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March 31, 2010
Two Reminders:
by Jim Miller, 01:31 PM, 19 Comments
Tomorrow, you can join Rob McKenna in a live chat. Join Washington state Attorney General Rob McKenna for a live chat with Seattle Times politics reporter Jim Brunner on Thursday, April 1, from 12:45 to 1:30 p.m.  They'll discuss McKenna's... [read more]

Want higher taxes? Then pay more
by Ron Hebron, 08:46 AM, 19 Comments
The Washington Legislature just can't find one more penny of spending to cut, so they have to force you and me to pay more for the state's high-paid employees. EFF WA They need a new source for the revenue they... [read more]

March 30, 2010
Washington State Lost A Big Employer To Idaho
by Jim Miller, 10:47 AM, 50 Comments
Kate Riley explains how that happened — and who is to blame: Gov. Chris Gregoire took umbrage at the audacious overture her Idaho counterpart made recently to Washington businesses, inviting them to pick up and move across the border.  In... [read more]

March 29, 2010
Demos mad their Obamacare doesn't do what they claimed - Updated
by Ron Hebron, 09:33 AM, 30 Comments
See update at the bottom. The Democratics said ObamaCare would cause children to be covered for preexisting conditions this year. But it doesn't. Who are they mad at? Themselves? How could they be? They are mad at the insurance companies... [read more]

Western Universities Are Places Where People "Run Free"
by Jim Miller, 08:52 AM, 31 Comments
And where professors are "bastions of free thinking".   Travel writer Rick Steves said those things, while contrasting our universities to one in Iran. Some might see those ideas as more evidence that Rick Steves is not the sharpest observer... [read more]

March 28, 2010
Pictures from yesterday's rally in Olympia to support Rob McKenna and the lawsuit against unconstitutional mandates
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:37 PM, 10 Comments
Thurston Pundits blog has some. The Seattle Times has a write-up... [read more]

When The Big One Hits Seattle . . .
by Jim Miller, 10:01 AM, 16 Comments
Many new buildings in Seattle will fail.   That's what the head of an earthquake consulting firm, Peter Yanev, concludes, after studying the damage from the February earthquake in Chile. We engineers and seismologists need to gather and study as... [read more]

March 27, 2010
McKenna and the People v. The Democrats and Health Care Deform
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:49 PM, 21 Comments
AG Rob McKenna in Q&A with the Christian Science Monitor re: the state AGs' lawsuit against Obamacare's unconstitutional mandate to buy insurance. Former U.S. Senator and state AG Slade Gorton explains why McKenna is justified to join the multistate lawsuit,... [read more]

March 26, 2010
Decline to comply (II)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:07 PM, 75 Comments
Is the "mandate" to purchase insurance voluntary? The penalty for non-compliance appears to be unenforceable, according to the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation's analysis of the Obamacare bills:The penalty is assessed through the [Internal Revenue Code] and accounted for as... [read more]

Now Horsey Tells Us
by Jim Miller, 12:16 PM, 7 Comments
Left wing cartoonist David Horsey drew a pretty good cartoon showing one of the minor defects of ObamaCare — its fanciful financing. And when was this cartoon published?  March 23rd, two days after the decisive House vote.   Too late,... [read more]

Poll shows Inslee at 37 pc reelection
by Ron Hebron, 07:40 AM, 23 Comments
First District Congressman Jay Inslee appears to be vulnerable, according to a poll commissioned by his opponent James Watkins. In the poll Only 37% say Inslee deserves reelectionIn a first head-to-head, Inslee gets 41%; Watkins gets 27%In a second head-to-head,... [read more]

Were racial epithets shouted at black Congressmen Saturday?
by Ron Hebron, 07:16 AM, 17 Comments
Andrew Breitbart looks at the evidence, that is, the lack of evidence. People at the scene had videocams. Where is the video? Breitbart at BigGovernment As I have said over and over and over, the left has one trick that... [read more]

March 25, 2010
Violence and Politics
by pudge, 11:21 PM, 56 Comments
I will say up front, clearly, for all to hear: violence, and threats of violence, in response to to the health insurance bill, are wrong. Categorically wrong. And anyone making such a threat, or committing such a violent act, should... [read more]

