Index of entries from October 2007
October 31, 2007
Prop 1 on Election Night
by Eric Earling, 09:49 PM, 16 Comments
Here's a quick primer on what to expect viewing returns for Prop 1. Long story short: the first counts Tuesday night will be the best numbers for the Prop 1 folks and will go down from there. If the measure... [read more]

It's in the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:33 PM, 23 Comments
Contumelious liberal columnist Joel Connelly reveals today why he doesn't like initiatives, e.g. I-960, which put the brakes on runaway state taxing and spending:The ferry system recently has experienced an upward spiral of rates, part of it brought on by... [read more]

Curtis has resigned
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:50 PM, 73 Comments
A statement just released by state House Republican Leader Richard DeBolt:I am very disappointed by the news reports of the conduct by Rep. Curtis last week in Spokane. After discussing this matter with House Republican leaders, he has submitted his... [read more]

Boondoggle Two-fer
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:27 PM, 11 Comments
Bruce Ramsey asks (I paraphrase more concisely though less eloquently)If we really want to encourage a significant increase in public tranportation usage, why would anybody in their right mind spend tens of billions on a light rail system that only... [read more]

I-25 on KUOW
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:01 AM, 14 Comments
KUOW's The Conversation yesterday opened with a segment on I-25, "Should we elect the King County Elections Director?", featuring back-to-back pre-recorded interviews with I-25 chairman Toby Nixon and I-25 opponent County Executive Ron Sims. Host Ross Reynolds posed the perfect... [read more]

Venus Velazquez: Bringing people together with unmatched integrity
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:29 AM, 14 Comments
I received this flyer in today's mail from the Venus Velazquez campaign. Indeed, none of the other candidates have matched the appalling lack of integrity that Velazquez has put on display. And yes, Velazquez has brought people together from across... [read more]

D. Parvaz Can Understand Why Someone Might Commit Arson
by Jim Miller, 06:22 AM, 23 Comments
If they select the right target. It's one thing to set fire to The Man at the Burning Man festival a few days early -- at least the effigy is built to be burned, albeit at a specific hour.  But... [read more]

October 30, 2007
Meet Kemper Freeman Jr.
by DonWard, 06:57 PM, 22 Comments
Businessman Kemper Freeman Jr. is speaking to the King County Young Republicans, Thursday Nov. 1 at 7 p.m. The location is the North Bellevue Community Center, Room A, 4063 148th Ave. NE. Kemper will be talking about transportation solutions and... [read more]

Because they only prosecute voter registration violations that don't lead to illegal voting
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:41 PM, 9 Comments
Three ACORN workers have pleaded guilty in what the Seattle Times charitably calls the "biggest voter-registration fraud scheme in Washington history". An even bigger scam was when King County created 10,000 duplicate registrations in 2004, allowing several people to vote... [read more]

Secretary of State makes useless, baseless prediction
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:06 PM, 12 Comments
The AP reports that Secretary of State Sam Reed is forecasting a 51 percent turnout for the November general election:Reed, the state's chief elections official, says most voters are casting ballots by mail, boosting the turnout higher than it might... [read more]

Things that make you go "hmmm" (II)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:36 PM, 17 Comments
A working journalist e-mailed regarding my previous post about journalists who have gone on to work for politicians:You're missing the forest for the trees. If you look at the same page you linked to, the other contact person is listed... [read more]

I Hate To Be A Spoilsport
by Jim Miller, 03:02 PM, 15 Comments
But if candidates Jane Hague and Richard Pope will email me brief statements giving positive reasons to vote for them, I will post them here.  (And I apologize to those who feel that this may take some of the fun... [read more]

Things that make you go "hmmm"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:42 PM, 16 Comments
Earlier this year Seattle Times reporter Alex Fryer persuaded his management to run an advocacy series on climate change. I just noticed today that Fryer is now a spokesman for Greg Nickels (in the Office of Sustainability and Environment). His... [read more]

Passing the buck
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:35 AM, 19 Comments
From Former U.S. Attorney John McKay's May interview with bloggers and reporters:Mark Gardner: The evidence that Stefan has, it's troubling to me. Who should properly look at this type of evidence? Is it the county prosecutor? There are obviously individuals... [read more]

Because she'd generate more business?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:08 AM, 8 Comments
First responders are holding firm for Venus:The police and firefighters unions support Velazquez and have not backed away since she was arrested Oct. 17.... [read more]

A government big enough to take care of you...
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:59 AM, 4 Comments
... is big enough to protect your caregivers from you: "Law stops disclosure of medical mistakes"... [read more]

Because Joni Balter doesn't like other people encroaching on her turf?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:52 AM, 3 Comments
Seattle Times editorial: "Stop the slime, Della"... [read more]

October 29, 2007
The non-partisan prosecutor investigated some election workers after all
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:18 AM, 30 Comments
The King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office under Maleng/Satterberg did investigate some allegations of malfeasance by election workers, an elections employee reminds me. In 2005 the Sheriff's office (with PAO authorization) investigated former Superintendent of Elections Julie Anne Kempf, who had... [read more]

Warren Peterson announces blog
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:33 AM, 4 Comments
Warren Peterson, the last Republican to represent Seattle's 43rd district in the state Legislature (elected 1974) now has a blog, the "Clear Fog Blog". Unlike Crosscut, Peterson wasn't already a blog before he launched his blog. Check it out: [read more]

Crosscut announces blog
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:24 AM, 17 Comments
Crosscut announced today that it is starting a blog. Huh? I thought that Crosscut already was a blog.... [read more]

Nickels mounts SLUT
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:53 AM, 13 Comments
Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels was scheduled to ride the South Lake Union Trolley at this hour, KING-5 reports. I guess it is a news event whenever the Public Transportation Mayor actually rides public transportation. Will the photo op include shots... [read more]

Where all the children are above average
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:29 AM, 21 Comments
Seattle Times editorialist Kate Riley has a painfully yet beautifully honest essay on her autistic son passing the WASL: "Congrats, education officials, you've weakened WASL standards" Read the whole thing.... [read more]

October 28, 2007
The Missing Ingredient
by Eric Earling, 09:18 PM, 34 Comments
Let me amplify one point in Don Ward's broader analysis of the post-Dino Rossi announcement press coverage. Rossi's speech was indeed, as Don noted, much more heavy on policy specifics than is usually the case for such kickoffs. Even at... [read more]

Lost cause
by Stefan Sharkansky, 06:36 PM, 52 Comments
Today's Seattle Times features an optimistic guest editorial from a former Seattle School Board member who thinks he's found the secret formula to "Fix public education". But does anybody really think his suggestions alone would accomplish much? The only school... [read more]

It's in the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:38 PM, 17 Comments
Contumelious liberal columnist Joel Connelly has posted a simple desultory philippic against independent-minded political commentary:interim King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg gets pummeled by a popular Republican-aligned Web site, whose proprietor can't stand his moderation or that he gets support from... [read more]

The uninspiring King County Prosecutor's Race (VI)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:39 PM, 10 Comments
This series is not limited to criticism of Dan Satterberg. It's about why I'm uninspired by both of the candidates, their campaigns, and the mainstream media coverage of the race. Today I'm uninspired by the Seattle Times article "Satterberg GOP... [read more]

Venus Velazquez: On UpFront, but less than up front
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:03 AM, 16 Comments
Seattle City Council candidate Venus Velazquez is on KING-5's UpFront with Robert Mak today, Mak writes:Velazquez says she did not endanger anyone's life when she drank and drove last week... When I asked her if she endangered people in Ballard... [read more]

"I-960 wake-up needed"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:51 AM, 5 Comments
In an increasingly rare moment of good sense, the Seattle Times editorial board endorses I-960:It says, in effect, "Here is a tax increase your legislators passed by declaring a public emergency, so that you can't run a referendum against it,... [read more]

October 27, 2007
GOP Presidential Round-up
by Eric Earling, 03:22 PM, 27 Comments
Some interesting news from the campaign trail this week... Fred Barnes says it's a two man race, similar to what I've said before that in the state-by-state process that actually constitutes the nomination process, only Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney... [read more]

More on GOP Candidate Recruitment
by Eric Earling, 02:10 PM, 13 Comments
My recent post discussing the lack of viable Republican options on my own ballot, and in south Snohomish County, drew some strong reaction in the comments, a couple points of which are worth some additional response. First, note both former... [read more]

The best straight news story on I-25
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:54 AM, 4 Comments
Keith Ervin in today's Seattle Times: "I-25: Should voters elect an official to manage elections?":Two review panels were set up to study problems in the Elections Office after the GOP contested the 2004 governor's election. The panels -- one appointed... [read more]

It's in the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:37 AM, 5 Comments
P-I editorial page editor Mark Trahant today guilelessly decapitates his page's delirious (and ham-fisted) support for the light rail boondoggle. "THE BUS WINS":We hear all the time how well Portland's Max light rail system works. The trains are clean, new... [read more]

It's (no longer) in the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:54 AM, 11 Comments
Word comes that some P-I staffers are upset that independent columnist Ted Van Dyk ended his seven year association with the newspaper last week after editors spiked his column -- because it repeated his criticism of Prop. 1. Van Dyk... [read more]

Here's a guy who should disenfranchise himself more often
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:15 AM, 10 Comments
Remember Bruce Carter, the crackpot who earlier urged Seattle voters not to vote on the Viaduct measure? He got some laughs, but hardly anybody followed his advice.Carter is again campaigning for self-disenfranchisement, urging King County voters to vote No on... [read more]

October 26, 2007
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:17 PM, 9 Comments
Bob Ferguson is making us vote twice on I-25 because he wanted "stability" in the elections office. A reader shares a story of Bob Ferguson's stabilized elections office:I just got a call for my wife from KC Elections about her... [read more]

Viewer Mail
by Stefan Sharkansky, 06:05 PM, 25 Comments
A reader in Massachusetts e-mails:Sehr geehrter Herr Sharkansky, Ich habe von Ihnen gelesen und dadurch ihre viele interesante Postings gelesen. Der Grund warum ich Sie anschrieben ist, wir haben ein Problem mit einem "ex-felon", der uns staendig aufs Internet belaestigt... [read more]

Richard Pope
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:29 AM, 51 Comments
Washblog interviews Richard Pope. Pope's overnight transformation from far-right "Reagan Wing" Republican to progressive Democrat is nothing short of ... miraculous. But I will give him credit for presenting himself as generally thoughtful and reasonable, certainly more so than his... [read more]

"Voter fraud will not be tolerated in King County"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:20 AM, 61 Comments
Today's P-I reports on a guilty plea in the ACORN voter registration fraud case:A man charged last summer in a scheme to submit phony voter registration forms pleaded guilty Thursday in King County Superior Court, a spokesman for the Prosecutor's... [read more]

The Democracy Paper
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:06 AM, 6 Comments
Today's Seattle Times editorial against I-25 is so puerile that it (unwittingly) presents the perfect case for I-25:Electing an elections director will politicize the office because the individual in office may operate in ways that lead to re-election.That's the whole... [read more]

Reporters ask the least interesting things
by DonWard, 06:52 AM, 23 Comments
I generally try to avoid commenting about the foibles of my fellow press jackals. Glass houses, burning bridges, that sort of thing. Plus I'm a native Washingtonian; because of my breeding I'm usually pretty laid back. Yesterday, though, all my... [read more]

Rossi kickoff speech transcript
by DonWard, 02:03 AM, 56 Comments
Dino Rossi's campaign has video of his kickoff speech yesterday in Issaquah up at his website He also premiered a feature, where private citizens and public employees can give ideas about how to better goverment or to express... [read more]

October 25, 2007
Rossi Kickoff Coverage
by DonWard, 08:00 PM, 14 Comments
It is hardly surprising news. And anyone with even the most arthritic finger on the pulse of local politics knew it was going to happen. Dino Rossi formally announced his intention to run for governor in 2008 this morning. A... [read more]

