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June 29, 2012
Student Loans and Common Sense
by warrenpeterson, 10:06 PM, 30 Comments
College is expensive but everyone deserves the opportunity to go to college, right? Total student loan debt in over $1,000,000,000,000, a number now greater than total credit card debt but it's worth it, right? It must be right otherwise Congress... [read more]

Time For A New Virtual Cartoon
by Jim Miller, 07:08 AM, 37 Comments
(Past time, some might say.) And, as always, I'd be delighted if someone can turn my idea into a real cartoon. Obama has been saying, as he did yesterday, "it's time for us to move forward". Whenever he says that,... [read more]

June 28, 2012
Supreme Court Rules Federal Government Essentially Unlimited
by pudge, 08:59 AM, 129 Comments
Yes, it's true: Chief Justice Roberts ruled in a 5-4 decision that the Supreme Court has essentially no limits when it's exercising its taxing authority. He did say that the Affordable Care Act was wrong to say that its power... [read more]

June 26, 2012
ACLU of Washington and Shankar Narayan Lie about AZ Law
by pudge, 02:28 PM, 15 Comments
Shankar Narayan of the ACLU of Washington this week had a press conference to say that saying that Arizona's law establishes "racial profiling." By now, we all know that's a lie. The law expressly prohibits racial profiling, and further says... [read more]

Health Insurance Decision Reminder
by pudge, 10:44 AM, 48 Comments
I believe there's an excellent chance the health insurance act will be shot down, either in significant part, or in its entirety. If that does happen, President Obama and the Democrats will attack conservative Attorneys General, conservatives in Congress, and... [read more]

June 25, 2012
Arizona Immigration Case
by pudge, 06:16 PM, 9 Comments
I fully expected and was glad to see that the Supreme Court today upheld that the AZ definition of reasonable suspicion is perfectly constitutional, and that any challenges to it being applied improperly would need to be as-applied challenges (how... [read more]

June 22, 2012
Obama the Divider
by warrenpeterson, 08:09 PM, 78 Comments
After the 2008 presidential election, I posted "Obama Hope" on my blog which included the following: "Hopefully, it (Obama's election) will end or at least begin to end the Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton led race based victim hood business and truly... [read more]

Friday Open Thread
by Jim Miller, 12:18 PM, 24 Comments
And away we go. (Remember to keep your comments family friendly and, at least vaguely, related to politics in this area.)... [read more]

June 17, 2012
Lynne Varner Honors Her Stepfather:
by Jim Miller, 07:40 AM, 12 Comments
In a touching, and often instructive, tribute. Sample: Separately, my stepfather and mother were two people whose response to the twin burdens of poverty and early parenting was a whirlwind life of partying and drinking, activities that left little time... [read more]

June 16, 2012
"A Billion Here, A Billion There, Pretty Soon You're Talking Real Money"
by Jim Miller, 09:02 AM, 32 Comments
Have we reached that real money point here in the Seattle area? Apparently not. Sound Transit expects to spend $2.1 billion for its mostly-tunneled light-rail line from Husky Stadium to Northgate, based on figures its capital committee endorsed Thursday.  The... [read more]

June 15, 2012
Reardon Investigated by PDC
by pudge, 09:50 AM, 9 Comments
The Public Disclosure Commission announced it is investigating Aaron Reardon. I predict a pretty hefty fine coming this year. The evidence is strong. Cross-posted on <pudge/*>.... [read more]

June 14, 2012
No Charges Filed Against Reardon
by pudge, 10:12 AM, 10 Comments
The Herald reports that no charges will be filed against Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon for misuse of public funds regarding his extramarital affair, while also noting that Reardon "engag[ed] in ... campaign-related conduct using public resources," including having "a... [read more]

June 13, 2012
Gubernatorial and Attorney General debates
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:35 PM, 17 Comments
I haven't had time to watch yesterday's debates but read the coverage in the Seattle Times (Gov.), Seattle Times (AG) and Washington State Wire (Gov.) and heard clips on the radio. [The full video is available on TVW]. I was... [read more]

So much for "safe, legal and rare"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:12 PM, 19 Comments
Joel Connelly has a follow-up to his earlier dispatch about Darcy Burner at Nutroots Nation. Burner:"If you are a woman in this room, and statistically this is true for about one third of the women in this room, if you're... [read more]

Jay Inslee's NTU Ratings
by Jim Miller, 12:35 PM, 8 Comments
When I want a quick read on how taxpayer-friendly a congressman is, I look at their ratings from the National Taxpayers Union. Here are Jay Inslee's.... [read more]

Inslee "believes in democracy" except when democracy demands making it tougher to raise taxes
by Tim Eyman, 07:44 AM, 9 Comments
Congressman Jay Inslee, the Democrat candidate for Governor, is a trained lawyer and thus a gifted wordsmith ... so he knows how to twist words into a pretzel when he wants to. He did so yesterday during his debate with... [read more]

June 12, 2012
The BLF Warns About The Health Risks From Smoking Marijuana
by Jim Miller, 08:56 AM, 31 Comments
The British Lung Foundation has just issued a report summarizing the health risks from marijuana. Here are the most sensational findings in a BBC story. Some studies have also suggested cannabis increases the chances of developing mental health problems such... [read more]

