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January 31, 2009
Kyoto Zealots Bring Their Chicanery to WA
by Eric Earling, 09:09 PM, 31 Comments
If tales are to be believed, the implementation of a "cap-and-trade" system of carbon emissions regulations will usher in a new era, flush with "green jobs" and environmental happiness. As part of the proselytizing occurring with this issue, state Ecology... [read more]

What a Relentless Focus on Technology Looks Like
by Eric Earling, 02:12 PM, 4 Comments
The Obama team of 2008 built a reputation on fiendishly and religiously capturing email addresses at every opportunity possible when interested persons were interacting with the campaign. It simply became a standard component of their operations, above and beyond their... [read more]

Credit Where Credit is Due
by Eric Earling, 02:00 PM, 18 Comments
So much of the description of our current economy in the media in recent months has been woefully inaccurate from a historical perspective. "Worse economy since the Great Depression!" Not exactly. Jon Talton, writing for the Seattle Times, actually got... [read more]

Steele = Good
by Eric Earling, 01:42 PM, 33 Comments
Regardless of one's preference - and this blogger had a different first choice - the election of Michael Steele as Chair of the RNC is a good thing. Too much will no doubt be made in the short-term about the... [read more]

Worthless Jeering of GOP by Lefties in the Press - UDPATED
by Eric Earling, 01:13 PM, 6 Comments
There is a tiresome trend evolving in some corners of the media, namely the hypocritical denunciation of Republicans by left-of-center commentators, based on the limited information intake they allow themselves outside of TV, NPR, the New York Times, etc. Generally... [read more]

Sherril Huff keeps lying to cover up her election screw-ups and partisan politics
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:05 PM, 4 Comments
Sherril Huff sent out this last-minute campaign flyer. The lies in the flyer are as desperate as they are pathetic. But the pattern of dishonesty is sadly familiar. The flyer claims that Huff "administered 21 error-free elections since 2004". Those... [read more]

January 30, 2009
Hate Fest, Love Fest, Blank Fest
by Jim Miller, 03:48 PM, 5 Comments
Two weeks ago, KUOW's Gang of Four discussed President Bush.   One week ago, the Gang discussed President Obama.  On both days, they discussed the likely demise of the Seattle PI.  The first discussion was a hate fest, the second... [read more]

Patriotic Grandmothers support David Irons
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:28 PM, 12 Comments
Recall the story of Jane Balogh, the Federal Way grandmother who registered her dog to vote as an attention-getting protest against overly lax voter registration standards. Ms. Balogh was, er, hounded by out-of-control prosecutors, who spent more time and effort... [read more]

Latest Bills From Olympia, Part XV
by pudge, 11:11 AM, 16 Comments
Same-day voter registration. While I would agree that the main reason for the closing of the voter rolls is to ensure the integrity of the rolls, and so it's good that the bill would require verification of voter information before... [read more]

RNC Chair Vote Happening Now
by Eric Earling, 09:03 AM, 39 Comments
Twitter users can follow developments from a number of younger, top conservatives using that medium (@patrick ruffini, @mindyfinn, @davidall, etc.), but Washington Post reporter Chris Cilliza, aka "The Fix" is providing a play-by-play at @thehyperfix too. I'm also following @lukesser... [read more]

Death by Global Warming - UPDATED
by Eric Earling, 08:52 AM, 25 Comments
It's fair to say that many of us on the right have long since placed Dana Milbank in the same realm as David Sirota, Helen Thomas, Jim McDermott, etc. Essentially, a grouping of those windbags on the left whom we... [read more]

Balter v. Reality
by Eric Earling, 08:46 AM, 16 Comments
Yesterday's Joni Balter column: President Obama wants to make government cool again. At a time when the private sector has failed spectacularly, the new Obama administration holds the hope of shoring up a failed economy, creating millions of new jobs,... [read more]

January 29, 2009
Vote for David Irons! Spread the news!
by Mrs. Shark, 09:15 PM, 22 Comments
Tell your friends and relatives! I'm finding that, unlike my husband, most people aren't following the Elections Director race and aren't familiar with the choices. They are happy to receive some input so that they aren't voting blind. My mom... [read more]

Things that make you go "Geez"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:10 PM, 9 Comments
Today's Seattle Times report on the King County Elections Director race cites my findings about the bungled 2006 recount, the errors in which Sherril Huff tried to cover up:On Wednesday, Sharkansky posted internal e-mails that said 49 ballots were "not... [read more]

King County Elections responds to questions about discrepancies in the Provisional Ballot Reconciliation Report
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:48 PM, 2 Comments
Last Friday I reported on some apparent discrepancies between the November 2008 Provisional Ballot Reconciliation Report and underlying voter records. The Elections staff responded to my questions. Their remarks are detailed and technical. But for the most part it confirms... [read more]

