Index of entries from August 2008
August 31, 2008
Fred Walser Fails to Keep Confidences
by pudge, 09:35 PM, 21 Comments
In our latest descent into the public record of Fred Walser, we look at the fact that Walser has displayed a pattern of not keeping confidences as part of his official capacity as a public servant. He has on multiple... [read more]

Part of the Reason the Left Doesn't Get Sarah Palin
by Eric Earling, 08:31 PM, 88 Comments
They still think Andrew Sullivan counts as some sort of conservative. That would be the same Andrew Sullivan showing the mindless stupidity of trying to legitimize the utterly loathsome idea of questioning whether or not Sarah Palin's 5th child is... [read more]

The Palin Pick: Two Final Thoughts
by Eric Earling, 01:43 PM, 72 Comments
1) Democrats and lefties railing about the notion of Palin being a heartbeat away from the Presidency might be better served figuring out why their guy is dramatically underperforming a generic Democrat on the national ballot rather than worrying about... [read more]

The Palin Pick: McCain being McCain
by Eric Earling, 01:23 PM, 1 Comments
Was the choice of Sarah Palin to be John McCain's ticket mate an act of desperation or a classic example of John McCain just being himself? According to the veteran, top dogs at the Politico it was the former. It... [read more]

August 30, 2008
Dino Rossi's Latest Ad: What is this Budget Deficit of Which You Speak?
by Eric Earling, 03:40 PM, 27 Comments
Christine Gregoire continues to deny the state has a budget deficit, both while speaking on the trail and while answering questions for YouTube's candidate forum. Dino Rossi's approach; put it front and center: Contrast.... [read more]

The Palin Pick: The Power of a Motivated Base - UPDATED
by Eric Earling, 03:25 PM, 40 Comments
We've talked before here at Sound Politics about the otherwise under-reported enthusiasm for Dino Rossi at the top of the state's GOP ticket. The Republican faithful in the Evergreen State are highly motivated to help Rossi's campaign after the events... [read more]

Joe Biden: The Michael Scott of American Politics
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:02 PM, 11 Comments
Steve Carrell as Michael Scott in NBC's The Office Just think about it. They're both from Scranton, Pennsylvania They've both spent their entire careers in only one job -- Scott at Dunder-Mifflin, Biden in the U.S. Senate. They're both... [read more]

Obama's Speech - UPDATED TWICE
by Eric Earling, 02:41 PM, 11 Comments
Let me add some additional commentary to Stefan's original thoughts: - It was objectively a great speech, well constructed and well delivered. It's enthusiasm inspiring factor was obvious. See Joel Connelly, Danny Westneat, and David Postman. Note also Marc Ambinder's... [read more]

The Palin Pick: It's Isn't About Hillary Voters - UPDATED
by Eric Earling, 01:54 PM, 52 Comments
Way too much commentary about John McCain's VP selection has postulated the pick was designed to woo disgruntled Hillary supporters. It's a cute idea that has little basis in reality. First, were women who turned out to vote or caucus... [read more]

Another Question for Fans of Kerry, Obama
by pudge, 10:47 AM, 69 Comments
Can you name for me a single person in this world who will vote for Obama over McCain because Sarah Palin is inexperienced? Just one person. Not a hypothetical one, an actual one, who isn't lying. No, you can't, because... [read more]

August 29, 2008
Some Further Points on the Palin Pick
by Eric Earling, 06:36 PM, 103 Comments
- It is impossible to put into words the immediate jump in enthusiasm from the conservative base, for the Republican ticket, now that Sarah Palin is on it. Some liberals and Karl Rover-haters will look down their noses at... [read more]

A Note on Governor Association Money
by Eric Earling, 08:11 AM, 8 Comments
The AP reports word that the Republican Governor's Association has allocated an additional $1 million to be spent on the contest between Dino Rossi and Christine Gregoire. The article notes: Before its recent million-dollar infusion in Washington, the Republican Governors... [read more]

Hilarious VP twist - Updated thrice with Palin discussion
by Eric Earling, 06:54 AM, 248 Comments
As of this typing, a furious pace of media reporting this morning - mostly online - has deduced that Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney are not McCain's VP selection. Likewise, a rapid and intriguing boomlet for Sarah Palin has risen... [read more]

Rossi's Obama Speech Ad
by Eric Earling, 06:36 AM, 6 Comments
As foreshadowed: Interesting ad, right in the wheelhouse of the Washington electorate, and clearly on one of the best topics for Rossi to find common ground with interested Obama speech-watchers. Despite the Democratic-lean of Evergreen State voters, fiscally conservative initiatives... [read more]

Open Thread On McCain's VP Pick
by Jim Miller, 05:26 AM, 13 Comments
Post your thoughts on who McCain should choose, and who you think he will choose.  I won't give my prediction because I don't have one.... [read more]

My quick take on Obama's speech
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:01 AM, 21 Comments
Of course I wasn't expecting to be favorably impressed with Obama's speech. And he didn't disappoint me! Nor do I think the speech would be particularly persuasive to anybody who isn't already drinking the Kool Aid. Just a few observations... [read more]

