Index of entries from November 2006
November 30, 2006
Mail Ballot Horror Show (XXXIII): Selling votes for pork rinds
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:35 PM, 15 Comments
At the risk of giving Ron Sims a good idea: The former mayor of a tiny coal town who prosecutors say masterminded a scheme to buy votes with beer, cigarettes and even pork rinds, pleaded guilty Thursday to 243 felonies,... [read more]

Opportunities for Bipartisanship: Trade
by Eric Earling, 07:42 PM, 11 Comments
UPDATED II: David Postman adds some coverage today on the issue, highlighted by a conversation with Adam Smith. I don't like where Smith is going when he says, " the Colombia and Peru agreements likely will need side agreements on... [read more]

It's in the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:37 PM, 7 Comments
The P-I reports on an educrat panel discussion about the "achievement gap":Solving the problem will require action by adults -- legislators providing more money for public education; parents being involved with their children's education; and teachers keeping expectations high for... [read more]

Re: KCGOP officers election
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:13 PM, 17 Comments
As Don writes below, the King County GOP is electing officers this Saturday. One controversy is Richard Pope's allegation of PDC violations by KCGOP. Pope's complaint was posted by a Public Blog contributor here. Chairman Mike Young, who is running... [read more]

KCGOP officers election
by DonWard, 12:37 PM, 37 Comments
Most people don't worry about county party elections. It smacks of too much inside political baseball for most folks to pay attention. On Dec. 2 the King County GOP is holding an organization meeting for PCOs to choose new officers... [read more]

King County Executive D Primary 2009
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:41 AM, 7 Comments
Someone called "Bob Ferguson Democrat" created an "Our Campaigns" page for the 2009 King County Executive Democrat Primary. The page lists potential contenders: Ron Sims (reportedly uninterested in another term, but registered as a candidate with the PDC), Seattle Mayor... [read more]

Seattle Racial Tiebreaker To SCOTUS Monday
by Matt Rosenberg, 10:50 AM, 12 Comments
The "racial tiebreaker" used by Seattle Public Schools was upheld by the Nutty 9th U.S. Circuit Court, but will face review by the United States Supreme Court beginning Monday. Yesterday in the Seattle Times, Bruce Ramsey nailed the tiebreaker's flaws.... [read more]

Netroots Alert!
by Eric Earling, 07:39 AM, 14 Comments
TwoThree issues of import to the netroots have run into difficulty. 1) The new "progressive majority" looks forward to doing away with competition in the Medicare program by having the federal government "negotiate" directly with pharmaceutical companies. Such action is... [read more]

November 29, 2006
WA Conservative Blogosphere Update
by Matt Rosenberg, 10:25 PM, 16 Comments
It's nice for some folks to imagine that conservatives are mostly angry humorless dweebs with few animating interests other than work, family, guns, stock car races, Flatt & Scruggs, and parading around with posters of aborted fetuses. Uh, not quite.... [read more]

Record low temperatures set
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:38 PM, 36 Comments
The P-I's weather blog reports that record low temperatures were set today: Sea-Tac Airport hit 18 degrees around 4 a.m., breaking the record of 22 degrees. That was set in 1975. It's tempting to use this opportunity to make fun... [read more]

A $165 million homeless shelter
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:53 PM, 24 Comments
Seattle's newish downtown library is quite the homeless shelter. This has been reported before, but it's good that it's getting more attention. I've never quite gotten the point of the new central library, which seems more like a hecatomb to... [read more]

2006 Election an improvement over 2004, but serious problems remain
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:53 PM, 7 Comments
The King County Canvassing Board certified the 2006 election yesterday (l-r Asst. Superintendent Garth Fell, Board members Councilmember Julia Patterson, Interim Elections Director Jim Buck (Jimron), Prosecuting Attorney Chief-of-Staff Dan Satterberg) This election wasn't perfect, but looks much better than... [read more]

Eat Turkey, Get Drunk, Have An Abortion (Or Vasectomy)
by Matt Rosenberg, 11:00 AM, 16 Comments
I read The Stranger so you don't have to. In the Nov. 23 issue, the Seattle alternative alternative weekly is again whoring for The Man (bar and nightclub advertisers), with a cover story on where family-averse misanthropes can booze up.... [read more]

