Index of entries from November 2008
November 30, 2008
The Missing Conservative Voice in Seattle Print Media
by Eric Earling, 09:50 PM, 14 Comments
Many more than one Sound Politics reader this blogger knows has asked why the web site has a uniquely strong readership base. One possible answer: the gaping void of conservative voices in Seattle's print media. And no, the Seattle Times... [read more]

Politics Meets Reality
by Eric Earling, 07:20 PM, 10 Comments
I note with derision that Governor Gregoire is currently considering the very kind of budget restraint that Evergreen Progress - and Gregoire herself - oh so recently chided Dino Rossi for utilizing with Governor Locke in 2003: On the chopping... [read more]

For Your Weekend Viewing
by Eric Earling, 09:06 AM, 10 Comments
Because Lord knows there ought to be some way to extract some enjoyment from football in the Evergreen State this year...... [read more]

November 29, 2008
Help With the Mike Hope Recount
by pudge, 12:00 PM, 3 Comments
The recount for Mike Hope's win in the 44th LD begins Tuesday, December 9th, in Everett, and goes through Friday. If you would like to help monitor, contact Blair Anderson. Hope won by well over 100 votes and it's extremely... [read more]

November 27, 2008
To one and all...
by Eric Earling, 01:29 PM, 7 Comments
...deep and warm wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving, wherever the holiday finds you.... [read more]

November 26, 2008
Looking Toward 2010
by Eric Earling, 07:52 AM, 67 Comments
With certified election results in hand, let us pause to consider Dave Reichert's final standing. Since his race wasn't called on Election Night, there will be the lingering impression in some circles that the race was tight in the end.... [read more]

Justice Sanders Is Ashamed Of His Childish Outburst
by Jim Miller, 06:24 AM, 63 Comments
Here's part of the story, in case you missed it. Richard Sanders, a justice on the Washington State Supreme Court, has never been one to shy from controversy or blunt language.  And last week, as he sat at a Federalist... [read more]

November 25, 2008
Rebuild the Party ramps up
by Eric Earling, 07:28 AM, 114 Comments
An updated and enhanced website is now available for the proposed plan to improve the RNC that I've publicly supported. Much work will have to be done by various Republicans fashioning a more compelling agenda than the inconsistent mish-mash put... [read more]

Brother, can you spare a billion or two?
by Eric Earling, 07:22 AM, 22 Comments
Normally the ascension to Chair of the Appropriations Committee in the state House is considered a promotion. It probably still is for new Chairwoman Kelli Linville, but in coming months it might seem more like a punishment. The looming budget... [read more]

November 24, 2008
Mike Hope Wins
by pudge, 09:13 PM, 11 Comments
Mike Hope has won the race for the House in the 44th District, by 117 votes. It will be made official tomorrow. There will, however, be a mandatory recount.... [read more]

Pace of Blogging
by Eric Earling, 08:28 PM, 17 Comments
The loyal reader has already figured out this contributor has been scaling back his blogging now that we're past the immediate post-election phase. I can't speak for other contributors, but that will continue for me as I focus on job... [read more]

November 21, 2008
Pudge -- LIVE on Saturday Night
by pudge, 04:07 PM, 45 Comments
I just got this e-mail: Congratulations from YouTube Hi there, Congratulations! We've selected a clip from one of your videos for a feature in the broadcast of YouTube Live! -- the first ever live streaming event on the site, designed... [read more]

Halo, Seattle (Updated)
by Jim Miller, 02:52 PM, 13 Comments
(That pun was so bad I couldn't resist it.) And I thought you might like the picture, even with the pun. More on sun halos here.  And, if you know that this halo is 22 degrees away from the sun,... [read more]

Virtual Cartoon Number 2
by Jim Miller, 12:59 PM, 18 Comments
This one will, I am afraid, require considerable artistic skill.  But it makes an important point, so I hope that someone who can draw will attempt it. Seattle PI cartoonist David Horsey has been one of the worst American cartoonists... [read more]

November 20, 2008
Cathy McMorris Rodgers in Congressional GOP Leadership
by Eric Earling, 07:34 PM, 57 Comments
She won election as Vice Chairwoman of the House Republican Caucus, joining a largely new stable of leaders. Good for her. She has the potential to make a real mark given the void she and other young bucks - like... [read more]

November 19, 2008
The Netroots Meet Governing
by Eric Earling, 08:07 PM, 140 Comments
The consolation prize of an Obama victory: netrooters enraged at the sight of compromise. This before Obama's Cabinet is filled out or Congress has begun the festive process of cutting deals on major, controversial issues. Awesome. P.S. Given that people... [read more]

Snohomish as Swing County
by Eric Earling, 07:37 PM, 4 Comments
Loyal readers know this blogger considers Snohomish County to be a bellwether in Washington state politics. On that score, examine the results from the Governor's race: Overall margin: 53.1% - 46.9% (+6.2% for Gregoire) Results in Snohomish County: 52.7% -... [read more]

