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July 30, 2010
Congressman Inslee And Speaker Pelosi Have A Friendly Chat
by Jim Miller, 12:36 PM, 51 Comments
When I learned that 1st district Congressman Jay Inslee had voted with Speaker Nancy Pelosi 99 percent of the time, I was reminded of an old joke.... [read more]

Koster Releases First TV Ad
by pudge, 07:57 AM, 29 Comments
John Koster's first TV ad is up. It's mostly to introduce him to the voters who don't yet know him, especially up in the northern part of the Congressional District 2. Cross-posted on <pudge/*>.... [read more]

July 29, 2010
Audit of Seattle Schools finds lots of problems
by Ron Hebron, 12:08 PM, 17 Comments
State Auditor Brian Sontag audited Seattle School District and found a lot of problems. At SAO (pdf) Lynn Varner at Seattle Times covers it. In her opinion: ... audit uncovered worrisome mistakes that seem less like incompetence and more like... [read more]

July 27, 2010
New Idea for More Effective Government
by pudge, 12:40 PM, 29 Comments
I have a new idea for restructuring our federal government. Ministers with the power to restrict government activity. The Minister of Shut Up, for example, has the power to force anyone in government, including the President, to shut up. So... [read more]

July 26, 2010
Bellingham Herald's Taylor Falsely Says Bailout Claim Not "The Truth"
by pudge, 11:11 PM, 6 Comments
Sam Taylor over at The Bellingham Herald quotes a John Koster press release titled "Larsen Votes to Create Permanent Bailout Culture." Taylor says, "I've already blogged on here that the truth is far different, that the verbatim language of the... [read more]

Mark Isaacs, Candidate For State Representative, 45th District
by Jim Miller, 02:30 PM, 39 Comments
This picture was taken at the end of the Kirkland 4th of July parade.  (Love the hula hoop on the right, and the little dog on the left.) Isaacs has a fascinating personal history. Isaacs, 64, who was born and... [read more]

Republican Revival
by Jim Miller, 11:46 AM, 17 Comments
In 2008, you could have made a good argument that the Republican party was in serious trouble, just by looking at Gallup's party ID, by state.   Since then, thanks mostly, in my opinion, to President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and... [read more]

July 23, 2010
Koster Slams Larsen Over Contributions From Rangel
by pudge, 12:06 PM, 27 Comments
My candidate for Congress in WA-2, Republican John Koster, pointed out today that the infamously crooked Charlie Rangel has, according to OpenSecrets, contributed $24,000 to incumbent Democrat Rick Larsen. Larsen is tied for receiving the 15th most money, out of... [read more]

July 22, 2010
If Any Local Journalists Want To Deny Being Journolisters . . .
by Jim Miller, 02:25 PM, 63 Comments
I'd be happy to post your denial here.  (Confessions you'll have to do without my help, but I might link to them, depending on their quality and honesty.)... [read more]

July 21, 2010
Taxpayers Sue Gov. Gregoire To Invalidate Climate Change Executive Order
by pudge, 09:00 AM, 28 Comments
From the EFF press release: "We believe Gov. Gregoire's climate change executive order is an unconstitutional order," said Michael Reitz, director of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation's Constitutional Law Center, who represents the taxpayers in this case. "Gov. Gregoire violated the... [read more]

July 20, 2010
Other Than That, She's Been A Great Legislator
by Jim Miller, 01:38 PM, 4 Comments
The Seattle Times, while endorsing Democrat Judy Clibborn, gives us sufficient reason to vote against her. The Mercer Island Democrat is knowledgeable and experienced about the complexities of our state transportation system.  As chair of the state House of Representatives... [read more]

July 19, 2010
Larsen: Less Support From Individuals Shows More Individual Support
by pudge, 07:57 AM, 34 Comments
Rep. Rick Larsen said last week that getting less money from individual contributions than challenger John Koster "shows that folks across Northwest Washington support my efforts." According to FEC filings, in the first quarter of 2010, Larsen raised $97,244 from... [read more]

July 15, 2010
Dave Ross Calls Obama Conservative, Again
by Jim Miller, 03:13 PM, 32 Comments
Last year, Dave Ross amused me by claiming that Barack Obama is a "pretty conservative guy". This morning, as I was driving around picking up groceries, Ross made the same argument.   (Since I was driving at the time, I... [read more]

Why Do They Keep Exaggerating The Effects Of The BP Oil Spill?
by Jim Miller, 01:54 PM, 28 Comments
On June 15th, in his speech to the nation on the BP oil spill, President Obama described it as the "worst environmental disaster America has ever faced".  (With a little help from the New York Times, I corrected him, here.)... [read more]