The More Things Change...
by Eric Earling, 07:56 PM, 7 Comments
It is comforting to know the newest contributor to Horse's Ass, Paul Andrews, isn't hesitating to trot out the most unsubstantiated conspiracy theories possible in comparing current problems in southern California with Katrina. Andrews's view: it's all about race. How... [read more]

The uninspiring King County Prosecutor's Race (V)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:09 PM, 30 Comments
This summer I filed a criminal complaint about the "fatal pends" incident where King County unlawfully counted 170 provisional ballots from unregistered voters in Nov'04 and covered it up. [Detailed complaint correspondence, here ] But Dan Satterberg wouldn't investigate. Not... [read more]

It's in the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:58 PM, 15 Comments
Editorial I: "Climate Change (part I): Age of mega-fires"Today, California's burning. Tomorrow, who knows? The wildfires and the unprecedented evacuations are a phenomenon that is likely to grow across the West as unchecked climate change wreaks havoc with temperature and... [read more]

Rossi Kickoff Preview
by DonWard, 01:23 PM, 17 Comments
Just returned from the Rossi Kickoff in Issaquah and am compiling my notes. A complete post is in the outing in one or two shakes. Between 300 and 400 folks showed up. The people in the crowd were more enthusiastic... [read more]

It's in the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:17 PM, 25 Comments
Today's P-I reports that "One-third believe in ghosts, UFOs". That's roughly the same percentage as people who believe the claims of the Prop. 1 "Roads and Transit" campaign! Also in today's P-I, an op-ed by Chi-Dooh Li: "Light rail will... [read more]

Joni Balter for Gregoire spokeswoman
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:21 PM, 7 Comments
Hours before Dino Rossi launched his gubernatorial campaign, Joni Balter is already giving campaign advice to Mrs. Gregoire:The fall of Proposition 1 will be a campaign issue between [Mrs.] Gregoire, who supports the package, and her challenger in the 2008... [read more]

Dino Rossi launches campaign
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:01 PM, 36 Comments
Dino Rossi1 today announced his re-match campaign against Mrs. Gregoire:Rossi ... said he's running as an agent for change in Olympia. In his view, Gregoire is an insider who is "the governor for the government, not the governor for the... [read more]

Worth Reading
by Jim Miller, 08:20 AM, 23 Comments
John Iwasaki of the Seattle PI talks to some homeless people.  What they say supports what I reported three weeks ago.  For example, consider John Studley: John Studley worked 36 years as a hot press operator at a plywood mill... [read more]

October 24, 2007
GOP Needs Better Candidate Recruitment: A Case Study
by Eric Earling, 09:42 PM, 48 Comments
This year's Earling ballot is an example of why Republicans as a whole need to do a better job at candidate recruitment, especially in down ballot races that create the "farm team" for more serious contests. This post is not... [read more]

KING5: Roads and Transit measure a nailbiter
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:17 PM, 17 Comments
A KING-5 poll shows that the Prop. 1 "Roads and Transit" measure is in a dead heat:Yes: 30% No: 32% Not certain: 37% Source: SurveyUSA, 586 likely and actual voters, margin 4.1%Hmm. Where should undecided people go for information to... [read more]

Reminder To The Editors At The Seattle Times
by Jim Miller, 02:21 PM, 8 Comments
You still haven't corrected this error.  (Unless your search routine isn't working correctly.) It was an embarrassing mistake, and the longer it goes uncorrected, the more embarrassing it will become. Cross posted at Jim Miller on Politics.... [read more]

The uninspiring King County Prosecutor's Race (IV)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:52 PM, 17 Comments
Josh Feit alleged in last month's The Stranger that Dan Satterberg (as chief-of-staff to Prosecutor Norm Maleng in 2002) refused to investigate a child sex abuse and cover-up scandal at the local Catholic Archdiocese -- while concurrently advising the Archdiocese... [read more]

Dino's announcement events
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:49 AM, 23 Comments
Dino Rossi's campaign announcements events tomorrow, Thursday, October 25th: 10:00am: Issaquah (Village Theatre, 303 Front St N) 4:30pm: Spokane (Spokane Doubletree)... [read more]

Race to the bottom
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:24 AM, 8 Comments
The Seattle City Council race between David Della and Tim Burgess is featuring some of the dumbest and least persuasive low blows I've yet to see in a campaign.... [read more]

The uninspiring King County Prosecutor's Race (III)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:38 AM, 44 Comments
I asked Dan Satterberg whether he would prosecute P-I columnist Dorothy "D." Parvaz for illegally filing a false voter registration form, as he had earlier prosecuted Jane Balogh for filing a false voter registration form. Satterberg explained his decision not... [read more]

October 23, 2007
Sewer of Corruption (XLIV)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:33 PM, 9 Comments
A reader today sent me a copy of this beautifully expensive color advertising brochure he received in the mail from [un]Sound Transit: "Link Light Rail Newsletter Fall 2007 | Issue 6" This one is in addition to the beautifully expensive... [read more]

Sewer of Corruption (XLIII)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:14 PM, 6 Comments
That was fast! An update on the Valley Medical Center campaign finance scandal I mentioned earlier today -- "Renton hospital administrator fined $120,000 for campaign finance violations"The chief administrator of Valley Medical Center in Renton has agreed to pay a... [read more]

Hillary was apparently in Seattle yesterday
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:44 PM, 23 Comments
More where this came from at Respectfully Republican.... [read more]

Media Bias You Say?
by Eric Earling, 09:09 PM, 13 Comments
Personally, I think a lot of what we conservatives see as bias in the MSM is unintentional, the product of group-think, conducted in a cocoon of similar minds, devoid of more ideologically diverse perspectives. The Seattle Times was kind enough... [read more]

Sewer of Corruption (XLII)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:18 PM, 8 Comments
Scott St. Clair has filed an ethics complaint with the Legislative Ethics Board against Senator Eric Oemig for improper use of public resources to support the SEIU in a dispute with a private employer. Oemig, along with fellow Democrat Sens.... [read more]