Gregoire Was Right All Along!
by pudge, 01:31 PM, 87 Comments
We are now facing a $5 billion deficit. That's on a budget of $33.6 billion. Which is up more than a third over four years ago. If only we had listened to Governor Gregoire back in 2006: Our state budgeting... [read more]

Taking Names
by Jim Miller, 01:08 PM, 8 Comments
For years, I have wondered how outsiders like myself could improve our news organizations.  And I think that I have finally thought of a tactic that might work. What I have found over the years is that journalists will generally... [read more]

Dave Ross Should Bail Out General Motors
by Jim Miller, 11:11 AM, 36 Comments
Or, if he prefers, Chrysler or Ford. Yesterday and today I listened, off and on, to a local talk show host, Dave Ross, discuss a possible bailout of the US auto makers.  Ross, who ran for Congress as a Democrat... [read more]

Recount in Spokane not getting any more pleasant
by Eric Earling, 07:27 AM, 10 Comments
The always cynical Jim Camden asks a question about the re-count issues swirling in Spokane County's 6th LD: So the question one has to ask might be, is the House Republican organization seriously concerned about the integrity of the process,... [read more]

November 18, 2008
...or maybe the companies just stink?
by Eric Earling, 09:15 PM, 79 Comments
A startling display of economic ignorance from David Horsey: Between the crippling legacy costs (which go much beyond just wages & benefits for current workers) that are fruit of the UAW and the less than innovate leadership of management, the... [read more]

Don't Let the Door Hit You...
by Eric Earling, 08:35 PM, 24 Comments
Threat of a filibuster-proof Democratic majority or not, I find it nigh impossible to regret the defeat of Ted Stevens. Honorable service in Congress. Dishonorable ending. Good riddance. Now if only there were a way to take Don Young out... [read more]

Ask A Question, Get An Answer
by Jim Miller, 07:37 AM, 55 Comments
At then end of this post, Eric Earling posed this question: "Exit question: why is that voters who can't figure out how to fill out a ballot correctly lean Democratic?... [read more]

6th LD Recount Watch
by Eric Earling, 07:30 AM, 5 Comments
Over 7,000 ballots - out of just under 70,000 cast - in the 6th Legislative District were "remade" by election workers so they could be read by counting machines. The Spokane County canvassing board is reviewing a sample of those... [read more]

Dear Governor
by Eric Earling, 07:19 AM, 27 Comments
Now, the fun part begins: governing. And, a massive budget shortfall on the horizon obviously won't be the only challenge facing Olympia - or other state capitols - in coming years. Accordingly, I participated in a project this summer compiling... [read more]

November 17, 2008
Mike Huckabee Plays Selfish Attack Dog, Not GOP Leader
by Eric Earling, 07:43 PM, 43 Comments
Two insightful thoughts to preface this discussion: 1) From Karl Rove: Anyone interested in 2012 must help in 2010. Republicans should remember how much presidential candidates help in re-energizing the grass roots, raising funds, encouraging good candidates and articulating a... [read more]

Leg Race Recount Watch
by Eric Earling, 06:55 PM, 10 Comments
Republican challenger Mike Hope's lead today shrunk slightly to 98 votes (50.07% - 49.93%). This afternoon's tally in Snohomish County confirms a recount is certain in Hope's effort to unseat appointed Democratic incumbent Liz Loomis. Given the Democratic propensity of... [read more]

Anonymous Sources Are Useless
by pudge, 08:02 AM, 65 Comments
For years I've been telling people that you simply cannot trust the news media when it reports something based on anonymous sources. People don't care. Even when I prove to them they can't trust anonymous sources, they do it anyway.... [read more]

November 16, 2008
GOP Moving Forward Potpourri - UPDATED
by Eric Earling, 06:18 PM, 21 Comments
Reading on next steps for Republicans, at least at the national level, has been occupying a notable chunk of my personal time lately...well, that and a fervent job search. Accordingly, some notables from that effort (the reading, not the job... [read more]

Obama sans Blackberry
by Eric Earling, 09:44 AM, 26 Comments
Reminder: the White House really is a breed apart from the rest of the world. Just like W, Obama is likely to be forced to avoid using email while serving in the Oval Office. I remember reading about 43 signing... [read more]

Good Bye, David Brooks
by pudge, 09:21 AM, 81 Comments
I have given up on David Brooks. I wish he'd give up on me. He's never been a strong conservative, but he often pushed for conservative ideals. But now he's abandoned those. He puts himself in the "Reformer" camp of... [read more]

Note to Tom Friedman: We Are Not Socialists
by pudge, 08:56 AM, 27 Comments
Tom Friedman, in his non-endorsement endorsement of Barack Obama, said something that should be utterly astonishing, but unfortunately, wasn't: Never has one generation spent so much of its children's wealth in such a short period of time with so little... [read more]

