King County (WA) Property Tax Itemizer

This website provides an itemized report of the 2011 property tax due for a specified property in King County, Washington.

It also estimates the property's tax liability if the Seattle 2011 "Families and Education Levy" passes.

We currently have full detail only for properties within the city of Seattle. Check back later as information for additional King County localities are added.

To look up the tax report for a specific property, enter the address number and street name.
- Optionally, you may also specify directional prefix or suffix (N, SW, etc) and/or street type (ST, AVE, etc.)
- If there are multiple units or buildings at the address, enter the main address number, but do NOT enter the unit or building number

Number Prefix Street Name Street Type Suffix

You may also get the report by entering the property's 10-12 digit parcel or tax account number:

Parcel or Tax Number: