Index of entries from November 2007
November 30, 2007
Gregoire's Danger Zone
by Eric Earling, 07:30 PM, 25 Comments
Let's stipulate for starters that no Democrat is on their preferred rhetorical ground when they're debating whether or not Tim Eyman is getting the best of them in Olympia. But that's not the real issue for the Governor. The disgruntlement... [read more]

Great Column By Nicole Brodeur
by Jim Miller, 01:39 PM, 68 Comments
No, really.  Here are the first two paragraphs. You don't want to go down there. Not even in broad daylight, and certainly not alone. That was the warning I got from some Seattle Parks and Recreation employees the other day.... [read more]

November 29, 2007
Understanding Huckabee and Social Conservatives
by Eric Earling, 10:24 PM, 120 Comments
David Horsey's latest takes a stab at understanding the latest twist in the horserace of the Republican nominating contest. Horsey's simplification of Rudy Giuliani as the candidate of national security conservatives, Mitt Romney for "business conservatives," and Mike Huckabee for... [read more]

CNN in the cross hairs...and other reasons conservatives don't trust the MSM
by Eric Earling, 07:43 PM, 35 Comments
In the wake of last night's debate, conservative irritation with CNN is running high, fueled by the network's gratuitous inability to do the most basic fact checking on its selected YouTube questioners. Democratic voters asking questions at a Republican primary... [read more]

Ethics complaint against Rossi dropped
by DonWard, 05:55 PM, 24 Comments
An ethics complaint filed against gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi by Democrat State Chair Dwight Pelz has been tossed out by the PDC. The text of the finding is at The Rossi campaign released a statement saying... "I'm very happy... [read more]

One percent tax cap passes
by DonWard, 05:31 PM, 28 Comments
The Senate has voted to reinstate the one percent property tax limit adopted when voters passed I-747. The measure was approved 39 - 9. Earlier today the House approved a similar bill overwhelmingly. The legislation is free of amendments and... [read more]

State Income Tax
by DonWard, 12:01 PM, 53 Comments
A blow-by-blow of public testimony at a committee hearing is a punishment too heinous to inflict upon civilized humans. Other than Eyman's group, the Evergreen Freedom Foundation and the Washington Policy Center, most of the testimony has been against SB... [read more]

The Wal-Mart Wars
by Eric Earling, 07:45 AM, 54 Comments
Yesterday's Snohomish County insert in the Seattle Times ran an op-ed decrying attempts to add another Wal-Mart in the Mill Creek area. The battle between those in favor and those opposed of Wal-Mart has been fought in many other forums... [read more]

In Olympia (Update 4:30 p.m.)
by DonWard, 06:50 AM, 18 Comments
(4:30) The Senate debated on yet another sunset provision for reinstating the one percent property tax cut. This would have amended the House portion of the bill, HB 2416. Sen. Eric Oemig was the sponsor. Substitute Senate Bill 6178 passed... [read more]

November 28, 2007
Quick GOP YouTube Debate Wrap
by Eric Earling, 08:28 PM, 68 Comments
I'll probably be proven wrong on this, but despite the intense sparring at times there didn't seem to by any takeaway moments, truly outstanding lines, or troublesome gaffes that will dominate the post-debate coverage beyond the standard news stories. What... [read more]

Holy Local Ties, Batman!
by Eric Earling, 05:14 PM, 31 Comments
UPDATE: In my haste in posting I didn't see Don was already at work. My bad. As Don said, Cooper butchered "Snohomish" something fierce. Regular Sound Politics commenter pudge - Chris Nandor - led off the Republican YouTube debate. See... [read more]

Youtube Debate features Pudge!!!
by DonWard, 05:07 PM, 0 Comments
The entire Sound Politics audience has to dig the fact that one of our favorite posters Pudge, Chris Nandor, opened the Youtube debate with one of his witty ditties. It's good that the entire nation was able to partake in... [read more]

Showdown at the Olympia Corral
by DonWard, 12:06 PM, 27 Comments
Tomorrow's legislative special session in Olympia should be an object lesson in political expediency. Or is the metaphor abject lesson? With the State Supreme Court tossing out I-747, Gov. Christine Gregoire and the near-Democratic supermajorities in both houses of the... [read more]

Tukwila's Truant Teachers:
by Jim Miller, 10:33 AM, 49 Comments
Here's the story. Students in Tukwila are rallying around a group of teachers in trouble with the school district for taking part in an anti-war protest. That war protest turned into a full-fledged controversy at Foster High School in Tukwila.... [read more]

I'd Say That Wasn't Good Blogging Etiquette
by Eric Earling, 07:47 AM, 13 Comments
Perhaps you've already read about this odd little story out of Yakima, where a spouse was anonymously saying not-so-nice (and false) things about her husband's political opponent via the mighty power of the Internets. Very poor form.... [read more]