November 14, 2008
Irony: Gay Activists Really Damn Intolerant - UPDATED
by Eric Earling, 09:16 PM, 156 Comments
Someone may want to alert the gay rights movement that the actions of some of their supporters in the wake of Prop 8 passing in California are teetering on the edge of becoming the political equivalent to this hilarious and... [read more]

Leg Race Update
by Eric Earling, 09:02 PM, 7 Comments
Important tallies this evening in Snohomish and Spokane counties show two races where a re-count will be needed to prove a winner: 1) Incumbent Republican John Ahern is trailing 49.96% - 50.04% (or 63 votes) in the 6th LD. 2)... [read more]

Probably Not
by Jim Miller, 06:22 AM, 23 Comments
Yesterday's Seattle PI had a front page article on a new runway at Sea-Tac.  For a headline, some editor chose: "Third runway about to open, but will it fly?"... [read more]

November 13, 2008
The Missing Mahoney
by Jim Miller, 12:55 PM, 67 Comments
KUOW's Gang of Four are fond of sex scandals.  They loved talking about Idaho Senator's Larry Craig's little problem, even though there was no sex, and probably not even a law broken.  During the 2006 campaign, they had much to... [read more]

The Left Tries to Shut Down Political Dissent
by Eric Earling, 07:40 AM, 15 Comments
No stunner: some on the left, including the kind folks at Fuse, would like to stop BIAW from spending their own money in a legal manner on politics. Left unsaid: is BIAW's practice is so abhorrent, why do its members... [read more]

November 12, 2008
A Knoll Lowney "Lawsuit" Waiting to Happen
by Eric Earling, 08:17 PM, 8 Comments
The PDC is mulling the idea of regulating bloggers, requiring lobbyist-style public disclosure of their activity. The Liberty Live blog has been on the story, here and here. Goldy has offered some thoughts, with which I agree (minus the Blethen... [read more]

Stu Elway: Still Claiming He's Right
by Eric Earling, 07:49 PM, 2 Comments
Dude, is this really necessary? I repeat: Stuart Elway's last poll had Gregoire +12%. SurveyUSA's final product had Gregoire +6%. Final actual result: Gregoire +6%. I know I didn't major in math in college, but I'm pretty sure Elway wasn't... [read more]

Dan Evans: Now More History than Present
by Eric Earling, 07:36 PM, 24 Comments
Fact: Dan Evans was an essential figure to the history of the Republican party in Washington state, including its rise under the leadership of Evans himself, Slade Gorton, Joel Pritchard, et. al. [pan to the exploding head of Doug Parris]... [read more]

"Rebuild the Party"
by Eric Earling, 06:12 PM, 30 Comments
There are two over-arching components in the process the national GOP moving forward after the events of November 4th: 1) Internal improvements: on that topic, I have publicly endorsed the "Rebuild the Party" plan put forward by some of my... [read more]

Huskies And Cougars
by Jim Miller, 02:27 PM, 28 Comments
On this one, I would like some help from fans:  How well have the Husky and Cougar football teams done since 2005? Why 2005?  That's when Christine Gregoire became governor.  And the UW and WSU are both public universities, so... [read more]

November 11, 2008
Happy Veterans Day
by Eric Earling, 11:57 AM, 26 Comments
Allow me to offer a humble and sincere thank you to the veterans in the reading audience. You have my thanks and best wishes.... [read more]

November 10, 2008
Cathy McMorris Rodgers Looking To Move Up
by Eric Earling, 06:31 PM, 14 Comments
Jim Camden reports she's looking to run for Vice Chairwoman of the House Republican Conference. That's exactly the kind of fresh blood in House GOP leadership I'd like to see.... [read more]

Legislative Race Update
by Eric Earling, 06:28 PM, 14 Comments
One change to report today: incumbent Republican John Ahern actually lost a slight bit of ground today in the 6th LD, a reversal from previous ballot counting trends, leaving him with a 49.95% - 50.05% deficit (or 63 votes). Big... [read more]

Dear Darcy,
by Eric Earling, 06:04 PM, 56 Comments
UPDATE: per now Seattle Weekly reporter Don Ward in the comments, Darcy Burner did finally make the concession call today. Good for her. If you haven't already done so, could you just please make that concession call to Dave Reichert... [read more]

The People Have Spoken
by Jim Miller, 12:32 PM, 32 Comments
Ignore them, says the Seattle Times.... [read more]

Quote of the Month
by pudge, 04:16 AM, 106 Comments
Let's grow up, conservatives. If we want to take the party back -- and I think we can -- let's get to work. -- Barry Goldwater, 27 July 1960. I am not on the McCain-bash bandwagon. This isn't about McCain.... [read more]

One good result from Obama's election
by warrenpeterson, 12:06 AM, 20 Comments
At least in Seattle, we should no longer see Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers on resident's Volvos. clearfogblog... [read more]

November 09, 2008
Governor's Race Q&A
by Eric Earling, 09:56 PM, 18 Comments
My cumulative thoughts on the Governor's race, in Q&A format... Much has been said about Obama's coattails dragging Gregoire across the finish line. Are the gubernatorial results really that simple? No, but it's no small part of it. Obama beat... [read more]

