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April 30, 2009
How to Break the National Popular Vote
by pudge, 12:27 PM, 66 Comments
Should the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact get 270 electoral college votes and go into effect, it would be fairly simple to break it, in various ways. Federal law requires that the electors in each state meet on the first... [read more]

April 29, 2009
Washington State Surrenders Right to Vote for President
by pudge, 07:02 PM, 139 Comments
Today, Governor Christine Gregoire signed into law a bill passed by the state legislature which gives away the state's right to vote in the election for President, instead automatically delegating those votes to the "winner" of the national "popular vote."... [read more]

Obama's White House Web Site Still Breaks Millions of Links
by pudge, 11:52 AM, 45 Comments
When (or slightly before) Obama became President, his people broke millions of links to historical transcripts and videos, removing them from the White House web site. For example, this link to President Bush's so-called "Mission Accomplished" speech. It's just gone.... [read more]

April 28, 2009
Senate committee votes in favor of Sims' appointment
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:14 PM, 29 Comments
The Senate Banking Committee voted unanimously to approve Ron Sims' appointment as Deputy Secretary of HUD. Perhaps even the Republican members were impressed by Sims' pledge to manage the $39 billion HUD budget with "any accuracy any bank would envy",... [read more]

But other than that, the story was accurate
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:01 PM, 26 Comments
Saturday's Seattle Times print edition included this Associated Press article on the settlement of my records case. The AP story itself, by Eugene Johnson, was fair and accurate. The Times headline editor added this wildly inaccurate subheading, which only appeared... [read more]

With gratitude
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:25 PM, 14 Comments
I'll wrap up with a few more installments about my recently settled public records lawsuit with King County -- including deposition transcripts and incriminating evidence that came out in discovery. But first, some important acknowledgements: * My lawyer, Chip Goss... [read more]

Turn Your Dial To AM 570
by Jim Miller, 06:53 AM, 9 Comments
If you want to hear Stefan Sharkansky discuss his legal settlement later this morning.... [read more]

April 27, 2009
All Benefits, No Costs?
by Jim Miller, 03:00 PM, 42 Comments
That's how Washington state's governor, Chris Gregoire, describes her proposals to reduce greenhouse gases. By acting now, we will declare our energy independence and create job growth that the world will envy.  When this recession ends, Washington must be ready... [read more]

"Porkulus" Had a Different Meaning Back Then
by pudge, 09:59 AM, 61 Comments
Senator Susan Collins is reviled on the right these days for helping to get the stimulus bill passed. Now she is being used as the whipping boy of the left for what she got in return for that vote: in... [read more]

823,076 reasons to be skeptical - Update
by Ron Hebron, 06:42 AM, 48 Comments
823,076 - That is the estimate of total attendance at tea party events at Pajamas Media TV aka PJTV. The political class are pretending to ignore the large number of people who spent their own time expressing their political opinions.... [read more]

April 25, 2009
Obama's Jerry Ford Moment
by warrenpeterson, 12:33 AM, 45 Comments
Never post after 1AM. To the readers who noticed Obama was not mentioned in my "Obama's Jerry Ford Moment" post, my apologies, I left off the last half of the post. The complete article is below. wep Jerry Ford assumed... [read more]

April 24, 2009
House Democrats Rush Budget Vote, Disenfranchise Citizens
by pudge, 05:51 PM, 19 Comments
At 1:30 a.m. today, April 23, the $33 billion operating budget was sent to House members in the Washington State Legislature. The cutoff for amendments was noon, and the vote was this afternoon, giving members just a few hours to... [read more]

Speaking of Ron Sims
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:58 AM, 107 Comments
King County has now settled my public records lawsuit for $225,000, one of the largest settlements for public records violations in state history. The lawsuit stemmed from my December 2004 request for a list of all voters who voted in... [read more]

Tax increases and tricks in the LARGER budget
by Ron Hebron, 07:31 AM, 16 Comments
Increasing any tax requires a vote of the taxpayers or 2/3 majority in both houses of the Legislature. How can they pass a tax increase in HB 1614 without the required majority? Not legally. Republican leader Doug Ericksen says they... [read more]

Vote on the budget - Read it? Don't have time!
by Ron Hebron, 07:25 AM, 4 Comments
How they minimize objections and reduce the pain of voting for this budget: Leadership in the House won't give the members time to read what they are going to vote on. How can responsible leaders (all members are leaders, right?)... [read more]

April 23, 2009
Ron Sims Confirmation Hearing
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:36 PM, 10 Comments
Ron Sims was in Washington DC today for the Senate Banking Committee hearing to confirm his nomination as Deputy Secretary of HUD. But it wasn't much of a hearing:President Obama's nominee for deputy secretary of the Department of Housing and... [read more]