Sewer of Corruption (XLVIII) [UPDATE]
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:50 AM, 22 Comments
The Washington Policy Center notes that Sound Transit has been busted for unlawfully spending tax dollars. State Auditor Brian Sonntag issued an audit report this week which concluded that Sound Transit made unlawful contributions to non-profit advocacy groups. The audit... [read more]

Lilly Ledbetter: How Courts & the Legislature are Supposed to Interact
by Eric Earling, 11:11 AM, 8 Comments
The story. Here's the basic sequence of events: 1) Congress passes law. 2) Application of law is challenged in court. Supreme Court rules on the case based on the law written by Congress...not merely some desired outcome that would be... [read more]

Latest Bills From Olympia, Part XIV
by pudge, 09:39 AM, 43 Comments
Again, in these tough economic times, I am glad people like Rep, Mark Liias are proposing we spend money on important things like public funding of Supreme Court campaigns. Oh, and don't be fooled by HB 1745 or SB 5674:... [read more]

January 28, 2009
...just short of a picnic
by Eric Earling, 10:24 PM, 17 Comments
Ever wonder what the leftist equivalent is to the Birchers or the guys whose heads you can explode by mentioning Mena and Vince Foster in the same sentence? I gave you this unhingement from reality: Wanted: a local prosecutor to... [read more]

Not the Church You Knew Growing Up - UPDATED
by Eric Earling, 09:43 PM, 11 Comments
Double coverage on the national stage for growing - and sometimes controversial - Seattle megachurch, Mars Hill: the New York Times dove in recently, with a heavy dose of sure-to-start-an-argument Calvinist discussion. Nightline chimed in earlier this week as well,... [read more]

Stimulus End-Game
by Eric Earling, 04:39 PM, 48 Comments
All three Evergreen State Republicans were part of the unanimous GOP vote against the just-passed stimulus...and were joined in doing so by 11 Democrats. Interesting as that turn of events is, with the One gaining no support across the aisle... [read more]

Proof that Huff lied about the screwed-up 2006 recount
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:19 PM, 8 Comments
More on that screwed up recount in 2006, where the margin of victory in the recounted race was only 27 votes, yet 62 fewer ballots showed up in the recount than in the first count. Sherril Huff, then the Assistant... [read more]

Latest Bills From Olympia, Part XIII
by pudge, 11:55 AM, 6 Comments
This is the Accountability Episode, wherein several bills try to ensure accountability of our legislators: giving some time for review before voting on appropriations, informing the public about new programs and their costs, not fudging with the actual expected revenues... [read more]

Antiquated MSM in action
by Eric Earling, 09:12 AM, 23 Comments
More proof, via Scott St. Clair: In Olympia, the capitol press corps used to number 30 or more reporters. Now it's down to nine or 10 with the departure of veteran reporter Chris McGann who used to write for The... [read more]

Oh Yeah, the King Co. Exec's Race
by Eric Earling, 08:36 AM, 18 Comments
It seems we haven't mentioned the less than surprising announcement of the worst kept secret in local politics: County Councilman Larry Phillips is running for King County Exec. Will the greatest casualty of obvious, job-related burnout in recent memory, Ron... [read more]

January 27, 2009
Technology in Perspective
by Eric Earling, 09:31 PM, 13 Comments
Great summary piece on the tech troubles being encountered by Obama staffers in the White House: But the strangest adjustment for the Obama team is having to return to a time before Facebook. Legal restrictions, based on an interpretation of... [read more]

Productive GOP Tone on "Stimulus"
by Eric Earling, 08:14 PM, 27 Comments
Cathy McMorris, as part of her leadership role as House Republican Caucus Vice Chair, responds to Obama's stimulus-based outreach: The emphasis on Republican desire to work with Obama - even if they disagree with legislation in current form - as... [read more]

Needless partisan bickering
by Eric Earling, 07:41 PM, 1 Comments
Re: legislation to require a balanced state budget: Lynn Kessler, D-Hoquiam, the House majority leader, said she thinks the balanced budget bill is a good idea, but members of her caucus will likely view it with suspicion because Republicans did... [read more]

Credit To Horsey And Westneat On The Stimulus Plan
by Jim Miller, 05:33 PM, 5 Comments
David Horsey did a pretty good cartoon on the plan, which Eric showed you, a few posts down.  And Danny Westneat wrote a decent column, expressing some of the same skepticism you can find in the cartoon. Neither man is... [read more]

Budget Solutions from the Left - UPDATED
by Eric Earling, 03:15 PM, 11 Comments
Debt or taxes, take your pick: The lobbyists and legislators I talked to down in Olympia yesterday indicated that there was no way out of the budget crisis--$7 billion? $8 billion--other than raising taxes. Something tells me the hyper-pragmatist side... [read more]

Latest Bills From Olympia, Part XII
by pudge, 02:14 PM, 41 Comments
You know, I was thinking just the other day: yes, we are in a serious economic downturn, but what we really need is to spend money on a new state board regulating interior design. Thanks, Senator Franklin and colleagues, you... [read more]