August 28, 2008
What does Barack Obama really believe?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:22 AM, 110 Comments
As this ad reminds us, Obama seems to believe that it's okay to have an unrepentant domestic terrorist (Bill Ayers) as a key political partner: And as his campaign's response to the above ad indicates, he also seems to believe... [read more]

Some Advice For Lance Dickie:
by Jim Miller, 10:18 AM, 3 Comments
If you are going to make arguments about one party, then you have to be willing to make the same arguments about the other party.  (He will almost certainly ignore this advice, but he shouldn't.)... [read more]

It Hardly Needs to Be Said...
by Eric Earling, 08:19 AM, 29 Comments
...but which ever volunteer was responsible for bringing out the the Obama $3 bills has the political brain of a small rodent. Fantastically stupid. Snohomish County GOP Chair Geri Modrell was right to quickly nip that in the bud and... [read more]

Cheats & Frauds Reminders
by Eric Earling, 07:57 AM, 10 Comments
Would you be surprised to learn that ACORN has been caught in yet another scheme to fraudulently inflate voter rolls? Subtle. In other ethically challenging news, what are the odds this SEIU scandal spreads to the Evergreen State? I wouldn't... [read more]

"This is a Moment"
by pudge, 07:47 AM, 31 Comments
Apparently today is one of the greatest moments in American history: a black man will receive the presidential nomination for one of the two major political parties. I do not feel like this is a special event. I do not... [read more]

Red County Update
by Eric Earling, 07:34 AM, 2 Comments
Red County Washington snagged Rudy Giuliani for a short interview during his recent visit to the state to help raise some coin for Dave Reichert. Meanwhile, the Red County empire is expanding a bit into Eastern Washington, adding Tom Forbes... [read more]

August 27, 2008
Question for fans of Gore, Kerry, Obama
by pudge, 10:31 PM, 24 Comments
I fully concede that Al Gore never said that he invented the Internet. It's a misinterpretation of what he he actually said, which was that he "took initiative in creating the Internet," that he took part in the legislative efforts... [read more]

Watch Obama's Speech to See Dino
by Eric Earling, 08:36 PM, 8 Comments
No joke. In a unique twist, the Rossi campaign sends out this: Dino Rossi for Governor 2008 will air its first General Election television ad tomorrow night. The new ad will air for one night only on network and cable... [read more]

About those "legions of Republicans"
by Eric Earling, 08:30 PM, 6 Comments
Seattle Times editorial writer Lance Dickie thinks former Republican Congressman Jim Leach's speech to the Democratic convention last night was a big deal: Leach was speaking for legions of Republicans who twice voted for President George Bush and can barely... [read more]

"Nervous" Democrats a Victim of Their Own Fear?
by Eric Earling, 08:02 PM, 4 Comments
Danny Westneat's coverage of the Democratic convention includes discussion of how "nervous" Democrats fear Barack Obama isn't being tough enough. Interesting question. Is he not tough enough or is his campaign being goaded into foolish responses by the specter of... [read more]

Campaign Finance Conundrum
by Eric Earling, 07:42 PM, 5 Comments
How exactly does John McCain's campaign report the in-kind contribution they are about to receive from the Obama camp/DNC? The next "celebrity" ad is pretty much going to compose itself. Between David Plouffe joking about how young the over-sized crowed... [read more]

Worth Reading
by Jim Miller, 02:37 PM, 13 Comments
Seattle Times columnist Danny Westneat interviews Democratic Congressman Brian Baird, who committed an unpardonable sin.  He was right about the surge. Brian Baird was lonely enough back when all his Democratic friends thought he was wrong. But now that it... [read more]

McCain's Pending VP Choice
by Eric Earling, 08:24 AM, 101 Comments
Speculating on who exactly John McCain is going to announce as his running mate on Friday is a bit of a fool's errand. The tightly held nature of the process means the details of it often don't leak out until... [read more]

What are bloggers?
by Eric Earling, 08:02 AM, 5 Comments
This is an obvious debate given the much grayer world in which bloggers operate. Are they activists or pundits...and sometimes reporters? It's a debate that has been vigorous on the right side of the blogosphere, including more recent thoughts from... [read more]

Putting that Primary Ballot Trend in Colors
by Eric Earling, 07:39 AM, 5 Comments
The Spokesman Review has some handy maps showing the contrast between the Governor's Primary on the night of the 19th versus how things look with the bulk of primary votes counted (previously discussed here and here). Watch the red get... [read more]

August 26, 2008
Hillary Clinton damns Barack Obama with faint praise
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:43 PM, 51 Comments
I haven't been able to stomach very much of the Democrat convention speeches. There's too much drivel. But I did hear most of Hillary Clinton's address (transcript). Many in the mainstream media are characterizing Clinton's speech thusly: a "generous, powerful... [read more]

Democrats and the Rule of Law
by pudge, 09:20 PM, 30 Comments
The Democrats put Lilly Ledbetter on the dais tonight. She is complaining because the Supreme Court ruled according to the law. A very brief synopsis, because that's all that's required: the law says you must file your complaint within six... [read more]

