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March 31, 2012
Human Achievement Hour
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:30 PM, 34 Comments
While some of Seattle's nuttier environmental cultists are celebrating "Earth Hour" by shivering in the drizzly darkness, here at Shark Manor we are celebrating Human Achievement Hour -- using as many of our lights, computers, iPhones, iPads, Kindles, HDTVs, DVRs,... [read more]

March 30, 2012
And what training is required to get a Seattle Times column?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:51 PM, 24 Comments
Seattle Times columnist Nicole Brodeur: "No safety training required to get gun permit"In a recent column lamenting the accidental shootings of three children -- two of them fatal -- I noted that one of the guns was owned by someone... [read more]

March 29, 2012
Washington State is fortunate to have the Washington News Council
by MarkGriswold, 09:53 PM, 4 Comments
The story of KUOW's alleged biased reporting on the Vitae Foundation has yet to garner any attention from the MSM, even the Seattle Times. But it has received attention in the online Washington Times ( Is it an important story?... [read more]

President Obama Is A Republican
by Jim Miller, 07:50 AM, 36 Comments
According to Democratic congressional candidate Darcy Burner, anyway. In a series of tweets last year, Darcy Burner, one of the Democratic candidates in the crowded field going for Jay Inslee's open seat in the 1st Congressional District, lambasted President Obama.... [read more]

March 27, 2012
Congratulations To KOMO's Keith Eldridge
by Jim Miller, 08:03 AM, 6 Comments
Yesterday, he gave serious coverage to a demonstration with one demonstrator.  That beats the serious coverage given by Channel 13 to a demonstration with two demonstrators, which was my previous record. (Would it be possible for a local TV station... [read more]

March 26, 2012
They are Trayvon
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:27 AM, 131 Comments
Seattle Times: Some 2,000 people marched in Seattle on Sunday to protest the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old Florida youth whose killing by a neighborhood crime-watch captain has ignited a national furor. "I AM TRAYVON MARTIN," read one... [read more]

March 25, 2012
Crippling Seattle's Businesses, One Car at a Time
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:16 PM, 36 Comments
Seattle Times: "Parking around Seattle may get worse as city planners favor transit"Seattle city planners are recommending that the city eliminate parking requirements for new developments within a quarter-mile of frequent transit, under the theory that more people will take... [read more]

March 24, 2012
The Irony of Staff Sgt. Bales and Major Hasan
by warrenpeterson, 10:14 PM, 8 Comments
From a retired Navy Captain I served with when he was a lowly Ensigns: "After reading the headlines about the US soldier who shot up Afghanistan civilians, I couldn't help noticing an irony. There is all the clamor to try... [read more]

March 23, 2012
A Guide To Non-GM Corn
by Jim Miller, 08:55 AM, 12 Comments
From time to time, I see articles arguing against genetically modified plants and animals.   (For an example, see this op-ed by Glenn Ashton.) I don't agree with the objections to GM plants and animals — in fact, I... [read more]

March 22, 2012
Strange Bedfellows
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:46 PM, 26 Comments
Rick Santorum today suggested it would be better to stick with President Obama over Mitt Romney:"You win by giving people the opportunity to see a different vision for our country, not someone who's just going to be a little different... [read more]

Run, Dennis, Run!
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:46 PM, 11 Comments
Former Democratic Presidential candidate cum redistricted-out Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Outer Space) has long been testing the waters to re-run for Congress from greater Seattle. The effervescent erstwhile boy mayor is apparently inching closer to a run, with a scheduled... [read more]

March 21, 2012
CBO says Obamacare will cost much more and ...
by Ron Hebron, 08:23 PM, 34 Comments
The Congressional Budget Office gave Obamacare two hits last week. The amazingly low cost of $940 billion over ten years has doubled to $1,760 billion over ten years. Who is surprised? The window has slid forward so the current window... [read more]

Experiment with Facebook Comments
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:20 PM, 19 Comments
(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); I'm exploring the possibility of replacing the existing comment system with Facebook comments.... [read more]

What the former party of slavery has turned into (I)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:05 PM, 5 Comments
GOP legislators joined by a handful of Democratic colleagues are trying to save the state money by cutting back rich pension benefits for new state employees. Current employees will not be affected. The expensive (and only recently granted) benefits that... [read more]

Re: Gay leaders from Israel snubbed by Seattle's gay commission
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:49 AM, 10 Comments
To follow up the recent post about the city of Seattle's "LGBT Commission"'s decision to boycott a delegation of Israeli gay leaders -- The commissioners yesterday posted a non-apologetic "apology", scheduling time at their next meeting for community input on... [read more]

March 19, 2012
Judge rules liquor initiative is constitutional
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:38 PM, 40 Comments
Seattle Times:A Cowlitz County judge on Monday reversed his earlier decision and said a liquor privatization measure that voters overwhelmingly approved in November does not have two subjects -- and is, therefore, constitutional.... [read more]

Eddy Versus Chopp
by Jim Miller, 02:33 PM, 5 Comments
The lead story in the current (16 March) issue of the Kirkland Reporter gives Representative Deb Eddy's reason for retiring. . . . she was a big part of getting legislation passed allowing allowing for the Evergreen Point Floating Point... [read more]

March 18, 2012
Ron Paul Sweeps the 36th and 46th District Caucuses
by warrenpeterson, 10:55 PM, 93 Comments
In a display of organization, devotion and dedication, the Ron Paul campaign won all 21 delegates to the Washington State Republican Convention from the 36th Legislative District Caucus and all 20 in the 46th. The first test of strength came... [read more]