Local Democrats Give Advice to GOP
by Eric Earling, 09:46 AM, 36 Comments
That's a big chunk of the message from today's Andrew Garber work in the Seattle Times discussing the Evergreen State GOP. It features appearances from Dwight Pelz - who surely has pure motives for his commentary - as well as... [read more]

November 08, 2008
... And He's Taken The Lead!
by pudge, 04:21 PM, 20 Comments
Mike Hope, for the first time in the 44th LD race, is in the lead over Liz Loomis. As Eric noted previously, Mike's been gaining. Many counted him out. But the late ballots have trended heavily his way, and he's... [read more]

Joke Time
by Jim Miller, 02:07 PM, 16 Comments
Over the next four years conservatives are going to need a good sense of humor.  Fortunately, as psychologists have shown, most of us have one. Indeed, the conservatives did rate the traditional golf and marriage jokes as significantly funnier than... [read more]

Which Pollster Got the Governor's Race correct?
by Eric Earling, 12:47 PM, 7 Comments
Joni Balter says Stuart Elway. Elway's last poll had Gregoire up 12%, but you see, Elway told Balter in private conversation "that Gregoire would win by six or eight points." Ah, I see. It was Professor Plum, in the Study,... [read more]

Post-Election Mulling
by Eric Earling, 12:36 PM, 26 Comments
They're still crystallizing, but here's my starting point. Up and down the ballot the results largely matched my expectations (encapsulated here, in part): a local Obama blowout, large win for McKenna, tight races for Lands Commissioner & OPSPI, a modest... [read more]

Excusing Away Burner's Mistake
by Eric Earling, 12:16 PM, 22 Comments
Darcy Burner's netroots base will probably never let us hear the end of their earnest insistence that it was those rotten, corporate bastards at the Seattle Times who defamed Burner and thus manipulated the race in favor of Dave Reichert.... [read more]

People Without Perspective
by Eric Earling, 11:54 AM, 29 Comments
A dismaying trend emerging from this election season is liberals somehow now proud to call themselves an American or display the red, white, and blue. These people might want to reassess their dominant paradigm. I believe I join many other... [read more]

David Horsey's PDS
by Eric Earling, 09:44 AM, 49 Comments
That would be Palin Derangement Syndrome, on display: Yes, yes, it's just an editorial cartoon and he's trying to make some point based on whatever entirely trustworthy and bias-free coverage he reads from the New York Times (or hears from... [read more]

Mayor Nickels Vows to Violate Citizens' Rights
by pudge, 07:24 AM, 26 Comments
As the P-I reports, Mayor Nickels is planning to go ahead with a ban on guns on Seattle City land, and damn our rights: state law allows citizens to have guns there, and explicitly prohibits local regulations to the contrary.... [read more]

November 07, 2008
Reichert Adds to Lead
by Eric Earling, 07:27 PM, 53 Comments
More counts today in both King and Pierce Counties (with another coming from King later tonight). Reichert's lead is expanding in each locale, and if Pierce County ever figures out how to count ballots in a timely manner we'd have... [read more]

Legislative Races Confirming Late Conservative Ballot Trend
by Eric Earling, 06:44 PM, 9 Comments
More on this in greater detail later, but the continued counting in legislative races shows a trend benefiting Republican candidates in later vote tallies - almost universally - in virtually every competitive contest (see last night's post for a lengthier... [read more]

The Joel-acle Speaks
by Eric Earling, 07:28 AM, 87 Comments
The headline says "Wrecked GOP must abandon extremism," though the column itself spends more time warning against Democratic over-reach than anything else. Connelly's latest does also include some more on where the local GOP should head, in addition the comments... [read more]

Reichert is Winning...But Everyone Will Say It's Still Close
by Eric Earling, 07:04 AM, 28 Comments
King County's late evening count gave Dave Reichert a 55% - 45% advantage among those ballots. He has now moved into a narrow overall lead in King, in addition to his strong lead in Pierce County. Current overall margin: 51.10%... [read more]

November 06, 2008
Legislative Race Update
by Eric Earling, 08:08 PM, 23 Comments
All House contests until the end of the post... Hot race: Quasi-incumbent Norma Smith's race to hold the seat she was appointed to in the 10th LD. After an election night deficit, she is winning later counts outright, particularly in... [read more]

Reichert Extending Lead Over Burner
by Eric Earling, 08:00 PM, 19 Comments
Dave Reichert crossed a milestone today, winning a small count of mail-in ballots in King County this afternoon. Non-poll votes have been trending toward Reichert in King since an initial tally on Election Day that favored Burner 57% - 43%.... [read more]

Future of the WA St GOP
by Eric Earling, 06:35 PM, 49 Comments
This blogger is giving this election some time to settle in (and more votes to be counted) before exploring this topic, but I should note I conceptually agree with the take that Alex Hays gave to the Olympian. Digest. Comment.... [read more]

