July 28, 2006
6 + 4 = 1 Tenuous Existence

That is the title of this story from the L.A. Times written by Sam Quinones.

You do have to register for a free account to see the whole story, but I think it is worth the read. I will touch on some of it below:

An illegal immigrant couple with six children were already living in poverty. Then the quadruplets arrived. They're still in a daze.

Neither Magdaleno nor her husband speaks English, though she has been in the United States 22 years and he 28. Even her teenage daughters speak mostly Spanish; their English vocabulary is limited. Yet all of Magdaleno's 10 children are U.S. citizens. The triplets receive subsidized school lunches. All the youngsters have had their healthcare bills covered by Medi-Cal, the state and federal healthcare program for the poor
They have lived here this long and refused to learn English, yet they expect the taxpayer to pay for everything. Yet the story tells how this womans sister followed a different path (although she was originally here illegally too).

Magdaleno's existence contrasts sharply with that of her younger siblings, who followed her to Los Angeles but then left. They have settled in Lexington, Ky., had no more than two children each and built better lives than they had known before. Four bought houses. Their children speak English fluently.

Justina(her sister), who came to the U.S. with Magdaleno, applied for legal residency under the 1986 amnesty law and is now a U.S. citizen. Magdaleno never applied.

I think this other part sums up best why we need tighter border security.

Justina (the sister) was the last to leave Los Angeles.
She and her husband wanted better schools for their sons, 15 and 9.

In Lexington, she said, "at the school there are just people who speak English. It's helped my children a lot."

"We're (Justina and her husband) in a state (Kentucky) where there's nothing but Americans. The police control the streets. It's clean, no gangs. California now resembles Mexico -- everyone thinks like in Mexico. California's broken."

There are alot of other good points made in this story about Teen birth rates among illegals in California compared to in Kentucky. All in all it is a good read and I was very suprised that the LA Times reporter showed both sides of this instead of making it into a poor "undocumented worker" story.

Posted by TrueSoldier at July 28, 2006 09:01 PM | Email This
1. Interesting how she describes Kentucky in such glowing terms. California (the state of my birth) IS broken.

Posted by: Misty on July 30, 2006 01:02 AM
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