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December 27, 2010
When Increases are Cuts
by pudge, 11:20 AM, 66 Comments
State of Reform is a health policy conference coming up on January 5th in Seattle. They have a video out in which they claim that our health care policy in Washington is in trouble because we have $4.6 billion "less"... [read more]

Danny Westneat Should Do A Corrections Column For His Corrections Column
by Jim Miller, 09:54 AM, 0 Comments
On Christmas, the Seattle Times columnist ran a corrections column, describing some of the mistakes he had made during the year.  I thought that he skipped the worst of his journalistic errors in the column, but was mildly pleased to... [read more]

December 24, 2010
by Tim Eyman, 09:40 AM, 24 Comments
Check out this thorough news story about my press conference yesterday in Olympia: A New I-1053 Every Two Years, Vows Initiative Promoter... [read more]

December 23, 2010
Democratic Snark, Republican Numbers
by Jim Miller, 08:15 AM, 61 Comments
Sometimes the comments are the most interesting part.  After this routine Seattle Times article on redistricting, there were two comments that demonstrate one of the most important differences between Republicans and Democrats.  (I am inferring the party IDs, but I... [read more]

December 21, 2010
SENATOR ROACH RIPS SENATOR HAUGEN over Democrats' plan to violate I-1053
by Tim Eyman, 05:05 PM, 18 Comments
Here's what Senator Pam Roach (R-Auburn) sent out earlier today: Last month I requested an informal opinion of Attorney General Rob McKenna regarding the effects of I-1053. Specifically, I asked if the Transportation Commission was still able to impose toll... [read more]

December 20, 2010
SEATTLE PI: "Attorney General Rob McKenna's office has sided with Tim Eyman"
by Tim Eyman, 07:54 PM, 18 Comments
McKenna: Ferry fare hikes, tolls must go through Leg. By Chris Grygiel, Attorney General Rob McKenna's office has sided with Tim Eyman, saying late Monday that the Transportation Commission can't raise ferry fares or impose or raise tolls without... [read more]

December 17, 2010
Worth Listening To
by Jim Miller, 08:49 AM, 22 Comments
At least the first five minutes of this segment of the Ross-Burbank show, when they interviewed Governor Gregoire.  (The rest may be worth listening to, as well.  I heard the first minutes yesterday while I was driving to Redmond Town... [read more]

December 16, 2010
It's All Gregoire's Fault
by pudge, 10:32 AM, 33 Comments
Governor Gregoire is throwing around a lot of blame these days for the budget problems -- where "problem" is defined as "we are going to, as we have done every year, increase spending this year, but less than we want... [read more]

December 14, 2010
Basic Lessons On Improving Education From The OECD
by Jim Miller, 09:48 AM, 55 Comments
Those who want to want to improve education in the United States should, I have argued for years, find out what works, and imitate it.  Since different nations pursue different education policies, there are useful lessons to be learned from... [read more]

December 13, 2010
Justice Breyer Really Hates the Rule of Law
by pudge, 10:36 AM, 27 Comments
I've mentioned it many times before, but Justice Breyer -- defender of the indefensible -- has always had it in for the written words of the Constitution. He tries to couch his distaste for our highest written law in reasonable-sounding... [read more]

Would Someone At King 5 Please Make Some Charts For Robert Mak?
by Jim Miller, 09:01 AM, 7 Comments
Yesterday, I watched Robert Mak on Up Front trying to explain the state's budget problems using 29 pennies.  Seriously.  And he had used the same trick earlier on a King 5 news program.  Unsuccessfully, both times. Now I have some... [read more]

December 12, 2010
An Unimportant Hate Crime?
by Jim Miller, 04:07 PM, 25 Comments
Here are the basic facts:   On October 16th, someone threw a Molotov cocktail at the Latter Day Saints church in Mukilteo.  The fire it started destroyed the building, which is valued at more than a million dollars.... [read more]

December 11, 2010
Senator Cantwell's Opponent in 2012?
by warrenpeterson, 06:39 PM, 60 Comments
Republicans just missed taking out Patty Murray this year. One person calculated that if Rossi had just five percentage points more in King County, he would be the 47th Republican senator come January 2011. Blue King County will no doubt... [read more]

December 10, 2010
Sunset From Mt. Rainier
by Jim Miller, 10:46 AM, 9 Comments
Taken one week ago. (Click on the picture to see the larger version.) (There are four web cams on the new visitor's center at Paradise; this is a view from the west cam, looking at the approach road.) I hope... [read more]

December 09, 2010
Congratulations To Governor Gregoire
by Jim Miller, 01:24 PM, 39 Comments
Washington state is third.  Third from the bottom, that is.  Only Arizona and Illinois have larger mid-year budget deficits, relative to the size of their budgets.  Ours is at 7.1 percent, Arizona's at 9.7 percent, and Illinois' deficit is at... [read more]

December 08, 2010
Circulation At The Seattle Times Is Still Too High
by Jim Miller, 01:17 PM, 41 Comments
But they are working on that problem. We have made some changes to our lineup of syndicated columnists.  Starting last week, we added Esther Cepeda, whom we had been running on a trial basis for the past month.  New to... [read more]

Hostages, Or, An English Lesson
by pudge, 07:45 AM, 45 Comments
The Democrats, led by President Obama, have been going on the passive-aggressive offensive, repeatedly accusing the Republicans of holding the American people "hostage" to get "tax cuts* for millionaires." The problem is that "hostage" directly and necessarily implies that if... [read more]

December 06, 2010
On Taxes, In Case You're Not Following Along
by pudge, 08:50 AM, 100 Comments
The Democrats want to increase taxes on people making over $250,000, and keep taxes level for everyone else. The Republicans want the taxes on everyone to stay the same. What really strikes me is how blatantly dishonest the Democratic rhetoric... [read more]

December 04, 2010
Favorite Apples
by Jim Miller, 10:58 AM, 21 Comments
Here are some of mine:  For a dessert apple, Cripps Pinks.  (Which you will usually find sold under the Pink Lady® trade name.)  If I were serving young children, I might substitute Honeycrisps.... [read more]

December 02, 2010
Mike Hope Runs for Snohomish County Executive
by pudge, 09:32 PM, 12 Comments
State Rep. Mike Hope (R, 44th) announced this week that he's running for Snohomish County Executive in 2011. His early announcement is probably in part because he only has until December 10th to raise money until after the legislative session... [read more]

December 01, 2010
Gregoire on I.C.E.
by warrenpeterson, 10:47 PM, 42 Comments
See The Seattle Times, 12/31/2008: "Gregoire favors deportations as way to cut state's jail costs". Two years ago, Governor Gregoire, finally concerned about the budget deficit, suggested deporting prisoners convicted of drug or property crimes to save the state over... [read more]

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