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August 29, 2009
Write-in for Seattle Mayor
by warrenpeterson, 04:40 PM, 68 Comments
It seems that the 38.45 percent of the electorate that bothered to cast a vote in the Seattle Mayor's race just didn't choose wisely. Voters were so fixated on which of the seven candidates would be selected to oppose Mayor... [read more]

August 28, 2009
The Sound Politics Team Studies Sea Level Changes
by Jim Miller, 01:01 PM, 26 Comments
Up close. (The kayaks are on Liberty Bay, just out from Poulsbo.) The sea level seemed lower than it did during the early 1980s, but that is probably just because the tide was out when we got in the water.... [read more]

Weekend Health Insurance Reading
by Jim Miller, 11:49 AM, 4 Comments
If you want to understand our health cost problems, you should read this Atlantic article by David Goldhill. Here's the heart of his argument: I'm a Democrat, and have long been concerned about America's lack of a health safety net.... [read more]

August 26, 2009
Rep. McDermott will face his voters once with restrictions
by Ron Hebron, 06:30 AM, 143 Comments
No townhall for Big Jim. He won't face his voters. He is holding an "online meeting" Wednesday at noon. Leave your question, then see which ones he takes. Seattle Times Newspaper: Correction from his web site: On Monday, August 31,... [read more]

Maine tried ObamaCare - not successful
by Ron Hebron, 06:26 AM, 88 Comments
The fifty states of our union can show us how different approaches work. One state tries Obama's dream while another avoids restrictions. What are the results. Several states have tried Obama-like health care takeover; Maine did and people came out... [read more]

August 24, 2009
The Seattle Times Should Review Malkin's Latest Book
by Jim Miller, 07:25 AM, 46 Comments
Yesterday, Michelle Malkin's Culture of Corruption was again on top of the New York Times best seller list. (If you aren't sure what the book is about, here's a hint: Never has an administration taken office with more inflated expectations... [read more]

August 23, 2009
Obama's health takeover leaves the door open for illegals.
by Ron Hebron, 09:17 PM, 35 Comments
Put a sign in front of your home saying "Burglary is not permitted" and leave the doors unlocked. Are you surprised when you valuables disappear? Obama's health care bills have the token words about not benefitting illegals, but open new... [read more]

Schumer Admits He Doesn't Know What "Level" Means
by pudge, 08:50 AM, 43 Comments
On Meet the Press this morning, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said:[The public option] doesn't have to make a profit or merchandise as much, so its costs are probably 20 percent lower. But then, on a level playing field, it competes... [read more]

August 22, 2009
Parsing Dave Reichert
by warrenpeterson, 09:32 PM, 80 Comments
I agree with the President on some things. I don't agree with the President on a lot of things." Congressman Dave Reichert - November 6, 2006 CNN interview on support of President Bush. Just under the surface, conservatives have had... [read more]

August 20, 2009
Dr. Medicare
by warrenpeterson, 07:27 PM, 112 Comments
It was an in office surgery. The total bill submitted to Medicare including pre and post operation office appointments came to $5,000. Medicare allowed only 55% or $2,750. The doctor has to accept the lower amount, that's the rule. Medicare... [read more]

Thoughts On Rhetoric (Mostly in Favor of Democrats)
by pudge, 10:15 AM, 115 Comments
Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), my former congressman, was in a town hall meeting shouting down as irrational some LaRouchers who showed up and compared the health care legislation to Nazism. The video I saw showed mostly Frank, and not all... [read more]

Vancouver BC is cutting medically necessary surgeries to cut costs
by Ron Hebron, 06:53 AM, 82 Comments
Government control of health care is puts caring bureaucrats in charge of decisions, not profit-seeking businessmen. But when everything is free for everyone too many dollars are spent unwisely. "But it's free." The misuse of resources requires cutting costs -... [read more]

August 18, 2009
Turnout Predictions?
by Jim Miller, 12:40 PM, 69 Comments
Here's the official prediction. King County elections officials hold firm to a projection of 33 percent turnout, though they concede that might be overly optimistic. What's yours? (And, if you like, feel free to predict winners, as well.)... [read more]

Open Letter To Dave Ross On Obamacare
by Jim Miller, 08:30 AM, 0 Comments
Dear Mr. Ross: A week ago, I asked proponents of Obama's health insurance plan to tell us why they supported the plan, offering them space for a free op-ed at Sound Politics.  I emailed my own congressman, Jay Inslee, with... [read more]

August 17, 2009
"We Invented The Personal Computer"
by Jim Miller, 07:22 AM, 36 Comments
Did you know that the personal computer was invented right here in King County?  That's what I just learned from an ad from King County executive candidate Larry Phillips.  He didn't explain how he came to that conclusion, but I... [read more]

August 15, 2009
Senate removes death panel provision that wasn't there
by Ron Hebron, 01:45 PM, 141 Comments
President Obama says "death panels" were not in the legislation. Senators now say they have been removed. But it is reported that the same provision remains in the three bills in the House. Senate committee scraps healthcare provision that gave... [read more]

Retarded People
by pudge, 11:11 AM, 17 Comments
I saw on the news that disabled people convened at the Monroe County legislature in Rochester, NY to protest someone's use of the word "retard." It made me think of this video. The video is not safe for work, despite... [read more]