Wishful Thinking?
by Jim Miller, 04:00 PM, 19 Comments
The Seattle newspapers both praised Obama's choice of Joe Biden as his running mate.  First, the Seattle Times. Joe Biden adds heft to the Democratic ticket and brings few liabilities.  The senior senator from Delaware gives Barack Obama some things... [read more]

Democrats for McCain
by pudge, 07:56 AM, 69 Comments
I don't know of anyone who is right-leaning, or even moderate, Republican who is voting for Obama. Just a few on the left. But there's plenty of moderate and left-leaning Democrats supporting McCain. The latest McCain video is going to... [read more]

Question about the Convention
by pudge, 07:39 AM, 50 Comments
Have the Democrats talked about any problems where their proposed solution wasn't more government action and more taxpayer money? Was there any problem proposed where they answered, "that's not the government's job," or "the government doesn't have the right to... [read more]

August 25, 2008
A Reason to Like Joe Biden
by pudge, 03:22 PM, 36 Comments
Do you remember the CNN debate last November (no, not the one I was in!), where some audience members were allowed to ask questions of the Democratic candidates? I was reminded of this tonight, seeing CNN's Suzanne Malveaux at the... [read more]

Democrat Western Message: Environment and Welfare
by pudge, 09:01 AM, 30 Comments
The DNC video Countdown to America's Future (who came up with that terribly ominous-sounding title?) is ... well, interesting, so far. They have their fake "reporter" talking about states that have shifted their governor from Red to Blue in the... [read more]

August 24, 2008
Cornfield on Primary Results
by pudge, 05:47 PM, 5 Comments
Herald political reporter Jerry Cornfield weighs in on some interesting primary results, including Mike Hope's run against Liz Loomis in the 44th LD: Republican Mike Hope of Lake Stevens can't be faulted for feeling the third time will be charming... [read more]

Negative Equity And Democratic Votes
by Jim Miller, 02:26 PM, 47 Comments
When I glanced at the graphic accompanying this article, the pattern seemed familiar.  Take a look at the map yourself, and see if you see the same pattern in that map that I did.  (The map is on the left... [read more]

Any Cartoonists Out There?
by Jim Miller, 10:43 AM, 0 Comments
From time to time I think of a cartoon that I think would go well with Sound Politics.  Unfortunately, my artistic skills are limited.   I can draw a picture of a stick figure — that looks something like a... [read more]

Pre-Labor Day Slowdown
by Eric Earling, 09:14 AM, 7 Comments
There will be light, intermittent blogging from this contributor for several days. In the meantime, and speaking of slowdowns, one story to keep on eye is ongoing contract talks between Boeing and Machinists Union. Based on the latest in the... [read more]

Re: Biden, From Pudge's Archives
by pudge, 07:42 AM, 17 Comments
Biden Lies About His Age, Pretends He Violated the Constitution Authorization to Go to Iran Biden "Insult" If Membership to the MLB Hall of Fame Were Determined by Congress Cross-posted on <pudge/*>.... [read more]

August 23, 2008
This next song is dedicated to Sen. Joseph Biden
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:29 PM, 52 Comments
If you're wondering about the coal miner reference, recall the embarrassing end of Biden's 1987 White House bid, as reported by the New York Times. Time Magazine summarized:"The basic rap against Biden," explains Democratic Pollster Geoff Garin, "is that... [read more]

Irony Watch: Subtle Cheerleader Edition
by Eric Earling, 02:10 PM, 11 Comments
One local reporter seems perturbed that the AP did this crazy thing - called reporting breaking news - rather than wait for the Obama campaign's promised text message to announce early this morning what the political world had already figured... [read more]

Another Cool Olympic Feat: Redemption
by Eric Earling, 11:28 AM, 3 Comments
And no, I don't mean the USA Men's Basketball Team "redeeming" their rancid performances of recent years. I mean Kobe Bryant rehabilitating his own image. From his authentic pride of country, to the enthusiasm of he and his teammates for... [read more]

Two Footnotes on That Mail-In Ballot Trend
by Eric Earling, 10:36 AM, 10 Comments
Related to this post: 1) Even with the pro-Rossi/pro-Republican tilt of later ballots, Gregoire should still will win the primary, and her lead should open up a bit again thanks to the estimated 80,000 ballots left to count in King... [read more]

Time for a Change
by pudge, 07:41 AM, 18 Comments
Someone yesterday told me that Dino Rossi was copying Obama by saying "it's time for a change." At first I didn't get the point: they just said, did you notice that Rossi's campaign slogan is "It's time for a change"?... [read more]

August 22, 2008
Of Furries and Klingons
by pudge, 11:26 PM, 2 Comments
Upon the posting of John Ladenburg's top 10 questions for Rob McKenna, the News Tribune takes a turn at mocking the attorney general challenger: Our favorite: "Have you ever met McGruff the Crime Dog, and do you think he would... [read more]

Joe Biden Open Thread
by pudge, 11:22 PM, 40 Comments
Joe Biden is apparently Obama's choice for VP, as if you didn't already know. Discuss. Or don't.... [read more]

Re: Confirming a Conservative Trend in Late Mail-In Ballots
by Eric Earling, 09:05 PM, 19 Comments
That trend of late ballots favoring Republicans has even more evidence from this primary Jim Camden of at the Spokesman Review has noted too. Dino Rossi's campaign put out a memo today noting the stark shift in ballots counted... [read more]

