 26, 2006 02:34 PM
8. Good point Janet, and it's not just out of town guests. We have some friends who live in an apartment on Queen Anne, and we rarely visit their place any more because we have sometimes driven around for 45 minutes looking for a place to park.

I've noticed alot of multi-family units going up near another friend's place in Wallingford, and it doesn't look like they have enough parking either. This proposal will only make it worse.

Posted by: Palouse on November 26, 2006 03:22 PM
9. Much as I try to avoid Seattle, I had an unavoidable meeting in Belltown last week. For years, a combination of healthy feet and a stubborn streak prevented me from paying for parking, no matter how far I had to walk, but I've given up, as free street parking has just gotten too scarce for that. So, resigned to paying for parking, I drove around looking for parking that wasn't by-permit and had a space open... and around, and around, and around. Un-freakin-believable: you're willing to pay $5 to rent about 90 square feet of asphalt for two hours, and barely manage to find even that.

Posted by: TB on November 26, 2006 05:51 PM
10. And lest we forget Nickel$ got his way with the parking lot tax. Would it be too far-fetched to imagine Nickel$ and crew might dream up some scheme to force vehicles into pay lots rendering tax unto Cesar? Sorry, make that Nickel$.

PS, notice how Nickel$ solar powered parking pay stations are taking up what was once "free" parking? I expect to see one in front of my house any day.

Posted by: Tyler Durden on November 27, 2006 12:50 PM
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