Sherril Huff and deadlines
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:36 AM, 5 Comments
Pam Roach isn't the only Elections Director candidate to slip up on PDC reports. Sherril Huff also missed the filing deadline for her F-1 personal financial affairs statement. The F-1 is due within 14 days of becoming a candidate, which... [read more]

Mrs. Gregoire, Liquor Salesman
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:06 AM, 24 Comments
Mrs. Gregoire shows signs of entrepreneural spirits:In her proposed budget, Gov. Chris Gregoire has requested approval for 10 new liquor stores and a change in law to allow the state-owned stores to sell additional products.On the other hand, wouldn't it... [read more]

by Eric Earling, 07:27 AM, 14 Comments
Today's Horsey:... [read more]

January 26, 2009
Happy Chinese New Year To All Of You!
by Jim Miller, 04:45 PM, 9 Comments
It's a holiday that I think is well worth borrowing, even for those of us who do not share the traditional beliefs behind it.   As I understand it, you celebrate Chinese New Year mostly by wishing prosperity to your... [read more]

Join Me on Twitter
by Eric Earling, 03:04 PM, 7 Comments
This being the modern world, and with savvy conservatives increasingly on Twitter, you can follow me addition to the Facebook and LinkedIn worlds I already inhabit.... [read more]

More Technology, Please
by Eric Earling, 02:44 PM, 7 Comments
The Politico has more on the topic of the use of technology becoming a significant factor in the race for RNC Chair. The Rebuild the Party effort, of which I was an early supporter, has played a notable role in... [read more]

Conundrum Time
by Eric Earling, 02:29 PM, 18 Comments
Republicans oppose a waste-filled, untimely stimulus because it won't do what the lay person hopes and expects...even before one talks about the massive price tag. Problem: the federal government can do precious little to proactively solve economic problems - though... [read more]

Re: Sherril Huff's Federal Tax Lien
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:58 PM, 10 Comments
A few weeks ago I reported that Sherril Huff had been hit with a federal tax lien and concluded that she lied on a candidate questionnaire when she claimed that she had never failed to pay her taxes. The Seattle... [read more]

New Superintendent Dorn Gets Constitution Wrong
by pudge, 12:47 PM, 41 Comments
On Up Front this weekend, the new Washington State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Randy Dorn, was asked whether the level of funding proposed was unconstitutional. He responded (starts at 9:18 into the video) that the State Constitution says "the paramount... [read more]

Sherril Huff's ongoing failure to properly account for ballots
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:55 AM, 4 Comments
Sherril Huff launched her campaign for Elections Director with this claim:Under Huff's leadership, King County Elections received a national award for its mail ballot reconciliation efforts in 2006. Huff's team used Fortune 500 quality assurance standards, which revolutionized elections to... [read more]

January 25, 2009
Recession - Education Reform Opportunity
by warrenpeterson, 08:37 PM, 27 Comments
Washington State's budget deficit and the current recession forces the Legislature to examine every department and program for savings including a major cost center, K-12 education. It should provide the impetus to overcome teacher's unions and the lobbyist for all... [read more]

A humble suggestion
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:25 PM, 3 Comments
Today's Seattle Times features a lurid article about allegations made against Elections Director candidate Julie Anne Kempf. Lurid until the punchline at the end of the article which explains why Kempf was never charged with anything:The AG's office decided the... [read more]

Pam Roach Financial Disclosure Irregularities
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:20 PM, 13 Comments
State Senator and Elections Director candidate Pam Roach filed this F-1 personal financial disclosure statement with the PDC on December 26. The disclosure is both late and incomplete. Note this excerpt, where Roach was to list all of her financial... [read more]

Latest Bills From Olympia, Part XI
by pudge, 09:45 AM, 11 Comments
SB 5488 is a travesty. No candidate elections should be decided on a primary ballot. Period. It's already terrible that Supreme Court elections can be decided on a primary, now they want to do that with even more races. What... [read more]

How To Sell Me A Newspaper, Example 1
by Jim Miller, 08:19 AM, 14 Comments
As I said in this post, I hope that the Seattle PI and the Seattle Times survive.  And so I am going to give them a little marketing help in a series of posts, beginning with this one. The PI... [read more]

Credit Where Due
by Jim Miller, 07:13 AM, 2 Comments
The Seattle Times published an editorial cartoon making a conservative point, something the newspaper does not do often enough.  And the cartoon is pretty funny, unlike most editorial cartoons at the newspaper. Granted, the editorial cartoon did not appear on... [read more]

January 24, 2009
A new low in cynical politics
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:32 PM, 9 Comments
Today's mail brought this flyer promoting Sen. Pam Roach for King County Elections Director. Strangely, it was orchestrated by some of Roach's Republican colleagues in the State Senate -- who despise her. It seems to be a cynical (and foolish)... [read more]