"How a Web site could fix our traffic"
by Eric Earling, 07:39 AM, 7 Comments
I'm highly skeptical this idea actually has any substantive merit. Not because the input isn't important, it is and public officials should seek more of it. Rather, it's because in my experience the typical voter is not much different than... [read more]

November 27, 2007
Nobody Hearts the WIAA
by Eric Earling, 10:03 PM, 15 Comments
Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly is the latest to throw several well-placed haymakers at the WIAA for their atrocious handling of the recent Archbishop Murphy case. To the best that I can tell the column is not available online, but... [read more]

Different Kinds of Democrats
by Eric Earling, 07:57 AM, 30 Comments
Those readers blessed (or cursed) with the Edmonds Community College station will soon have a chance to view yours truly on their public affairs program hosted by DJ Wilson, doing a very local version of "Meet the Press" with Democratic... [read more]

November 26, 2007
Mail Early, and Mail Often
by Eric Earling, 10:46 PM, 5 Comments
Watching assorted campaigns unfold over the last several election cycles I've noticed too many campaigns don't fully grasp the new dynamics of mail-in elections, or elections heavily dominated by "absentee" balloting. This applies particularly to races without a major presence... [read more]

Presidential Race Dynamics Approaching the Home Stretch
by Eric Earling, 07:12 PM, 49 Comments
In addition to the Mitt v. Rudy tete-a-tete in New Hampshire covered below on the main page this morning, there are a few other notable, recent twists and turns of note in the Presidential race, outside of the daily grind... [read more]

No One To Blame
by Jim Miller, 01:56 PM, 14 Comments
As usual.  This Seattle PI editorial on conditions at the county jail is scathing. Last week's Justice Department report blasting conditions and treatment of inmates at the King County Correctional Facility is infuriating. While the DOJ commends the jail's staff... [read more]

Tax fatigue?
by Eric Earling, 07:59 AM, 59 Comments
That's how the P-I describes the diagnosis of Olympia on the public's current mood. The article goes on to note the disagreement between those that think there is a general anti-tax mood versus those that believe voters are merely anxious... [read more]

Political Story of the Weekend
by Eric Earling, 07:54 AM, 18 Comments
Rudy Giuliani goes negative on Mitt Romney in New Hampshire. Jonathan Martin covers it in the Politico while the back-and-forth between the two candidates grabs the front page of the Washington Post. Why is Giuliani going down the tricky primary... [read more]

November 25, 2007
I'll Take Captain Obvious for $200, Alex
by Eric Earling, 09:23 AM, 23 Comments
Today's Seattle Times breaks the stunning story that persons and organizations with issues before state government are donating to an incumbent Governor after spreading their money around when the seat was open four years ago. Campaign hands across the state... [read more]

Local Crime Takes A Presidential Twist
by Eric Earling, 09:18 AM, 21 Comments
The tragic death of a Graham couple has taken a unexpected twist giving the case a national profile, with Mitt Romney calling for the resignation of the Massachusetts judge who dismissed the request of prosecutor's to hold the now accused... [read more]

November 24, 2007
OMG, they hate us!!! My feelings are hurt.
by Eric Earling, 08:37 PM, 15 Comments
Goldy runs into an individual who says Europeans hate America. Didn't we get scolded with the same meme during the Reagan era? In contrast, Charles Krauthammer points out that in the realpolitik of foreign affairs, ties with European governments are... [read more]

Boeing and Airbus rack up the orders, but...
by Eric Earling, 03:13 PM, 5 Comments
...the dollar's decline is wrecking havoc with Airbus's bottom line since planes are sold in dollars but most of the company's expenses are paid in euros. Amidst the tumult, both aerospace companies are indeed having stellar years for their order... [read more]

The Sunday Funnies - Impeachment Edition
by Eric Earling, 12:43 PM, 66 Comments
The P-I's website is kind enough to provide them a day early.... [read more]

'Where did kids go?'
by Eric Earling, 12:40 PM, 57 Comments
They grew up and moved out of the house, but young families aren't moving into the area with new kids going to local schools. That's one explanation for yesterday's article in the Everett Herald talking about declining enrollment in Snohomish... [read more]

November 22, 2007
What was Spokane thinking?
by Eric Earling, 12:56 PM, 20 Comments
As if L'Affair de Curtis wasn't enough of a recent stain on Spokane, some civic leaders, joined with WSU, have blessed themselves with a self-inflicted wound: willfully turning down the chance to host the sole VP debate in 2008. Don't... [read more]

Some Holiday Fun
by Eric Earling, 10:22 AM, 102 Comments
A while back I mentioned a fun little incident involving a YouTube video by Sound Politics commenter, pudge. It seems the blizzard of emails from Ron Paul's supporters inspired some more musical comedy from this bearded guitar player: Now, this... [read more]

The Trouble with Progressives
by Eric Earling, 10:04 AM, 21 Comments
Maybe it's not even really the trouble with progressives, it's the trouble of governing with a small majority in Congress with a President of the opposite party. Republicans know that drill from the late 1990's. Either way, things aren't going... [read more]