Rossi, Gregoire Answer YouTube Questions
by pudge, 03:08 PM, 20 Comments
Dino Rossi and Christine Gregoire answer questions from YouTube viewers. Dino's videos look and sound much better, and his answers were much clearer and more succinct. Very professionally done. The five questions came from three liberals, one conservative, and one... [read more]

Walser's State Patrol Records Reveal More of the Same
by pudge, 11:31 AM, 25 Comments
Decmoratic State Senate candidate Fred Walser was in the Washington State Patrol for 28 years. Let's review his final few years at the Washington State Patrol and let his superiors speak, from Walser's own personnel records. For example: "Your actions... [read more]

August 21, 2008
Confirming a Conservative Trend in Late Mail-In Ballots
by Eric Earling, 08:26 PM, 39 Comments
I raised this issue in 2006: early mail-in ballots tend to favor Democrats, later mail-in ballots have a more conservative twist, especially in more competitive jurisdictions. We have more proof of that from recent tallies since this year's Primary Night.... [read more]

McCain Rides High in Saddlebrook
by warrenpeterson, 06:19 PM, 46 Comments
It's been almost a week since the debate of sorts hosted by Rev. Rick Warren at Saddlebrook Church in California. It may have been a turning point in the campaign for the White House if the jump in the polls... [read more]

August 20, 2008
Context on that "Sweat" Money
by Eric Earling, 10:53 PM, 31 Comments
From Chris McGann's look at Evergreen Progress, the polyglot Democratic attack PAC going after Dino Rossi: "The contributions that Evergreen Progress has received thus far are contributions that were earned through someone's sweat and effort," he said. "The construction workers,... [read more]

Laugh Line of the Week
by Eric Earling, 08:48 PM, 16 Comments
Ok, last week really, but here is primo netrooter Matt Stoller, in town to campaign for Darcy Burner, describing our local press corps: [Reichert's] name recognition and respect in the district, and the incredibly nasty and conservative media in Seattle,... [read more]

Primary Notes: Rossi v. Gregoire
by Eric Earling, 08:30 PM, 16 Comments
Much like the Reichert v. Burner race discussed below on the main page, we really didn't learn much new about the contest between Dino Rossi and Christine Gregoire. In the end, however, Rossi pollster Bob Moore might end up looking... [read more]

Primary Notes: Reichert v. Burner
by Eric Earling, 08:02 PM, 15 Comments
It may presage very little for November, but Darcy Burner finishing second in her primary is not the optics her campaign was looking for...especially after she talked up the primary's importance on YouTube. Those optics are helped even less by... [read more]

Primary Notes: General Observations
by Eric Earling, 07:42 PM, 6 Comments
1) Turnout looks to be low. As of this typing, the state's website shows 26.66% turnout in terms of ballots counted thus far. Turnout will likely remain well under 40%, even after the later mail-in ballots are tallied and King... [read more]

Municipal League - "Not Qualified"
by warrenpeterson, 08:41 AM, 21 Comments
The Municipal League of King County has been rating candidates for decades. Their influence has been waning but they still have a responsibility to get it right. In the race for State Representative in the 46th District, the Muni League... [read more]

by Jim Miller, 08:07 AM, 40 Comments
Governor Gregoire says yesterday's result shows that negative campaigning doesn't work.  (I'm pretty sure she wasn't joking.)... [read more]

August 19, 2008
Primary Night Thread
by Eric Earling, 08:54 PM, 60 Comments
I'm not doing anything approaching live blogging tonight since there is almost nil on the table for the major races in our state this November (see David Postman for a more detailed discussion on that topic). I'll have some thoughts... [read more]

August 18, 2008
Night & Day Contrast in the Governor's Race
by Eric Earling, 09:05 PM, 36 Comments
One candidate is rolling out a series of steps to deal seriously with the state's large, looming budget deficit. One candidate won't even acknowledge it exists. Subtle.... [read more]

Michael Phelps's Gift
by Eric Earling, 08:59 PM, 19 Comments
Loyal readers know this blogger is a serious swimming enthusiast, and major Olympics fan to boot. Needless to say, this past week has been like no other for yours truly. After having a couple days to think about it, there... [read more]

I Voted
by pudge, 03:08 PM, 39 Comments
Today I voted. In person. At the town library. I know that Washington is almost all vote-by-mail now, but you're still allowed to vote in person at disabled access voting sites. I do not like voting by mail personally, I... [read more]

Luck Of The Draw [Updated]
by Jim Miller, 10:54 AM, 11 Comments
Sent me home from jury duty this morning.  More than forty potential jurors showed up this morning; twenty-six numbers were drawn and mine wasn't one of them.  There is just one trial scheduled for today, and juries in this court... [read more]

August 17, 2008
The Evidence Against Fred Walser
by pudge, 11:36 PM, 19 Comments
I realize that not everyone has followed all that we've written about Democratic Senate candidate Fred Walser, and we've written so much, and made so many serious claims, that some people think that some of what we've said isn't true... [read more]