July 14, 2010
For Your Viewing Enjoyment
by Jim Miller, 07:03 AM, 33 Comments
This strange ad attacking our senior senator, Patty Murray. If you want to support the organization that made the ad, you can do so, here. (Those unfamiliar with her career may need an explanation for the tennis shoes.  According to... [read more]

July 11, 2010
Failed Policies
by pudge, 05:15 PM, 65 Comments
President Obama, as he has for years, said again the other day that it was the failed Bush policies that got us into our economic mess. But from all of his campaigning on that a couple of years ago, through... [read more]

23,000 sq ft mansion sells...
by MarkGriswold, 10:33 AM, 34 Comments
and liberals go nuts. The mammoth mansion on Mercer Island has finally sold for $12 million, $28 million less than its original asking price and this story of the uber-rich of the northwest has spurned several angry comments from the... [read more]

July 08, 2010
Stimulus Reading
by Jim Miller, 06:15 AM, 42 Comments
If you are wondering what economists — both supporters and critics — are saying about the Obama stimulus plan, you will want to read this Greg Mankiw article. When I posted a link to the article on my own site,... [read more]

July 07, 2010
Danny Westneat Gets Half Of The Answer On Obama's Stimulus Plan
by Jim Miller, 12:51 PM, 49 Comments
The Seattle Times columnist does some investigative reporting on Obama's stimulus, and learns something interesting. Why hasn't the stimulus stimulated us more? I poked around at the "track the money" website,  That answer is pretty simple: Most of the... [read more]

Burbank: Think of the Children
by pudge, 11:34 AM, 15 Comments
John Burbank, executive director of the Economic Opportunity Institute, thinks of the children and says, "Taken together, these four initiatives will cost our state -- and our children -- half a billion dollars in public investments every two years, undermining... [read more]

July 06, 2010
Diane Tebelius, Candidate For State Representative, 48th District
by Jim Miller, 03:50 PM, 6 Comments
Along with a few of her supporters. (My apologies for not getting all of them in the picture.  My little Panasonic FZ8 is a fine camera, but it does not have a true wide-angle setting on the zoom.  I did... [read more]

Arthur Brooks at Town Hall 7/12
by Ron Hebron, 02:30 PM, 2 Comments
Arthur Brooks, President of American Enterprise Institute, will be speaking at Townhall next Monday evening on Free Enterprise vs. Big Government. Townhall Monday July 12 - 7:30 PM - Tickets $5 at the door or see Townhall for presales options.... [read more]

Mom in tennis shoes gets big money from lobbyists
by Ron Hebron, 07:06 AM, 24 Comments
Senator Patty Murray went to D.C. as a different kind of senator, the "mom in tennis shoes." That was then. Now she is the Beltway establishment. She is up there with friendly Harry Reid in money coming from lobbyists. Seattle... [read more]

July 05, 2010
The Enthusiasm Gap At Kirkland's Parade
by Jim Miller, 02:21 PM, 10 Comments
Though I watch the Kirkland 4th of July parades mostly for the usual patriotic and community reasons, I am enough of a fan of politics so that I also check out the candidates, not so much for their platforms, or... [read more]

The GOP's Man of Steele
by warrenpeterson, 01:45 PM, 10 Comments
During a 1976 presidential debate with Jimmy Carter, President Ford famously said the nations in the Eastern Block "...did not consider themselves dominated by the Soviet Union..." In the hearts of the people his statement had a kernel of truth,... [read more]

July 04, 2010
Happy 4th Of July!
by Jim Miller, 04:10 PM, 8 Comments
Here's part of the Kirkland celebration. The picture may need an explanation, for those not from Kirkland.  Kirkland begins its 4th of July parade with kids, hundreds of kids, on bicycles, tricycles, scooters, foot, and even in strollers.  They are... [read more]

Happy Independence Day!
by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, 11:04 AM, 14 Comments
Please watch and share this message from House Republicans: God bless our great country, and special thanks to our brave soldiers keeping America safe and free. How are you celebrating today?... [read more]

July 01, 2010
Bill Gates Sr. is Full of It
by pudge, 10:10 PM, 53 Comments
Our Washington State Constitution was amended for the fourteenth time, in 1930, to read: All taxes shall be uniform upon the same class of property within the territorial limits of the authority levying the tax and shall be levied and... [read more]

Trojan Horse for Washington - Initiative 1098 Income Tax
by warrenpeterson, 08:08 PM, 74 Comments
The last three income tax proposals were referendums that would have amended the state constitution to allow an income tax. They also included lowered sales, property, and Business and Occupation (B&O) taxes. All three went down to defeat by double-digit... [read more]

To Skype or Not to Skype?
by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, 07:30 AM, 26 Comments
Many Americans today think Washington, D.C. is out of touch with their concerns, and 'behind the times.' As I detailed recently in a video here at Sound Politics, House Republicans are aiming to change that, by helping to restore citizens'... [read more]

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