Karl Rove Speaks to Local Legislative Candidates
by Eric Earling, 09:45 AM, 3 Comments
I'm going to throw a few posts up today to satiate those without a life or those "hiding" in front of the computer screen from various family members they'd rather not deal with. As such, Karl Rove's inaugural Newsweek column... [read more]

Happy Thanksgiving!
by Andy MacDonald, 09:01 AM, 1 Comments
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! May you all enjoy this day, this most private, most American of holidays.... [read more]

November 21, 2007
With Luck the Demagoguery is behind us
by Eric Earling, 07:49 AM, 49 Comments
I haven't read much of the voluminous coverage of the recent stem cell breakthrough, covered by the Seattle Times in their "Close Up" today. Thus, I'm not sure if this angle has received much discussion yet, but I do hope... [read more]

Yes to the University
by Eric Earling, 07:19 AM, 18 Comments
Rep. Dan Kristiansen recently raised questions about siting a new UW branch campus in Everett. I respect his points and the broader view of taking a close look at the cost effectiveness of the proposed project. Nonetheless, the supporters have... [read more]

Lovick Brings in His Foes
by Eric Earling, 07:10 AM, 15 Comments
Snohomish County Sheriff-elect John Lovick has just fulfilled the stereotypical dream of many an editorial board: he's bringing in his opponents from the campaign trail to serve on his leadership team. I'm not sure how that's going to work out,... [read more]

November 20, 2007
Pre-Holiday Not So Cheer
by Eric Earling, 09:55 PM, 26 Comments
So, some readers are going to suffer through some thrilling holiday-travel hell on their way to Thanksgiving gatherings near and far. Good luck with that. To warm your souls that some good can come amidst annoyance, I give you two... [read more]

Modest Fellow, Isn't He?
by Jim Miller, 03:14 PM, 27 Comments
Near the end of this column by the Seattle Times editorial page editor, Jim Vesely, is this claim: Media companies, especially newspapers, are by default nearly the lone agents of the democratic form of government.... [read more]

Hey, Why not?
by Eric Earling, 07:17 AM, 44 Comments
The Seattle Times editorial page proposes lowering bus fares as a comparatively cost effective way of addressing congestion. Interesting. I'm open to a lot of ideas given the area's inability to get moving on anything else. I'd also like to... [read more]

Headline of the Day
by Eric Earling, 07:12 AM, 18 Comments
From the P-I online: Angelina Jolie is the antidote to despair Even my wife agrees. Oh, wait, that's not what the column is about...... [read more]

November 19, 2007
Pre-Holiday Cheer
by Eric Earling, 09:30 PM, 48 Comments
Christine Gregoire calls a special session to reinstitute I-747. Dear Andrew over at NPI is very, very hurt by this. I leave you to your chuckling. UPDATE: Goldy is angry too, though not nearly as entertaining in being thus piqued... [read more]

Humanize Those Ads
by Eric Earling, 08:08 PM, 17 Comments
Amid a batch of new Presidential ads released today is an interesting one from Hillary Clinton: The key is the effort to make the proverbial cold fish seem more human, in this case by using a constituent casework story from... [read more]

Deciphering the Paulites
by Eric Earling, 06:16 PM, 68 Comments
So, Sound Politics commenter "pudge" has a video up on YouTube with a little diddy on the upcoming GOP YouTube debate. The video sits on the front page as I type so is racking up "views" by the tens of... [read more]

Romney v. Clinton Contrast on Trade is Stark
by Eric Earling, 01:36 PM, 17 Comments
At the last Democratic debate Hillary Clinton couldn't even bring herself to say one of the most significant legacies of her husband's Administration, NAFTA, was a good thing. Between that and her calls for a "time out" on trade it's... [read more]

Programming Note
by Eric Earling, 12:37 PM, 4 Comments
I'm taking some time off this holiday week, in part to cover Mitt Romney's press avail this morning. I'll have a post up on it shortly.... [read more]

Mitt meets Medina Update
by DonWard, 05:02 AM, 25 Comments
Looks like Eric is taking point here so no need for SP to double up on the coverage. Git 'em E.E. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be in town today. He is scheduled to highlight a private fundraiser in... [read more]

November 18, 2007
Snohomish County Democrats Tangle on Taxes
by Eric Earling, 08:58 PM, 9 Comments
On the heels of the King County Council having trouble finding a tax increase they didn't like last week, some members of the Snohomish County Council seem willing to tread a similar path. County Executive Aaron Reardon accuses the Council... [read more]

Port of Olympia Protest Pictures
by byrond, 06:02 PM, 34 Comments
The anarchy at the Port of Olympia, and the police response, have been in the news a lot lately. I went down on Saturday to see the latest protest march. You can view pictures and my comments at this... [read more]

November 17, 2007
Presidential Race Questions
by Eric Earling, 07:52 PM, 22 Comments
Don Rumsfeld famously talked about "unknown unknowns," where the multiplicity of variables at play make events highly unpredictable. As we approach the home stretch before the Presidential primaries, there are several highly fluid questions whose unpredictable possible outcomes will do... [read more]