Vote Tuesday - Some Suggestions
by warrenpeterson, 11:33 PM, 37 Comments
Since I generally vote a straight party line, I can't be considered objective in partisan offices but voting for Republican candidates in Seattle, regardless of qualifications, at least shows the flag for my team and reveals the base Republican vote.... [read more]

Semi-Open Post On Tuesday's Primary Election
by Jim Miller, 07:05 PM, 17 Comments
Any civil comments on Tuesday's election are OK, especially why we should vote for or against a candidate, and for or against a measure.   Please stay on the topic of the election choices, but otherwise everyone and everything is... [read more]

Worst Moral Failure
by pudge, 02:58 PM, 116 Comments
When Rick Warren asked Obama for the nation's worst moral failure, I paused the DVR and told my friend, "The worst moral failure of our nation is our repeated attempts to define away the rights of individuals, whether it is... [read more]

An Amazing Denial of Reality
by Eric Earling, 09:20 AM, 15 Comments
Note this stunner from Christine Gregoire during her time spent with our liberal counterparts in the blogosphere last week: Rossi is charging, for instance, that Gregoire is leading the state into a deep deficit. "Thirty states are now sitting on... [read more]

A Recurrent Theme
by Eric Earling, 09:05 AM, 3 Comments
Chris Mulick over at the Tri-City Herald has spent some time examining the status of state legislative races with the "top two" primary system upon us. One conclusion will sound rather familiar to readers of posts here and here: Reports... [read more]

August 15, 2008
Context on That "Constitutional Crisis" in Snohomish County
by Eric Earling, 09:53 PM, 20 Comments
There's a spat now in Snohomish County government about the implementation of a hiring freeze. Surprise, surprise, the Council and Executive Aaron Reardon don't agree, with the Prosecutor siding with the Council. I don't know enough about the particulars of... [read more]

Riddle Me This: Russia Edition
by pudge, 07:33 PM, 36 Comments
I was listening to Bill Richardson on "This Week" say that it's basically Bush's fault that fighting was continuing in Georgia, because if only he had a better relationship with Russia, we could put pressure on them to stop, and... [read more]

More Cartoons The Seattle Papers Don't Want You To See
by Jim Miller, 10:10 AM, 24 Comments
From Pulitzer prize-winning cartoonist Michael Ramirez.  My favorite in the current batch is from August 13th, but you will probably find a number that you like. I have never quite figured out why the Times and the PI refuse to... [read more]

Olympics Over For Me
by pudge, 09:41 AM, 35 Comments
I have to stop watching the Olympics now. I just heard this on the TV: "The games of the twenty-ninth Olympiad on the networks of NBC are brought to you ... by Walt Disney Pictures' new comedy 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua,'... [read more]

August 14, 2008
Force Multiplying Attack Ads
by Eric Earling, 10:40 PM, 39 Comments
Criticizing a candidate on TV or radio is one thing. When those barbs turn into earned media as well then you've achieved something. That's just what the Benton County GOP has done, launching a radio ad that has drawn print... [read more]

Survey says...
by Eric Earling, 09:52 PM, 13 Comments
SurveyUSA's latest in the Governor's race has Christine Gregoire up over Dino Rossi by a narrow 50% - 48% margin. Perhaps Stuart Elway can now tell us that Gregoire is up by 20? Note that's trend lines for the... [read more]

Fred Walser Makes Things Up Yet Again
by pudge, 06:36 PM, 20 Comments
In a Fred Walser mail piece I received today, under the header, "Sometimes, our elected officials do confusing things...," Fred Walser claims that incumbent Senator "Val Stevens told local residents they didn't have to cooperate with police. She said,... [read more]

What Kind Of People Support Barack Obama?
by Jim Miller, 01:26 PM, 0 Comments
All kinds, of course.   And among his supporters are people like this enterprising local couple. Regan "Draco" Lane-Smith and "Naughty" Nonah Elliston outfitted their six-bedroom rental house with 15 mattresses, bondage crosses and sex swings.  They built elaborate sets... [read more]

[Reminder] $20,000 Restitution Due @ 2008-10-23 1:30pm
by pudge, 12:23 AM, 28 Comments
Fred Walser, this is a reminder for $20,000 Restitution Due 2008-10-23 1:30pm (Timezone: Pacific Time) Sultan, WA, US (map) Calendar: Criminal Sentence Obligations Only 10 weeks left! If you don't pay your restitution on time, your one-year suspended jail... [read more]

August 13, 2008
Governor's Race Heats Up Below the Radar Screen
by Eric Earling, 09:58 PM, 14 Comments
Though you won't read much about it in the news, and with nary a peep from the campaigns themselves, our Governor's race is relatively hot and heavy on TV and radio given how far we are from November. Evergreen Progress... [read more]

Issues v. Distractions
by Eric Earling, 09:07 PM, 11 Comments
By now we're all used to the assertion that whenever campaign topics turn to unfavorable ground, many Democrats are quick to claim these are "distractions" - evil Republican tricks to turn the attention of voters from more important "issues." Then... [read more]

Joe Wilson's Poor Form
by Eric Earling, 08:16 PM, 7 Comments
No, not former Ambassador and famed windbag Joe Wilson, with the hottie wife famous for his marriage to Valerie Plame. I mean candidate for Snohomish County Superior Court Joe Wilson. All three candidates in the open race for Position 6... [read more]

