Index of entries from August 2010
August 30, 2010
Repost: Join us at the Washington Policy Center Dinner with Charles Krauthammer
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:15 PM, 22 Comments
Charles Krauthammer will speak at this year's Washington Policy Center dinner, October 6 in Bellevue. The WPC does excellent research on public policy issues, promoting market-oriented approaches. Their annual dinner is an important fundraiser for the organization and always a... [read more]

How Chairman Livingston Cut Spending
by Jim Miller, 09:23 AM, 17 Comments
With the odds now in favor of Republican control of the House of Representatives, it is time, perhaps past time, to ask how much difference that control could make.  The best way to examine that question is to look at... [read more]

August 28, 2010
250,000 reasons to support us
by Tim Eyman, 04:25 PM, 45 Comments
From: Jack Fagan, Mike Fagan, and Tim Eyman, co-sponsors of Initiative 1053 which reinstates the 2/3's vote requirement for the Legislature to raise taxes Times are tough for everyone. After paying for mortgage/rent, vehicle costs, food, and other family expenses,... [read more]

August 27, 2010
Driving out the drivers
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:55 PM, 81 Comments
My city is working harder to harass and gouge people who need cars to get around town: "Parking violations bring in big bucks for the city of Seattle" Naturally, it's about generating revenue for essential services. I was ticketed recently... [read more]

August 26, 2010
Beer Wholesalers Dump $2 million into anti-liquor campaign
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:44 PM, 19 Comments
State and national beer wholesaler PACs have donated $2 million to the NO campaign against liquor privatization initiatives 1100 and 1105. The beer lobby is now funding most of the campaign trying to convince us that it's too dangerous to... [read more]

August 25, 2010
Koster Winning, Berkey Losing
by pudge, 10:36 PM, 15 Comments
There are some surprising twists in our interminable Washington election. Republican John Koster has come from behind to take the lead in the Second Congressional District race by 160 votes, and is likely to end up beating incumbent Rick Larsen.... [read more]

Best Email of the Day
by pudge, 03:07 PM, 10 Comments
From the Democratic Party: "The only thing Boehner seems serious about is raising campaign cash. After the speech, he told reporters that he's prepared to help Republicans spend $50 million to win back Congress. ... Democrats have a different plan.... [read more]

Your government at work
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:04 PM, 12 Comments
The Washington State Department of Corrections (you know, the folks who run the prisons) has received a grant from the Oregon Zoo to rehabilitate an endangered species of frog that lives in the Pacific Northwest. The staff and offenders at... [read more]

by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:56 PM, 13 Comments
Times: "Mayor's 'jobs plan' relies on federal grants, city funds"Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn unveiled a "jobs plan" Tuesday that will use federal grants and reallocated city money to create what he hopes could be as many as 10,000 new jobs.So.... [read more]

August 24, 2010
Nice poll, don't get cocky
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:17 PM, 8 Comments
Today's SurveyUSA poll shows liquor privatization Initiative 1100 winning, 59-27. I-1100 was written to favor consumers and eventually won backing from Costco, Safeway, other retailers, restaurants and wineries. The wholesalers' privatization initiative I-1105 is also ahead, 54-29. Great news, but... [read more]

360 Degrees Of Mt. St Helens
by Jim Miller, 04:31 PM, 8 Comments
Two summit views (2003 and 2006), a base view, and a comparison of the summit views, all here. Don't be surprised if your browser goes into full-screen mode; that's what it is supposed to do with these pictures. Cross posted... [read more]

Congratulations To Seattle
by Jim Miller, 09:05 AM, 25 Comments
The city across Lake Washington to my west is tied with San Francisco for the 9th highest combined sales tax rate in the United States, beating out 98 other large cities.  Many in Seattle worked hard for this, and they... [read more]

Senator Patty heroically saves jobs not threatened - part II
by Ron Hebron, 08:00 AM, 13 Comments
The new stimulus money for saving teachers' jobs is not limited to saving teacher jobs. Less than 500 teachers were facing layoff last spring in Washington - a fraction of the 3,000 Murray funded, as we reported in part I... [read more]