Hi, Crazy Time Called. They Want Their Crazy Back.
by Eric Earling, 06:33 PM, 59 Comments
Today's front page Seattle Times reprint of a WaPo story serves as a reminder that the bulk of Ron Paul's worst PR comes at the hands of some of his own supporters.... [read more]

Another radio host bites the dust
by DonWard, 03:23 AM, 54 Comments
Fall is upon us. And it looks like it isn't just the Thanksgiving turkeys that are getting their heads lopped off around here what with the string of local radio personalities given the axe. Apparently 770 KTTH no longer needs... [read more]

November 16, 2007
A Must-Read Post From Horse's Ass
by Eric Earling, 10:08 PM, 10 Comments
I know, it pains the fingers a little bit to type that; especially when the blogger is Lee, who has a reputation for...uh...colorful commentary, under that moniker and others. Nonetheless, if you want to understand the sort of discourse occurring... [read more]

Following Mike Huckabee
by DonWard, 05:00 PM, 31 Comments
Republican presidential contender Mike Huckabee visited Bellevue, yesterday. He gave your standard series of political stump speeches at a KCGOP fundraiser and the Harbor Club in Bellevue, visited the Microsoft campus and chatted with reporters briefly. Huckabee also taped an... [read more]

Who Are Those "Anti-War Protesters"
by Jim Miller, 08:30 AM, 87 Comments
The Port of Olympia has had a long series of protests, targeting the movement of military equipment.  Our local news organizations commonly refer to the often violent demonstrators as "anti-war protesters", as you can see in this example. Five anti-war... [read more]

November 15, 2007
On the campaign trail (Update)
by DonWard, 07:44 AM, 39 Comments
Just got back from Mike Huckabee's appearance at the Westin in Bellevue. Going through the process of transcribing my notes and should have something up tomorrow morning. Assuming the power doesn't go out here in my home. A quick note.... [read more]

November 14, 2007
Hi, Mike!
by Eric Earling, 09:32 PM, 19 Comments
Mike Huckabee comes to town and lands the endorsement of a prominent pastor. On one hand it's par for the course - like Mitt Romney capturing a business executive's endorsement, or John McCain that of veterans. On the other it's... [read more]

And the Award for Tone Deaf Legislative Body of the Year Goes to...
by Eric Earling, 07:26 PM, 34 Comments
...the King County Council. Their huge game of "let's raise taxes" has Danny Westneat flummoxed at the "taxapalooza" - and it's safe to say Westneat is more sympathetic to tax increases than the average Sound Politics reader.... [read more]

McKenna announces re-election bid (Update)
by DonWard, 10:22 AM, 26 Comments
Attorney General Rob McKenna began his re-election bid hosting his official kickoff breakfast in Bellevue this morning. Around 1,600 people shelled out $35 - or more - to hear the Bellevue Republican speak. McKenna gave a slick kickoff speech, without... [read more]

Outrage Continues Over Flaying of Archbishop Murphy
by Eric Earling, 07:27 AM, 39 Comments
High school sports writer Craig Smith, aka "Sideline Smitty," took a swing in yesterday's Seattle Times sports page at the Archbishop Murphy debacle. Smitty expresses the stunned disgust I have yet to see disputed by any soul I've spoken to... [read more]

November 13, 2007
Presidential Round-Up: Races Heat Up
by Eric Earling, 09:54 PM, 41 Comments
Presidential nomination races for both parties are reaching a frenzied pace with less than two months to go until the state-by-state contests of Iowa, New Hampshire, et. al. commence. A run-down of key recent events shaping the respective campaigns: It's... [read more]

This is war!
by Eric Earling, 07:51 PM, 51 Comments
Connoisseurs of the blogosphere are well acquainted with the mayhem caused by supporters of Ron Paul in assorted comment threads. While some journalists have publicly noted the spam they receive from such folk, this writer has heretofore avoided such mayhem... [read more]

4204 is passing
by Eric Earling, 07:23 PM, 50 Comments
The simply majority school levy ballot measure is now passing by nearly 7,000 votes, or a margin of 50.2% - 49.8%. Of note, the margin was closing today even as other counties reported tallies before King and was extended further... [read more]

Update: Bryan Suits MIA?
by DonWard, 06:50 PM, 91 Comments
It looks like Bryan Suits left a message in the comment thread of my last post. So it isn't lost in the midst of the Sound Politics readership mourning and wake I've copied it here. 160. You can contact me... [read more]

Worth Reading
by Jim Miller, 12:27 PM, 21 Comments
Bill Virgin Has his own Plan B for transportation.   Here's the first of his modest proposals: Disband Sound Transit.  One less duplicative bureaucracy to fund and maintain.  Finish King County's light rail -- since so much money has been... [read more]