Accuracy of Presidential Polls
by Eric Earling, 06:31 PM, 7 Comments
The results are in. Conservatives will not be surprised to see Zogby, CBS/New York Times, and Newsweek bringing up the rear in accuracy. Indeed, polls sponsored by media organizations fared worse than the independent pollsters. Likewise, conservatives will not be... [read more]

Valerie Jarrett's Record
by Jim Miller, 05:13 PM, 12 Comments
Jarrett has been close to both Barack Obama and Michelle Obama for years and is now co-chairwoman of his transition team.  It is fair, I think, to say that her record shows much about both Obamas, since the three have... [read more]

Hey Chris, Hire Dino
by warrenpeterson, 05:11 PM, 13 Comments
In a post election news conference, Dino Rossi said he "offered his services and help" to Governor Gregoire and "wanted her to be successful as Governor." In Governor Gregoire's news conference, she responded that she "would take him up on... [read more]

November 05, 2008
David Horsey's Narrow View of the World
by Eric Earling, 08:29 PM, 107 Comments
In tomorrow's paper: It's fair to point out the bulk of negative ads run against Christine Gregoire in this cycle were run by independent groups, not the Rossi campaign. And as much as conspiracy theorists like to believe that candidates... [read more]

Reichert v. Burner Update - w/ AM numbers
by Eric Earling, 08:17 PM, 37 Comments
Dave Reichert did exceptionally well today in ballots counted in Pierce County, extending his lead over Darcy Burner in that portion of the 8th CD from 54.5% - 45.5% to 56.1% - 43.9%. That's a lot of movement in a... [read more]

The Silver Lining
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:23 PM, 96 Comments
The stock market reacts to the hopeful future under a President 0bama with the largest post-election plunge in U.S. history. Being the optimist that I am I can't help but look for the silver lining. How's this: Less wealth for... [read more]

More Ballot Insecurity
by Jim Miller, 01:22 PM, 21 Comments
In King County, where I live, voters can go to the polls, as I do, can vote by mail, as most do, or can drop off their absentee ballots in one these drop boxes. This particular box is located in... [read more]

Making history with a remarkably slow vote count
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:27 PM, 22 Comments
The King County vote count isn't merely slow. Yesterday was the slowest election night count in recent history. Compare with other recent election night tallies of mail ballots: Nov. 2004: 233,254 Nov. 2005: 148,164 Nov. 2006: 119,240 Nov. 2007: 144,600... [read more]

Dino Conceded
by pudge, 11:41 AM, 80 Comments
Say hello to much, much, much higher taxes in the near future.... [read more]

Initial Post-Election Day Thoughts
by Eric Earling, 09:32 AM, 57 Comments
Some things I'm chewing on before heading off to a partial work day... 1) Public polling was way off on Sound Transit's Prop 1. It's passing comfortably. Suburban roads projects, as envisioned by last year's RTID, are now almost guaranteed... [read more]

Debunking Sam Reed's latest canard
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:17 AM, 9 Comments
As noted earlier, Sam Reed has been preemptively blaming the slowness of the vote count on the fact that mail voters have until election day to mail their ballots. If only the law required all ballots to be in on... [read more]

Christine Gregoire Owes Obama
by Eric Earling, 09:06 AM, 15 Comments
Or more importantly, owes his campaign operation. There will be more to say on this race, but for now here's statistic that jumps out from this year's exit poll in our gubernatorial contest: Vote for Governor in 2004 - 46%... [read more]

by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:01 AM, 56 Comments
Sent by reader Arunas Banionis, who graced us with this one 4 years ago.... [read more]

Watching Legislative Races
by Eric Earling, 08:49 AM, 8 Comments
By the time all the votes are counted it looks like the state House will contain a couple more Republicans. Skip Priest in the 30th (south King) and Glenn Anderson in the 5th (east King) are in tight races, but... [read more]

Thanks for Nothing, Alaska
by Eric Earling, 08:35 AM, 22 Comments
GOP losses last night in Congress were not pleasant, but not as severe as many predicted - and significantly less problematic than one might expect given the ultimate margin of Obama's victory. That said, the return of Ted Stevens and... [read more]

Woke Up This Morning, Got Myself a Gun
by pudge, 08:28 AM, 83 Comments
I thought maybe he would feel better in the morning. Nope. I am still bothered by the many liberties to be lost under an Obama presidency and liberal Democratic Congress. Starting January 20, I am going to keep a list... [read more]

Reichert v. Burner near the dawn
by Eric Earling, 06:56 AM, 15 Comments
Reichert is now up overall 50.32% to Burner's 49.68%, after a long night of slowly tallying votes in King and Pierce. Notably, Reichert is winning later counts in King County outright after the first count of early mail-in ballots gave... [read more]