Practical Effects of being drunk on Hope-n-Change
by Eric Earling, 05:08 PM, 30 Comments
I was struck reading David Horsey's recounting of conversations with persons praising Obama's inauguration speech that the good feeling stoked by the Messiah's President's words play right into the stereotype Jon Stewart exploited earlier this week: .cc_box a:hover .cc_home{background:url('') !important;}.cc_links... [read more]

Mail Ballot Horror Show (XLII)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:59 PM, 10 Comments
A reader asks: "What to do with a ballot that's not mine?"I'm holding a ballot, sent to my address, for a registered voter that has not lived here for 2+ years. What to do? Here are some basics: -I moved... [read more]

Maybe Because There Isn't Much To See?
by Jim Miller, 03:14 PM, 10 Comments
Bruce Seidel has the excuses ready. Lucy traveled across 3.2 million years and thousands of miles to get to Seattle, but officials at the Pacific Science Center say few folks have turned out to see the world's most famous fossil.... [read more]

January 23, 2009
Oops: King County Ballot Reconciliation Report Doesn't Quite Reconcile
by Stefan Sharkansky, 06:06 PM, 13 Comments
I finally received this Provisional Ballot Final Summary Reconciliation Report from the November 2008 election which was presented to the canvassing board at the certification meeting on Nov. 25. I compared the numbers with the source database records from the... [read more]

Gillibrand In for Clinton in New York
by warrenpeterson, 05:01 PM, 13 Comments
New York liberals are dismayed. Republicans are encouraged. Gov. Patterson has appointed Democratic Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand to fill former presidential heir apparent Hillary Rodham Clinton's Senate seat. Ms. Gillibrand, who has been elected twice to Congress in an upstate Republican... [read more]

The Seattle PI Will Probably Close Soon
by Jim Miller, 01:55 PM, 24 Comments
Two weeks ago, the Hearst corporation said they would try to sell the newspaper.  If they were unable to find a buyer in sixty days, they will close the newspaper, or, possibly, convert it to a web-only newspaper. This will... [read more]

Bye, Bye Ron Sims? - UPDATED
by Eric Earling, 12:28 PM, 13 Comments
Josh Feit, over at the newly incarnated news wing of Horse's Ass, reports on the possibility of Ron Sims heading to join Team Obama: King County Executive Ron Sims has accepted a post in the Obama administration, according to a... [read more]

Choices on Free Trade
by Eric Earling, 09:25 AM, 32 Comments
Chris Vance asked some good questions recently regarding the shift in positioning from Democrats in our state Congressional delegation on the topic of free trade: One of the biggest questions facing our Democrat dominated Northwest delegation is how hard will... [read more]

Basic Data On Giving
by Jim Miller, 09:24 AM, 17 Comments
Arthur Brooks has it.  Political junkies will find this part of his findings of special interest. In May of last year, the Gallup polling organization asked 1,200 American adults about their giving patterns.  People who called themselves "conservative" or "very... [read more]

Latest Bills From Olympia, Part X
by pudge, 07:33 AM, 22 Comments
Note especially that SB 5373 would give the government the authority to intervene in a family's life just because a child has a disability, because the child has a "right" to government services. It does say parents get to be... [read more]

January 22, 2009
White House Web Site Fail
by Eric Earling, 09:28 PM, 26 Comments
Related to this morning's post, I'll cut Team Obama some slack given the initiation phase of dealing with hopelessly stale government technology (as my own recent days at the U.S. Department of Education will attest), but I note with interest... [read more]

Death of the WASL and the GOP
by Eric Earling, 05:49 PM, 20 Comments
New state Superintendent Randy Dorn's proposal to abolish the WASL may well create the most interesting non-budgetary debate in Olympia this legislative session. Moreover, his claim to be able to take such action without specific legislative approval - never mind... [read more]

Seattle Times Editorial Board Makes Stuff Up Again
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:42 PM, 4 Comments
As expected, the Seattle Times editorial board, which has spent the last 4 years "emphatically" arguing against letting King County voters elect our own Elections Director, has endorsed Sherril Huff, the only candidate in the race who also "unequivocally" objects... [read more]

Another Reminder on Campaigning v. Governing
by Eric Earling, 08:48 AM, 27 Comments
A follow-up to this post, with the technologically savvy Obama team meeting the constraints of federal bureaucracy: What does that mean in 21st-century terms? No Facebook to communicate with supporters. No outside e-mail log-ins. No instant messaging. Hard adjustments for... [read more]

Latest Bills From Olympia, Part IX
by pudge, 12:15 AM, 20 Comments
House Bill 1390 (Modifying names and titles within the acupuncture profession) Introduced by Rep. Tom Campbell, (R-Roy) (R) on January 20, 2009, to change the name of the acupuncture profession to oriental medicine practitioners. The purpose of the act is... [read more]

January 21, 2009
Mail Ballot Horror Show (XLI)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:07 PM, 20 Comments
Of 653,462 King County absentee ballots that were mailed on time, roughly 7,400 were rejected for mismatched signatures -- a stunning 1.1% Roughly 3,300 of the rejected signatures were "cured" by the voters who had to submit affidavits. The other... [read more]