Sewer of Corruption (XLI)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:03 PM, 1 Comments
Oops. My mistake. This space originally included a criticism of King County's Video Voter's Guide, but I had overlooked that the VVG I was criticizing was from the Primary, not the General. Duh. In the words of Emily Latella --... [read more]

Sewer of Corruption (XL)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:36 AM, 15 Comments
The PDC staff last week reported to the Commissioners the results of its investigation into the complaint that the Valley Medical Center used public funds to support ballot measures in 2005 and 2006. The punchline:The hospital district spent, in public... [read more]

October 22, 2007
The uninspiring King County Prosecutor's Race (II): A bizarre P.R. stunt
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:52 PM, 21 Comments
Postman today reports on Dan Satterberg's bizarre attempt to appear "non-partisan" by returning political contributions from Republican activist Lori Sotelo. Norm Maleng didn't prosecute Lori Sotelo in 2005 because she did not commit any crime. She made some mistakes which... [read more]

The uninspiring King County Prosecutor's Race (I)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:58 PM, 9 Comments
Today's P-I puts the King County Prosecutor's race in proper perspective:the county's top Democrat, County Executive Ron Sims, has remained notably neutral for reasons that sound almost like a tacit endorsement of [Republican Dan] Satterberg, who is the chief counsel... [read more]

Susan Hutchison says "Vote YES on I-25"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:15 PM, 6 Comments
Former KIRO anchorwoman Susan Hutchison, who was appointed by Ron Sims to the 2005 Task Force on Elections, recorded the pro-I-25 statement for the Seattle Channel's Video Voter's Guide. She reminds us that one of the primary (and unanimous) recommendations... [read more]

Dino Rossi to announce campaign this week
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:16 AM, 88 Comments
A reader alerted me to a Facebook group "Dino Rossi for Governor '08", which is advertising a "Dino Rossi's Campaign Announcement" event for this Thursday, October 25 in Spokane. I confirmed that this is real. Rossi has decided to run... [read more]

Mike Cooper Continues to Say: Working Families Not Welcome Here
by Eric Earling, 07:58 AM, 10 Comments
We've discussed the fact Mike Cooper has an odd approach to the challenge of affordable housing facing south Snohomish County. He wants to limit supply and raise taxes. Most people of sound mind recognize that probably won't do much to... [read more]

October 21, 2007
The Debate No One Watched
by Eric Earling, 09:35 PM, 40 Comments
Alright, confess, who actually watched tonight's Republican debate? Bill Kristol had it right, between the 7th Game of the ALCS, Sunday Night Football, and everything else Americans normally do as the weekend winds down, precious few people watched this GOP... [read more]

Interview with Jack Turk
by Brian Crouch, 07:21 PM, 7 Comments
The Snohomish GOP candidate for County Executive, Jack Turk, provided Sound Politics with the following interview. If you have a followup question, add it in the comments section: I will compile and email them to him, and post his responses... [read more]

John McKay gets another free pass in today's papers
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:00 PM, 22 Comments
Today's Spokesman-Review: Fired U.S. Attorney John McKay predicts that the U.S. Inspector General may soon recommend prosecution of departed Attorney General Alberto Gonzales over the U.S. Attorney firings. McKay still hypothesizes that he was terminated for refusing to investigate alleged... [read more]

October 20, 2007
Gresham's Law
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:36 PM, 45 Comments
Is it just me, or do the candidates this election season represent, as a whole, and with few exceptions, one of lousiest slates in recent memory? Never before have I been so inclined to write-in "None of the above" in... [read more]

Medicare's Greatness
by Eric Earling, 11:29 AM, 40 Comments
A common refrain from many left of center in the debate about health care is that government health care can't be so bad as the critics say. Medicare works well, right? David Horsey made just such a point recently. Likewise... [read more]

Venus Velazquez "accepts responsibility" by pleading not guilty
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:08 AM, 45 Comments
Venus Velazquez has pleaded not guilty to DUI. On Thursday she said she "hoped voters would judge her by the entirety of her record". Okay. According to Friday's P-I:Her record includes five citations since 1995 for failing to have proof... [read more]

October 19, 2007
by Jim Miller, 01:05 PM, 4 Comments
A sharp-eyed emailer spotted this mistake in today's Seattle Times. Washington state last went for a Republican presidential candidate in 1988, picking George H.W. Bush over Michael Dukakis, 54 percent to 46 percent.... [read more]

Joel Connelly Makes Progress
by Jim Miller, 12:16 PM, 9 Comments
No, I am not being sarcastic.  Today, in an unexceptionable column on candidates and personal morality, he said this: By 3 p.m. Thursday, [Venus] Velazquez was being written off by bloggers left (the Stranger) and right (Sound Politics). I expect... [read more]

October 18, 2007
Say No to the Job Hoppers
by Eric Earling, 08:48 PM, 29 Comments
The Seattle Times joined an argument I mentioned earlier in their editorial on a couple Snohomish County campaigns today. They lament the "unseemly job-hopping" occurring in some races thanks to term-limits forcing a number of officials out of their current... [read more]

Open Thread On Power Outages
by Jim Miller, 05:01 PM, 27 Comments
And other storm damage. (I have seen no damage from where I live in Kirkland, which is south of downtown and a few blocks from Lake Street.  Though I haven't seen a hummingbird visit my feeder today.) Update:  I had... [read more]

Venus Velazquez arrested for DUI
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:58 PM, 92 Comments
Seattle City Council candidate Venus Velazquez was arrested last night for DUI:According to the police report, Velazquez's car was caught on radar going 50 mph in a 30 mph zone on Northwest Market Street. An officer saw her car cross... [read more]

October 17, 2007
Sinclair Body Slams Cooper
by Eric Earling, 09:52 PM, 7 Comments
Renee Radcliff Sinclair picked up a nice one-two punch with the Seattle Times's glowing endorsement today, on the heels of yesterday's endorsement by the Everett Herald. Needless to say, it's decidedly uncommon for a Republican candidate in Snohomish County to... [read more]

