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June 30, 2009
Dave Ross Says the Darndest Things, Example 2
by Jim Miller, 02:06 PM, 112 Comments
This morning I learned from one of our local leftwing talk show hosts that we have a "rampant free market health care system".  Ross believes that our "rampant free market" explains why our health care costs are higher than those... [read more]

Help Needed From Accountants
by Jim Miller, 10:03 AM, 0 Comments
Last week, I mentioned the state auditor's report on King County, which found that the county should improve oversight, and lacked performance measures.  I'll be taking a longer look at the report, as time permits, but I could really use... [read more]

June 29, 2009
Carbon Tax
by warrenpeterson, 10:33 PM, 50 Comments
In a June 30, 2009 Seattle Times opinion piece, Seattle economist Bruce Flory and Todd Myers from the Washington Policy Council proposed replacing the state property tax with a carbon tax. Such a tax would reduce the use of carbon-based... [read more]

Michael Jackson Coverage
by Jim Miller, 11:06 AM, 18 Comments
How would you rate the amount of coverage of Michael Jackson's death?Way too little.Too little.Just right.Too much.Way too much. free polls... [read more]

June 28, 2009
Hardly noticed the Tea Party rally in Olympia - just Tim Eyman
by Ron Hebron, 09:35 PM, 78 Comments
The Seattle Times couldn't avoid mentioning "an anti-tax rally" in its short hit piece on Tim Eyman's appearance Saturday at the Tea Party in Olympia. I call it a hit piece because two words "Professional activist" are intended to delegitimize... [read more]

June 26, 2009
Ballmer Slams Obama's Corporate Taxes
by pudge, 11:29 PM, 129 Comments
Our friends over at NW Digest note that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Obama's planned increase of corporate taxes could cut profits by 10 to 15 percent and force the company to hire more overseas labor. Take that, add cap... [read more]

The American Principles Project :: Winning on Principle
by Ron Hebron, 09:06 PM, 31 Comments
Professor Robert George of Princeton University is leading an effort to enable Americans to reaffirm the principles our country was founded on: The American Principles Project The United States of America does not need new principles. It needs renewed fidelity... [read more]

June 25, 2009
Don't Vote For Waxman-Markey Unless You Have Read The Bill (Updated)
by Jim Miller, 01:40 PM, 180 Comments
The whole bill.  Carefully.  That's the message I just sent to my congressman, Jay Inslee. Dear Congressman Inslee: Please do not vote for the "American Clean Energy and Security Act", commonly known as the Waxman-Markey bill, unless you have read... [read more]

June 24, 2009
Cap and Trade bill is based on new CCSP Report that reverses what sources said
by Ron Hebron, 11:20 AM, 79 Comments
The US Congress's big rush to pass Cap and Trade legislation HR 2454 this week is based on a foundation of sand. Roger Peilke, Jr. shows how one of the foundation reports from Climate Change Science Program (CCSP) misuses research... [read more]

June 23, 2009
Ron Sims May Not Be A Great Manager
by Jim Miller, 01:25 PM, 29 Comments
The PI provides some evidence for that conclusion. King County's internal financial controls are a haphazard mishmash of systems with plenty of holes for potential abuse of public funds, a state audit released Monday concluded. Investigators from the Washington State... [read more]

June 22, 2009
In 1993, Mindy Cameron Did Something Brilliant
by Jim Miller, 03:57 PM, 0 Comments
At that time, Cameron was the editorial page editor of the Seattle Times, and a good one, in my opinion, though she and I did not always agree on issues. Here's how Cameron explained her decision. That was back in... [read more]

Ross Hunter, Racism, and KING 5
by pudge, 02:16 PM, 26 Comments
Ross Hunter is running for King County Executive. A few years ago his campaign for the 48th legislative district sent out a flyer against a Republican candidate for the same seat, James Whitfield. The front of the flyer showed a... [read more]

Cliff Mass And Company Go To Court
by Jim Miller, 09:28 AM, 7 Comments
Here's the story, in brief. Seattle Public Schools' choice of new high-school math textbooks has been challenged by three people who say the books' approach is failing many students. The Seattle School Board recently approved the purchase of three books... [read more]

Is Jim McDermott's Office A Bad Environment?
by Jim Miller, 09:00 AM, 0 Comments
The small post that I did last week on "Liz" Becton's strange email exchange with a woman working for a lobbying firm drew far more attention than I expected.  (I think — and said — that the exchange was entertaining.... [read more]

NYT/CBS Stuffs Pro-Obamacare Poll With Obama Voters
by Ron Hebron, 07:19 AM, 185 Comments
Surprise! A NY Times/CBS poll finds increased support for Obama's takeover of the US medical care system when everyone else finds it to be dropping. Politico - Fox News How did they find that? [quote] Realizing that Barack Obama's... [read more]

June 21, 2009
Happy Father's Day!
by Jim Miller, 09:13 AM, 4 Comments
To all the fathers out there.... [read more]

June 20, 2009
State Senator says state income tax is inevitable
by Ron Hebron, 07:38 AM, 102 Comments
Their memories are very short. We stood up at tea parties in April to protest high taxes. Then the Legislature did not increase any broad tax the same month. They listened! But now two months later they are again pushing... [read more]

June 19, 2009
Bing Versus Google
by Jim Miller, 12:12 PM, 33 Comments
Any thoughts so far? I have done a few experiments with Microsoft's new search engine and — so far — found it about equal to Google.  If anything, Bing seems slightly better at searches than Google, though it does insist... [read more]

June 18, 2009
Hike, ride and play on the Mountains to Sound Greenway
by Ron Hebron, 07:58 PM, 12 Comments
The Greenway is a continuous band of land preserved for hiking, riding and just enjoying from Puget Sound to and across the Cascade Mountains. It comprises parks and trails and land that is preserved, but not in use by the... [read more]