Gay leaders from Israel snubbed by Seattle's gay commission
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:54 PM, 19 Comments
The Seattle Times reports:Bowing to pressure from some gays outraged by Israel's treatment of the Palestinians, the city of Seattle commission that represents gays canceled a Friday reception at City Hall for a visiting delegation of Israeli gay leaders.To begin... [read more]

March 15, 2012
Derek Bok On Our Anti-Scientific Colleges
by Jim Miller, 02:12 PM, 12 Comments
Last month, I called in a former president of Harvard, Derek Bok, to help me explain to a Seattle Times columnist, Danny Westneat, why we need reform in our colleges and universities. Summarizing one part of Bok's argument, I concluded... [read more]

March 12, 2012
Open Post On The Governor's Race (Updated)
by Jim Miller, 02:25 PM, 33 Comments
This seems like a good time for it, now that Congressman Inslee has announced his resignation. As long as it is about the governor's race — and suitable for a family site — anything goes. 3/13 Update:  Inslee will be... [read more]

March 11, 2012
C+ For C. R.
by Jim Miller, 07:30 PM, 1 Comments
Last Friday evening, I watched Q13 News, mostly to see what they would say about the budget fight in Olympia, and was pleased — and displeased — by the story from C. R. Douglas. The good first:  Douglas explained the... [read more]

March 09, 2012
The "War on Women" Trap
by warrenpeterson, 09:35 PM, 105 Comments
The Democrats are having some success changing the subject from Obama's abysmal performance by charging Republicans with gross insensitivity concerning women's health. How did it happen? The Trap Back on Republican Presidential Debate number twenty something, George Stephanopulos, former Clinton... [read more]

"Let the bidding begin on Washington's liquor stores"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:52 PM, 16 Comments
KING-5 reportsWashington state opened a public auction online Thursday of its state-run liquor stores, beginning the process of privatizing a booze industry the state has tightly controlled since the end of Prohibition.The WSLCB auction page is here. Auctioning off the... [read more]

Measure 103 to end corporate personhood
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:25 AM, 13 Comments
A self-described "community organizer" and yoga teacher named Jeff Reifman, (whom I had heretofore never heard of) sent me an e-mail asking me to support his proposed ballot measure, which would "end corporate personhood" in Seattle:Measure 103 will ban corporate... [read more]

March 06, 2012
The politics of personal hygiene
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:55 PM, 122 Comments
The Seattle Times Nicole Brodeur's column today is thoroughly hysterical -- in all three senses of the word -- "Politics again playing tough with women's bodies"It's 2012, and the battle for control of the American uterus rages on ...[Rush Limbaugh]... [read more]

Some Quick Thoughts On The Washington State Caucus Results
by Jim Miller, 04:16 PM, 11 Comments
To follow parts of my argument, you will probably want to open a tab to a map of the results, such as this one from Fox News. First, the two polls done by SurveyUSA and Public Policy Polling were surprisingly... [read more]

March 05, 2012
Government Between Medical Professionals and Their Patients
by pudge, 07:28 PM, 19 Comments
I have a bad back. I threw it out in December and am currently in physical therapy. My therapist tells me my back is pretty bad in certain ways, and that it might benefit from certain chiropractic treatment. Of course,... [read more]

How Large Is The State Senate Budget, Mr. Garber?
by Jim Miller, 10:31 AM, 12 Comments
On Saturday, the Seattle Times lead story was about the success of the state senate Republicans — with the help of three Democrats — in passing their own state budget. Naturally, the Democrats in Olympia are unhappy. Seattle Times reporter... [read more]

March 04, 2012
Resolution to Restore the Secret Ballot in Washington State
by pudge, 08:31 PM, 15 Comments
My resolution to restore the secret ballot in Washington State was adopted by our pooled caucus, which had more than 200 people in attendance, across 34 precincts. The biggest confusion is in what a secret ballot is, and why it's... [read more]

Olympia's Democrats throw a childish hissy-fit on Friday, stomping their feet, spitting venom and bile, holding their breath and turning blue ... all because (gasp!) they didn't have the votes but Republicans did - and they're STILL pouting about it
by Tim Eyman, 10:36 AM, 9 Comments
In November, if Democrats lose their majorities in the state house and/or state senate and/or lose the governorship, it'll be because they deserve it based on Friday's childish hissy-fit. In multiple floor speeches, Senate leader Lisa Brown could not have... [read more]

March 02, 2012
Arguments against Romney being President
by MarkGriswold, 10:37 AM, 93 Comments
I had to point this out four years ago with McCain. (You know, four years ago when Mitt Romney was supposedly the "conservative alternative" to McCain and all the folks who are calling Romney a loser liberal now were vehemently... [read more]

Mitt Romney in Bellevue
by MarkGriswold, 10:01 AM, 1 Comments
Regardless of whom you are supporting this year, even if that happens to be Barack Obama, I think we can all agree that it's great that Washington is "on the map" for the first time in years. Every candidate has... [read more]

GOP Precinct Caucuses Tomorrow
by pudge, 09:31 AM, 24 Comments
If you consider yourself a Republican, or something close to it, and you want to help select the next Republican nominee for President, your only option here in the state of Washington is to go to the precinct caucuses tomorrow.... [read more]

March 01, 2012
At the Romney reception
by Mrs. Shark, 09:45 PM, 28 Comments
I was fortunate to attend the reception for Governor Romney at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue tonight. There were some protesters but the cops kept them together in a pretty tight bunch. One of them had a sign that Money... [read more]

Hint #1 To Our Local News Readers
by Jim Miller, 01:42 PM, 7 Comments
Reading a press release from Patty Murray — or any other party hack — does not make you look like a real journalist. Instead, it makes you look partisan, and a little foolish. But if you insist on doing this... [read more]

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