One Thing I Admire About The Seattle Times Is Their Careful Fact Checking
by Jim Miller, 07:26 PM, 18 Comments
Here's part of a Seattle Times story. Protesters have been demonstrating at Driehaus' Ohio home, said Tim Mulvey, a spokesman for the anti-abortion Democrat who joined Stupak in voting for the health bill.  A rock was thrown through the window... [read more]

Setting an example
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:19 PM, 10 Comments
Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn has "apologized" for his recent DUI incident. Among Dorn's duties as SPI is the administration of "juvenile alcohol and drug prevention programs for kindergarten through third grade", funded by liquor license fees. Well he... [read more]

Obama exempts himself from ObamaCare
by Ron Hebron, 01:21 PM, 44 Comments
Obama promised everyone would get the same health care as Congress. But Congress excepted its members and most of its staff from what they are forcing us into. Also the president and vice president. Are we surprised? Washington Times ...... [read more]

Murray supports Viagra for sex offenders
by Ron Hebron, 12:09 PM, 51 Comments
Senator Patty Murray voted Wednesday against an amendment to deny Viagra to rapists, pedophiles and other sex offenders. Politico Was the purpose to prevent Obama's health-care takeover bill from being sent back to the House? It is going there now... [read more]

Your government at work
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:12 AM, 5 Comments
The state liquor monopoly has been overpaying truckers to ship booze from its Seattle distribution center to stores around the state.At first, Pat McLaughlin, the Director for Business Enterprise for the Washington State Liquor Control Board told [KING 5] :... [read more]

Decline to Comply
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:17 AM, 25 Comments
In the grand scheme of things, it's relatively easy to threaten and bribe one's way to a 50%+1 legislative victory. It's quite a bit harder to ensure that the people change their behavior to conform to a new law --... [read more]

March 24, 2010
Don't hesitate on our account
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:23 PM, 28 Comments
Mrs. Gregoire warned Wednesdaythat she could be forced to make across-the-board cuts of 20 percent if the Legislature doesn't come up with a budget-balancing [=tax-raising] agreement.Well that would be one way to lift her approval rating out of the low... [read more]

What effect will the new health care legislation have on us? Get some answers next Tuesday and enjoy a free lunch as well!
by MarkGriswold, 01:51 PM, 8 Comments
I don't think anyone can truly answer that, not Obama, not Pelosi, not John Boehner, not Scott Brown and certainly not I. There's just too much unknown and while my knowledge of policy and history lead me to believe that... [read more]

And may they all be boiled in oil (II)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:38 PM, 42 Comments
FDR gave us the "New Deal". Barack Obama and Joe Biden gave us the "Big F**ing Deal". Profanity aside, that is what they're doing to us. Barack Obama kept promising that "if you've got health insurance... you like your plan...... [read more]

March 23, 2010
Governor Gregoire Hates the Rule of Law
by pudge, 10:13 PM, 93 Comments
On KING 5 News tonight, Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna pointed out that the obvious fact that the policy of the health insurance bill is irrelevant to whether or not it's legal. He was asked, if the provisions in the... [read more]

General McKenna vs Obamcare
by warrenpeterson, 07:54 PM, 17 Comments
Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna is a leader among various state attorneys general suing to declare the new insurance mandate in Obamacare unconstitutional. The challenge is based on their understanding of the 10th Amendment and the Commerce Clause of the... [read more]

Chris Gregoire and Lisa Brown: total hypocrites (RE: McKenna's constitutional challenge)
by Tim Eyman, 02:30 PM, 7 Comments
It's painful to listen to Governor Chris Gregoire and wanna-be-Governor Lisa Brown rail against Attorney General Rob McKenna's constitutional challenge to the health care mandate in ObamaCare because of their own hypocrisy: here's what they had to say about their... [read more]

Great moments in government education
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:07 PM, 16 Comments
"State schools superintendent Randy Dorn arrested on suspicion of DUI" Of course everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But, um, what did he blow? UPDATE:question answered:According to State Patrol records, Dorn took two breath tests around 3 a.m. showing a... [read more]

Danny Westneat Doesn't Think You Should have The Same Freedoms He Had
by Jim Miller, 12:47 PM, 17 Comments
And the Seattle Times columnist is honest enough to admit that.  When he was younger, he chose, from time to time, not to have health insurance. What if you just don't want to have health insurance?  Should you have the... [read more]