Northern Spotted Owls And Science
by Jim Miller, 02:08 PM, 23 Comments
In 1991, District Judge William Dwyer declared that the federal government was not doing enough to protect northern spotted owls and shut down most logging in Northwest old growth forests.  In 1994, Judge Dwyer approved a Clinton administration plan that... [read more]

August 12, 2008
Dino Rossi Interview
by Eric Earling, 10:17 PM, 31 Comments
The good folks at Red County are at it again, this time with an interview with Dino Rossi. I note in particular this line: This election is not about me, it's not about Christine Gregoire; it's about changing the culture... [read more]

What's Darcy Burner Running on?
by Eric Earling, 09:59 PM, 40 Comments
I honestly haven't figured it out yet. Her 2006 effort was all about George W. Bush. Yet, her campaign never sealed the deal, failing to establish her as a reasonable alternative to the experienced and moderate record of Dave Reichert.... [read more]

John Edwards / Fred Walser 08
by pudge, 02:37 PM, 29 Comments
Yes, those are "John Edwards 08" bumper stickers on the Fred Walser RV at today's Monroe Chamber of Commerce candidate forum. Update: for some reason, this post on John Edwards seems to be attracting more spam than most posts, and... [read more]

Sound Politics in the News
by Eric Earling, 08:18 AM, 10 Comments
Clark Frederickson at Crosscut is digging deeper into the local blogosphere, starting with a look at SP and Horse's Ass. Enjoy.... [read more]

August 11, 2008
Gregoire Supporter Doesn't Get Tazed
by pudge, 11:56 PM, 74 Comments
A Gregoire supporter trespassed at a Rossi event, got lawfully removed when he refused to leave on his own, and he wouldn't even let the police conduct a lawful interview of a witness in private. Rossi had nothing to do... [read more]

Another Week, Another Rossi Contributor Milestone
by Eric Earling, 10:23 PM, 4 Comments
At the tail end of a recent, monthly update to its email list, the Rossi campaign tucked in the news it has passed the 41,000th contributor threshold. Why does that matter? Rossi's surprising 2004 campaign amassed 30,745 contributors - including... [read more]

Dave Reichert in the News
by Eric Earling, 09:26 PM, 22 Comments
The Reichert campaign has released two web-only ads, also available here, targeted to reach viewers in the 8th District at the websites they visit (using the innovative techniques of this guy). This creates an interesting contrast. While Reichert is using... [read more]

Of Foxes and Henhouses
by pudge, 09:11 PM, 66 Comments
President Bush wants to give more latitude to federal agencies to determine for themselves whether projects might harm endangered species. The author of the AP story doesn't understand what's going on: they write, in the lead, "Parts of the Endangered... [read more]

Open Post For Endorsements
by Jim Miller, 12:39 PM, 41 Comments
But endorsements only, please.  If possible, add a link to your candidate's site, since that will help make the post useful for voters who are looking for information before they vote in the primary on the 19th. For example:  I... [read more]

Thomas Frank is Still Pretty Dumb
by pudge, 10:16 AM, 7 Comments
Bestselling author Thomas Frank, who previously wrote a book telling people that he knew what's better for them than they do, has now written a book called "The Wrecking Crew," in which he takes his question-begging sideshow to the next... [read more]

August 10, 2008
The State Income Tax
by Eric Earling, 09:48 PM, 30 Comments
Let us stipulate that whatever the nuances and particulars of the debate, it is not favorable ground for Christine Gregoire to be involved in a discussion of her public willingness to embrace the idea of a state income tax. Even... [read more]

That Sound You Heard...
by Eric Earling, 09:25 PM, 42 Comments
...earlier this evening may have been my jubilant screaming after watching the greatest swimming race I have ever seen. That's the kind of excitement that makes the Olympics truly special. I wasn't the only one excited...for good cause. Wow.... [read more]

Responding to Lameness
by Eric Earling, 06:44 PM, 16 Comments
The best response to the left-of-center Establisment tut-tutting about John McCain's "celebrity" ad campaign comes to us from Jon Stewart. It's probably rated PG-13 and if you must ask about the "teabag" reference then I'm not going to be the... [read more]

The Ronulans are after me
by Ron Hebron, 01:37 PM, 66 Comments
The rabid supporters of Ron Paul are trying to take over the Republican Party. They tried going with the Losertarians (Michael Medved's term for Libertarians) but got no one elected. This time they are working the trenches and having some... [read more]

August 09, 2008
YouTube Questions for Rossi and Gregoire
by pudge, 06:47 PM, 25 Comments
YouTube is taking questions for Dino Rossi and Christine Gregoire. I added my own question about SSOSA (and my song about Gregoire is attached as a response as well). Sonya Jones and Amber Gunn from the EFF asked some questions... [read more]

A Question For Cooks
by Jim Miller, 12:25 PM, 29 Comments
And only cooks, please.  Arugula.  Is the stuff any good?  If so, where would you use it, and why? My outdated copy of the Joy of Cooking doesn't even mention it.  On the other hand, Mark Bittman uses it in... [read more]

