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August 31, 2012
Playing the Race Card
by warrenpeterson, 04:18 PM, 109 Comments
Show a color photo of President Obama or better yet one of him with his family. Mention Obama's name in the same sentence with Chicago. Ditto for Obama and Kenya. Feature African-American elected officials or Hispanic ones at a Republican... [read more]

August 30, 2012
KVI is coming back!
by Ron Hebron, 03:40 PM, 30 Comments
After 20 months of oldies programming (not really sure what they have been doing) KVI AM 570 will return to conservative talk on Tuesday September 4. Long-time Seattle leader John Carlson will be on week days from 5 to 9... [read more]

Open Post On The Republican Convention
by Jim Miller, 08:26 AM, 99 Comments
As usual, I would prefer that you stay on topic — and this is a big one — and that you avoid personal insults (which are almost always terribly boring). Other than that, go ahead.   I won't even grade... [read more]

August 28, 2012
Pubicola Smears Koster Again
by pudge, 04:33 PM, 3 Comments
Apparently Josh Feit is so interested in the 1st CD race that he is willing to smear Republican John Koster every chance he gets. His latest missive pretends to be a "fact check," when it's really an intentional distortion of... [read more]

August 27, 2012
Seattle Times Columnist Danny Westneat Doesn't Want Washington Voters To Hear Some Arguments
by Jim Miller, 08:38 AM, 35 Comments
In his recent attack on free speech, Westneat argues for some restrictions that would, oddly enough, prevent voters here from hearing ideas that he opposes.  Voluntary restrictions, granted, but restrictions nonetheless. The rumor is that at least one big out-of-state... [read more]

August 23, 2012
Josh Feit is a Bottom-Feeder (or, Can We Get Past Akin Already?)
by pudge, 11:22 PM, 77 Comments
Josh Feit, searching for relevancy over at Publicola, decided it was newsworthy to report that someone who did consulting work for Todd Akin also did consulting work for Rob McKenna and John Koster. I hear that Christine Gregoire's accountant also... [read more]

August 22, 2012
Not My Brew
by Jim Miller, 07:58 PM, 56 Comments
Yesterday, while looking for a beer to try out, I ran across a local product with this label: It may be a good beer, but I think I'll pass on it.  In fact, I think I'll pass on anything from... [read more]

Senator Cantwell's Gasoline Price Dilemma
by Jim Miller, 09:14 AM, 24 Comments
Washington state's junior senator favors decreased use of fossil fuels, including gasoline.  Here, for example, are some things she says on her campaign site. Maria believes that the solutions to high energy prices and our nation's dependence on foreign oil... [read more]

August 21, 2012
I Like Baumgartner Now More Than Ever
by pudge, 05:52 PM, 38 Comments
U.S. Senate candidate Michael Baumgartner (R-WA) responded to Publicola journalist Josh Feit with a picture of himself with an American soldier, saying, "Josh, this is Pat Feeks, a Navy SEAL killed last week in Afghanistan. Take a good look and... [read more]

August 20, 2012
Did The Seattle Times Endorsement Hurt Rob McKenna?
by Jim Miller, 06:05 PM, 26 Comments
Maybe.  He was ahead before the endorsement, and fell behind soon after. Rick Perry, who is a very practical politician — despite his silly performance in the presidential race — has concluded that newspaper endorsements are more likely to hurt... [read more]

August 17, 2012
"Dishonorable Disclosures"
by pudge, 08:07 AM, 45 Comments
"Dishonorable Disclosures" is a short film by an organization called Special Operations OPSEC about how the Obama administration has willfully leaked intelligence that has compromised America's future operations. Some on the left have compared it to the "Swift Boat" ads... [read more]

August 12, 2012
Time For A Change In Olympia
by Jim Miller, 01:07 PM, 78 Comments
No, really, it is time for a change in Olympia. It has been 32 years since voters in Washington State elected a Republican governor - the longest GOP dry spell in any state. . . . The 32-year GOP drought... [read more]

August 10, 2012
Primary Results are In
by pudge, 11:16 PM, 18 Comments
The WA "primary" results are mostly in. There's lots of positive news for conservatives and Republicans. At the top of the ticket is Rob McKenna for governor, who came is currently a mere 3.5 percentage points behind Jay Inslee, 43.28... [read more]

Paul Ryan Named as Romney's Running Mate, Says Many News Outlets
by pudge, 10:25 PM, 104 Comments
Many sources are telling many news outlets that Paul Ryan will be named Mitt Romney's running mate on Saturday morning. I hope so. He's been my pick for months. People tell me he's a bad pick because of his budget... [read more]

Is Ramirez Unfair To Pigs?
by Jim Miller, 12:45 PM, 34 Comments
Specifically, in this cartoon. In my opinion, yes.  At times, pigs have to wallow in the mud to control their temperatures; Reid, Pelosi, and company don't. Cross posted at Jim Miller on Politics. (There is another objection to comparing Reid... [read more]

August 09, 2012
No Primary? No Problem!
by pudge, 08:46 AM, 30 Comments
We don't actually have a real primary in WA. As our Attorney General, Rob McKenna, said, the primary is really "the first stage of this two-stage general election process. ..." (Page 6) The "winnowing primary" is not really a primary... [read more]

What Should Romney Do?
by pudge, 06:54 AM, 70 Comments
We all probably know by now about some of the extremely slimy tactics Obama is using against Romney, the latest of which is that a PAC with close ties to his campaign puts out a shameful lie about Romney being... [read more]

August 08, 2012
Most Onerous Obama Lie
by pudge, 09:25 AM, 84 Comments
RagnarDanneskjold says, I WANT [a] thread about the vicious Obama LIE regarding Romney and killing cancer patients. Hells bells I'll settle for just a general 'most onerous Obama LIE' thread. Alrighty.... [read more]

August 06, 2012
Secret Ballot
by pudge, 04:15 PM, 44 Comments
Remember, Washingtonians ... you no longer have a secret ballot in Washington. A secret ballot means voting on a ballot given to you at a polling place, then preparing and despositing that ballot in secret at that location. The purpose... [read more]

Open Thread On Our Top-Two Primary (Updated)
by Jim Miller, 07:06 AM, 22 Comments
In which you can comment, as long as you keep it family-friendly, on any candidate or issue. Just to start it off, some thoughts on Suzan DelBene's ads:  She thinks millionaires should pay more and backs the "Buffett rule" —... [read more]

August 02, 2012
What Is A Progressive?
by Jim Miller, 09:30 AM, 51 Comments
In the Seattle area, leftists often call themselves "progressives", and most of our journalists go along with that label, out of habit, sympathy, or intellectual laziness. But the term "progressive" has been used by widely varying groups.  So widely, I... [read more]

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