Greene's Leadership Experience Stands Out
by Eric Earling, 09:42 PM, 20 Comments
So says the Seattle Times today in its strong endorsement of Tom Greene for Snohomish County Sheriff: Based on experience, leadership capacity and knowledge of the department, Greene is the best choice. The Times notes it has endorsed Green's opponent,... [read more]

Presidential Footnotes
by Eric Earling, 09:31 PM, 27 Comments
Several follow-ups to yesterday's post on the GOP Presidential race... If New Hampshire actual moves to December then a still unsettled primary season is totally up in the air. I hate to say all bets are off from yesterday's analysis... [read more]

Could Someone Please...
by Eric Earling, 09:28 PM, 2 Comments
...send a case of Windex to the Seattle Times? Frank Blethen's head just exploded: "Plan Would Ease F.C.C. Restriction on Media Owners" Thank you. h/t: Drudge.... [read more]

A Hard Rain's A-gonna Fall
by Jim Miller, 07:43 AM, 36 Comments
And a hard wind's a-gonna blow starting tomorrow, assuming the weather forecasters are right.  So this is a good day to prepare for it.   And a good day, I think, to float an idea that I have been thinking... [read more]

October 16, 2007
Tip for the Candidates
by Eric Earling, 09:52 PM, 11 Comments
How affordable are cable TV buys if you are strategic about your choice of channels? Affordable enough that a candidate for Edmonds City Council is up on the air. That would be for a local race in a city of... [read more]

More Clarity in the Presidential Race
by Eric Earling, 09:42 PM, 23 Comments
Recent news about Republican fundraising totals and the most recent debate didn't in and of themselves do much to change the GOP nomination contest, but the totality of recent events has brought the race into clearer focus. That view is... [read more]

It's in the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:36 PM, 58 Comments
Today's headline: "Sims budget relies on 'fiscal discipline,' and higher taxes". Higher taxes, yes. 'Fiscal discipline', not so much. Among Sims' fiscally undisciplined proposals:A property tax of about 5 cents per $1,000 of valuation to finance passenger ferries. A 5-cent... [read more]

What's The Job Market Like In Your Neighborhood?
by Jim Miller, 12:45 PM, 15 Comments
Today, I saw something that is common in my area, Kirkland and nearby suburbs.  At an Arby's in the Crossroads area, I saw a sign advertising entry level jobs, offering 9 dollars an hour, flexible work hours, monthly bonuses for... [read more]

A Bobby Kennedy-style prosecutor for Martin Luther King County?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:14 PM, 6 Comments
As noted yesterday, Democrat candidate for King County Prosecutor Bill Sherman said that "Robert Kennedy is his political hero". Reader "Obi-wan" in a comment at my earlier post asks: "Why does Sherman idolize Bobby Kennedy? Does Sherman plan on illegially... [read more]

Everett Herald Endorses Renee Radcliff Sinclair
by Eric Earling, 07:46 AM, 8 Comments
A nice get for a race in a Council District that increasingly leans toward the Democratic side. It's not an easy race but Renee has a pretty reasonable chance to hold the seat in Republican hands with a good push... [read more]

October 15, 2007
Bill Sherman, as non-political a prosecutor as Bobby Kennedy was
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:46 PM, 47 Comments
Today's Seattle Times profiles the Democrat challenger for King County Prosecutor, Bill Sherman. Irony abounds:"Republicans nationally have politicized prosecution and that has no place in what prosecutors do," [Sherman] said last month.A few lines earlier:Robert Kennedy is [Sherman's] political heroOf... [read more]

Sewer of Corruption (XXXIX)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:32 PM, 10 Comments
Mrs. Gregoire is paying a PR firm $20,000, Postman reports, to "evaluate the past communications structure in the Governor's Office ... to find out what is working well and what could be strengthened.". Another use of taxpayer funds to help... [read more]

How Did The Times And The PI Cover Lieutenant Murphy's Medal Of Honor?
by Jim Miller, 08:06 AM, 43 Comments
After reading that the New York Times has, so far, completely ignored Lieutenant Michael Murphy's Medal of Honor, I wondered how the two Seattle papers had covered (or not covered) the same story.... [read more]

October 14, 2007
What Rudy Giuliani Needs to Do
by Eric Earling, 02:28 PM, 52 Comments
Allow me to preface this post with some context since some readers might otherwise jump to the wrong conclusion about it. Rudy Giuliani is my 2nd choice for the Republican nomination. Personally, I prefer Mitt Romney and believe he would... [read more]

Educational Backbones, Educational Fat
by Jim Miller, 01:39 PM, 41 Comments
In 2005, Kate Riley of the Seattle Times claimed that our community colleges are the "workhorses" of our higher education system.  I replied, asking her to identify the "show horses" of our higher educational system.  A fair question, I thought,... [read more]

Prop 1 talk all over the op-ed pages
by Eric Earling, 12:50 PM, 14 Comments
The Seattle Times opines "no." The Tacoma News Tribune and the Everett Herald say "yes." The Times runs pro and con op-ed pieces, as did the Herald last week (here and here). Likewise last week the P-I grudgingly supported the... [read more]

Congratulations To The Seattle Times
by Jim Miller, 09:27 AM, 12 Comments
And to reporters David Heath and Hal Bernton, for this fine article on earmarks.  First, some bottom line numbers: People who benefit from earmarks generally give money to those who deliver them: Of the nearly 500 companies identified as getting... [read more]

October 13, 2007
Light Rail Arguments
by Jim Miller, 01:52 PM, 29 Comments
Compare two recent columns, each about light rail in Portland, Oregon.  First, Danny Westneat of the Seattle Times.  After telling us that he enjoyed riding the Portland system, he quotes one(!) other rider who also likes trains (though he says... [read more]

What to Watch with Barack Obama
by Eric Earling, 01:29 PM, 15 Comments
Check out the Democratic Presidential nomination results in the Strategic Vision poll for Washington state that Stefan mentioned yesterday: Hillary Clinton 48% Barack Obama 22% John Edwards 10% Bill Richardson 5% Joseph Biden 3% Christopher Dodd 1% Dennis Kucinich 1%... [read more]