The State of the Governor's Race
by Eric Earling, 11:27 AM, 16 Comments
Want more proof that Stuart Elway "could not accurately poll himself"? Rasmussen's latest on the Evergreen State gubernatorial contest has Christine Gregoire up by four over Dino Rossi, 50% - 46%, and under the much-watched 50% marker if "leaners" are... [read more]

August 08, 2008
McCain and Keating Five Update
by pudge, 09:16 AM, 84 Comments
When last we met on this topic, dinesh repeated to us some lies about McCain and the Keating Five that he found at a site called McCainKeatingFive. dinesh did retract one of the lies, though not all of them. A... [read more]

Olympics = Distracted Blogger
by Eric Earling, 12:45 AM, 12 Comments
Confession: I won't be following politics in typical fashion during the Olympics. They have long been one of my favorite sporting events, even before having the chance to attend a major international competition in person (thank you KJR-AM!). There is... [read more]

August 07, 2008
Rossi & Gregoire Now Toe-to-Toe
by Eric Earling, 11:58 PM, 15 Comments
For the first time in this campaign, Dino Rossi and Christine Gregoire are squared off in directly competing TV ads, marking a new phase in the contest...even though neither campaign is doing much to talk about the spots besides popping... [read more]

The Paris Energy Plan?
by Eric Earling, 11:33 PM, 16 Comments
When I said Paris Hilton is speaking more clearly on energy policy than the major Presidential candidates I clearly wasn't alone. Jim Manzi says as much at the Corner on National Review Online. As does Lance Dickie at the Seattle... [read more]

Who is Endorsing Fred Walser?
by pudge, 04:28 PM, 25 Comments
Does it send a good signal to teachers, students, and parents that the Washington Education Association is endorsing someone who is under a one-year jail sentence for lying to investigators? As you should know by now, Fred Walser filed to... [read more]

Bush Should Boycott Olympics
by pudge, 09:51 AM, 62 Comments
Until now I didn't really care: while I have my issues with China, I am all for setting aside differences, when possible, for the Olympics. But now China is banning American Olympians from the Olympics. And they are arresting protestors,... [read more]

August 06, 2008
New Meaning to the Term "Welfare State"
by Eric Earling, 09:07 PM, 63 Comments
Nearly one if five persons employed in Washington state is a government employee A massive spike in state spending wouldn't have anything to do with that, by chance?... [read more]

She said what?
by Eric Earling, 09:02 PM, 23 Comments
Christine Gregoire says the TV ad (2nd one down, here) calling her out on the topic of tribal gaming and contributions to the state Democrats is "racist" (original source here). As much fun as it is to go down this... [read more]

On the Eve of a Great Spectacle...
by Eric Earling, 08:34 PM, 2 Comments
...Ron Judd's Olympic Insider blog reports on a thrilling selection for the athlete chosen to bear our flag in the Opening Ceremonies. The choice, Lopez Lomong, is a man uniquely qualified to have the honor and represent that for which... [read more]

Rember This in These Warm Days of August
by Eric Earling, 08:01 PM, 3 Comments
From Mark Blumenthal at Most Americans are paying far less attention to news about the campaign than most journalists, pundits and readers of this site. If we assume that all Americans are following the campaign as a jury follows... [read more]

Damn, That Hussy Has a Point
by Eric Earling, 07:48 PM, 13 Comments
I was reminded by an email on the topic from a buddy that Paris Hilton's now famous video response to the "Celebrity" ad does a clearer job of succinctly stating a rational, long-term energy policy for the nation than has... [read more]

WA Gov's Race on Special Report
by Eric Earling, 07:28 PM, 6 Comments
Our Evergreen State gubernatorial contest was the subject of some examination on Fox News tonight. The gross of appearance of conflict of interest was the theme.... [read more]

Reichert Interview
by Eric Earling, 07:09 PM, 0 Comments
Mike Kerr over at Red County Washington has an interview with Congressman Dave Reichert that is worth a read. I note with approval that when asked about his agenda, Reichert's answer was very heavy on energy and the economy.... [read more]

More Numbers On Gore's Proposal
by Jim Miller, 04:00 PM, 12 Comments
Which Barack Obama has adopted, in part.  This time from the Wall Street Journal. Currently, alternative sources -- wind, solar, biomass, hydroelectric and geothermal -- provide less than 7% of yearly domestic consumption.  Throw out hydro and geothermal, and it's... [read more]

Don Ward Wants You ...
by pudge, 03:24 PM, 4 Comments
Don Ward Wants You to check out his new gig at Seattle Weekly. Today he is in search of some good anti-war protestors.... [read more]

The Apocalypse Dawns
by Eric Earling, 06:40 AM, 49 Comments
Joel Connelly: Eyman's latest deserves a look Though I must confess, I'm probably as conflicted as Connelly on the topic...for slightly different reasons. More on that later.... [read more]

August 05, 2008
OMG, it's an Elway poll!
by Eric Earling, 07:36 PM, 30 Comments
I see from some of the comments in this thread that a discussion of Stuart Elway's latest poll, showing a big lead for Christine Gregoire, is in order. Candidly, I don't know why people continue to put credence in his... [read more]