April 22, 2009
Navy 3, Pirates 0 Replay
by warrenpeterson, 08:47 PM, 36 Comments
The below story, too long to place on Sound Politics, recounts the events surrounding the rescue of the captain of the MV Alabama from his captors, Somalia pirates. I received it from a Navy friend who claims it was written... [read more]

Napolitano Attacked for Stating Fact
by pudge, 12:49 PM, 59 Comments
Newsmax attacked DHS Secretary Napolitano today because "she asserted that illegal immigration is really not a crime." Well, according to Newsmax's own story, not quite. What she said was that "crossing the border is not a crime per se," in... [read more]

April 21, 2009
Proposed Bill is Income Tax for All Washingtonians
by pudge, 03:07 PM, 63 Comments
If you follow the news from Olympia, you've probably heard of SB 6147, proposed by Senator Kohl-Welles as a one percent income tax. The good news is this has no chance of passing this session. The bill offers a standard... [read more]

Lynne Varner Should Read Juan Williams
by Jim Miller, 11:29 AM, 10 Comments
In particular, the Seattle Times editorial writer should read this post.  (And for background, she may want to read my own, earlier post on the program that the Obama administration and the Democrats in Congress have decided to destroy.  And... [read more]

For Earth Day - Movies that correct what "everyone knows"
by Ron Hebron, 06:50 AM, 12 Comments
Watch Albert Gore, Jr.'s movie to learn about indoctrination. Watch the following to correct what you have been taught. "Not Evil Just Wrong: The True Cost of Global Warming Hysteria" From Washington Policy Center: The film highlights the high cost... [read more]

Tea Party in Monroe this Saturday
by pudge, 06:25 AM, 8 Comments
Tax Day is over but the Tea Party protests are not. Come to Lake Tye Park in Monroe, WA on Saturday, April 25. There's a march and flag-waving at noon, and the rally starts at 1 p.m., with another march... [read more]

April 20, 2009
Quiet tax increases and the big one
by Ron Hebron, 09:50 AM, 36 Comments
Our Washington Legislature is quietly raising taxes. They can do it without a vote of the suckers aka taxpayers if they can get a 2/3 vote. And when is a fee increase a tax increase? Always. Also notice the trick:... [read more]

April 19, 2009
You be the jury - Sec. State Sam Reed vs. KIRO-7
by Ron Hebron, 07:07 AM, 13 Comments
You have the chance to hear the complaint, review the evidence, then cast your vote as a member of the jury. Washington News Council is an independent group, headed by John Hamer, that provides a forum for complaints about actions... [read more]

April 17, 2009
Legislators Demonstrate Why State Health Care Is Terrible Idea
by pudge, 01:01 PM, 217 Comments
SB 5892 is a measure to save costs in state-sponsored health care programs. The state has already been allowed to rewrite doctor prescriptions, but SB 5892 goes further. It says, "A state purchased health care program may immediately designate an... [read more]

Big Seattle Book Sale This Weekend
by Jim Miller, 09:45 AM, 2 Comments
Here are the details.  And here's a description from a few years ago.  I plan to go, but may not be there both days.... [read more]

April 16, 2009
Tax Day Tea Party Protest in Seattle
by byrond, 02:19 AM, 76 Comments
What better day for a Tea Party protest than April 15th? You can see my trip report of the Seattle and Redmond protests here.... [read more]

The "Head Jiggle" Tax Cuts [UPDATED]
by pudge, 12:04 AM, 9 Comments
Obama saying I should be happy about a $1.85 trillion deficit because of a $100 billion tax cut reminds me of a line from The Princess Bride: "My brains, his steel, and your strength against sixty men, and you think... [read more]

April 15, 2009
Olympia Tea Party Wrapup
by pudge, 11:13 PM, 29 Comments
There were (State Patrol estimate, as reported by various news agencies) 5,000 people in Olympia, WA today for the Tax Day Tea Party there. It was perhaps the largest crowd I've ever performed to. All the speakers were great. State... [read more]

Unintended Consequences of Being Green
by warrenpeterson, 08:29 PM, 9 Comments
New rules allow meat, fish and dairy scraps to be included in yard waste collected by the garbage public utilities and processed by a composting company. Question. May a vegetarian or a Muslim keeping Halal or a Jew keeping Kosher... [read more]

Open Thread For Tea Party Protests
by Jim Miller, 01:55 PM, 82 Comments
Just to start you off, here's that famous Washington Post graph. Presidents are famous for making rosy projections, but I can not recall a president promising unsustainable deficits for the next decade.  And, of course, the CBO (and most private... [read more]