Construction Inflation Is Killing Us
by Eric Earling, 07:14 AM, 38 Comments
How bad is construction inflation for roads projects? It's bad enough the Snohomish County Council sees it more cost effective to borrow money to get local roads projects going rather than to wait for the money to be available later.... [read more]

November 12, 2007
Seahawks MNF
by DonWard, 07:12 PM, 34 Comments
The Seattle Seahawks are taking care of business against the San Francisco 49ers on Monday Night Football. Must be the good luck brought about by the Olympia consumed in the Ward household. The 12th Man has already caused a couple... [read more]

Chill, people
by Eric Earling, 10:19 AM, 59 Comments
Some commenters at a recent post on HJR 4204 are jumping to the unnecessary conclusion that because later ballots are putting the measure over the top that the fix must be on. Not exactly. The "rejected" margin in the race... [read more]

Happy Veterans Day
by Eric Earling, 09:52 AM, 14 Comments
To the veteran readers of Sound Politics, and to those still serving, I say thank you. In an ironic twist, I think a recent speech by a Frenchman captured much of the proper mood for this reflective day: The men... [read more]

November 11, 2007
4204 Might Pass
by Eric Earling, 02:35 PM, 65 Comments
Sunday evening UPDATE: King County reported this afternoon as scheduled and seriously shifted the margins. Just as in the Snohomish County trending noted below, 4204 is gaining ground as later ballots are being counted in King County as well. Note... [read more]

Does the punishment fit the crime?
by Eric Earling, 09:39 AM, 22 Comments
Fans of college sports are well acquainted with the generally poor reputation of the NCAA as an organization among the college fan base. Its ability to make decisions that defy logic and infuriate fans is at times the stuff of... [read more]

November 10, 2007
Why, Rudy, why?
by Eric Earling, 04:55 PM, 54 Comments
There's much about Rudy Giuliani the candidate to like and clearly some underlying strength to his campaign, which retains the mantle of "national front-runner" even in the face of his deviations from the Republican base. Yet lurking near the surface... [read more]

Bryan Suits MIA?
by DonWard, 03:34 AM, 229 Comments
It looks like Bryan Suits is no longer hosting the 3-6 p.m. drive-time slot at 570 KVI. In fact it looks like he is no longer working at the radio station period. After attending the FCC Hearing on Media Ownership... [read more]

November 09, 2007
Heard About Any State Supreme Court decisions lately?
by Eric Earling, 06:59 PM, 49 Comments
I see commenters have been diving into the topic of I-747 unbidden, given understandable frustration with that recent decision. With Stefan taking a blog break, keep in mind most of the rest of the contributors have day jobs that keep... [read more]

FCC hearing
by DonWard, 04:25 PM, 10 Comments
I'm heading off to the FCC public hearing on media ownership at Town Hall. Over the past eight years I've probably attended more city, county, school board and public meetings than most any person alive who doesn't draw a government... [read more]

November 08, 2007
Another Prop 1 Post-Mortem
by Eric Earling, 10:16 PM, 39 Comments
Erica Barnett posts on a Sierra Club funded poll by a reasonably reputable pollster that examined the Roads and Transit vote. ECB and the P-I's politics blog tout the finding that if all the voters who voted against Prop 1... [read more]

And the Absentees Mean...
by Eric Earling, 07:39 PM, 16 Comments
...not a whole lot new at this point. King County is counting ballots very slowly, or turnout is even lower than forecast. Either way, they've only counted a notch under 36,000 ballots since Election Night and turnout measured in ballots... [read more]

Goldy & Ron Paul
by Eric Earling, 07:20 PM, 97 Comments
A funny little post authored by Goldy the day before Election Day is worth brief discussion now that balloting is behind us. Goldy seems to think Ron Paul's Internet millions are the result of Paul mining some untapped vein of... [read more]

Transportation Plan C and Plan D
by DonWard, 03:01 PM, 20 Comments
As noted below, there may not be a transportation "Plan B" in the works now that Prop. 1 Roads and Transit has died an un-mourned death. However, in 2008, voters will be presented with a Plan C and a Plan... [read more]

Admit It or Not, Transportation Policy Is a Train Wreck
by Eric Earling, 08:09 AM, 44 Comments
The cognitive dissonance in the wake of the defeat of the Roads and Transit measure speaks volumes about the degree to which the Puget Sound region is totally incapable of dealing with a core issue of import to local voters.... [read more]

Some Stories Are Important, Some Aren't
by Jim Miller, 07:37 AM, 12 Comments
That's the lesson of this op-ed by journalism professor Andrea Otanez. In the middle of the column, Otanez makes this admission: Still, the mainstream media are condemned for not reporting successes [in the Iraq war], and maybe rightly so. Maybe?!?... [read more]

November 07, 2007
An Interesting Election, But Not a Terribly Insightful One
by Eric Earling, 09:25 PM, 17 Comments
There appears to be a bit too much reading into the tealeaves of last night's election results, from both sides of the aisle. Over on the left, Goldy and Geov at Horse's Ass are not pleased, nor is dear Andrew... [read more]