Alternate Candidates for Governor
by pudge, 08:31 AM, 49 Comments
Who will receive your vote for Washington's next governor? I imagine most people reading this, who are eligible to vote, will quickly reply that it is Dino Rossi. A handful of others will provide the name of the incumbent, Christine... [read more]

August 04, 2008
The Real Message of Gregoire's Ad Campaign
by Eric Earling, 08:12 PM, 18 Comments
Between her first TV ad, her second, and now versions for Yakima and Spokane as well, there is one clear message lurking beneath the surface of Team Gregoire's pre-primary efforts: "please, dear God, do not let our candidate finish second... [read more]

Darcy Burner's 1st Ad
by Eric Earling, 07:42 PM, 21 Comments
60 second ads are generally a bad choice short of Presidential politics or a high profile, statewide race. Why? Voters just don't care that much. That alone makes Burners ad a tough sell. Clearly, her campaign understands that "Darcy... [read more]

Democrats Reeling On Energy
by Eric Earling, 07:32 PM, 21 Comments
Our friends over at Red County Washington are all over the the Guerrilla Congress movement, to force a vote on new energy policy (more here). If this election turns out to be not as brutal as once feared for Republicans,... [read more]

Re: Urban Liberals Not Getting The Suburbs
by Eric Earling, 07:12 PM, 2 Comments
Speaking of demographic-related issues, The New Republic has a fascinating story on the changing mix of many American cities (h/t: Jonathan Martin). The Seattle metro area - especially with its tech-centered job growth - seems like a prime example of... [read more]

What Has Obama Accomplished?
by Jim Miller, 06:19 PM, 28 Comments
(If anything.)  Those who read Sound Politics regularly know that I have been trying to get his local supporters to answer that question since last December.  With no luck so far. But I am not giving up.  Starting this week,... [read more]

Urban Liberals Not Getting The Suburbs
by pudge, 11:22 AM, 29 Comments
I saw a very puzzling story on NewsHour recently, about an art exhibit in Minneapolis that "tackl[es] the stereotype about suburbs, that of a colorless, design-free zone." These are, unfortunately, people who believe in and perpetuate suburban stereotypes ... even... [read more]

August 03, 2008
House Republicans Still Need to Pick Up the Pace
by Eric Earling, 09:58 PM, 8 Comments
I've been keeping on eye on legislative fundraising since a post in June critical of where House Republicans are at in raising money to support their candidates. With the help of the PDC's updated website, let's take a look at... [read more]

Partisan Primary History in Context
by Eric Earling, 07:56 PM, 10 Comments
Goldy is convinced that the Reichert campaign and/or people who think that Democrats have a history of outperforming Republicans in competitive Washington primaries are wrong. Unfortunately for Goldy, the facts don't actually back him up. His analysis relies on uncompetitive... [read more]

Cantor as an option for VP? That works.
by Eric Earling, 05:51 PM, 5 Comments
Word that Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor is on the vetting list for John McCain's VP possibilities should be good news for conservatives. Cantor, like Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin, is just the kind of person that needs to continue rising... [read more]

August 02, 2008
Paper or Plastic?
by warrenpeterson, 08:52 PM, 51 Comments
The Seattle City Council passed an ordinance six to one (two absent) to impose a twenty-cent fee if you request a paper or plastic bag at the grocery store checkout. More hassle for the public, more paperwork for the store,... [read more]

Are Democrats Different Than Republicans?
by warrenpeterson, 08:44 PM, 34 Comments
At the Lake City Pioneer Days this Saturday, there was some antidotal (see comments 6 and 8) evidence that Democrats, at least in Seattle, are different from Republicans. The 46th District Republican booth was festooned with the Stars and Stripes.... [read more]

An Odd Democratic Fascination with Abortion
by Eric Earling, 10:27 AM, 45 Comments
Unless you're a fervent activist on either side of the abortion debate, you generally accept that notion that the while the issue is a significant issue for many voters, it is rarely a lens through which a large segment of... [read more]

6th District GOP Contest Still Brewing
by Eric Earling, 09:44 AM, 2 Comments
Via PolitickerWA, I see Rich Roesler at the Spokesman Reivew is covering the Republican battle for a legislative seat in Spokane that we've been discussing here at Sound Politics. Roesler links to the original public blog post that first brought... [read more]

The fight for higher gas prices
by Ron Hebron, 07:10 AM, 42 Comments
Why do your required business when you can cause higher gas prices instead? Nancy Pelosi made her mark on history by being the first Speaker of the House in 50 years to fail to pass even one appropriations bill before... [read more]

Pudge Meets PC Police
by pudge, 01:16 AM, 20 Comments
Tonight I attempted to sing a song of unity and hope for both our presidential candidates, but I ran into a problem with Tweedley, from the Internet Citizens Committee. It seems no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't say... [read more]

August 01, 2008
Gregoire's Tone Deaf Ad Campaign Continues
by Eric Earling, 08:07 PM, 16 Comments
Christine Gregoire's campaign has added a second spot to her TV ad rotation, even though it doesn't as yet appear on her campaign website as of this typing: I've said before Gregoire's campaign needs to talk about her accomplishments, which... [read more]

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