June 11, 2012
Now this is kind of sad
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:44 PM, 11 Comments
Former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels was tossed out of office in 2009, in no small measure for his idiotic failure to clear the streets after the December 2008 snowstorm. Mr. Mayor, who hasn't held a steady job since he left... [read more]

Could Romney Win Oregon?
by Jim Miller, 10:42 AM, 14 Comments
Sure. That's what Nate Silver says. If there is an unheralded state that could be in play this year, it might be Oregon.   Oregon has been sparsely polled, but the most recent survey found a tight race there, and... [read more]

June 10, 2012
Scott Walker and Mitch Daniels vs. Rob McKenna
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:59 AM, 32 Comments
Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels says:he sees the results from Wisconsin's recall race as a "turning point" in trying to curb the influence and benefits enjoyed by public-employee unions. ... it's "now visible to voters almost everywhere that it really needs... [read more]

June 09, 2012
The War on Women's Intelligence
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:53 PM, 13 Comments
Perennial local Congressional candidate Darcy Burner was at the Netroots Nation conference this week, appearing on a "War on Women" panel with MA Senate candidate Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren: Burner wants women out in the streets. "There is a moral power... [read more]

Want To Test Your Knowledge Of Jevons Paradox?
by Jim Miller, 01:38 PM, 7 Comments
Try applying it to this op-ed by William Ruckelshaus and K. C. Golden. Here's enough to get you started. Here in the Northwest states, three decades of investment in energy efficiency are delivering impressive results:  We're harvesting enough energy savings... [read more]

June 08, 2012
Game change?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:12 PM, 28 Comments
Answering a question about the economy today, President Obama says: "The private sector is doing fine" The Romney campaign thanks the President for the opening. A fitting end to a remarkable week. The "Rotten" May jobs report Bill Clinton praises... [read more]

Romney outraised Obama here too
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:35 AM, 3 Comments
Yesterday's big campaign news was that Romney outraised Obama in May nationally, $77 million to $60 million. Someone in the know also mentioned at the Romney fundraiser the other evening that in recent local fundraisers Romney has outraised Obama here... [read more]

The Lessons from Wisconsin
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:25 AM, 12 Comments
First, ending the government unions' collective bargaining privileges is not merely good policy, it's necessary policy to preserve a functioning democracy, where government works for the citizens and not the other way around. Walter Russell Mead:A Democratic Party dominated by... [read more]

Whose Spending?
by pudge, 08:19 AM, 7 Comments
I missed this infographic before. In a word: yes. Obama and the Democrats have been extremely dishonest in discussion of the budget and deficits and debt. They blame Bush for FY2009 spending that the Democrat majorities in Congress passed, Bush... [read more]

Sally Kohn and Incivility
by pudge, 08:00 AM, 1 Comments
I frankly don't think that conservatives have been as bad on civility as progressives in recent years, but I do fully agree that both sides have been pretty awful. I would take exception with some of this list, though. First,... [read more]

June 07, 2012
The City Of Seattle Is Now Saying That The DOJ Report On The Seattle Police Is Not Trustworthy
by Jim Miller, 05:09 PM, 4 Comments
Here's the lead paragraph of the Seattle Times story. City attorneys have filed court documents in a federal civil-rights case attacking the "reliability and trustworthiness" of the U.S. Department of Justice report that found Seattle police officers routinely use excessive... [read more]

June 05, 2012
Walker projected to survive recall
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:15 PM, 53 Comments
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is projected to win the recall election, per NBC, CNN and Fox. Congratulations to my native state (and sorry, Mom). Wisconsin's state motto is "Forward". Now it's time to move forward in the Evergreen State and... [read more]

A Gaffe at West Point - Biden's Commencement Address
by warrenpeterson, 04:11 PM, 13 Comments
Vice-President Joe "Oh my, what am I sayin'" Biden gave this years commencement address at the United States Military Academy - West Point. It is not unusual for speeches at our nation's military academies to contain praise for a president's... [read more]

June 04, 2012
Romney in Medina
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:07 PM, 65 Comments
I attended the Mitt Romney fundraiser event in Medina early this evening. In his remarks, focused on the economy, Gov. Romney drew a sharp contrast between himself and the President. Romney believes in the American entrepreneurial spirit and told several... [read more]

John Koster Owns 1st CD Poll
by pudge, 05:05 PM, 14 Comments
The funny part about the SurveyUSA/KING5 poll of voters in the newly redrawn Washington's First Congressional District is not that Republican John Koster is winning with 46 percent; it's not that the five Democats crack just 34 percent combined; it's... [read more]

June 03, 2012
Because imposing new environmental regulations will lower prices, or something
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:54 PM, 37 Comments
Seattle Times editorial, June 1: "Keeping a close eye on Washington state's soaring gas prices"[Mrs. Gregoire] last week sent letters to all oil refineries in the state asking them to "take all prudent measures to increase production and supplies sufficiently... [read more]

June 01, 2012
Free Cory Booker!
by Jim Miller, 09:41 AM, 23 Comments
As you probably have heard, the Newark mayor will be speaking here this weekend. Wouldn't it be wonderful if he could say what he thinks?  (If I were a little younger, I might consider marching around with a Free Cory... [read more]

First customer
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:23 AM, 30 Comments
Just after midnight I had the honor of being the first customer to buy a bottle of liquor at Wine World & Spirits on 45th St. right off of I-5. (A fifth of Woodford Reserve Bourbon) Wine World has an... [read more]

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