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November 30, 2009
What are we suppose to do when the system fails?
by MarkGriswold, 08:17 PM, 99 Comments
This morning Laura Ingraham ran a story about Michigan abortionist Abraham Hodari, who continues to practice despite countless instances of forced abortions and even, what one might generously label, the negligent homicides of four young girls. And then there's Maurice... [read more]

SurveyUSA Reports
by Jim Miller, 04:59 PM, 23 Comments
You can decide what, if anything, it all means. Here are the approval/disapproval ratings for: Senator Maria Cantwell - 46/42 Senator Patty Murray - 47/45 President Barack Obama - 48/48 Governor Christine Gregoire - 33/63 SurveyUSA polled 600 adults, using... [read more]

November 29, 2009
Any climate news?
by Ron Hebron, 10:42 PM, 45 Comments
The world is lit up with the news about the lead scientific promoters of human-caused global warming. Emails at ground zero of the climate-warming researchers - Climatic Research Unit at University of East Anglia in the UK - contain talk... [read more]

A Bonus for the Seattle Schools Superintendent
by warrenpeterson, 09:30 PM, 3 Comments
The Seattle School Board has one employee, the Superintendent. Currently that is Dr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson. Is she worth $264,000 in base salary plus $28,400 of other compensation plus bonuses? Apparently so since that is the pay package the School Board... [read more]

Four Police Officers Killed
by Jim Miller, 10:04 AM, 0 Comments
In Parkland. Four police officers were shot and killed in a Sunday morning ambush at a Parkland-area coffee shop, officials said. Pierce County Sheriff's Office spokesman Ed Troyer called the ambush "a targeted attack." Officials at the scene said two... [read more]

November 25, 2009
Cost of Obamacare went up $100M, no, $300 million
by Ron Hebron, 08:07 AM, 40 Comments
I don't know the source of Carter's optimism: Health care will not add to the deficit "because Senator Cantwell promised." How can she promise that when Distinguished Harry Reid is making multi-$100 million pork deals? It was reported that Senator... [read more]

November 24, 2009
So Far, Low Ridership On Seattle's Light Rail System
by Jim Miller, 11:59 AM, 102 Comments
The Seattle area opened its light rail system in July.  It has not been a great success Thanks to John Niles at the Public Interest Transportation Forum, we can see just how low the ridership has been. (Click on the... [read more]

Sam's Side of the Story
by MarkGriswold, 08:05 AM, 12 Comments
I'm a big fan of Tim Eyman. I'm also a big fan of Sam Reed. So when I read Tim's post a few days ago wanted to get Sam's side of the story. Below is our email exchange, unedited. The... [read more]

November 23, 2009
What is Christine Gregoire doing?
by Ron Hebron, 11:37 AM, 60 Comments
Washington's current budget was "stimulated" by Obama's 2009 stimulus package. Its huge gap was plugged by a generous $3.3 billion in money from people in other states. So we were in a hole and got a one-time shot. The revenue... [read more]

November 20, 2009
Craig Welch Should Have Asked Al Gore Better Questions
by Jim Miller, 06:09 AM, 66 Comments
The Seattle Times reporter had a chance to ask the former vice president, and current climate change guru, a few questions, and this is all Welch came up with.  It would be unfair, but not terribly unfair, to sum up... [read more]

Secretary Reed refuses to answer these questions under oath and under penalty of perjury (RE: Eyman's lawsuit)
by Tim Eyman, 05:17 AM, 16 Comments
Concerning Secretary Sam Reed's request of the Court to avoid answering questions under oath and under the penalty of perjury, here are the questions: Request for Admission #1: Admit or deny that the Secretary of State's Office released Referendum 71... [read more]

November 18, 2009
How ironic: Mr. Disclosure Sam Reed asks the Court to block disclosure (RE: Eyman's lawsuit against Reed)
by Tim Eyman, 01:14 PM, 46 Comments
From 1912 through 2006 -- for 95 years -- every other Secretary of State protected the names, signatures, and home addresses of citizens who signed initiative and referendum petitions. Unlike all his predecessors and overruling 95 years of precedent, Sam... [read more]

November 17, 2009
Diversity Santa at Nordstrom's
by MarkGriswold, 08:32 PM, 52 Comments
This Christmas come get your kids' picture taken at Nordstrom's with Diversity Santa! That's right. You can choose with which race of Santa your kids will get their photos taken. Now I'm all for diversity. I believe Santa, as a... [read more]