Plan B
by Jim Miller, 02:31 PM, 39 Comments
State senator Haugen says there isn't one. Failure [of Proposition 1] means transportation planners must start over from scratch. "There is no Plan B," Senate Transportation Chairwoman Mary Margaret Haugen said.... [read more]

More Good News From The Election
by Jim Miller, 01:39 PM, 15 Comments
Challengers backed by Where's the Math? are leading in two Eastside school board races. Math curriculum topped candidate races in the Bellevue and Lake Washington districts, where all the challengers are members of "Where's the Math?" — a statewide group... [read more]

At a glance: Ballot measures
by DonWard, 11:17 AM, 29 Comments
Despite the fact that there was thankfully only one state-wide initiative for voters to chew on, there were plenty of other measures on the ballot. So, boring lede completed... I-25: Other than Prop. 1 Roads and Transit, making the county's... [read more]

Mailed Ballots And Vote Fraud
by Jim Miller, 10:54 AM, 18 Comments
As I mentioned in this post, I object to the widespread use of mailed ballots, or absentee ballots as they are often called, because I think that they are too vulnerable to vote fraud.... [read more]

Over and out
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:57 AM, 0 Comments
One last word and back to the hiatus ... Our detractors over at the P-I and on the local ruling party's favorite blog call me "radioactive", say that my endorsement is the "kiss of death" and describe Sound Politics as:perennial... [read more]

Winners and Losers
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:42 AM, 0 Comments
Biggest Winners Taxpayers and voters Dino Rossi Toby Nixon Kemper Freeman Ron Sims (for getting on the right side of Prop. 1 and getting his first choice of in-house counsel -- using Republican money!) Tim Eyman David Goldstein (it's been... [read more]

Back briefly to gloat (I)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:39 AM, 0 Comments
I interrupt my hiatus to gloat for a few minutes about I-25, which, after spending no money on a post-qualification campaign, is currently leading with 58%, a larger percentage than either side of Simple Majority, Roads and Transit or I-960... [read more]

Back briefly to gloat (II)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:33 AM, 0 Comments
I save my biggest gloat about I-25 for King County Democrat chairwoman Susan Sheary who pledged to "fight it with everything we've got." Apparently they don't got much. She went on to dismiss I-25 fans as a:disgruntled group of people... [read more]

At a glance: Prop 1 Roads and Transit
by DonWard, 08:10 AM, 16 Comments
It looks like the Prop. 1 Roads and Transit package has stalled like a 1974 Vega on I-5 during rush hour. Voters in specially selected parts of the three counties are rejecting both portions of the package with prejudice. Once... [read more]

At a glance: Hague vs. Pope
by DonWard, 08:00 AM, 28 Comments
Jane Hague is handily beating Richard Pope; downing the challenger like whiskey shots at closing time. Even with news of the incumbent's run-in with the law harped on ad nauseam in the press and online, the results should hardly be... [read more]

Satterberg Lead Steady
by Eric Earling, 07:49 AM, 1 Comments
With 99% of the poll votes counted, Dan Satterberg still holds a 53.76% - 46.06% lead over Bill Sherman, not much movement from the 54.24% - 45.59% advantage he held after the first absentee tally. Later absentee counts will probably... [read more]

November 06, 2007
Voters reject higher taxes
by Andy MacDonald, 11:29 PM, 39 Comments
Initiative 960 is winning, HJR 4204 is losing, as is RTID Proposition 1. All of those decisions are in favor of lower taxes. It bodes well for Dino Rossi in 2008.... [read more]

Election sanity
by Andy MacDonald, 09:36 PM, 28 Comments
Another promising result in the early absentee returns: I-25 is also winning, 60%-40%. Just goes to show that the electorate isn't buying King County's claims to have fixed the problems from 2004.... [read more]

Make You Chuckle Moment of the Night
by Eric Earling, 08:56 PM, 6 Comments
Tim Eyman mistakes a Stranger writer for a waitress. Given the stereotypical look of a Stranger employee, that's an error many of us could have made.... [read more]

Throw the bums out!
by Andy MacDonald, 08:49 PM, 3 Comments
In the Seattle School Board races, all of the incumbents are losing in early absentee returns -- and by remarkably similar, wide margins.... [read more]

Harrell up, Velazquez down
by Andy MacDonald, 08:42 PM, 4 Comments
In the early absentee ballot returns, Bruce Harrell is absolutely trouncing Venus Velazquez. Looks like even the reiterated support of Peter Steinbrueck and company could not overcome fallout from her DUI arrest.... [read more]

Satterberg Winning, Hague Too
by Eric Earling, 08:30 PM, 4 Comments
Dan Satterberg has a solid opening lead in the early absentees, 54% - 46%. The poll votes later this evening should give an idea where the late absentees will head too, and thus if we'll have a race that might... [read more]