Yes, Dan Savage, You Are Correct
by Eric Earling, 12:07 PM, 6 Comments
I join Savage's general line of thinking that there is a special place in hell, or at least purgatory, where gratuitous offenders of cell phone etiquette will find their appropriate suffering. Who among us has not endured a similar such... [read more]

Just Stunning...
by Eric Earling, 11:42 AM, 4 Comments
Readers of Sound Politics familiar with the...uh..."eccentricities" of the netroots, liberal base of the Democratic Party, will be simply shocked by this headline in the New York Times: Liberal Base Proves Trying to Democrats Likewise, they will absolutely stunned that... [read more]

Credit Where Credit is Due
by Eric Earling, 11:16 AM, 17 Comments
Cong. Adam Smith deserves recognition for prudently voting against a resolution in the House Foreign Affairs Committee labeling near century-old killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks as "genocide." The vote sparked a serious diplomatic row with one of our strongest... [read more]

October 12, 2007
Julia Patterson throws another temper tantrum
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:33 PM, 24 Comments
At yesterday's public testimony to the Sound Transit Board regarding the I-900 audit, Tim Eyman called the Board "sleazy" for holding the hearing at 1pm on a weekday when few taxpayers can attend. [48:00] Board member and King County Councilwoman... [read more]

It's in the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:41 PM, 2 Comments
P-I Associate Publisher and editorial board member Kenneth Bunting, writes today about last week's State Supreme Court decision nullifying the law against unthruthful campaign statements. He quotes me out of context, identifying me only as "a prominent Seattle-area blogger". Questionable... [read more]

KUOW's Gang Of Four On Al Gore And Light Rail
by Jim Miller, 03:32 PM, 10 Comments
Today,the second half of KUOW's Weekday program began with a commercial for the station.  It is fund raising time for this NPR affiliate.  The plea reminded me why I don't contribute, and why I urge others not to contribute, either.... [read more]

Strategic Vision Poll
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:34 PM, 16 Comments
Strategic Vision today released a poll of Washington state voters taken last week. Some highlights: * President Bush's approval rating is slightly higher than that of the Democrat majority Congress: 20% to 16%, with a tied 69% disapproval rating. *... [read more]

Should you trust Sound Transit now?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:46 AM, 29 Comments
Mike Lindblom in today's Seattle Times on the Prop. 1 "roads-and-transit" ballot measure: "Should you trust Sound Transit now?". Read the whole thing. Given: 1) Sound Transit's track record of underdelivering and exceeding its promised budget and schedules 2) Light... [read more]

Kudos to Kathy Lambert
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:45 AM, 6 Comments
Kudos to Kathy Lambert for being the only member of the County Council to not sign on to today's guest editorial endorsing the irresponsible Prop. 1 "roads-and-transit" ballot measure.... [read more]

October 11, 2007
State GOP Straw Poll Results
by Eric Earling, 07:19 PM, 59 Comments
According to a release from the Washington State Republican Party, here are the results of the Presidential straw poll held at their annual dinner last night (Note: 417 votes were cast out of 663 attendees): Giuliani - 113 (27.1%) Thompson... [read more]

"Stop light rail in its gold-plated tracks"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:25 AM, 39 Comments
Ted Van Dyk says "Stop light rail in its gold-plated tracks"Prop. 1 would damage the Puget Sound economy with a huge, regressive tax increase over many years to finance transportation systems we do not need while leaving real needs unmet.... [read more]

It's in the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:41 AM, 12 Comments
Thursday's P-I says vote NO on I-25. The only arguments against I-25 are weak, but the P-I's arguments are completely bankrupt. The P-I admits that the question of electing an elections director "could be a good discussion item". But rejecting... [read more]

October 10, 2007
Trouble in Paradise
by Eric Earling, 08:07 PM, 19 Comments
Boeing confirmed today that the first 787 will be delivered at least six months late. Coverage from the Times and P-I tells the tale. The P-I, which broke the story last week, includes this relevant passage: Some industry analysts believe... [read more]

Save the environment. Just which one?
by DonWard, 06:47 PM, 17 Comments
The latest wonder of ersatz fuel is coming to a pump near you. If you live in Ballard at least. Propel Biofuels, a local firm specializing in retailing biodiesel directly to the consumer, opened a new filling station on Leary... [read more]

The Shame Of Seattle
by Jim Miller, 03:41 PM, 37 Comments
On Monday morning, I was interviewed by Dan Sytman and David Boze on KTTH about my post on the homeless in Seattle.   After the interview, and after receiving some critical emails, I thought that I should repeat the central... [read more]

"Does Venus Velazquez Have a Race Problem?"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:58 PM, 6 Comments
The Seattle Weekly confirms my earlier assessment that Seattle City Council candidate Venus Velazquez is shrill and divisive.... [read more]

Danny Westneat's stunningly childish argument for light rail
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:30 PM, 62 Comments
Today's Danny Westneat column is stunningly childish: "Light rail: We will love it". Westneat reports on his trip to Portland, where he rode the light rail a few times, loved the experience and concludes that Seattle "really, really needs" light... [read more]

City Councilman Richard McIver arrested
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:01 AM, 44 Comments
The Times reports:Seattle City Councilman Richard McIver was arrested and has been booked into jail for investigation of domestic violence assault.McIver was first appointed to the Council in 1997 to replace John Manning, who had resigned after being arrested for... [read more]

The P-I's Port of Seattle Endorsements
by Eric Earling, 07:21 AM, 8 Comments
Funny thing about the P-I's editorial on the two Port of Seattle Commissioner races on the ballot: they're NOT backing the two candidates who are the darlings of the local liberal community. Instead they're backing Bill Bryant and Bob Edwards;... [read more]

October 09, 2007
Thoughts on the GOP Debate
by Eric Earling, 08:11 PM, 106 Comments
Interesting debate, though two hours is just too stinkin' long, even for a junkie like me. The questions were a mixed bag, though could someone please tell me why we needed questions on Iran and Iraq in what was billed... [read more]

The Pro and Con Arguments on I-25
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:35 PM, 11 Comments
The Washington Policy Center has issued a policy brief analyzing the pros and cons about I-25. The brief lists a lot of pros, but the only real "con" that the opponents seem to be able to come up with is,... [read more]

The Seattle Times Editorial Writers Agree With The Rickert Decision
by Jim Miller, 12:44 PM, 11 Comments
And quote a good line from Justice Johnson. The law forbade a candidate from telling a lie, with malicious intent, about an opponent.  But who determines which statements are lies, and which intents are malicious?  The law empowered the Public... [read more]

Unsurprising boondoggle backers
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:49 AM, 28 Comments
Today's Seattle Times has a pro-"roads-and-transit" op-ed by some familiar boondoggle boosters, former Governor Dan Evans and superlawyer Judith Runstad. Runstad is a partner with Foster Pepper, which stands to make millions off the boondoggle as Sound Transit's bond counsel.... [read more]

October 08, 2007
Easy Ballot Choices
by Eric Earling, 05:11 PM, 6 Comments
On down the ballot in Snohomish County, two races offer an easy decision. In the races for Treasurer and Clerk there is a choice between two long-time elected officials trying to play a too-cute-by-half trick of musical offices. In the... [read more]

Was Rickert Vs. Washington Decided Correctly?
by Jim Miller, 04:41 PM, 9 Comments
That's the Washington state case in which our Supreme Court ruled, 5-4, that the state's Public Disclosure Commission could not penalize candidates for false campaign brochures.  (For more background, see this article.)   As I mentioned in this post, I... [read more]

The academic dark age of Christine Gregoire
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:18 PM, 36 Comments
Today's Crosscut posts an item from UW Computer Science professor Ed Lazowska, complaining about the lack of research funding from the Bush administration: "The scientific dark age of George Bush". But farther down in the article are observations which indicate... [read more]

"Republicans Tear Into Pope"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:41 PM, 14 Comments
Best of the Web Today used my tip for this item:Breaking News From 1928 "Republicans Tear Into Pope"--headline, Seattle Times, Oct. 8The Times article of course refers to the King County Republicans attack on disgruntled former Republican perennial candidate turned... [read more]

Reprove Referendum 67
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:19 PM, 29 Comments
The "Approve Referendum 67" campaign wants you to vote Approve in order to uphold a law supported by Mrs. Gregoire and the lopsided legislature to make it easier for their trial lawyer patrons to extract unreasonably large judgments from insurance... [read more]

Sherman target of PDC complaint
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:17 PM, 6 Comments
Patrick Bell reports that Bill Sherman, Democrat candidate for King County Prosecutor, is the subject of a PDC complaint for violations during his unsuccessful primary campaign for state legislature last year. Bell comments:it appears the charge is more than just... [read more]

The Strange Candidacy of Gael Tarleton
by Eric Earling, 07:28 AM, 12 Comments
The oddity of Gael Tarleton's campaign for the Port Commission is more peculiar than the emails Stefan detailed recently that show Tarleton campaigning actively on the clock, using public equipment at the UW. I've plowed through more of the emails... [read more]

October 07, 2007
Impeach Limbaugh
by DonWard, 03:30 PM, 33 Comments
This is a bit late but the whole tea kettle tempest about the U.S. Senate, phony soldiers and Rush Limbaugh is always good grist for the mill. Me? The news that Democrat lawmakers were censuring the talk show host was... [read more]

October 06, 2007
You Can't Make This Stuff Up
by Eric Earling, 03:57 PM, 4 Comments
Totally off the political path, this tale from a local sports columnist at my favorite Seahawks-related blog is one of more hilarious yarns I've read in some time.... [read more]

Some Iran Reading for the P-I Editorial Board
by Eric Earling, 03:53 PM, 13 Comments
Given the P-I editorial board's fervent and bizarre position on Iran, including defense of the Revolutionary Guards, a review of this Christian Science Monitor article summarizing the Guards' role in Iran is in order. In short, they're much akin to... [read more]

Chuckles For Today
by Jim Miller, 02:32 PM, 8 Comments
It's a gray day, and the Mariners didn't make the playoffs, so some may be feeling a little down.  It is kind of the editorial writers at the PI and the Times to try to cheer us up.... [read more]

But...But....I Said It Was For the Kids...AND I MEANT IT!
by Eric Earling, 09:53 AM, 157 Comments
If David Horsey's recent cartoon on the SCHIP issue was an obnoxious form of the non sequitur debate unfolding on the topic, yesterday's Seattle Times editorial was a more temperate stroll down the same errant path. The Times assesses that... [read more]

October 05, 2007
KUOW's Gang Of Four Meets RTID-ST2
by Jim Miller, 04:22 PM, 12 Comments
Today, KUOW's Gang of Four began by discussing the recent Washington Supreme Court decision that the state should not decide which politicians were lying in their campaign ads.  Somewhat to my relief, all four agreed with the decision, and Danny... [read more]

Surrender Dorothy
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:21 PM, 24 Comments
Unlawfully registered Seattle P-I editorial writer Dorothy ("D.") Parvaz cancelled her voter registration today, mooting a registration challenge, says King County Elections Director Sherril Huff. Perhaps this item in today's Tri-City Herald convinced Parvaz to correct the record: "Prosser man... [read more]

"Death to America" protests
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:28 AM, 50 Comments
In Tehran today:hundreds of thousands of people poured into the streets as they chanted "Death to America"which isn't a hollow threat. And speaking of pro-Iranian "Death to America" protests, Washington State Senator Eric Oemig is among the organizers of a... [read more]

"A comedian and a politician are sitting on an airplane ..."
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:41 AM, 29 Comments
... The politician says: "You're a comedian, eh? Tell me a joke". The comedian answers: "You're a politician, eh? Tell me a lie". I was reminded of that old joke while reading Justice Madsen's dissenting opinion in yesterday's Washington Supreme... [read more]