August 22, 2010
Yes 1100, No 1105
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:21 PM, 26 Comments
There are two liquor privatization measures on the November ballot --- Initiative 1100 and Initiative 1105. The differences between them are explained here. More on the topic at The official Initiative 1100 campaign website is here, Facebook page here.... [read more]

August 21, 2010
The Gates of Confiscation
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:55 PM, 39 Comments
The Wall Street Journal had a good opinion column this week on the Washington state income tax initiative: "Look who wants to give Washington state an income tax"The battle between taxpayers and government unions will define the fiscal future of... [read more]

Holy Cow
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:29 PM, 58 Comments
Post-primary SurveyUSA poll: Rossi 52%, Murray 45%... [read more]

August 20, 2010
Clint Didier, A Classless Act
by warrenpeterson, 05:11 PM, 133 Comments
Losing candidate Clint Didier held a press conference today to announce he is not going to endorse the winner, Dino Rossi, for the U.S. Senate unless Dino pledges to block new federal spending, oppose any tax increases and introduce the... [read more]

August 19, 2010
As Washington Goes, So Goes The Nation?
by Jim Miller, 01:31 PM, 42 Comments
Sean Trende shows that Washington's blanket primary is a good predictor of general election results here, and may be a good predictor of national results. Maine opted to conform to the national Election Day after the 1958 elections, so we... [read more]

August 18, 2010
Letter of the Day
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:09 PM, 25 Comments
Letter to the Editor to the Seattle Times posted this afternoon:President Obama whisked through Seattle Tuesday to meet with business owners and political donors ["President to lower profile in visit today," page one, Aug. 17]. At the Grand Central Bakery,... [read more]

Two Results That Made Me Smile
by Jim Miller, 03:27 PM, 36 Comments
In the 45th district, Eric Oemig is currently trailing Andy Hill, 9,279 to 8,845.  (I'll have more to say about Andy Hill soon, and it will almost all be good.) In the 47th district, Geoff Simpson won just 40 percent... [read more]

Moderate Gains
by Jim Miller, 07:32 AM, 20 Comments
That's what I expect for Washington state Republicans this November, after a quick look at the partial returns from our top-two primary.  Republicans will make gains, but a landslide like that in 1994, when Republicans swept the state, looks unlikely.... [read more]

August 17, 2010
Mail Ballot Horror Show (XLIV)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:28 PM, 33 Comments
We celebrate today's mail-only primary with some more items on the beauty and majesty of mail-only voting. As Jim notes below, King County has removed the signature security flap from the outer ballot envelope to "save money". If the idea... [read more]

Exposed Signatures On Mailed Ballots
by Jim Miller, 11:48 AM, 29 Comments
I just voted in Washington state's primary and, as usual, the King County elections office found a way to annoy me. King County's mail-in ballot envelopes no longer have flaps that cover voters' signatures, but officials say that won't compromise... [read more]

August 14, 2010
Controlling Immigration
by warrenpeterson, 10:33 PM, 116 Comments
Carlos Hernandez, apparently an illegal immigrant from Mexico, recently fled Arizona and its new immigration law for Washington State. He now lives with his wife and son in Burien. His picture and accompanying article is on the front page of... [read more]

August 13, 2010
Governor Gregoire Should Take A 25 Percent Cut In Benefits And Pay
by Jim Miller, 07:49 AM, 57 Comments
Since taking office in 2005, Christine Gregoire has presided over a state spending spree, acting like a teenager who has been given the family credit card.  Yesterday, that spending spree caught up with her — again — and so... [read more]

Senator Patty heroically saves jobs not threatened
by Ron Hebron, 07:42 AM, 40 Comments
Senator Patty Murray is proud that she saved 3,000 teachers from layoff this month. This month's stimulus bill provided money to save thousands of teacher jobs nationwide. But were 3,000 teachers being laid off in Washington? No. How did she... [read more]

August 11, 2010
46 Percent
by Jim Miller, 09:09 AM, 43 Comments
That's the current estimate, at FiveThirtyEight, that Washington's senior senator, Patty Murray, will lose her seat this November. (The site's founder, Nate Silver, is a Democrat, but is good enough at arithmetic to be a Republican.) If that estimate is... [read more]