Snohomish County Results
by Eric Earling, 08:26 PM, 18 Comments
Aaron Reardon is cruising to re-election with 65+%. Some of my fellow Republicans should take note of that. Tom Greene and John Lovick are locked in a VERY tight race for Sheriff, with Lovick up 50.06% to 49.67%. Hello nail... [read more]

Prop 1 Is...
by Eric Earling, 08:23 PM, 10 Comments
...totally toast. First counts in King and Snohomish are eerily similar: 55% voting no. It's a safe bet those numbers move further into the "no" column as ballots are counted. UPDATE: here's the link for full results too.... [read more]

by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:38 PM, 0 Comments
Now that we've made it through the election I'll be taking a hiatus from the blog for a bit so I can focus on some other projects and recharge my blogging batteries. I'll be back when I'm tanned1, rested and... [read more]

A Few Random Thoughts...
by Eric Earling, 07:23 PM, 3 Comments we approach the witching hour. Multiple reports of potentially low voter turnout may spell good news for Roads & Transit opponents and bad news for its supporters. The "Yes" campaign was predicated on obtaining slightly higher than expected voter... [read more]

Last Time At The Polls?
by Jim Miller, 05:31 PM, 11 Comments
King County, where I live, will be switching to all mail voting next year, so today may have been the last time I voted at the polls.  To commemorate the occasion, I took a few pictures.... [read more]

Crappy journalism facilitating crappy public policy
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:34 PM, 2 Comments
Both the P-I and the Times have articles today about the impending end of poll voting. Both articles are mostly about elderly poll worker and voters waxing nostalgic about the end of what is portrayed as a quaint and antiquated... [read more]

Blame Bob Ferguson
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:39 PM, 9 Comments
More problem reports about King County Elections. R.W. voted at the Federal Way Senior Center:I can't help but think this is either King County elections incompetence or a well-engineered ploy to promote mail only voting (or maybe another way to... [read more]

An enormous load of B.S. from the Secretary of State
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:10 PM, 9 Comments
The Tacoma News-Tribune's Peter Callaghan rips into Secretary of State Sam Reed's propaganda: "Mail-only voting resembles one big scheme"It took them a decade to do it, but state and county elections officials have made Washington an all-mail state through a... [read more]

King County's Counters Capitulate
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:55 PM, 6 Comments
The P-I's Daniel Lathrop updates:Well, not to say that news coverage has an effect on public officials, but after this story ran in today's P-I I got a voice mail from King County Elections spokeswoman Bobbie Egan. Egan told me... [read more]

King County Elections scores own goal for I-25!
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:59 AM, 14 Comments
The boneheads at King County Elections have scored an own goal in their match against I-25. P-I reporter Daniel Lathrop requested unofficial precinct-level returns without having to wait 3 weeks until final certification. (Perhaps to create a map of voting... [read more]

"Three Campaigns"
by Eric Earling, 07:53 AM, 5 Comments
Mark Blumenthal at has a must-read post for political junkies to consume instead of twiddling their thumbs waiting for election results. He breaks presidential campaign audiences into three groups. One, the hard core followers of political news (like those... [read more]

November 05, 2007
Satterberg's Standing on Election Eve
by Eric Earling, 07:44 PM, 7 Comments
A recent poll in the King County Prosecutor's race shows a potentially important shift and contains several interesting nuggets in the crosstabs. The overall numbers from the poll, conducted 10/30 - 11/1, show a 50% - 42% lead for Dan... [read more]

Mrs. Gregoire plans for the defeat of "Roads and Transit"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:28 PM, 16 Comments
If voters reject "Roads and Transit", Mrs. Gregoire promises to come back with another helping of "Roads and Transit", or something.... [read more]

Blame Bob Ferguson for stable problems with mail voting
by Stefan Sharkansky, 06:09 PM, 16 Comments
A reader posted this comment below:Once again (4th time in 4 years) King County elections has failed to get me my ballot on time. Despite being on their list. and sending in an online request, and making on phone call-... [read more]

What Should You Do If You Want To Reduce Congestion?
by Jim Miller, 02:21 PM, 32 Comments
Vote against Proposition 1 (Roads and Transit), which will do almost nothing to reduce congestion.  Intentionally. Vote for a Republican for governor next year, in the hope that he (or she) will change the state policy of encouraging congestion in... [read more]

Final thoughts before the election (IV)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:23 PM, 37 Comments
Vote YES on I-25 so we can elect our elections director and make some progress towards restoring integrity and public confidence in King County Elections. I-25 is supported by decent people from across the political spectrum who favor fair and... [read more]

by Jim Miller, 01:13 PM, 43 Comments
A month ago, I put up this post to encourage people to understand what "neoconservative" means, rather than just to use it as a term of abuse.  (And cross-posted it here, in the hope that we would get more knowledgeable... [read more]

Final thoughts before the election (III)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:12 PM, 22 Comments
A general rule of thumb -- always vote FOR initiatives that reduce the size and power of government, hold taxes in check, and/or improve transparency, accountability and checks and balances. (modest increases in costs are an acceptable trade-off for large... [read more]