Representing the people against the powerful
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:07 AM, 61 Comments
Attorney General Rob McKenna announced yesterday he would join other state attorneys general in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the ObamaCare mandates. Awesome! But former Attorney General Christine Gregoire is attacking McKenna for trying to protect Washington consumers from... [read more]

March 22, 2010
Initiative 960 was so successful, we need to bring it back -- ASK EYMAN ABOUT IT
by Tim Eyman, 10:41 AM, 19 Comments
Gregoire and the Democrats suspended Initiative 960 because it was working exactly as voters intended - it had stopped tax increases during its two-year tenure -- and it did much more. Passed by voters in 2007, I-960 protected us from... [read more]

March 21, 2010
And may they all be boiled in oil
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:43 PM, 217 Comments
219 Democrats voted tonight to wreck the U.S. health care system. May their victory be Pyrrhic, short-lived and reversed. Speaking of which -- the RNC has a new website "Fire Nancy Pelosi", where you can donate to support this year's... [read more]

Need A Feel-Good Story?
by Jim Miller, 06:38 PM, 3 Comments
(I do.)  Here's a love story, which I found in the sports pages of the New York Times. The story begins with Anthony Johnson proposing, with a most unusual ring, to Shaunte Nance.  And it gets better from there. My... [read more]

ObamaCare Cost Estimates Are Even Worse If You Use Dynamic Scoring
by Jim Miller, 02:30 PM, 12 Comments
Economist Gregory Mankiw explains. There has been a lot of talk lately about the CBO scoring of the health bill.   Here is one thing people should understand about their numbers: When they estimate the budget impact of a bill... [read more]

"When a problem comes along you must whip it"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:25 AM, 37 Comments
The House Democratic leadership are predicting that the Obamacare bills will pass this afternoon. Meanwhile The Hill is continually updating its "Whip Count" page with the anticipated votes of House Democrats. According to The Hill:If every member votes and all... [read more]

ObamaCare $562 billion deficit not surplus - NYT
by Ron Hebron, 08:35 AM, 19 Comments
The Congressional Budget Office has to do the committee chair's bidding; it is not allowed to properly score ObamaCare - given fantasy it has to put on a straight face, pretend it's real and give the score. Even when everyone... [read more]

March 20, 2010
A Road to Serfdom (VI)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:20 PM, 7 Comments
Kent Kammerer at Crosscut writes about Seattle's government-owned electric utility following an 18% rate increase imposed by the City Council: "City Light audit: Are rate games being played?"The city cooks the books and bills City Light for expenses that would... [read more]

Maybe it's an omen to cut more spending instead
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:26 PM, 2 Comments
Seattle Times: "State Senate passes tax package, remains at odds with House on sales tax" The Times homepage currently has the more optimistic headline "Lawmakers still can't agree on sales tax"... [read more]

How Do I Oppose Thee?
by pudge, 09:47 AM, 61 Comments
The health insurance reform bill should be opposed on many grounds. The most obvious to those of us who put a priority on liberty is that it violates our rights: our right to not buy insurance, our right to buy... [read more]

March 19, 2010
If they have so much time they can find spending to reduce
by Ron Hebron, 09:16 AM, 14 Comments
"This is the first time since 1994 that a special session has been needed with one party in control of the Capitol," according to Politics Northwest at Seattle Times. Even though they have one-party rule they can't use their time... [read more]

March 18, 2010
Positive And Negative From Chris Widener
by Jim Miller, 01:07 PM, 10 Comments
Senate candidate Chris Widener has had his campaign site up for some time.   Now he has added a negative site,  (That first "O" looks familiar, for some reason.) (I plan to put up more links for candidates, as... [read more]

March 17, 2010
Obama: "It's Got Raisins In It ... You Like Raisins"
by pudge, 05:44 PM, 80 Comments
To most people, it's obvious that the White House line -- that people should like the health insurance bill because it has something in it that they like -- is idiotic. It's entirely intuitive that just because you like one... [read more]

A Win For Sound Math Education
by Jim Miller, 03:56 PM, 10 Comments
In a neighboring suburb. Major Update: Tonight (Thursday night [March 9th]) the Bellevue Math Adoption Committee voted to adopt Holt instead of the Discovering Math series. This is extraordinary good news and one can assume that school board will follow... [read more]