Final Thought of the Evening
by Eric Earling, 12:18 AM, 41 Comments
As I mentioned in the Reichert v. Burner thread, I'm hitting the hay now given the slow pace of vote counting in King & Pierce. See you in the morning on that one. For now, a preliminary thought on an... [read more]

November 04, 2008
Reichert v. Burner - UPDATED
by Eric Earling, 09:49 PM, 16 Comments
Thanks to Pierce County we may have a data void tonight...on top of how long it will take for King to a) tally mail-in ballots and b) collect and report poll votes. First returns, early mail-in ballots in King County... [read more]

Hey, Sam Reed
by Eric Earling, 09:21 PM, 10 Comments isn't cutting it tonight. Thanks for that.... [read more]

Other state & local races - UPDATED
by Eric Earling, 08:44 PM, 13 Comments
I-985 is toast. It's getting killed in Snohomish and Kitsap. It's numbers east of the Cascades are wretched...which aligns with some private polling I was made aware of. Eastern Washington folks saw this as a grab of local money to... [read more]

Trouble in the Gov's Race - UPDATED
by Eric Earling, 08:15 PM, 39 Comments
Not going to lie to you, first batch of returns in Snohomish County brings it to a tad over 45% turnout in that locale. The results: Gregoire 56% - Rossi 44% That's not a good margin compared to Election Night... [read more]

A Great Nation
by Eric Earling, 08:06 PM, 63 Comments
I am reminded watching our electoral system unfold tonight, the magic of representative democracy in action, and the beauty of our peaceful transfer of power in the greatest and most powerful nation in the world, that ours is a truly... [read more]

Meta Story Tonight in Advance of Governor's Race Results
by Eric Earling, 06:41 PM, 4 Comments
The tilt in key states such as OH, PA, and VA (regardless of whether or not it has been called yet) augers a significant, but not overwhelming Democratic advantage nationally. The truly exceptionally nature of our Governor's race makes for... [read more]

Counties I'm Watching Tonight in the Governor's Race
by Eric Earling, 06:30 PM, 3 Comments
Pierce: Oh, never mind. Snohomish: It, and perhaps Pierce, are the closest thing to pure swing counties we have in Washington state. Gregoire was ahead on election night in 2004. Rossi's strength in poll and late absentees gave him the... [read more]

Ballot Return Statistics
by Eric Earling, 06:15 PM, 0 Comments
Some counties I've been watching online in recent days have an update through today's activity. They are (and I'll update these throughout the night as counties provide new information): Spokane [pdf] - 71.39% Yakima [pdf] - 68.89% Clark - 67.25%... [read more]

Standing Rule
by Eric Earling, 06:09 PM, 9 Comments
I'm flipping between CNN, because I'm enthralled by the 67,428 analysts they have on the set to comment, & Fox, because I like Michael Barone's analysis. Whenever David Gergen comes on CNN, I change the channel.... [read more]

What I'm Watching in Legislative Races Tonight
by Eric Earling, 05:58 PM, 3 Comments
There is a strong cohort of GOP challengers trying to pick off some seats seized by Democrats in recent cycles. In order of probability of switching, I have my eye on: - Kevin Parker in the 6th LD (Spokane): a... [read more]

What I'm Watching Nationally - UPDATED
by Eric Earling, 05:43 PM, 3 Comments
Not a whole lot actually, I'll digest it in coming days. I'd like to see John Murtha go down. Ted Stevens getting the defeat he so richly deserves would be splendid too...even at the price of a Democrat holding that... [read more]

Presidential Race
by Eric Earling, 05:34 PM, 5 Comments
I'm not reporting on it tonight...mostly because it seems like a foregone conclusion. And as I type, I see PA is getting called for Obama. That makes McCain's Electoral College math very, very, very difficult.... [read more]

Reading for Today and Beyond
by Eric Earling, 04:04 PM, 8 Comments
We may have a long night on our hands in the Evergreen State. In the meantime, it's never too late to get started on post-Election reading. Regardless of how things far, the GOP is going to have repair work to... [read more]

Pierce County: This Year's Election Joke
by Eric Earling, 03:51 PM, 20 Comments
Thanks to their peculiar system of "ranked choice voting" and the software required to tabulate such ballots in county races, Pierce County won't be releasing results in statewide races tonight...or at least until several hours past midnight. Ridiculous. Makes me... [read more]

by Eric Earling, 03:47 PM, 4 Comments
I wasn't planning on doing any - I'm not much of a fan. But, Bryan Bissel of Politicker WA asked. Here's his post collecting thoughts from assorted names about the political scene. And here's what I sent him, verbatim: I-985... [read more]

Election Day in Seattle
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:04 PM, 30 Comments
This morning I took Shark Jr. to the pediatrician for his annual check-up. The doctor asks me how he's doing in school "Is he an above average student?" My above average curious first-grader asks: "What's an above average student?" "An... [read more]

