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October 31, 2011
Professor Gustafson Has Been Vindicated
by Jim Miller, 11:16 AM, 17 Comments
Finally. It's not unusual for an archaeologist to get stuck in the past, but Carl Gustafson may be the only one consumed by events on the Olympic Peninsula in 1977. That summer, while sifting through earth in Sequim, the young... [read more]

October 28, 2011
Mail Ballot Horror Show (XLVI)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:16 PM, 28 Comments
Seattle Times: "11,000 ballots for Eastside voters didn't get mailed". And Sam Reed's argument for mandatory mail voting that it is "proven to increase turnout" notwithstanding, King County reported in August that "voting by mail appears to have made no... [read more]

Congress Sucks (DST/Halloween Edition)
by pudge, 08:27 AM, 15 Comments
So yes, I get it that Halloween has more children die than any other night. According to this study, most evenings one kid dies in a pedestrian accident, while on Halloween, it's 2.2 kids. But there's gotta be a lot... [read more]

Gregoire is stealing your vote on Initiative 1125 - we're stopping her
by Tim Eyman, 08:24 AM, 6 Comments
Approved by 64% of voters last November, tougher-to-raise-taxes Initiative 1053 prohibited unelected bureaucrats at state agencies from unilaterally increasing taxes and fees -- instead, it required a recorded legislative vote (using a process called democracy) to take more of the... [read more]

Open Post On "Occupy Wall Street" Protests
by Jim Miller, 07:39 AM, 17 Comments
Here you are. To get you started, I'll recommend, again, that you read this post, especially if you are on the left.... [read more]

October 26, 2011
Maybe Obama Needs to Go Back to School
by pudge, 08:07 AM, 34 Comments
Our entire nation depends, for our economic future, on an industry that gets hundreds of billions of dollars in direct subsidies from the federal government each year. This year, President Obama's administration is increasing it by tens of billions more.... [read more]

October 25, 2011
Open Post On The November 8th Election
by Jim Miller, 08:43 AM, 6 Comments
Here's your chance to back or oppose any candidate, back or oppose any measure. Links to sources of information, including the candidates' sites, would be helpful.... [read more]

October 24, 2011
Recommendations for November 8, 2011 Elections
by warrenpeterson, 06:32 PM, 22 Comments
State Issues: Initiative 1125 - Limits use of tolling, use of toll revenue, bans variable pricing and requires the Legislature to set rates. Tolls are here to stay. They make sense in that users of toll roads pay. This Tim... [read more]

Open Posts Schedule
by Jim Miller, 01:06 PM, 1 Comments
Tomorrow, I'll have one for you on the election.  This Friday, I'll have one for you on the "Occupy Wall Street" Protests. (Some will find the Fannie Mae posts here and here useful background for the discussion this Friday.)... [read more]

by Tim Eyman, 10:31 AM, 9 Comments
I-1125's passage will stop Olympia from radically increasing the costs of transportation projects. Their plans for never-ending-tolls provide no incentive to keep costs down because the money flows forever. Their plans to have tolls not just pay for the... [read more]

October 21, 2011
Flim-Flam Families and Education Levy
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:48 PM, 20 Comments
Seattle's so-called Families and Education Levy is on the November ballot (City of Seattle Proposition 1). Many concerned families strongly encourage a NO vote. Yeah, yeah, I know. The City Council and the other supporters want us to believe that... [read more]

It's Time For The Helicopter Guy To Win
by Jim Miller, 11:24 AM, 8 Comments
In this area, I have seen, again and again, an ad in which a husband and father tries to make dinner more fun by bringing in some of the ingredients with a radio-controlled helicopter. He fails and causes a series... [read more]

October 17, 2011
Have You Seen Or Heard Any Negative Stories On The "Occupy Wall Street" Protesters?
by Jim Miller, 10:07 AM, 51 Comments
From our local "mainstream" news organizations, that is. You can certainly find negative stories at sites like Gateway Pundit, or our own Orbusmax, but these are not "mainstream" news sources.  What I am asking is whether you have seen or... [read more]

October 12, 2011
Student Walk Outs
by MarkGriswold, 05:44 PM, 25 Comments
Can someone, anyone, seriously explain to me why kids are staging walk outs to go join the protests? Especially the college kids. I'll bet not one of them paid a single dime for their education. It would be like going... [read more]

October 11, 2011
I-1125's accountability is the only way to drive down transportation costs
by Tim Eyman, 07:55 AM, 50 Comments
In the old Soviet Union of the last century, central planners made all the decisions. The theory was that "the experts," unburdened by democracy, were best able to run the country. How'd that work out? Here in America, it is... [read more]

October 09, 2011
Congressman Jay Inslee Might Want To Review Revelations
by Jim Miller, 04:07 PM, 29 Comments
The gubernatorial candidate said this at a campaign event: At Friday's Washington Conservation Voters breakfast, Inslee took out after the state's most prominent initiative sponsor, declaring: "I think it is time we have somebody else running the state of Washington... [read more]

October 07, 2011
Welcome Home, Amanda Knox
by pudge, 08:42 AM, 35 Comments
A little belated, but: welcome home, Amanda Knox. The evidence against you was terrible, and the court was stacked against you. The appeals court did the right thing. You've gone through a nightmare, and I wish you well in whatever... [read more]

by pudge, 08:42 AM, 45 Comments
Along similar lines of yesterday's post about inequality: does anyone actually care about what these protestors think, besides themselves? We've already established I don't care about anyone else's feelings, and I mean that in a very specific way: you are... [read more]

October 06, 2011
ONO! Inequality!
by pudge, 03:39 PM, 17 Comments
I would like someone who decries "inequality" to tell me one way in which someone else having more than you hurts you. Please realize I am not talking about someone else having more power than you and thus being able... [read more]

October 05, 2011
Inslee's Polls Must Look Bad
by Jim Miller, 09:32 AM, 48 Comments
Congressman Jay Inslee has been behind likely Republican nominee Rob McKenna in public polls.   Judging by his decision to go negative this early, his private poll(s) must be showing him the same thing. Ordinarily, politicians — and whatever else... [read more]

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