March 15, 2010
Rising spending and tax increases
by Ron Hebron, 08:05 AM, 69 Comments
Our Washington Legislature cut spending to the bone, but was reluctantly forced to raise taxes. Right? FOOLED YOU. State workers are sacrificing during this downturn in the economy. Right? WRONG We have all heard that our Senate and House have... [read more]

March 12, 2010
Lighten Up; It's Just the Census
by warrenpeterson, 03:11 PM, 96 Comments
It's in the Constitution. Article I, Section 2.3 provides that an "enumeration shall be made within three years after the first meeting of the congress of the United States, and within every subsequent term of ten years, in such manner... [read more]

March 11, 2010
Obamacare, It Ain't Over Until January 3, 2011
by warrenpeterson, 09:30 PM, 122 Comments
Democrats want anything that can be legitimately called historic heath care reform so badly they can taste it. It is just a problem of definition of what constitutes reform. Right now it is the Senate version of Obamacare but solid... [read more]

Fewer Americans Rode Buses In 2009 Than In 2008
by Jim Miller, 09:29 AM, 57 Comments
After several years of increases, ridership fell by 5.15 percent in 2009. (Two agencies in Washington state had bus ridership increases in 2009.  One of the two, Sound Transit, may have gained at the expense of another agency, King County... [read more]

Rachel Corrie's parents continue their delusions
by Ron Hebron, 08:06 AM, 62 Comments
Rachel Corrie of Oympia died in 2003, run over by an Israeli bulldozer. The dozer was demolishing a house in Gaza. She was trying to stop it. The bulldozer driver could not see her. Israel has released footage from a... [read more]

March 10, 2010
More "Tales in Government Efficiency!"
by MarkGriswold, 10:59 AM, 39 Comments
So, Robert, you're sending me a letter to tell me that you're sending me a letter. How much did that cost? Oh, and thanks for translating it into Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Russian and Vietnamese but I'm calling the ACLU and... [read more]

Give me a real answer, Zach Hudgins
by MarkGriswold, 10:48 AM, 8 Comments
Someone please correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think "Thanks for your thoughts." is really an answer to any question. Zach, I know you're not Sen. Prentice but the question was really directed at anyone in Olympia who... [read more]

Gregoire pits her tax hikes against Idaho
by Ron Hebron, 08:08 AM, 39 Comments
Governor Butch Otter of Idaho welcomes Washington raising taxes, which the Legislature did yesterday. He put out the welcome mat for businesses fleeing tax increases and bad environment for business. Was he ready for Christine Gregoire putting on the gloves?... [read more]

March 09, 2010
Huge majority oppose Obama's health care takeover
by Ron Hebron, 08:27 AM, 54 Comments
CNN Opinion Research found that 75% - 75 per cent - of adults surveyed don't support Obama's health-care takeover bill. Pass similar bill- 25% Start work on new bill - 48% Stop working on health care - 25% Other (vol.)... [read more]

March 07, 2010
Not-so-fair trade
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:25 PM, 58 Comments
Seattle Times: "Organic coffee: Why Latin America's farmers are abandoning it" The short answer: There aren't enough Uptight Seattleites willing to pay a high enough price for organic coffee to be a worthwhile crop for the Latin American farmers to... [read more]

March 06, 2010
Your tax dollars at work
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:19 PM, 15 Comments
Breaking news from the Colacurcio strip club / alleged prostitution trial. An attorney for one of the defendants claimed that:investigatory reports show one undercover officer spent at least $16,835 buying more than 130 lap dances without making a single arrest.The... [read more]

Draft Annie Oakley for the House
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:42 PM, 7 Comments
First Sen. Pam Roach pulls a pistol on a legislative aide, now this: "Sen. Eide sticks to her guns on cellphone bill"... [read more]

Flashback: "The Obama era of cool government makes Tim Eyman irrelevant" (II)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:37 PM, 11 Comments
Joni Balter, last January:Eyman is yesterday, 1990s, early millennial with government as the boogeyman.Tim Eyman, yesterday, 10:44am:"Democrats' State Income Tax Talk is Meant to Manipulate You. Don't Buy It"Is this a serious effort to get [the tax]? Of course not--it's... [read more]

March 05, 2010
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:07 PM, 7 Comments
(At PJTV. Free registration might be required)... [read more]

Deep Thought
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:41 PM, 2 Comments
Seattle City Council President Richard Conlin shares the following quotation in his e-mail newsletter today, under the heading "Deep Thought" "Politicians like to panic, they need activity. It's their substitute for achievement." -- Sir Humphrey, character in "Yes Minister", Popular... [read more]