October 04, 2007
Republican Presidential Fundraising Isn't Warm & Fuzzy
by Eric Earling, 10:04 PM, 25 Comments
Let's call a spade a spade and say there's little great news for any Republican candidate based on the 3rd Quarter fundraising results, especially given the huge numbers being put up by the Democratic field in comparison. Here's a summary... [read more]

Prop 1 News Round-Up
by Eric Earling, 10:01 PM, 9 Comments
Kemper Freemen gives $100k to the the "No" effort. Bill Virgin says there's a lot of good and bad in the measure, calls it a "tossup." State Treasurer Mike Murphy endorses the Proposition and calls one characterization of its cost... [read more]

It's in the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:13 PM, 4 Comments
P-I Associate Publisher Kenneth Bunting in Friday's column:I couldn't agree more with those who say that personal character attacks and name calling hurt the quality of discourse in politics, and communications in generalI guess it's Bunting's distaste for name-calling that... [read more]

State can't prohibit candidates from lying
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:56 PM, 28 Comments
The Washington Supreme Court today struck down the state's law against false campaign advertising [RCW 42.17.530]. I agree with the majority opinion, written by Justice James Johnson, with Justices Alexander, Owens, Sanders and Charles Johnson concurring:The notion that the government,... [read more]

Homeless in Seattle
by Jim Miller, 04:52 PM, 17 Comments
Last Wednesday afternoon, it was warm and pleasant, so I took the 255 bus over to Seattle to do a quick survey of Seattle's homeless problem.... [read more]

Gael Tarleton's improper campaign e-mails
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:35 PM, 10 Comments
As Eric mentioned yesterday, Gael Tarleton, who is challenging incumbent Port of Seattle Commissioner Bob Edwards, admitted to using her UW e-mail account to promote her candidacy, a serious violation of state campaign finance rules. Edwards campaign sent me some... [read more]

Light-rail: fantasy vs reality
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:57 PM, 33 Comments
Matt Welch, an L.A. writer and erstwhile advocate for mass transit, finally actually tried to commute by train and discovered that it wasn't an acceptable option: "Why nobody, but nobody will ever take mass transit as long as they have... [read more]

Where all children are above average
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:31 AM, 11 Comments
Today's Seattle Times has this encouraging headline "State ranks above average in WASL "proficiency" definition" But the article is really about a new report which exposes this notion of "proficiency" as an illusion:"The Proficiency Illusion" reveals that the tests that... [read more]

What Is A Neoconservative?
by Jim Miller, 08:14 AM, 0 Comments
For months, I have been planning to write this piece.  Now Joshua Muravchik has done it for me, and has done a better job than I would have.... [read more]

October 03, 2007
But, It's For the Kids
by Eric Earling, 09:46 PM, 66 Comments
True to form, David Horsey's latest encapsulates the Democratic mantra that President Bush's opposition to the version of SCHIP reauthorization sent to his desk must be because he hates kids. Especially sick kids. A local liberal blogger likes the meme... [read more]

Snohomish County Budget gets people talking
by Eric Earling, 08:00 PM, 5 Comments
Some commenters at this post thought too much attention was being paid to Democratic County Executive's call for a modest property tax cut. True, it's easy for the cynic to say it's just an election year stunt, though all of... [read more]

Oops, I Sent It Again
by Eric Earling, 07:50 PM, 5 Comments
I'm told by sources there is a lot to today's story in the Seattle Times on Port candidate Gael Tarleton's potential troubles with the PDC. She appears to have campaigned for public office at length while on the public clock... [read more]

Mrs. Gregoire's taxpayer-funded campaign tour
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:34 PM, 18 Comments
Mrs. Gregoire has the first of her town hall meetingstaxpayer-funded campaign events this evening at Town Hall in Seattle. Curiously, when I mentioned this in a post last week, a commenter self-identified only as "GL" posted (#18) "Governor Gregoire's listening... [read more]

I come not to bury Ron Sims, but to praise him
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:28 PM, 21 Comments
Danny Westneat criticizes Ron Sims for announcing his opposition to the RTID/ST plan after spending years developing and publicly supporting the plan (while privately harboring objections to it).Sims says he went along for one reason: human weakness. After all the... [read more]

Global Warming Update (XXXIX)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:58 AM, 23 Comments
Today's weather report: "Early season snow advisories issued for Washington Cascades"Feel a bit chilly for early October? The National Weather Service forecast may make you shiver even more. Snow is expected over the Cascade Range from central Oregon to the... [read more]

Second best of the web today
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:15 AM, 3 Comments
Still only one per person AP headline: "Assisted suicide may not increase deaths" "It was orange and tasted like fish" AP headline: "Seattle company recalling salmon spread" Bottom stories of the day P-I headline: "There's no panic this season for... [read more]

October 02, 2007
The increasingly bizarre race between Jane Hague and Richard Pope
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:40 PM, 43 Comments
Jane Hague must have thought this was too good to be true:King County Councilmember Jane Hague will not have to face legal questions about her June DUI arrest until well after the Nov. 6 election. King County District Court Judge... [read more]

Your Confusion is Understandable
by Eric Earling, 09:33 PM, 16 Comments
Erica Barnett confesses she's confused about the discordant messages coming from assorted opponents of Proposition 1. It's an interesting point given a contest that for now at least appears to be close. Tossing your personal view of the measure out... [read more]

More voter registration violations at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:52 AM, 52 Comments
It turns out that Joel Connelly isn't the only P-I columnist to participate in voter registration violations. Editorial writer D. Parvaz is also unlawfully registered, falsely claiming residence at the P-I building! Property records show that Parvaz has owned a... [read more]

Who Votes?
by Eric Earling, 07:49 AM, 5 Comments
A commentary at Rasmussen Reports makes a point about national polls I've been harping on for some time: most national polls aren't measuring the right universe of "likely primary voters." Of course, even a really good national poll still has... [read more]

Bad Headline Department
by Eric Earling, 07:25 AM, 23 Comments
"Will court kill voters' plan for elections?" asks the Everett Herald in its coverage of yesterday's Supreme Court hearing on the state's "Top 2" primary system. The problem is the headline implies the Supreme Court is going to be the... [read more]

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