November 16, 2009
Ask John Koster to Run for Congress
by pudge, 06:04 PM, 59 Comments
Rick Larsen is the elected Representative for Washington's Second Congressional District. He's been there for several terms, and some of us think this is the year to unseat the guy who supports continued funding for corrupt organizations like ACORN, liberty-killing... [read more]

Kirby on Kirby
by MarkGriswold, 08:20 AM, 61 Comments
I just got off the phone with Kirby. First the good news. Our phone calls to advertisers appear to be helping. Kirby told me that Laura Kiel (Kiel Mortgage) has pulled her advertising from KVI and is unwilling to reconsider... [read more]

November 14, 2009
Tomorrow, At 12:59 PM, KCTS Will Be Showing "Power Of The Poor"
by Jim Miller, 09:43 AM, 4 Comments
Here's a description from their schedule. "The Power of the Poor" tells the story of how a small group of economists helped defeat Peru's brutal Shining Path terrorists, pressured the government into making legal reforms that have lifted millions out... [read more]

November 13, 2009
A Tribute To Kirby WIlbur
by MarkGriswold, 09:29 AM, 96 Comments
Please post your favorite memories of The Kirby Wilbur Show or of Kirby himself in the comments section below. If I get a decent amount I'll have them printed and bound into a book to give to Kirby. He's been... [read more]

Say It Ain't So! Kirby Wilbur Off The Air!
by MarkGriswold, 06:59 AM, 83 Comments
I was shocked to learn yesterday evening that Kirby Wilbur broadcast his final show yesterday morning. I'm sure I speak for conservatives around the Puget Sound area when I say how deeply saddened I am that this beacon of clear... [read more]

November 12, 2009
What's Mt. St. Helens Doing This Afternoon?
by Jim Miller, 01:52 PM, 2 Comments
Looking pretty. And putting out a little steam. Cross posted at Jim Miller on Politics. (You can look at a current view here, though you may need to hurry to see anything like the picture above.)... [read more]

November 11, 2009
In 2005, Veteran (And Methodist Minister) Donald Sensing Wrote A Tribute For Veterans Day
by Jim Miller, 04:00 PM, 12 Comments
It was worth reading then, and it is still worth reading.... [read more]

Olympia Democrats facing huge pressure to raise taxes
by Tim Eyman, 03:13 PM, 21 Comments
The front-page, above-the-fold news story in today's Seattle Times makes it clear that Olympia's Democrats -- Gregoire and the Dems who control the state house and state senate -- are facing huge pressure to raise taxes. It also illustrates the... [read more]

Do not slander X after Y
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:02 PM, 302 Comments
Today's Seattle Times editorial page: "Do not slander Islam after Fort Hood"There is a rush to link Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, an Army psychiatrist, with Islamic extremists and generally defame his faith by association ... Religious and political affiliations make... [read more]

November 09, 2009
Four Right, One Wrong
by Jim Miller, 05:58 PM, 18 Comments
In my election prediction post, I called four winners correctly, one wrong, and chickened out on one.  Here's what I predicted last week: Tomorrow, the Republicans will come close to a sweep.  McDonnell will win in Virginia by 13 points,... [read more]

Small Business Conference Tomorrow
by Jim Miller, 01:20 PM, 15 Comments
Here are the essentials from the Washington Policy Center. Small business owners and policymakers from around the state will gather in SeaTac tomorrow to discuss the state's business climate and ideas for how policymakers can make Washington more supportive of... [read more]

Health "Reform" Open Thread
by pudge, 10:56 AM, 64 Comments
Have at it.... [read more]

November 08, 2009
"On The Internet, Nobody Knows You're A Dog"
by Jim Miller, 06:44 AM, 0 Comments
Or an innocent child, or a grandparent with old-fashioned standards.  (If you somehow missed that famous cartoon, you can see it here.) Most people see the cartoon and think that it shows how anonymous individuals can post something on the... [read more]

November 07, 2009
King County Ballot Drop Boxes Are Insecure
by Jim Miller, 06:17 AM, 20 Comments
You only have to look at one to understand that.... [read more]

November 06, 2009
Good News On The Brenton Case?
by Jim Miller, 03:17 PM, 28 Comments
Maybe. Just after a memorial service for slain Seattle police Officer Tim Brenton concluded Friday afternoon, officers shot and arrested a man described as a person of interest in his killing. Tukwila police spokesman Mike Murphy said officers were... [read more]

It's Time To Call Your Congressman
by Jim Miller, 11:18 AM, 69 Comments
It isn't too late to urge them to vote against the 2000-page monstrosity that Speaker Pelosi is calling health insurance reform.   The Democratic leadership is trying to rush the vote, but has not twisted enough arms to have 218... [read more]