David Horsey Gets Ready
by Jim Miller, 12:56 PM, 13 Comments
Here's the Seattle PI cartoonist preparing to hold Obama accountable, after the many fair-minded cartoons he drew of President Bush. Thanks to the artist, who prefers to remain anonymous.  (The cartoon is in answer to this request.) Cross posted at... [read more]

My Apologies To Our Canadian Friends
by Jim Miller, 10:23 AM, 25 Comments
For this nasty Joel Connelly column.  In it, the Seattle PI columnist attacks both Canadians: As Barack Obama takes center stage, and George W. Bush flies off to Texas, our country's inaugural will hopefully silence a group of annoying neighbors... [read more]

It's in the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:10 AM, 25 Comments
Joel Connelly, Jan. 13, pleading for the P-I's survival:..much of what this paper does consists of holding big government accountable. The Pugetopolis needs media competition, and feistiness, critical coverage of politicians and investigative reporting ... It's keeping the big boys... [read more]

January 20, 2009
Forward into the past
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:14 PM, 33 Comments
Barack Obama in his Inauguration Speech:Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America. Invoking a movie tune from 1936 is a fitting segue into the retread New Deal that surely... [read more]

Obama's Address and Why It Sucked
by pudge, 02:34 PM, 130 Comments
Obama wants us to put aside our "petty grievances." We should not have "conflict" or "discord" or "recriminations." Apparently we're all supposed to agree with Obama. If we believe, due to "worn-out dogmas," that our government is too big (and... [read more]

Sherril Huff is exaggerating ballot reconciliation results
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:30 PM, 7 Comments
Elections Director Sherril Huff puts this claim at the center of her election campaign: Staff reports to the Canvassing Board demonstrated continued improvements by elections officials in such areas as inventory reconciliation of ballots received and counted, and voters credited... [read more]

Enter Obama
by Eric Earling, 11:05 AM, 15 Comments
Smart politicos know well the difference between campaigning and governing. That which is easily said on the campaign trail is much less cavalierly accomplished once in elected office. That phenomenon has clearly begun to unfold with Obama and the real-world... [read more]

Exit Bush
by Eric Earling, 10:49 AM, 23 Comments
Assessments of the record of George W. Bush - as with any President - will have to unfold over time to give a full and accurate picture. Those compiled now seem more than hasty, though they are plenty. Accordingly, amidst... [read more]

Will Obama Succeed?
by Jim Miller, 10:17 AM, 0 Comments
Some of you may disagree with my gloomy prediction.  And to those who disagree, I make this offer:  If you think Obama will be a success as president — as I hope but do not expect — tell us why.... [read more]

Watching the Inauguration...
by Eric Earling, 09:04 AM, 41 Comments thoughts are very similar to those which I expressed on November 4th. The historian and political scientist in me is drawn to the wonderful splendor of any Inauguration. It is a beautiful American moment. Furthermore, setting all partisanship aside,... [read more]

Civil Liberties to be Lost
by pudge, 08:41 AM, 48 Comments
Yesterday I celebrated "Civil Liberties Day." I consider this a preferable alternative to a day devoted to Martin Luther King, Jr. One of the side effects of this change is that while many people note that the first black President... [read more]

Latest Bills from Olympia, Part VIII
by pudge, 08:23 AM, 1 Comments
Another in a series of a series of a series of highly educational features brought to you by Standard Sandpaper. Senate Bill 5246 (Zoning for motor vehicle collection and restoration) Introduced by Sen. Michael Carrell, (R-Lakewood) (R) on January 19,... [read more]

January 19, 2009
Patty Murray, call your office
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:39 PM, 16 Comments
Sen. Patty Murray December 2002:"We've got to ask, why is this man (Osama bin Laden) so popular around the world?...Why are people so supportive of him in many countries . . . that are riddled with poverty? "He's been out... [read more]

Vote By February 3rd for KC Elections Director
by warrenpeterson, 01:23 PM, 11 Comments
The scandal surrounding the actions of the King County Department of Elections in the 2004 gubernatorial recount led directly to a citizens initiative to make the Director of Elections an elected position. I personally thought this was an over reaction... [read more]

Racial Parody?
by Jim Miller, 10:54 AM, 7 Comments
As far as I can tell, Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat did not intend for this column to be a parody, in spite of passages such as these: Everybody's talking about what Obama's inauguration means to them.  For me, it... [read more]

Happy Civil Liberties Day
by pudge, 10:30 AM, 45 Comments
I will celebrate today by not answering any potentially incriminating questions and refusing to quarter troops in my home. In some states, "Martin Luther King, Jr. Day" is called "Civil Rights Day." Unfortunately, "Civil Rights" has become synonymous to many... [read more]

January 18, 2009
See Gran Torino
by Eric Earling, 07:53 PM, 16 Comments
Clint Eastwood could walk away from the Oscars with awards for Best Picture, Best Director, & Best Actor. And it would all be just. That is all.... [read more]