April 14, 2009
WEA demands play for pay in email to Legislators
by Ron Hebron, 05:31 PM, 14 Comments
The Washington Education Association has sent letters to legislators demanding action in exchange for the cash and people support they have given. The same demand by the Washington State Labor Council killed the bill to gag employers speaking to their... [read more]

April 13, 2009
On Tea Parties
by pudge, 09:22 AM, 219 Comments
I am going to perform my new song Liberty Man at the Tax Day Tea Party on the steps of the Capitol in Olympia. Check out the Evergreen Freedom Foundation's web site for the event, which starts at noon on... [read more]

April 12, 2009
Your Government at Work
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:45 PM, 37 Comments
"State agency offices pollute creek in Vancouver"Thirteen years after Washington state's environmental agency found a creek severely polluted, the contamination has been traced back to the agency's regional office. City workers discovered this week that a sewer line from the... [read more]

April 11, 2009
"Jury backs traffic planners with verdict against King County"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:37 PM, 19 Comments
A federal jury has found for the King County transportation planners who blew the whistle on Ron Sims' falsified traffic studies:King County transportation officials retaliated against traffic planners Ho-Chuan Chen and Hossein Barahimi after they challenged a traffic analysis used... [read more]

Secrecy in the public service
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:15 PM, 15 Comments
The Seattle Mayor and Councilmembers have climbed down and agreed to stop holding illegal secret budget meetings. Spokesman Alex Fryer explained:Questions raised by The Times about the [illegal secret] meetings were "a distraction," Fryer said, adding that the mayor's office... [read more]

April 10, 2009
Washington State Jobless Benefits
by Jim Miller, 02:54 PM, 14 Comments
Today's USA Today has an article comparing jobless benefits by state.  The print edition of the article includes a table giving average weekly benefits, total weeks of benefits and percentage of jobless receiving benefits, by state.   (The online edition... [read more]

Which President Am I?
by pudge, 10:26 AM, 24 Comments
I was born in Massachusetts. I graduated from an elite Ivy League university and served as a U.S. ambassador before serving as Vice President for all eight years to one of the most popular Presidents in history. I then served... [read more]

Susan Hutchison running for County Executive
by Ron Hebron, 07:24 AM, 24 Comments
Former KIRO-TV news anchor Susan Hutchison announced Wednesday she is running for County Executive. She has never held public office. Seattle Times "I don't like new taxes, and I think it's a very good idea to examine all other creative... [read more]

April 09, 2009
Governor Gregoire: Follow the Law
by pudge, 10:04 PM, 60 Comments
As detailed by the EFF's Bob Williams, Governor Gregoire is required by RCW 43.88.110 (8) to order across-the-board cuts in allotments for a particular fund "if at any time during the fiscal period the governor projects a cash deficit" in... [read more]

Liberty Man
by pudge, 05:16 PM, 24 Comments
Inspired by the nationwide Tea Parties, today I wrote a song I call "Liberty Man." You can get the MP3 or watch the video. It's a simple song with a simple message: I am alive, which means I have liberty,... [read more]

Protest tax increases at a Tea Party April 15
by Ron Hebron, 09:22 AM, 50 Comments
Protest tax increases at a Tea Party April 15. Let people in your area know that you don't think tax increases are necessary. There will be over a dozen of them in Western Washington. Some are in the middle of... [read more]

April 08, 2009
Fear the Budget Crisis in Olympia
by warrenpeterson, 08:49 PM, 34 Comments
Thanks to Sound Politics ever alert readers, I learned something new and more than a little disconcerting. All these years including my time in the Legislature, I was comforted by the knowledge that Washington State had a constitutional provision requiring... [read more]

Global Warming Update (LI)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:55 PM, 39 Comments
AP: "Cool weather may delay Wash cherry crop"Cooler than usual spring weather could put Washington's cherry crop behind schedule.Same thing happened last year: Published: Tuesday, June 17, 2008 Northwest cherry crop smaller than estimated ... The crop is down because... [read more]

Congressman Norm Dicks Is In Bad Company
by Jim Miller, 01:23 PM, 14 Comments
Almost everyone knows that Pennsylvania Congressman John Murtha has a bad reputation.  (He was, after all, an unindicted ABSCAM co-conspirator.)  Virginia Congressman Jim Moran is less well known, but would never be a poster boy for an ethics-in-public-service campaign.  Almost... [read more]

April 07, 2009
Obama's Best and Brightest
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:02 PM, 26 Comments
Michelle Malkin: "Transparency Killer at HUD: Another Disastrous Obama Nominee"If you need a shining example of the utter disingenuousness of Barack Obama's commitment to government transparency, I have two words for you: Ron Sims.It has something to do with public... [read more]

Budget Crisis in Olympia
by warrenpeterson, 06:17 PM, 32 Comments
Years ago when I was in the Washington State House of Representatives, I was among several cosponsors of a tax reform proposal. It would have eliminated the business killing Business and Occupation tax, lowered the state sales and property tax... [read more]

Patty Murray Is Right
by Jim Miller, 11:46 AM, 70 Comments
Probably.  I am not a fan of Washington state's senior senator; in fact, I have long thought that Senator Patty "not-a-rocket-scientist" Murray is unqualified to serve in the Senate.   But she may be right in her support of most... [read more]

April 06, 2009
Community college censors student speech
by Ron Hebron, 09:51 PM, 36 Comments
The term censorship is often misapplied; it is the prior restraint of speech by the government. And this case is the real thing. From the Sound Politics public blog with permission: Spokane Falls Community College Claims Pro-life Speech Against Washington... [read more]

Sprechen Wahrheit an die Macht
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:51 PM, 24 Comments
David Horsey: Europe swoons for Obama:President of the United States Barack Obama has conquered Europe. ... How do the Obama's [sic] do it? They are simply naturals. The combination of talent, life experience and predisposition that makes them who they... [read more]

King County, Amusement Park
by Stefan Sharkansky, 06:24 PM, 12 Comments
The Associated Press breathlessly regurgitates the King County press release that:The King County Water Taxi set a new one-day ridership record April 5 as 3,429 riders took advantage of a warm, sunny opening day to make their first trip of... [read more]

April 05, 2009
Penalized for being effective
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:23 PM, 12 Comments
Crosscut: "The Legislature tries to rein in Sonntag's performance audits"... [read more]

Rick Steves, Useful Idiot
by Jim Miller, 08:06 PM, 48 Comments
Three weeks ago, the local cooking and old pop music channel held another fund raising drive.  To attract donations, they showed, naturally, some of their greatest hits.  One of those hits was a propaganda film promoting Iran.  The film was... [read more]

April 03, 2009
Spring Approaches At Mt. Rainier
by Jim Miller, 04:57 PM, 27 Comments
Which means that the snow is piled up even higher than earlier in the winter, but the weather is not nearly as severe.  Three weeks and a day ago, we had a spectacular day here, the kind of day that... [read more]

Washington Monument Syndrome
by Ron Hebron, 09:21 AM, 11 Comments
Why perform CPR when band-aids are at hand? You would think that this year's extreme circumstances would force our Washington Legislature to stop pushing problems toward our own goal and start playing defense. You would think, but you would be... [read more]

April 02, 2009
Cut the budget of that guy watching over my shoulder
by Ron Hebron, 08:30 AM, 30 Comments
This is worse than "penny-wise and pound-foolish." This is reverse feedback. If you cut funds for the state auditor for performance audits he will not root around and find systemic waste, which would save us far more than the cost... [read more]

April 01, 2009
WA Senate Democrats' April Fool's Joke on the People of Washington
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:59 PM, 43 Comments
AP: "WA Senate Democrats introduce income tax bill" OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Senate Democrats introduced a bill Wednesday that would impose a 1 percent income tax on people making more than $500,000 a year. The bill sponsored by Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles,... [read more]

King County Government's April Fool's Joke on the People of Washington
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:13 PM, 3 Comments
Seattle Times:King County has asked the state Supreme Court to vacate a landmark public-records decision issued earlier this year, alleging that Justice Richard Sanders -- who wrote the majority opinion -- "stood to personally gain" from that decision. The motion,... [read more]

A Lesson For Fremont?
by Jim Miller, 04:58 PM, 18 Comments
Let me start by saying that this was, without question, a crime.  But I have to add that I can't help admiring the protestor's spirit, though I wish he had chosen legal means to make his point. (The BBC reporter... [read more]

WaMu staff promised retention bonuses may be hit by 90% tax
by Ron Hebron, 07:23 AM, 24 Comments
Hundreds Washington Mutual employees were promised bonuses if they stayed to help the transition to JPMorgan Chase now face punitive taxes imposed by our senators and representatives. Senator Maria Cantwell is greeting them with the top tax rate of 35%... [read more]

TV Pundit Conspiracy Uncovered
by pudge, 12:03 AM, 30 Comments
Some people believe the job of our cable news talk show hosts is to help uncover government conspiracies. Perhaps this is the perfect cover for being a member of one of the most powerful conspiracies in history. The evidence is... [read more]

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