Index of entries from December 2012
December 31, 2012
Governor Gregoire's Accomplishments
by Jim Miller, 07:45 AM, 91 Comments
Or should that be "accomplishments"? As the end of her second term nears, news organizations are assessing what she did for, or perhaps to, the state.  Here, for example, is what the Seattle Times editorial board has to say, which... [read more]

December 26, 2012
Danny Westneat, Anti-Liberty Man
by Jim Miller, 08:58 AM, 46 Comments
In August, the Seattle Times columnist told us that he would like restrictions on the 1st Amendment.  (Except, of course, for journalists like himself.)  Now, he is taking advantage of the Newtown massacre to create a caricature, the "Liberty Man",... [read more]

December 25, 2012
Greens fight green energy
by Ron Hebron, 07:13 AM, 26 Comments
The greenies are all for renewable energy until someone invests their time and money and takes a risk on it. Then they fight tooth-and-nail against the actual project. They find every imaginable objection, while still taking up the green dream... [read more]

December 24, 2012
Orbusmax Is Back
by Jim Miller, 01:42 PM, 11 Comments
In, so far, a minimal edition. Jim's family deserves thanks for keeping his very useful site going... [read more]

December 16, 2012
The Fiscal Cliff, Not the Problem
by warrenpeterson, 06:50 PM, 139 Comments
All the proposed solutions to avoid the fiscal cliff - whether it is soak the rich, cut spending or a combination - reduce the annual budget deficits over ten years by, at best, $4.6 billion a year. With deficits forecasted... [read more]

December 11, 2012
Senator Murray Hasn't Answered My Open Letter
by Jim Miller, 12:20 PM, 0 Comments
But she has sent me another email pushing her views on the "fiscal cliff". So I have opened up the post below. Incidentally, this is an excellent opportunity for some of our leftist commenters to make a positive case for... [read more]

December 10, 2012
Many People, Mostly Leftists, Fell For The Fox/Lower IQ Hoax
by Jim Miller, 01:08 PM, 75 Comments
Here's the story, in case you missed it. A fake study claiming conservative viewers of FOX News were significantly dumber than conservatives who didn't watch FOX News spread through the internet like wildfire, even though the briefest of attention to... [read more]

December 09, 2012
Get Well Card For Ragnar's Husband
by Jim Miller, 06:18 PM, 16 Comments
I hope that he has a rapid and complete recovery.... [read more]

December 07, 2012
Senator Murray Was Against The Bush Tax Cuts Before She Was For Them
by Jim Miller, 07:19 AM, 61 Comments
In fact, she voted against them in 2001 and 2003. But by 2010, she had decided they were a good idea after all, and voted for them.  And now she says that she is in favor of those tax cuts... [read more]

December 05, 2012
Open Letter On Tax Fairness To Senator Murray
by Jim Miller, 03:19 PM, 26 Comments
Dear Senator Murray: Thank you for writing.  At your suggestion, I watched your interview on ABC's "This Week" and read the articles in The Hill and the National Journal. And I am still not sure that I understand your position... [read more]

December 01, 2012
Why Are Our Broadcasters So Positive About Our State-Run Numbers Rackets?
by Jim Miller, 01:17 PM, 59 Comments
If you watched TV news in the last day or two, you must have seen one or more of our broadcasters celebrating an extreme case of redistribution from (mostly) poor and working class people to a few newly-minted millionaires. Every... [read more]

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