November 07, 2006
The Indian Revolution

David Yeagley's Latest Editorial from the Bad Eagle Forums

The Indian Revolution
by Rod Van Mechelen

This article is by Rod Van Mechelen (enrolled Cowlitz), American Indian journalist and political commentator. It is slightly longer than our usual 750 op/ed pieces, but the information is most useful. I should like to have posted this at least two weeks ago, before the Nov. 7 election, tomorrow! There are those who have questioned my position on American Indians and conservatism. Here is rather exemplary evidence that I am not. Indians are conservative by nature.

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Posted by RodVanMechelen at November 07, 2006 05:41 PM | Email This
1. Rod,

Great column, As it pertains to the American
Indians in the state of Washington. There has
been very little outreach from the State Gop.
Why that is the case is hard to say.But you should
know back in 2004/2005 prior to the State gop
election proceedings for State Chair.A man by
the name of Mark Hulst who was at the time running for
state chair. Had made some pretty good inroads
with some of the tribes here.

When Mark didn't win the state chair race
he told Chris Vance all about what he had
done and encouraged him to do the same.Well
Chris Vance did virtually nothing. Since
then the State Gop has still done very little
outreach to the American Indians. The only
way that will change is if Mark Hulst becomes
State chair.Of course he has to decide to run
again first.

Posted by: Phil Spackman on November 7, 2006 06:07 PM
2. Thank you, Phil.

Mark Hulst sounds like somebody worth supporting, but I know Chris and I've met Diane and they're both good people, too.

The last night of the 2004 Convention as we were unwinding over cheese and crackers Chris explained some things to me about contemporary partisan politics that really helped me to see things in context. During the convention I was very impressed by the dignity he brought to the delegation, too.

Diane I don't really know, but I have the impression that she's a protege of Jennifer Dunn, and if she's anything like her mentor then it will take somebody who is truly extraordinary to draw my support away from her.

I appreciate your kind comments about my article and regret only that I didn't have more time to work on it. The quality of my writing is usually better but I was rushing to get this one done so David could post it prior to today's election.

Thanks, Rod

Posted by: Rod Van Mechelen on November 7, 2006 06:31 PM
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