Final thoughts before the election (II)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:35 PM, 5 Comments
Seattle City Council races? oy. Vote for Bruce Harrell, not because I'm impressed with his positions, or because he's articulated many good reasons to vote for him. But because his opponent Venus Velazquez is the most toxic and divisive major... [read more]

Final thoughts before the election (I)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:08 AM, 19 Comments
I can't help but think that the hundreds of thousands of dollars the GOP is pumping into the Satterberg campaign are a dumb investment. Sure, he has more experience and is more level-headed than his whiny opponent. But it's not... [read more]

November 04, 2007
Why National Polls Aren't Very Helpful...
by Eric Earling, 06:21 PM, 26 Comments
...especially when we're talking about a poll of "adults" rather than "registered voters," or better yet "likely voters." A recent Washington Post/ABC poll shows John McCain running 2nd in the race for the GOP nomination. Set aside the fact we... [read more]

Breaking: Republican Party Supports Republican Candidates
by Eric Earling, 01:04 PM, 27 Comments
A batch of blog coverage from David Postman, Goldy, and Josh Feit expresses varying degrees of concern about the fact that Republicans donors understand that giving money to Republican party usually means the party organization is going to use it... [read more]

Mrs. Gregoire gets an "F" for open government
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:44 AM, 11 Comments
The Seattle Times' Mike Fancher writes today that "National study gives Washington a big, fat "F" in easing access to government information" Open government lawyer Greg Overstreet comments:To see the full report, go to last week's og-blog posting on this.... [read more]

Sewer of Corruption (XLV)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:32 AM, 11 Comments
The King County Council is considering an ordinance to add yet another $0.01 per $10 to the sales tax "for the delivery of mental health and chemical dependency services, and therapeutic courts". Councilmembers (including some fiscally conservative Republicans) argue that... [read more]

November 03, 2007
The Founding Bloggers
by Eric Earling, 05:12 PM, 16 Comments
Josh Feit hones in on a great point about the candid, public political give and take in which the Founding Fathers engaged. It's an interesting point really. In today's world, you're more likely to find such discourse online than in... [read more]

Wonder If She Has Ever Read Any Heinlein?
by Jim Miller, 12:42 PM, 42 Comments
That was my reaction to this piece by Nisi Shawl, who "reviews science fiction for The Seattle Times". Her piece begins with this paragraph: The face of fantastic fiction is changing.  More than just its face: This former locus of... [read more]

November 02, 2007
Top-Secret Transparency
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:14 PM, 20 Comments
The Secretary of State announced that County Auditors would hold their first ever "Election Expo" Tuesday, to:inform voters of extensive changes to Washington elections and invite public scrutiny of the process.But inviting public scrutiny only works when you also invite... [read more]

KUOW's Gang Of Four Gets Another Republican Sex Scandal
by Jim Miller, 02:07 PM, 34 Comments
And they were delighted.  In my description of these four journalists, I say that "nothing delights them more than a Republican sex scandal".  Today's Weekday Program illustrated that point, one more time. Today, there was more good news on the... [read more]

November 01, 2007
Embezzlement Magazine names Mrs. Gregoire "Fraud Artist of the Year"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:55 PM, 63 Comments
Well, almost. Governing Magazine has Mrs. Gregoire on the cover of this year's "Public Officials of the Year" issue.Most of all, Governing praises Gregoire for her commitment to (put down your beverage) openness in government:After a year, even Republicans were... [read more]

Cocktails with Venus!
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:10 PM, 33 Comments
The Stranger suggests you go meet local candidates, including Venus Velazquez, at a bar where the "cocktails can be dangerous":6-9pm, tonight at Havana, 10th and Pike in Capitol Hill. Ballot Box! Bring your ballot. Drink a drink. Choose your choice.... [read more]

The uninspiring King County Prosecutor's Race (VII)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:00 PM, 5 Comments
No, you may not interpret my criticism of Dan Satterberg as any kind of preference for Bill Sherman. That's why the headlines say "uninspiring". Sherman could have campaigned, at least in part, on the platform that he would be more... [read more]

It's time to play: "Name that Party!"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:40 AM, 43 Comments
Everett City Council member Mark Olson will return to office while prosecutors consider charging him with rape:Olson, who is facing pressure from fellow council members to resign, was granted an extended paid leave of absence Sept. 19 ... He's denied... [read more]

Complex Prosecutions and Investigations
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:13 AM, 6 Comments
The P-I reports that the King County Prosecutors office has created a Complex Prosecutions and Investigations Division, which:will handle cases that often require specialized know-how and time, including identity theft, mortgage and insurance fraud, elder abuse, computer offenses and organized... [read more]

Boeing Spills Some More Beans
by Eric Earling, 07:45 AM, 17 Comments
Check out this Everett Herald article on a speech former 787 program chief Mike Bair gave in Snohomish County. Sounds like the 787 supply chain won't be replicated in full for a 777 or 737 replacement in the future thanks... [read more]

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