What would Gregoire do without 30 Dems?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:49 AM, 20 Comments
Today's Seattle Times: "30 Dems to Gregoire: New viaduct is better than costly tunnel" Thirty members of the House Democratic caucus have sent a letter to [Mrs.] Gregoire arguing the state should replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct with an elevated... [read more]

We are Some Kind of Pathetic
by Eric Earling, 07:49 AM, 55 Comments
Does anyone else join me in growing frustration with how local schools are handling school closure decisions? Monday, the private school my kids attend closed along with the Edmonds school district in which it sits. The roads weren't that bad,... [read more]

November 28, 2006
Rule on the Law, Not Policy Preferences
by Eric Earling, 07:44 PM, 7 Comments
The Everett Herald opines today that the U.S. Supreme Court should rule in favor of litigation to force the EPA to declare carbon dioxide emissions - mostly from motor vehicles - a pollutant covered by the Clean Air Act. That's... [read more]

"Queen Of Pork"
by Jim Miller, 02:57 PM, 23 Comments
In this post, I suggested we call Washington's senior senator, Patty "Pork" Murray, for her devotion to grabbing money for indefensible projects.   As I learned from this Seattle Times article, the Taxpayers for Common Sense had already come up... [read more]

Mail Ballot Horror Show (XXXII): Coerced voting
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:59 PM, 18 Comments
KING-5 has an investigative report on a frightening assisted living facility for mentally ill adults. According to the report, the "therapist" who runs the place is not only unlicensed, but also an abusive control freak. And she makes her dependent... [read more]

A Great Education, For $6K Per Annum
by Matt Rosenberg, 11:30 AM, 118 Comments
Steve Pulkkinen of the Seattle Public Schools teachers union writes in the Seattle Times today that the system's pressing need is more state money, to bring per-pupil annual spending from $10K to $15K or $20K. Our family already pays Seattle... [read more]

Post-Thanksgiving Turkey
by Eric Earling, 08:15 AM, 77 Comments
UPDATED: This thread was originally posted in the depths of last week's Thanksgiving break. It includes an interesting discussion, especially in the comments, on immigration and related issues. Of note, Rep. Tom Tancredo chims in yestereday at comment #32. And... [read more]

Re: The soft bigotry of low expectations
by Eric Earling, 07:59 AM, 15 Comments
I join many a Sound Politics reader in being displeased in the temporary delay (we hope) of implementing the math portion of the 10th grade WASL as a graduation requirement. Since this call comes from Governor Gregoire and Superintendent Bergeson,... [read more]

Anyone Seen Al Gore In The Seattle Area?
by Jim Miller, 07:20 AM, 23 Comments
That was almost my first thought when I awoke to this news. Drivers inching their way through the Monday evening commute cursed the snow that returned to the Puget Sound region and shut down at least two highways while essentially... [read more]

November 27, 2006
The soft bigotry of low expectations
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:54 PM, 139 Comments
Mrs. Gregoire proposes postponement of WASL math requirement: [Mrs.] Gregoire said Monday that she will propose to the Legislature that students will not have to pass the math section of the Washington Assessment of Student Learning to graduate from high... [read more]

The most maligned people at King County Elections
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:15 PM, 3 Comments
These are some photos of the King County Elections workers who are the most maligned (by senior elections officials): Pictured above are canvassing workers wanding the poll books to give credit to poll voters. Whenever the number of votes fails... [read more]

Make Or Break Time For The Washington GOP
by Matt Rosenberg, 12:25 PM, 40 Comments
Hitting bottom affords a certain sparkling opportunity for the Washington GOP to regain relevance. (About which, more below the fold). First, the backdrop. The Seattle Times today documents with a sobering legislative district map and an equally sobering majority/minority chart... [read more]

"Educators seek way to close achievement gap"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:07 PM, 22 Comments
Today's P-I:Citing rising concerns about the academic performance of many of Seattle's students of color, state and Seattle school officials and education advocates plan to gather downtown Wednesday to discuss how to finally close the academic achievement gap ... In... [read more]

Mail Ballot Horror Show (XXXI): Signature "mismatches"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:16 AM, 4 Comments
If you voted by mail, you could be one of the 4,000 King County voters whose ballot might be rejected because of a signature problem. If this applies to you, you have until 6pm today to deliver signature documents to... [read more]

Patty Murray Has A Position On Pork
by Jim Miller, 10:40 AM, 12 Comments
She's for it.  That's one of conclusions that I draw from this New York Times article, which gently warns readers not to expect controls on spending after the Democrats take over in January.... [read more]

November 26, 2006
Boondoggle expansion predicted
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:45 PM, 24 Comments
"Light rail system expansion predicted" The nation's top transportation official visits the Puget Sound region on Monday, and a prediction is she'll announce another move to extend the region's light rail system north to the University of Washington. .. Sound... [read more]

Education Quagmire
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:52 PM, 14 Comments
The P-I interviews former Mayor Norm Rice, who wants to be the Superintendent for exactly 18 months, so he can reverse decades of deterioration. Danny Westneat on the District's U.S. Supreme Court case to defend race-based school assignments. A private... [read more]

"On drug prices, are Democrats in a fix?"
by Eric Earling, 02:56 PM, 7 Comments
A couple weeks back, I took a deeper look at one issue on the "100 hour agenda" for House Democrats, giving the Medicare program direct authority to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies for the new prescription drug program, rather than leaving... [read more]

Sound Weather
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:29 PM, 19 Comments
From my window I see slushy snow-like rain. The forecast predicts actual snow later tonight and tomorrow. This is my fourth year in Seattle and the earliest snowfall that I can recall. I blame global warming.... [read more]

November 25, 2006
Onward Christian Soldiers
by Eric Earling, 05:15 PM, 72 Comments
Assorted Christian leaders in the social conservative movement have been in the news lately, including James Dobson letting loose with some shots at the national GOP (hat tip: Orbusmax), and David Postman covering leadership turmoil in the Christian Coalition. These... [read more]

Annoying unwanted calls
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:44 AM, 23 Comments
Among the unwanted calls I find most annoying are those from telemarketers trying to sell me a subscription to the P-I.... [read more]

November 24, 2006
To Draft or Not to Draft
by Eric Earling, 06:54 PM, 35 Comments
Perhaps one of the most tiresome rants in modern liberal lore is the fascination with all things related to the military draft, in part due to misconceptions about the military's actual demographic composition. The P-I parroted this meme in a... [read more]

Mike! the Pyschic
by DonWard, 04:54 PM, 9 Comments
Mike McGavick might have been blown out by the largest margin in a Washington Senate race since "Scoop" Jackson was drawing breath. But despite his losing performance, two of the ideas which the former Safeco CEO espoused during his ill-fated... [read more]

What is wrong with this picture?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:18 PM, 17 Comments
Yesterday's P-IIt's time city politicians consider trying to exert authority over Seattle's much-maligned school district, Mayor Greg Nickels said Wednesday. "I don't think it's any secret that many parents, when their children reach school age, move out of the city... [read more]

November 23, 2006
Happy Thanksgiving
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:19 AM, 7 Comments
So much to be thankful for. I'll be in the kitchen most of the day and in the dining room most of the evening. Enjoy the holiday!... [read more]

Toys for tots
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:57 AM, 2 Comments
Kirby Wilbur at KVI 570 is holding a radio-thon today to raise money for Toys for Tots. I donated $100 and challenge other bloggers and blog readers to join me and give. Call 866 944 3838.... [read more]

November 22, 2006
Thurston County Prosecutor found liable for sexual harassment
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:34 PM, 19 Comments
Prosecutor Ed Holm's home page has long carried this message:We do not see justice as a fixed formula that is easily applied, but as a sacred principle that is always contextual and excruciatingly difficult to attain. It must do justice... [read more]

Let's Help Nicole Brodeur
by Jim Miller, 01:09 PM, 58 Comments
The Seattle Times columnist seems genuinely puzzled. But the Seattle School District doesn't measure up to all that success [in Seattle].  Once again we're looking for a new superintendent, the graduation rate is unacceptable, and the School Board?  Disarray. The... [read more]

Timing is everything
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:44 AM, 32 Comments
The Olympian "Divorce file of lobbyist with ties to Cantwell to be unsealed" A judge has ruled that most files in the divorce case of a lobbyist with close ties to Sen. Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., must be open to the... [read more]

DNS change
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:31 AM, 4 Comments
I'm now outsourcing DNS service for both and Let me know if it's working okay or if you notice any problems. (okay means the links to pages on this site work. Problems means you get "page not found"... [read more]