August 10, 2010
Jim Johnson For Justice
by Jim Miller, 02:55 PM, 16 Comments
Some endorsements are easy to make, requiring little thought.  And my decision to vote for Jim Johnson was easy to make, after I read this endorsement from Eli Sanders.  (Warning:  The endorsement is in the Stranger, so it might not... [read more]

August 09, 2010
Last Day To Register For The August 17th Primary
by Jim Miller, 06:26 AM, 8 Comments
If you want to vote in that election and are not registered, you will have to register today, in person, at your county elections office.... [read more]

August 06, 2010
Judge refuses red-light camera company's request to block public vote in November on Mukilteo initiative
by Tim Eyman, 02:16 PM, 23 Comments
From: Nicholas Sherwood, Alex Rion, & Tim Eyman, co-sponsors of Initiative 2 -- Let The People Decide on Red-Light Cameras in Mukilteo This morning in Snohomish County Superior Court, Judge Michael T. Downes wasted no time in refusing to do... [read more]

August 05, 2010
Thinking About Clint
by warrenpeterson, 10:00 PM, 123 Comments
There is an outside chance Republicans could gain ten seats in the U.S. Senate for a 51-49 majority. It depends on rising public discontent and the stars aligning but also on holding a Republican seat in Kentucky, and winning Nevada,... [read more]

Tax Progressivity, Moral Hazards and Political Gridlock
by Matt Manweller, 09:34 PM, 39 Comments
The Bush tax cuts are expiring and the political battle is just around the corner. Unfortunately, in an era where sound bites trump empiricism, it has become almost cliché in American politics to suggest that our budget problems can be... [read more]

The Seattle Times Gets It — Mostly
by Jim Miller, 02:10 PM, 7 Comments
I have fewer opportunities to give credit to our local journalists than I would like.  So it is with some pleasure that I note that, recently, our monopoly newspaper has been mostly sensible on state spending. To show you what... [read more]

August 04, 2010
Gregg Bennett, Candidate For State Senate, 48th District
by Jim Miller, 02:06 PM, 9 Comments
He has, as you can see in this picture from Kirkland's 4th of July, an enthusiastic group of backers. More important, he has had an impressive business career.  His experience with start-up companies would be invaluable in our legislature.  We... [read more]

Larsen's Hypocrisy
by pudge, 06:59 AM, 15 Comments
As I mentioned yesterday, Rick Larsen criticized John Koster for saying good things about the Tea Party, even though Larsen himself has recently gone to a Tea Party candidate forum to try to get their votes. And Larsen has twice... [read more]

Dirty Demo tricks in Shoreline
by Ron Hebron, 06:20 AM, 17 Comments
Someone has repeatedly vandalized a couple's yard on N. 185 St. in Shoreline, WA; the husband is a Viet Nam war veteran. They have done this in past campaign years and again this year. NWCN broadcast a report. Their signs... [read more]

August 03, 2010
Larsen Puts His Desperation In Video Form
by pudge, 11:25 AM, 32 Comments
This video from WA-2 Democratic incumbent Rick Larsen is hilariously sad in its level of desperation and deception. Larsen first implies, incredibly, that just because -- like hundreds of millions of Americans -- Republican challenger John Koster thinks favorably of... [read more]

August 02, 2010
Lake Forest Park - reject Prop. One tax increase
by Ron Hebron, 07:19 AM, 14 Comments
The City of Lake Forest Park wants to keep running things as usual. The economy is down. Taxpayers are being laid off or working fewer hours. Can't the City also cut back a bit? No, they can't lay off a... [read more]

August 01, 2010
R.I.P., John Callahan
by Jim Miller, 01:05 PM, 4 Comments
If his name isn't familiar, the New York Times will give you the basics of his life in this obituary. John Callahan, a quadriplegic, alcoholic cartoonist whose work in newspapers and magazines made irreverent, impolitic sport of people with disabilities... [read more]

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