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October 31, 2012
More Videos From That Big Democratic Contributor "Ramtha"
by Jim Miller, 02:54 PM, 7 Comments
(AKA JZ Knight.) Along with a whole bunch of other links from the Freedom Foundation, which has been doing great investigative work on this scandalous woman. J.Z. Knight and her Ramtha School of Enlightenment are in the news--and not in... [read more]

October 30, 2012
Voting On Same Sex Marriage
by warrenpeterson, 04:00 PM, 30 Comments
Three states will vote November 6 on the issue of same sex marriage. In the State of Washington, the legislature passed a bill that would allow same sex couples to marry. The vote was 28 to 21 in the Senate... [read more]

Which Newspaper Endorsed Jay Inslee?
by Jim Miller, 02:54 PM, 11 Comments
If you have been listening to the campaign commercials, you have probably heard that Rob McKenna has 12 newspaper endorsements, and former congressman Jay Inslee, just 1. Which made me wonder, which newspaper endorsed Inslee. It's the Olympian. Their reasons... [read more]

October 29, 2012
What The Heck Is Denny Thinking?
by Jim Miller, 08:19 AM, 28 Comments
In every election year I see a few campaign commercials that leave me puzzled.  The arguments made in those commercials seem so implausible that I hope none of my fellow voters respond to them, positively. This year, one of the... [read more]

October 26, 2012
Vote tampering in Florida
by Ron Hebron, 08:28 PM, 32 Comments
Someone in Seattle is interfering with the election in Florida!? Registered Republicans in at least 14 Florida counties have received mailings questioning their citizenship and voter registration. The letter purports to be from the local election official - the election... [read more]

How Will Would-Be Legislators Vote On The Single Most Important Vote?
by Jim Miller, 04:27 PM, 6 Comments
Here's a suggestion for journalists, here and elsewhere:  Ask would-be legislators, people running to be congressmen, senators, and state legislators who, if they are elected, they will vote for as head of their branch of the legislature. For example, a... [read more]

Open Thread Friday
by Jim Miller, 12:06 PM, 21 Comments
In which you can say whatever you like about our elections, as long as you keep it family friendly.... [read more]

October 25, 2012
Does Jay Inslee Think Gregoire's Management Is Fat?
by Jim Miller, 08:56 AM, 24 Comments
That's what the former 1st district congressman has been saying. During last week's gubernatorial debate, Democrat Jay Inslee said no governor in Washington state history has implemented lean management techniques.  "There is no reason on this green Earth that we... [read more]

October 23, 2012
"Ramtha" And The Thurston County Commissioners
by Jim Miller, 07:05 PM, 25 Comments
I was vaguely aware of J. Z. Knight, and knew that she had founded the very profitable Ramtha cult not far from here. But I had not realized she was involved in politics. Washington State Republicans called Yelm spiritual leader... [read more]

October 22, 2012
The Seattle Times Is Buying Ads In The Seattle Times
by Jim Miller, 12:59 PM, 11 Comments
Nothing new about that, you may think, since newspapers routinely run ads for themselves, describing the wonderful things you can read in their pages. But this is different, since our local monopoly newspaper is buying ads for others. The Seattle... [read more]

October 20, 2012
Gay-marriage proponent harrasses woman opposed and attacks bystander
by Ron Hebron, 06:51 AM, 29 Comments
A man attacked a woman who had anti-Referendum-74 signs on her car in a Safeway parking lot in Burien Sunday, October 14. He first tore a sign off her car and tore it up. When another woman got out of... [read more]

October 19, 2012
Welcome David Boze
by warrenpeterson, 05:45 PM, 12 Comments
KTTH 770 - TheTruth has announced that David Boze will take the helm next January of the morning 6AM to 9AM drive time show replacing national talk show host Glen Beck. Boze currently has limited airtime with an hour-long afternoon... [read more]

What Rick Steves Doesn't Know About Prohibition
by Jim Miller, 06:40 AM, 30 Comments
Yesterday, the travel writer was on John Carlson's show, plugging the latest effort to legalize marijuana in Washington state.  (For almost all practical purposes, it is legal in Seattle.) During their conversation, Steves appeared to be surprised by Carlson's claim... [read more]

October 18, 2012
Obama lead narrows to 5 in Washington
by Ron Hebron, 03:11 PM, 44 Comments
Public Policy Polling, which is left-leaning, now finds that Obama's lead over Mitt Romney in Washington State is only 5 per cent - 50-45 percent. The poll was taken before the second presidential debate. The difference? Independents are now breaking... [read more]

October 17, 2012
Suzan DelBene, Congressional Referee
by Jim Miller, 01:16 PM, 23 Comments
When Suzan DelBene ran for Congress in 2010, I was charmed by the contrast between one of her TV ads and her platform.  In the ad, she promised to cut her own pay until the federal budget was balanced; in... [read more]

October 16, 2012
2012 General Election Recommendations
by warrenpeterson, 01:14 PM, 16 Comments
What factors are considered in making a recommendation? 1. I know the candidate or have heard him or her speak in public 2. Opinion of knowledgeable friends 3. Endorsed by law enforcement 4. Endorsed by Republican groups and/or party 5.... [read more]

October 15, 2012
The Seattle Times Calls Out Jay Inslee
by Jim Miller, 07:33 PM, 12 Comments
Not just once, but again and again, for his ad attacking the bipartisan tax swap plan. First, there was the "Truth Needle", which judged the ad "half true" (perhaps showing that grade inflation is not confined to our schools). It... [read more]

October 13, 2012
John Koster States Truism, Left Lies About It
by pudge, 07:55 AM, 15 Comments
The latest attack on Koster says that he attacked "poor people" for "laziness" and "slothfulness." Of course, that never actually happened. As usual, the left is lying. But what makes this one so weird is that the lies are right... [read more]

October 12, 2012
Today Is The 50th Anniversary Of The Columbus Day Storm
by Jim Miller, 04:18 PM, 9 Comments
Naturally, Cliff Mass has a detailed post describing it. It was the most powerful and destructive storm to strike the Northwest since the arrival of European settlers. AND it was probably the most powerful non-tropical cyclone to strike the lower-48... [read more]

October 11, 2012
Congratulations To Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire
by Jim Miller, 10:09 AM, 19 Comments
According to the libertarian Cato Institute, she beat some tough competition to join this small group of governors: Pat Quinn of Illinois, Dan Malloy of Connecticut, Mark Dayton of Minnesota, and Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii.  All five received "F's" for... [read more]

October 09, 2012
Scandal At The Washington State Department Of Revenue?
by Jim Miller, 04:29 PM, 22 Comments
Here's the story. A major political player in Washington state got a big favor from the state Department of Revenue, an insider alleges, when the state tax agency botched a $2 million assessment on his private plane. The clock ran... [read more]

October 08, 2012
Inslee's 1st CD Mess Hits NY Times
by pudge, 06:34 AM, 12 Comments
The mess Jay Inslee left in Washington's 1st Congressional District, timing his retirement so no one could fill his spot in a special election before November, is the subject of a New York Times article this morning. Interestingly, the article... [read more]

October 04, 2012
Seattle Times Endorses John Koster
by pudge, 11:35 PM, 26 Comments
This week the Seattle Times endorsed Koster over Suzan DelBene for Washington's 1st Congressional District. The Times says Koster's "views are well known and consistently applied over decades in elective office and public service" while DelBene is only known "from... [read more]

October 03, 2012
"Everything But Marriage" Was a Lie
by pudge, 06:11 AM, 52 Comments
Not too long ago, Washington passed a law that claimed to give all rights of marriage to gay couples who registered with the state, except that their unions wouldn't be called "marriage." Everything else would be the same as marriage.... [read more]

October 01, 2012
Are Leftwing Journalists Conspiring Against The McKenna Campaign?
by Jim Miller, 12:39 PM, 13 Comments
Please note that I begin with a question, not a statement.  I do that because I heard a remarkable story on public radio, but can not verify it, easily. Some background first, for those who do not follow Washington state... [read more]

Obama's Way
by MarkGriswold, 10:50 AM, 8 Comments
Just a little something I put together. And, yes, I know I won't be making it on American Idol anytime soon.... [read more]

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