November 05, 2009
The Health Care Clock
by MarkGriswold, 07:51 AM, 12 Comments
A handy website that tells you which page you should be on if you're to read the whole bill before the committee vote on it. It also has handy page and section references to important parts of the bill for... [read more]

November 04, 2009
Thirteen new taxes in House Democrat Health-care takeover bill
by Ron Hebron, 05:51 PM, 84 Comments
Americans for Tax Reform put together the tax increases in the latest version of Obama's health care takeover. Some of these are outright tax increases; some are reductions in deductions, which causes paying increased taxes; some lower the standard for... [read more]

Compare and Contrast
by pudge, 12:20 PM, 76 Comments
David Brooks: I think it is a suicide pact for the Republican Party, essentially taking a moderate Republican, dead-center in American politics, and saying, sorry, you are too liberal. That's crazy. George Will: Newt [Gingrich] was just tone deaf as... [read more]

The Spin Cycle: It's a wonder the washing machine isn't walking out the door!
by MarkGriswold, 09:15 AM, 23 Comments
Many news sources have gotten it right. Politico writes that "Dems and Incumbents get a wake up call". The AP writes: "For now, Obama must worry about the impact of the 2009 contests on health care reform, his signature legislative... [read more]

Three Republican Wins East Of The Cascades
by Jim Miller, 06:22 AM, 13 Comments
One of them a defeat of an appointed Democrat, Laura Grant. Next year, I think it nearly certain that the Republicans will make further gains in the legislature.  But it is too soon, in my opinion, to even guess at... [read more]

November 03, 2009
Here is Eyman/Fagans statement on I-1033 given at 8 pm tonight
by Tim Eyman, 10:44 PM, 41 Comments
This is as true now as it was at 8 pm tonight: Whatever happens with Initiative 1033 tonight, Jack, Mike and I want everyone to know how proud we are of all our heroic supporters for getting 1033 before the... [read more]

Bruce Ramsey Misses Election Day
by Jim Miller, 02:17 PM, 44 Comments
Now, he says, we just have Ballot-Counting Day. To me, it was important to go to vote.  There was ritual to it, and personal contact.   Always there was a row of poll workers. Mine was a lady well past... [read more]

Service Academies Sing the National Anthem
by warrenpeterson, 11:09 AM, 2 Comments
How many times have we suffered the likes of some rock star or a crotch grabbing Roseanne Barr slaughter the "Star Spangled Banner" at a sports event? The combined choirs of the service academies demonstrate how the National Anthem should... [read more]

Come Celebrate With Susan
by MarkGriswold, 10:43 AM, 13 Comments
Susan Hutchison will be having an Election Night Celebration this evening at the Bellevue Hyatt. The festivities start off at 6pm. Parking is free.... [read more]

Eyman: "Thank you for making Initiative 1033 a success"
by Tim Eyman, 10:03 AM, 33 Comments
Congratulations -- you did it. Jack, Mike, and I are very proud of all of you for working so hard to get Initiative 1033 before the voters this year. It was a Herculean effort getting 315,000 signatures in just 4... [read more]

November 02, 2009
Dow Constantine & "Jane Doe" vs. The Seattle Times, Part 4
by MarkGriswold, 05:01 PM, 53 Comments
The Seattle Times was successful today in its intervention in the matter of "Jane Doe" vs. King County. The county has released a copy of the notes between "Jane Doe" and her supervisor with names redacted. By the looks of... [read more]

Prediction Problems (Updated)
by Jim Miller, 02:09 PM, 23 Comments
In this post, I promised I would make my own election predictions — and I will, with one exception.  I am putting my predictions in a separate post because I am unable to make one prediction, and I thought I... [read more]

I-1033 victory celebration at Bellevue Hyatt -- join Eyman and others on election night
by Tim Eyman, 08:35 AM, 40 Comments
Congratulations -- working together, all of us have helped make the Initiative 1033 campaign a tremendous success. Join us at I-1033's victory celebration at the Bellevue Hyatt (900 Bellevue Way NE) on election night (several other campaigns are going to... [read more]

November 01, 2009
True Colors Fly in NY 23
by warrenpeterson, 10:20 PM, 34 Comments
In the supposedly solid Republican 23rd Congressional District in upstate New York, there will be a special election November 3, 2009 to fill the seat vacated by Cong. John McHugh who was appointed Secretary of the Army. The Republican district... [read more]

Geithner and Wrongthink
by pudge, 04:51 PM, 26 Comments
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was on Meet the Press with David Gregory today, and Gregory asked him, regarding the health insurance bills, "there is going to be a heavy burden on the middle-class through health care by taxes going up,... [read more]

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