August 13, 2009
Andrew Saves The Gang Of Four
by Jim Miller, 05:08 PM, 106 Comments
But two of the four didn't want to be saved. Last Friday, KUOW's Gang of Four began by discussing Obama's health insurance plan.  They did not begin well, since the host, Steve Scher, did not start with a substantive question,... [read more]

August 12, 2009
Steve Pearlstein, Political Terrorist
by pudge, 09:57 AM, 129 Comments
Some of you may have read the other day Steve Pearlstein's idiotic assault on people who disagree with him as "terrorists." He started off just fine, saying, in effect, it is wrong to lie and misrepresent the health care program.... [read more]

August 11, 2009
WA Senators Both to Attend Stealth Event
by pudge, 10:50 PM, 42 Comments
As reported by NW Digest, Senators Cantwell and Murray, along with Rep. Baird, are having a public get-together at the Cowlitz Expo Center on Thursday. The weird thing is that they are trying to get union people to show up... [read more]

Larsen Town Hall Venue Change
by pudge, 07:07 PM, 13 Comments
Due to huge interest at last weekend's Mt. Vernon town hall meeting with Representative Rick Larsen (WA-2), the Everett meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, August 12, has been moved to the AquaSox Stadium off Broadway, starting at 5 p.m. The Snohomish County... [read more]

Obama and Wild Misrepresentations
by pudge, 03:10 PM, 70 Comments
I agree with President Obama. You should not believe wild misrepresentations. The health care bill does not mandate end-of-life counseling. Don't believe it when people say it does. The bill only allows Medicare to cover the same sort of end-of-life... [read more]

August 10, 2009
CLOSED -- Wednesday tell McDermott you don't want your health care taken over
by Ron Hebron, 06:45 PM, 66 Comments
CORRECTION. I HEAR THIS IS A CLOSED MEETING OF THE 34th DISTRICT DEMOCRATS. MCDERMOTT HAS NOT SCHEDULED A MEETING FOR THE PUBLIC. The Congressional Budget Office, which works for the Democratic leadership, looked into the cost savings brought by preventive... [read more]

Do You Support Obama's Insurance Plan? (Updated)
by Jim Miller, 09:49 AM, 0 Comments
Then tell us why. Here's my offer:  If you are a supporter of Obama's plan, write up an op-ed, email it to me, and I'll post it here at Sound Politics.  Essentially, I am offering supporters of Obama's plan a... [read more]

Gregoire Claims Nonexistent Privilege to Block Public Records
by pudge, 08:55 AM, 35 Comments
Governor Christine Gregoire issues an executive order on climate change earlier this year. The Evergreen Freedom Foundation wanted to know the "backstory" for the order, and so they filed a public records request for documents related to the order's drafting... [read more]

August 09, 2009
Read the bill; you can't read H.R. 3200
by Ron Hebron, 07:27 AM, 158 Comments
How can we take Congress seriously? They are building a Rube Goldberg in three bills that no one knows what contains at any point in time. And then it changes in the middle of the night. House Judiciary Committee Chairman... [read more]

At Rick Larsen's Town Hall Meeting
by pudge, 12:11 AM, 64 Comments
I went to the health care town hall meeting in Mount Vernon today. It's hard to tell how many people were for or against H.R. 3200 ... all I know is there were a ton of people. The facilities held... [read more]

August 06, 2009
Rep. Rick Larsen Holds Health Care Town Hall Meetings
by pudge, 09:57 AM, 88 Comments
For those of us in the Second Congressional District, you might want to give your feedback on health care directly to our Representative, Rick Larsen, tonight in Coupeville, Saturday afternoon in Mount Vernon, or Wednesday night in Everett. And please... [read more]

The health-care wedge - Obama's health takeover will make it worse
by Ron Hebron, 07:20 AM, 97 Comments
Arthur Laffer says the big problem in health care is the gap between what health consumers pay and the actual cost. He calls this the health-care wedge. Any proposed solution that doesn't make that gap smaller or get rid of... [read more]

August 05, 2009
Silencing Dissent
by pudge, 08:31 AM, 250 Comments
I woke up this morning to a mass e-mail from Jen O'Malley Dillon of the Democratic Party, reading, "There's been a lot of media coverage about organized mobs intimidating lawmakers, disrupting town halls, and silencing real discussion about the need... [read more]

August 04, 2009
How to hear what you want to hear at district meetings - Updated
by Ron Hebron, 06:33 AM, 159 Comments
Some congressmen and senators have had the insult of having to listen to people who disagree with their support of Obama's takeover of health care. Senator Jumpin' Arlen Specter But Rep. Jay Inslee is taking no chances: "Sorry for the... [read more]

August 02, 2009
Field Research On Mt. Rainier
by Jim Miller, 10:05 AM, 17 Comments
Two members of the Sound Politics research team examine the Nisqually Glacier on Mt. Rainier. The team spent most of its time studying the effects of climate change, but did do some botanical investigations.  Many of the wildflowers are near... [read more]

Washington doesn't qualify for more federal education money
by Ron Hebron, 05:56 AM, 11 Comments
The feds are distributing $4.3 billion "stimulus money" for education, but only to states that demonstrate excellence in public education. This is an Obama priority and Education Secretary Duncan is pushing it. Essentially, a state would have to demonstrate that... [read more]

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