Worth A Look
by Jim Miller, 02:09 PM, 29 Comments
After writing this post, noting the ongoing transformation of "mainstream" journalists from junkyard dogs to lapdogs, I was planning to put up another request for a cartoon, as I did here and here.   (A reader who prefers to be... [read more]

Latest Bills from Olympia, Part VII
by pudge, 08:29 AM, 11 Comments
Wherein we protect politicians from the public, the public from sex offenders, and sex offenders from art. House Bill 1255 (regarding the business and occupation tax ) Introduced by Rep. Jim Moeller, (D-Vancouver) (D) on January 16, 2009, eliminates the... [read more]

January 17, 2009
Remedial TV
by Jim Miller, 03:10 PM, 12 Comments
When I was growing up, my family did not have television.   On the whole, I think I came out ahead because of that.  But I did miss many of the cultural references that others got from television programs.  For... [read more]

Latest Bills from Olympia, Part VI
by pudge, 01:32 PM, 9 Comments
If a legislature can't sell booze, what good is it? House Bill 1236 (classifying ephedrine, pseudoephedrine and phenylpropanolamine as schedule III controlled substances) Introduced by Rep. Deb Wallace, (D-Vancouver) (D) on January 15, 2009, to modify rules that would the... [read more]

January 16, 2009
Latest Bills from Olympia, Part V
by pudge, 11:29 PM, 6 Comments
Special Val Stevens Edition. Compare and contrast to the Maralyn Chase Edition, and be not confused by why I am a Republican in this state, and why I work to get Republicans -- especially those like Val Stevens -- elected.... [read more]

Sherril Huff admits she didn't move to King County until after she filed for office
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:57 PM, 35 Comments
Contrary to today's Seattle Times report thatKing County Elections Director Sherril Huff is eligible to run in the Feb. 3 election to keep her job, the county Canvassing Board ruled Thursday.The Canvassing Board ruled no such thing, at least not... [read more]

Latest Bills from Olympia, Part IV
by pudge, 11:57 AM, 17 Comments
Another in a series. House Bill 1151 (prohibiting smoking in vehicles with children) Introduced by Rep. Brendan Williams, (D-Olympia) (D) on January 14, 2009, forbids the smoking of any tobacco product in a vehicle containing children under the age of... [read more]

January 15, 2009
Global Warming Update (XLIX)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:46 PM, 94 Comments
Joel Connelly's Friday column:University of Washington climatologists have advised for more than a decade that global warming will bring deluges and high winds to the Northwest in late fall and early winter. Even before events of last week, three big... [read more]

More evidence that Sherril Huff didn't move to King County in time to legally declare candidacy
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:52 PM, 10 Comments
You can't make this stuff up. As noted earlier, Sherril Huff claims to have moved to King County on Dec. 9, only two days before filing her candidacy papers for Elections Director. Chris Clifford has formally challenged Huff's residence, claiming... [read more]

Latest Bills From Olympia, Part III
by pudge, 07:25 PM, 6 Comments
Special Maralyn Chase Edition. Note that last year's version of HB 1186 won me the EFF's Stupid Bill of the Year contest in 2008. (I have nothing against Rep. Chase personally. I met her at the Fair in Monroe last... [read more]

Latest Bills From Olympia, Part II
by pudge, 02:31 PM, 25 Comments
Another in a series. House Bill 1116 (requiring visible clothing in certain recreation areas) Introduced by Rep. Brian Blake, (D-Aberdeen) (D) on January 14, 2009, requires that persons visiting any recreation area during hunting season wear hiker orange clothing and... [read more]

The Seattle PI Admits They Have A Double Standard
by Jim Miller, 01:53 PM, 36 Comments
(At least.  They may have a triple or quadruple standard.) In an editorial on the Geithner nomination. There's another problem here: transparency. Obama's staff told senators about the tax problems on Dec. 5.  We should have been clued in, say,... [read more]

Yousoufian wins big
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:55 PM, 11 Comments
Our good friend Armen Yousoufian has won a major Supreme Court ruling in his decade+ public records case against Ron Sims, the Tacoma News-Tribune reports: "Supreme Court says judge fined King County too little for giving citizen runaround on records... [read more]

No One Is In Favor Of Terrorism
by Jim Miller, 11:00 AM, 11 Comments
I learn the most interesting things when I listen to the Dave Ross show.  Some might think all those gentle folks blowing themselves (and others) up shows that at least a few people are in favor of terrorism.   Others... [read more]

January 14, 2009
Taking RNC questions online
by Eric Earling, 10:02 PM, 18 Comments
The team at Rebuild the Party is hosting an online forum for candidates in the race for RNC Chair. The effort is notable since Rebuild the Party is gaining significant attention within Republican ranks - including questions from two of... [read more]