Vote Choices
by Jim Miller, 02:27 PM, 11 Comments
Washington state gives voters many choices.  I just voted on a slew of candidates, including judges, and a slew of issues.  Not all of the choices are of great interest, so I will just tell you about the more important... [read more]

by Eric Earling, 07:27 AM, 26 Comments
Whatever the outcomes this evening - or in coming days (sigh) - we have had the pleasure of witnessing history. An unprecedented and unheard of Presidential primary season, a marathon, topsy turvy Presidential general election season, and an unheard of... [read more]

SurveyUSA's Final Down-Ballot Offering
by Eric Earling, 07:14 AM, 5 Comments
For whatever it's worth, here you go. Short version: McKenna up big, Sutherland and Dorn leading but under 50%. I-985 in trouble. I-1000 passing.... [read more]

Programming Note
by Eric Earling, 06:58 AM, 3 Comments
I'm taking the latter half of today off to provide election coverage from mid-afternoon on through...well, sometime late. Tips welcome at ericearling at gmail dot com.... [read more]

November 03, 2008
Jason Osgood, Dem for Secretary of State, Epic Fails
by pudge, 10:23 PM, 31 Comments
Democratic candidate for Washington Secretary of State graciously came on to Sound Politics to explain his plan for universal voter registration. Unfortunately for him, his audience was educated. We challenged his claims, we refuted them, and we exposed him as... [read more]

Nick Handy, Keeping It Classy
by Eric Earling, 08:27 PM, 8 Comments
Our less-than-favorite Secretary of State's office spokesperson offered some thoughts on voter turnout in a previously discussed P-I article today, lauding a Democratic county and degrading turnout in Republican strongholds: "Jefferson County? It's just something in the water. It's a... [read more]

Today's Mail-In Ballot Returns Stats
by Eric Earling, 08:15 PM, 2 Comments
Through this evening, the percentage of mail-in ballots returned in the counties making such data available online (at least that this blogger is aware of): King - 46.95% Pierce [pdf] - 53.82% Spokane [pdf] - 60.26% Snohomish [pdf] - 51.74%... [read more]

Darcy Burner's Closing Ad
by Eric Earling, 08:00 PM, 23 Comments
Is this the way her campaign envisioned coming down the final stretch? No. And at the risk of being a jerk, which I'm not trying to be, she looks like a teenager in the ad. Good for her thirty years... [read more]

Turnout Issues
by Eric Earling, 07:57 PM, 8 Comments
Follow-up to this morning's post discussing the P-I's claim that King County isn't turning out very well. In addition to the skepticism I noted (including their potential consideration of poll voters), there's another reason to doubt the P-I's assertion. A... [read more]

Endorsement - U.S. President
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:55 PM, 18 Comments
I'll be voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin In all fairness, my modest enthusiasm for John McCain is matched by my strong aversion to Barack Obama. Jim Miller's post captures my own thoughts pretty well, and expresses them more... [read more]

Last Poll in the Gov's Race
by Eric Earling, 07:06 PM, 8 Comments
From Strategic Vision: Gregoire 50% v. Rossi 48%. The same survey has Obama over McCain, 55% - 40%. In 2004, the last Strategic Vision poll had Gregoire +3% (with a lot of undecideds). We know how that one turned out.... [read more]

That Port Angeles Yacht Club?
by Jim Miller, 04:21 PM, 12 Comments
You may have heard about it in ads attacking Dino Rossi.  Dori Monson has a picture.  Doesn't look like a place for plutocrats, at least to me. (Note to commenters:  Please don't be a troll.  Please don't feed the trolls.... [read more]

Vote Against Speaker Pelosi
by Jim Miller, 03:30 PM, 8 Comments
In 2006, I argued that you should vote against any congressional candidate who would vote to make Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House.  My reason was simple: I objected to Alcee Hastings, the man that she was willing to make... [read more]

Think Like A Political Scientist, Not An Economist
by Jim Miller, 07:53 AM, 14 Comments
Or just think like a politician, not an economist.  That's my advice to Harvard economist Greg Mankiw, who is puzzled by this: Over at Intrade, you can bet on future tax rates.  Currently, the implied probability of a hike in... [read more]

Self-Immolation is Never a Pretty Thing
by Eric Earling, 07:24 AM, 26 Comments
In the midst of Joel Connelly's usual end-of-the-election-season raspberries column, there is this: The academic credentials debate in the Dave Reichert-Darcy Burner race can't be ignored. The encounter between Burner and KOMO/4 pundits Ken Schram and John Carlson is a... [read more]

The Youth Vote & Rossi
by Eric Earling, 06:48 AM, 29 Comments
We got another interesting data point over the weekend about a significant Obama-Rossi cohort in the ranks of younger voters. From yesterday's Seattle Times: Yet the UW poll, among others, highlighted another trend that benefits Rossi. Younger voters, ages 18... [read more]

Turnout Questions
by Eric Earling, 06:30 AM, 8 Comments
The Seattle P-I has crunched the numbers, at greater depth than that provided here, and decrees that voter turnout statistics thus far are not a good sign for Christine Gregoire. Maybe. Some presumably pro-Rossi strongholds are returning their ballots in... [read more]