Playing hooky for education
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:34 PM, 47 Comments
The Seattle Times reports on yesterday's UW student protest over budget cuts. Concerned about their threatened "right" to a more (as opposed to slightly less) generously subsidized college education, the students shortchanged their own educations by cutting afternoon classes. Some... [read more]

The Dems dream of an income tax
by Ron Hebron, 10:46 AM, 31 Comments
The Senate had a hearing about their proposed income tax yesterday afternoon. But of course they don't call it that; they call it a sales tax reduction. Fooled you! You didn't know about the hearing because they gave less than... [read more]

Democrats' state income tax talk is meant to manipulate you -- don't fall for it
by Tim Eyman, 10:44 AM, 16 Comments
Total manipulation. Democrats in Olympia have done it for years. Here's their scheme: propose lots of tax and fee increases, tons of them, then float a state income tax bill, get everyone fired up, then pull back, drop the income... [read more]

Washington State Income Tax Bill
by pudge, 10:31 AM, 4 Comments
It's a little hard to find -- since it's not yet on the bill's page -- but the proposed substitute for the income tax bill is available under that page's Committee Materials link. It's not an amendment, but a completely... [read more]

March 04, 2010
Change We Can Believe In
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:28 PM, 8 Comments
Rep. Bill Delahunt (D., Mass.) will become the 18th Democrat to retire in advance of November elections."It's got nothing to do with politics," Delahunt told the Boston Globe. "Life is about change. I think it's healthy. It's time."... [read more]

Flashback: "The Obama era of cool government makes Tim Eyman irrelevant"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:42 PM, 4 Comments
Joni Balter, last January: "The Obama era of cool government makes Tim Eyman irrelevant":Obama is the tomorrow guy who envisions a brighter future. Eyman is yesterday, 1990s, early millennial with government as the boogeyman.Since then, President Tomorrow's approval rating here... [read more]

State Income Tax Proposal gets a Hearing
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:29 PM, 41 Comments
WA Senate Democrats are holding a hearing today on a bill to impose a state income tax. The top rate would be 6% for married couples earning over $120,650. The bill would also reduce property and sales taxes, but the... [read more]

Regulation Kills Jobs
by Jim Miller, 11:28 AM, 11 Comments
Seattle Times editorial columnist Bruce Ramsey has a particularly vivid example in his latest column.  Steve Capeder wanted to start a small organic farm in King County, but finally gave up because he could not navigate all the obstacles placed... [read more]

by pudge, 09:29 AM, 31 Comments
Recession. Massive unemployment. Tax increases. Higher health insurance costs. Property values in the toilet. Loans impossible to get for most people. And today the WA Senate announces that they want to force car insurance rates higher, for an auto theft... [read more]

March 03, 2010
Kristin Davis is running for New York Governor
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:16 PM, 9 Comments
(No, not that Kristin Davis) The Kristin Davis who brokered former Gov. Eliot Spitzer's assignations with Ashley Dupre and those other versatile co-eds. Davis describes herself as a Libertarian/Republican, but she's old-school conservative - lower taxes, less government - not... [read more]

A promotion for a job well done
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:50 PM, 3 Comments
"Governor's budget director leaving for state investment board"Victor Moore, the governor's budget director, is leaving next month to take a job as chief operating officer with the Washington State Investment Board. Moore has headed the Office of Financial Management since... [read more]

March 02, 2010
Have you met "The Man"?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:56 PM, 19 Comments
I'm fortunate to have met "The Man" and the man behind "The Man". Gene Porter, R.I.P.. Thanks for the barbecue.... [read more]

Routing Around Obstructions
by Jim Miller, 02:17 PM, 33 Comments
John Gilmore once said: "The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it."  Without discussing the truth or falsity of that famous claim (or my many disagreements with Gilmore), I'd like to try extending his idea to another area,... [read more]

March 01, 2010
Gregoire and the Democrats' elimination of I-960 stinks - here's how I expressed that
by Tim Eyman, 12:50 PM, 34 Comments
I've attended several public bill signings. What normally happens is the legislators and lobbyists who pushed the bill stand beside the Governor, get their photo taken, and receive a Governor's pen. Since it is a public bill signing in a... [read more]

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