News of the Bizarre
by Eric Earling, 09:47 PM, 24 Comments
Count this blogger utterly perplexed as to why teenagers would be brought up on child pornography charges for trading risque pictures with each other via text message. The problem seems two fold: a) questionable use of limited law enforcement resources... [read more]

Rhymes with "Chairman Mao"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:59 PM, 9 Comments
King County Council now has Chairman Dow Constantine.... [read more]

None Of The Above?
by Jim Miller, 09:36 AM, 50 Comments
A few years ago, I saw a suggestion for solving the Alaskan Way Viaduct problem that sounded cheaper and better than the alternatives.  The suggestion came from an outside traffic consultant, whose name I can not recall, though I do... [read more]

Latest Bills From Olympia
by pudge, 08:56 AM, 24 Comments
A selection of bills recently introduced. House Joint Memorial 4002 (requesting reauthorization of No Child Left Behind Act to include health and fitness) Introduced by Rep. Pat Sullivan, (D-Covington) (D) on January 13, 2009, a request to the federal government... [read more]

January 13, 2009
Lenticular Clouds
by Jim Miller, 01:05 PM, 17 Comments
Mt. Rainier often produces them.  But they are seldom as spectacular as this set from last month. Cross posted at Jim Miller on Politics. (It's not hard to see why some might think lenticular clouds were flying saucers.)... [read more]

Blood Drive Tomorrow at Snohomish County GOP Office
by pudge, 12:06 PM, 27 Comments
The Snohomish County Republicans are hosting a blood drive, with Puget Sound Blood Bank, at their headquarters in Marysville, 514 State Avenue, tomorrow, Wednesday, January 14. Contact Hannah Gustafson at 425-345-3762 for more information.... [read more]

Answer: "Through the Nose"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:41 AM, 36 Comments
Seattle Times: "Tunnel in place of viaduct: A deal, but how to pay?" UPDATE: Among other things, tunnel will be used as an excuse to further soak car owners, who will derive less benefit from the tunnel than from the... [read more]

January 12, 2009
Mail Ballot Horror Show (XL)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:55 PM, 12 Comments
"Detectives investigating potential voter fraud on Craigslist" -- Bid apparently made to sell ballot... [read more]

Big Dig!
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:43 PM, 110 Comments
"Viaduct to be replaced with tunnel" After years of immobilizing conflict between the City of Seattle, King County and the state, elected leaders have agreed on a replacement for the earthquake-damaged Alaskan Way Viaduct - a deep bore tunnel under... [read more]

Sherril Huff's residency formally challenged
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:00 AM, 21 Comments
Sherril Huff's King County voter registration has been challenged by Chris Clifford. Huff, a resident of Kitsap County for decades, leased a home in Seattle and changed her voter registration to King County two days before she filed to run... [read more]

Re: Sherril Huff's tax problem
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:38 AM, 6 Comments
Sherril Huff responded to my post about her (since released) federal tax lien with these comments to the Seattle Times:Huff said the IRS filed the lien because the agency mistakenly thought she had not filed her tax return for 2000,... [read more]

Washington Legislature back in session
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:23 AM, 7 Comments
The state Legislature goes back in session today. With the Democrats in control of both Houses but out-of-control in terms of their priorities, one should expect a lot of money to be spent and a lot of stupid bills to... [read more]

January 11, 2009
Perspective on Death of the Newspaper
by Eric Earling, 03:51 PM, 47 Comments
David Horsey's latest makes an antiquated point: Horsey's overall lament is well-taken. Whatever one thinks of the P-I as a stand-alone institution, the importance of free and independent press to democracy remains valid. That said, does "press" have to equate... [read more]

There Will Be Blood
by Eric Earling, 03:20 PM, 18 Comments
It is the near obligation of the party opposite the President to draw some blood as the Executive's Cabinet picks move through the Senate confirmation process. No nominee need necessarily be stopped, but it is inevitable that at least one... [read more]

January 10, 2009
Open Thread on Snohomish County Re-Org
by pudge, 09:29 AM, 13 Comments
Today is the Snohomish County GOP Re-Organizational meeting. I can't be there, so some of the point of this thread is self-serving, so I can get news. I really have no idea who will be elected to any of the... [read more]

Recap on History of Budget
by pudge, 09:28 AM, 63 Comments
The Democrats are engaging, once again, in economic revisionism. They want us to believe that the budget surplus was increasing when Bush took office, and that the increasing deficits are his fault. In fact, the surplus was decreasing when Bush... [read more]

January 09, 2009
The Downside of Single Party Government
by Eric Earling, 06:15 PM, 43 Comments
Another day, another plunge in state tax receipts. The sheer magnitude of the budget shortfall guarantees painful cuts and the forgoing of promised programs. That in turn means a bloody mess in Olympia for Democrats controlling the Legislature and the... [read more]

P-I all but dead in print form
by Eric Earling, 06:11 PM, 25 Comments
It's official. Given the current inability of the Times to offer reliable, unique content online, that will leave a bit of a market void to be filled on a number of topics - such as sports and editorial opinion. It... [read more]

