Index of entries from February 2012
February 28, 2012
Client #9 Will Be Hosting A Fund Raiser
by Jim Miller, 09:32 AM, 48 Comments
For Congressman Jay Inslee: The Love Gov is climbing back into bed — with lawmakers. For the first time since a tawdry hooker scandal trashed his political career, Eliot Spitzer is holding a fund-raiser for a politician looking to make... [read more]

February 27, 2012
The Price of Seattle's New Parking Policy
by warrenpeterson, 10:18 PM, 28 Comments
Last Tuesday, the Seattle Times ran a front page above the fold article headlined "City driving out dinners? INTERNATIONAL DISTRICT RESTAURANTS FEEL BITE OF EVENING FEES" Well, I thought, that should generate letters to the editor and get the attention... [read more]

February 25, 2012
Hope and Change
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:41 PM, 33 Comments
Posted at the Wallingford QFC... [read more]

February 22, 2012
Online Voting Secrecy
by pudge, 07:21 AM, 38 Comments
This is an interesting story about the security of online voting. The technologists are, of course, right that these systems are (almost?) all completely insufficient in protecting security. And the bureaucrats are right that it doesn't need to be perfect... [read more]

February 20, 2012
How Did The Seattle Times Celebrate Washington's Birthday?
by Jim Miller, 12:49 PM, 42 Comments
With a politically correct guest column on — Abraham Lincoln. That mix-up would amuse Lincoln, and, perhaps, Washington. (Yes, this holiday is Washington's Birthday, not Presidents Day, despite what you may have heard on TV.) Cross posted at Sound Politics.... [read more]

February 18, 2012
The Aaron Reardon Scandals
by Jim Miller, 04:00 PM, 37 Comments
Scandals? Yes, though this one has gotten less attention than the other. Campaign and office records show Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon spent 2011 making extensive use of taxpayer resources to run for his third term in office. Reardon set... [read more]

February 14, 2012
The News Keeps Getting Worse For Our News Organizations
by Jim Miller, 03:36 PM, 66 Comments
In January, Pew Research did another poll on news organizations, this one focused on the current presidential campaign.  (The one they published, and I summarized, last September, was more general.)  Pew found that, if anything, more people now think that... [read more]

February 13, 2012
Dr. Art Coday for Senate
by Ron Hebron, 03:34 PM, 12 Comments
Dr. Art Coday is running for the US Senate seat kept warm by Maria Cantwell. Coday is a Harvard-trained, primary-care medical doctor whose practice is with Medicare and Medicaid patients. He ran two years ago, but stepped down when... [read more]

A Friendly Reminder To Our Local News Organizations
by Jim Miller, 08:51 AM, 21 Comments
Our local journalists have been so excited about cultural issues recently that they may have forgotten some history. (Understandably.  The teams most of our local journalists support — Gregoire-Chopp-Brown here, and Obama-Pelosi-Reid in the other Washington — have not performed... [read more]

February 09, 2012
The Free Exercise of Religion (i.e., the right to not pay for contraception)
by pudge, 08:12 PM, 129 Comments
The Roman Catholic Church says that contraception is a sin, and that therefore providing contraception is a sin. The same church also believes it is their duty to provide health care through hospitals, and education through schools and universities. Those... [read more]

Is The Recent DOJ Report On The Seattle Police Fair? (II)
by Jim Miller, 01:09 PM, 6 Comments
Last December, I cautioned against accepting the Department of Justice report on the Seattle police at face value, noting that it had not been reviewed by anyone with the appropriate expertise, and that our current Justice Department has a few... [read more]

February 07, 2012
Attend WA GOP Caucuses on March 3rd
by pudge, 03:10 PM, 28 Comments
If you want to have a say in who the Republican nominee for President will be, and you are a registered voter citizen in the state of Washington, and you are not participating in the process to select the Democratic... [read more]

Citizens United != Super PACs
by pudge, 08:09 AM, 21 Comments
It's bizarre to me that so many people link Citizens United with the rise of "Super PACs." In fact, what makes a "Super PAC" legally possible is almost completely unrelated to Citizens United. It's actually legal through a case called... [read more]

February 04, 2012
Rethinking SR 520 Tolls
by warrenpeterson, 09:22 PM, 42 Comments
Last year my wife and I drove almost the entire length of the New Jersey Turnpike. The tollbooths gobbled up our quarters and dollar coins faster than an old style Vegas slot machine. Yes, you could actually pay with coin... [read more]

No budget - Take another year off, Senator Cantwell
by Ron Hebron, 05:08 PM, 7 Comments
Honorable Senator Harry Reid announced that his Senate won't fulfill the budget process this year. The Democrats' budget would be the rough numbers that were cobbled together behind closed doors in the crush of the Obama-made debt-ceiling crisis last August.... [read more]

February 02, 2012
Derek Bok On Our "Underachieving Colleges"
by Jim Miller, 01:49 PM, 54 Comments
Ten days ago, I criticized Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat for proposing that we build a new university in this area. Westneat thought that I was objecting to the public money that would be spent on a new university —... [read more]

February 01, 2012
Great moments in public libraries
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:49 PM, 38 Comments
"After her 10-year-old saw porn on a man's computer screen at [a Seattle public] library, a mom objected". Any reasonable person would object, but the Seattle Public Library does not object:... although the state Supreme Court says that libraries have... [read more]

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