"Liz" Becton Tries To Cheer Us Up
by Jim Miller, 02:53 PM, 90 Comments
And succeeds wonderfully, I would say. (Voters in Jim McDermott's district may be less amused than those outside his district.)... [read more]

Small-government events coming up
by Ron Hebron, 06:58 AM, 15 Comments
Continue the momentum of the tea parties in April. Our biggest concerns are, first, the growth of government control of our economy - of every aspect of life - in higher taxes, higher spending and just plain control. Media's mask... [read more]

June 17, 2009
911 Call Released in Arizona Murders
by pudge, 12:46 AM, 84 Comments
Pima County has released the 911 call (warning: graphic content) from the Arizona murders that local activist Shawna Forde has been charged with. The Herald has a summary of the recording, which takes place after Raul Flores and his daughter... [read more]

June 15, 2009
Is Rick Steves Surprised By What Is Happening In Iran?
by Jim Miller, 02:50 PM, 118 Comments
The travel guru should be, if he believed his own propaganda film.  An enterprising journalist — and there must be a few of them in this area — should ask Steves that question. I wrote "if" because I have never... [read more]

June 14, 2009
Tobacco Regulation and Taxes
by warrenpeterson, 10:13 PM, 34 Comments
President Obama will sign the new law regulating tobacco products. If successful, the long-term effect will be a dramatic reduction in cigarette smoking. This is good news for those with health, air pollution and litter concerns. But, and there is... [read more]

June 12, 2009
Shawna Forde Arrested for Double Murder
by pudge, 10:01 PM, 102 Comments
In yet another bizarre turn for Everett resident Shawna Forde, she has now been arrested in Pima County, Arizona for the murder of Raul Flores, 29, and his 9-year-old daughter, Brisenia, and injuring the mother of the family. Readers may... [read more]

Outrageous Learning by Scott Oki
by Ron Hebron, 10:43 AM, 31 Comments
Scott Oki was a top Microsoft VP in the early years. He left a millionaire and was able to get involved in education, including being a Regent at the University of Washington and more. Oki combined his experience and knowledge... [read more]

June 09, 2009
Hutchison's Ploy
by warrenpeterson, 05:08 PM, 48 Comments
The race for King County Executive is now non-partisan because the voters said so but no one is fooled. Of the five leading candidates two are sitting Democrat members of the King County Council (Dow Constantine and Larry Phillips) and... [read more]

Hot Air's Captain Louis Renault Award: Steve Ballmer
by Ron Hebron, 07:12 AM, 268 Comments
President 0 is doing what he said he would do. Surprise. Well, he talked out of both sides of his mouth. But he said he wanted "tax fairness." Here it comes - higher taxes. Steve Ballmer is guilty of wishful... [read more]

June 08, 2009
Sirota Begins To Suspect That He May Be The Rube
by Jim Miller, 02:09 PM, 120 Comments
Lefty columnist David Sirota notices, with dismay, that Obama is breaking campaign promises. But, then, behavior by President Obama suggests a more systemic assault on the campaign promise is under way. It started in December when he was asked why... [read more]

June 07, 2009
State continues sleight of hand on budget
by Ron Hebron, 01:32 PM, 65 Comments
Good coverage of the set of tricks our legislature and governor used this year to "find money." They avoided tax increases by hiding the tax increases they passed. Transferring fee money to the general fund to turn it into tax... [read more]

Which is the favored union?
by Ron Hebron, 07:32 AM, 96 Comments
The greedy capitalists who lost all of their shares of ownership of Chrysler included public employee unions in Indiana - teachers and police officers. All shareholders got nothing for their ownership shares. Why take away from these public employees and... [read more]

June 04, 2009
Vern Little Runs for Council District 5 Seat
by pudge, 10:54 AM, 13 Comments
Vern Little, Mayor of Lake Stevens, is running as a Republican for the Snohomish County Council, District 5, the seat currently held by Dave Somers. Steve Dana announced he was also running earlier in the year. Cross-posted on <pudge/*>.... [read more]

June 4, 1989 - The crack down on democracy at Tiananmen Square in Beijing
by Ron Hebron, 06:38 AM, 14 Comments
Let's remember those who risked - and many gave - their lives to bring the popular vote to the people of China twenty years ago. Support among young people in China grew into a broad movement for democracy. China's leadership... [read more]

June 03, 2009
by Jim Miller, 05:39 PM, 16 Comments
That's not an adjective I see very often.  (A Google search on it returned about 33 thousand hits.)  But that's how the Seattle Times described a local lake. Just about anywhere in this 20-mile-long lake is worth a try, but... [read more]

by Jim Miller, 02:39 PM, 5 Comments
To the Huskies. Washington's three-week, 6,899-mile trek through Massachusetts, Georgia and Oklahoma in the NCAA softball tournament ended with a national championship Tuesday. National player of the year Danielle Lawrie rushed catcher Alicia Blake and second baseman Ashley Charters threw... [read more]

June 02, 2009
Gay-rights group will name petition signers
by Ron Hebron, 07:14 AM, 221 Comments
If they don't want signers harassed, why are they disclosing their names? In California donors to Proposition 8 have been identified and harassed. Time Magazine: In addition to the protests, gay rights activists have begun publishing lists online exposing individuals... [read more]

June 01, 2009
The Gang Of Four Ignore The Obama Deficits — Again
by Jim Miller, 05:10 PM, 44 Comments
Last Friday, KUOW's Gang of Four had their usual discussion of the week's news.  And, as they have done again and again on previous Fridays, they ignored Obama's immense deficits, which you can see many places, including here. You might... [read more]

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