January 08, 2009
Death of the P-I?
by Eric Earling, 07:36 PM, 70 Comments
KING 5 breaks the supposed story. The P-I and the Times have coverage, generally expressing surprise...including from Frank Blethen. If the story turns out to be true, it would appear Blethen's stubborn streak beat the Hearst Corporation's reality-based accounting. An... [read more]

January 07, 2009
by Mrs. Shark, 10:15 PM, 34 Comments
If "DIVERSIFY" had seven letters instead of nine, I would ask Pudge to write a little ditty to the tune of that Aretha Franklin song. I find it astounding that someone of apparently above-average intelligence and education lost 30 years... [read more]

Reichert on Ways & another nugget
by Eric Earling, 07:38 PM, 26 Comments
Dave Reichert's office was obviously pleased to put out a release noting his appointment to one of the most powerful committees in the House: "I'm honored to accept an appointment to the Ways and Means Committee and ready to roll... [read more]

My Sympathies
by Jim Miller, 09:33 AM, 4 Comments
To Ron Hebron and his family for their loss.  I never met Dr. Roys, but he sounds like a wonderful man.... [read more]

January 06, 2009
It's In The PI
by Jim Miller, 02:30 PM, 33 Comments
And it's a pretty darn good article.  Chris McGann compares what Governor Gregoire said during the campaign with what she is now doing. Here are the first three paragraphs. During her re-election campaign, Gov. Chris Gregoire blasted Republican challenger Dino... [read more]

Sherril Huff's Election office is even less transparent and responsive than under Dean Logan
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:19 AM, 27 Comments
I called King County Elections yesterday with a trivial request for e-mailed copies of Candidacy Declarations in the Elections Director race. By statute these documents "must be open to public inspection". It should be a no-brainer to immediately fax or... [read more]

January 05, 2009
Dude: Gregoire going Cabinet? - UPDATED LOTS
by Eric Earling, 05:55 PM, 60 Comments
"Gov. Chris Gregoire's whereabouts are unknown" (from the AP, via the P-I): OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Gov. Chris Gregoire is out of state, but her office won't say where she is. Gregoire was set to be the keynote speaker Tuesday at... [read more]

Sherril Huff: tax-delinquent, liar
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:50 PM, 31 Comments
King County Elections Director Sherril Huff submitted this candidate questionnaire to the county Democrats. In answer to: "Have you ever failed to pay any taxes or court ordered judgments?" Huff checked NO. But that appears to be untruthful. In 2007... [read more]

Seattle transportation director to council: Snow removal was adequate
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:55 PM, 24 Comments
How clueless and out of touch with the rest of the city could this lady really be:Arterials were safe and bridges were open during December's snowstorms, Seattle Department of Transportation Director Grace Crunican said this morning. Some sidestreets were difficult... [read more]

Let's Help Dave Ross Choose A New Car
by Jim Miller, 10:13 AM, 37 Comments
Last week, I suggested that talk show host Dave Ross help Detroit (and the UAW) by buying a car built by UAW members.  This is not an unreasonable request; I am just asking Ross to do what most Republicans do,... [read more]

"Salt being used to de-ice Seattle streets"
by Eric Earling, 06:58 AM, 34 Comments
Fancy that. It's amazing what happens when someone realizes their elected office is on the line. UPDATE: for perspective, note just a sampling of the left-of-center outrage (not exactly a small demographic in Seattle) at the City's performance in December.... [read more]

January 04, 2009
Hope and Change!
by Eric Earling, 08:49 PM, 21 Comments
Nobody is perfect. And in the world of national politics there is always someone hanging on the periphery of a major candidate/elected official with eyebrow raising issues. But, the fumble of Bill Richardson isn't exactly typical. To be fair to... [read more]

January 02, 2009
Roland Burris is Unimpressive
by pudge, 06:15 PM, 63 Comments
"Unimpressive" is a polite word. From NewsHour: ROLAND BURRIS: Take for instance, Ray, if the bill that he has signed as the governor. He's exercising his constitutional responsibilities and authority. One other example is with my good friend, President Clinton,... [read more]

Everett Minuteman Shawna Forde Beaten; Husband Shot One Week Earlier
by pudge, 01:26 PM, 45 Comments
You can get the details here (graphic pictures attached). According to the web site of Minutemen American Defense (a group affiliated with the Minuteman Project), Shawna Forde, MAD's Director, was beaten and raped in her Everett home on December 29.... [read more]

Bush Derangement Syndrome In Aspen
by Jim Miller, 09:17 AM, 26 Comments
Here's the story. After delivering a series of crude gasoline bombs to two Aspen banks and bringing life in the ski town to a virtual halt, after promising a "horrible price in blood," Jim Blanning drove out of town, parked... [read more]

January 01, 2009
To all of you:
by Jim Miller, 12:16 PM, 9 Comments
Happy New Year!... [read more]

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