Universal Voter Registration
by Jason Osgood, 12:28 AM, 36 Comments
Universal voter registration is very simple: Every eligible voter is registered to vote by default. Voters can "opt-out" if they choose, preserving their first amendment right to free speech. It also eliminates both voter fraud and the unlawful purging of voters. [read more]

November 02, 2008
Gregoire's Closer
by Eric Earling, 10:30 PM, 5 Comments
She ends the campaign the same way she started it, with a tone-deaf message that everything is just dandy in Washington state. Bizarre. Objectively, I'd take Dino Rossi's last ad - heck, I'd take any ad with him talking to... [read more]

by Mrs. Shark, 09:57 PM, 16 Comments
As a write-in candidate for Secretary of State, that is. Of course it's simply a "protest" vote against the two candidates. But believe me, I know that Stefan had nothing personal to gain from the hundreds of hours he spent... [read more]

McCain For President
by Jim Miller, 07:27 PM, 0 Comments
This year, the choice is as clear as it has been in at least a century.  Citizens who love this country, and who understand the choices, will vote for John McCain over Barack Obama, with no hesitation. There are positive... [read more]

All You Need to Know About the Governor's Race Today
by Eric Earling, 05:22 PM, 19 Comments
A University of Washington poll (link to actual poll results here) shows the race tightening, with undecideds moving toward Dino Rossi. Howard Dean is coming to town in an attempt to boost Christine Gregoire. Hint: the DNC Chair coming to... [read more]

I'm Skeptical Sound Transit's Prop 1 Will Pass
by Eric Earling, 05:04 PM, 7 Comments
A large price tag obviously played a substantial role in shooting down the combined Sound Transit/RTID measure last year. One should hardly expect that wouldn't be an issue given the current mood of electoral angst. A mid-October poll by SurveyUSA... [read more]

Endorsement - Secretary of State
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:56 PM, 13 Comments
Neither candidate is worthy. Write-in a different name of your choice. Sam Reed does not deserve re-election. Beneath the avuncular and gracious exterior, he is one of the least competent and most dishonest elected officials in Washington politics. His sidekick... [read more]

McCain's Last Hope
by Eric Earling, 04:32 PM, 12 Comments
It's encapsulated in Mason-Dixon polling in eight states, summarized by Jonathan Martin. Briefly, Mason-Dixon is one of the most respected names in state-level polling, by smart analysts and observers on both sides of the aisle. The firm's work pegs Obama,... [read more]

The Earling Ballot
by Eric Earling, 04:13 PM, 13 Comments
For what it's worth, and I'm not sure what that really is, here's how I'm casting my vote in major and/or competitive races, in order of appearance on the ballot itself: I-985: No. Discussed here. I-1000: No. The pro side... [read more]

Mail Ballot Horror Show (XXXIX)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:42 PM, 3 Comments
Less accurate, but slower and more expensive. To add to Eric's points below, we won't know the outcome of close races for days(weeks?). Unfortunately, Sam Reed is feeding the media two implausible explanations for the anticipated delay. Doubly unfortunate, the... [read more]

Other than that we have a great election system
by Eric Earling, 09:22 AM, 24 Comments
The Herald of Everett joins the chorus of papers predicting that we won't know the outcome of the Governor's race on Election Night: State Elections Director Nick Handy cautioned that voters shouldn't expect to know definitive results on election night... [read more]

The Stranger Publishers Pictures and Addresses of Homes With McCain Signs
by Ron Hebron, 06:29 AM, 148 Comments
Political intimidation here in the Seattle area. If you dare put up a sign for McCain-Palin you might be punished. Do you get the message? You don't want to take that chance, do you? Like Obama, the folks that... [read more]

November 01, 2008
Fred Walser's Sultan Colleagues, In Their Own Words
by pudge, 10:21 PM, 3 Comments
Val Stevens sent out a flier quoting officials of the City of Sultan in their own words, in statements submitted for Fred Walser's sentencing this past June, after his criminal conviction. We hope to get those documents to link to... [read more]

Open Candidate Post
by Jim Miller, 01:21 PM, 31 Comments
Comment on any candidate who is on the ballot anywhere in Washington state, pro or con — within, of course, the limits of good taste.  As usual, links to more information would be helpful. (I won't be putting up an... [read more]

Mail-In Ballot Returns
by Eric Earling, 09:01 AM, 11 Comments
Per reader and commenter "Glenno," I decided to update the ballot return statistics discussed at this post, showing the percentage of mail-in ballots returned to respective counties that make such data available online. Unless otherwise noted the numbers are through... [read more]

The Joy of our Mail-In Ballot System
by Eric Earling, 08:29 AM, 19 Comments
Reminder: you won't know the result of close races in Washington on Election night: The upshot is that only about half of the votes in the election statewide are likely to be counted and the results posted by the end... [read more]

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