Where Do Local Democrats Stand on Alcee Hastings?
by Eric Earling, 01:12 AM, 23 Comments
It's no secret Nancy Pelosi fumbled her way out of the blocks as incoming-Speaker of the House by publicly pushing for ethically-challenged Jack Murtha over now Majority Leader-to-be Steny Hoyer. Indeed, Pelosi took a thrashing from the punditocracy over the... [read more]

November 21, 2006
Your tax dollars at work (II)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:45 PM, 12 Comments
KIRO-TV: "Money For Low-Income Housing Spent On New Hummer" Let's start with Vancouver Housing Authority Executive Director Kurt Creager. Many of his section-8 clients don't have enough money for any car, but Creager just expensed a $37,000 H-3. This seems... [read more]

Your tax dollars at work (I)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:30 PM, 19 Comments
The P-I reports on Seattle city government's $2+million annual spending on travel junkets:Destinations included Mexico, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Ecuador, Scotland, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and France. They also went to Las Vegas, Anaheim, Calif., San... [read more]

Romney Follow-Up
by Eric Earling, 10:34 PM, 12 Comments
Generally good discussion today at this post about Mitt Romney's Presidential hopes, and this writer's support therein. A timely discussion as the competition for the Presidential nomination is already garnering a fair amount of news, at least on the Republican... [read more]

Turning A Blind Eye To Fatherless Black Babies
by Matt Rosenberg, 08:47 PM, 42 Comments
The diversity agenda in media and academia includes shamelessly flogging racial "disparities" in education, law enforcement, public health, business ownership and even mortgage interest rates. There's almost always a clearly-stated assumption of "institutional bias" or racism against blacks or Hispanics.... [read more]

Pork of Seattle
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:03 PM, 3 Comments
The Port of Seattle today increased its property tax by 9%. Commission President Pat Davis had the chutzpah to call this a "decrease" : The Port's tax levy rate will decrease by a small percentage from the rate in 2006.... [read more]

Al-Sadr Needs To Be Dispatched
by Matt Rosenberg, 05:17 PM, 20 Comments
According to the WaPo, the Pentagon may be warming to increasing U.S. troops in Iraq and then boosting training and guidance of Iraqi forces during a U.S. drawdown. But citing first-hand meetings with President Lyndon Johnson during the Vietnam War,... [read more]

Provisional Ballot Processing
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:48 PM, 8 Comments
In addition to a tour of the mail ballot processing operation, King County Elections also gave me tours of the provisional ballot processing and the polling place canvassing last week. Follows are some captioned photos of the provisional ballot processing.... [read more]

Vote for America's worst newspaper
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:13 PM, 30 Comments
REPOST: The Powerline Blog has now posted its poll: "Which is the worst newspaper in the country?" Two of the 15 nominees are WA state papers: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer and The Olympian. The explanatory blog post is here. The poll... [read more]

"Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:06 PM, 25 Comments
That's the pledge I want the government schools to make to parents of school-aged children: "Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back". And that's the platform for education that I'd like to see the Republican Party adopt, both nationally and at... [read more]

Garbage In, Garbage Out
by Matt Rosenberg, 11:46 AM, 11 Comments
The Tacoma News Tribune reports today that Self Magazine has proclaimed Tacoma the "most sexually healthy" city for women among the U.S.'s 100 most populous. The TNT reports the ranking is based on low rates of sexually transmitted diseases, high... [read more]

Perhaps the worst election reform bill ever
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:28 AM, 16 Comments
Washington's county election officials are proposing this bill to the state legislature: "Providing for privacy protection for certain voter registration information". The bill would exempt voter birthdates from public disclosure and also prohibit the copying of voter signatures on mail... [read more]

Mitt Romney for President: Part II, the Man
by Eric Earling, 07:26 AM, 47 Comments
UPDATE: Welcome readers of the Elect Romney in 2008 Blog. **** A previous post previewed the Republican primary field for President, and closed with this question: Why Romney? He's a leader, a conservative, and a man of action. Romney's resume... [read more]

Mitt Romney for President: Part I, the Competition
by Eric Earling, 07:25 AM, 30 Comments
As previewed earlier, I'm coming out in full support for Mitt Romney for President. Here at Sound Politics, Matt Rosenberg has already declared his preference for Rudy Giuliani. This writer's thoughts will be broken down into two posts: one summarizing... [read more]

November 20, 2006
Here's A Telling Slip
by Jim Miller, 01:56 PM, 25 Comments
Now that the election is over, the Seattle Times is beginning to tell us more about the Democrats they helped elect.  They are even beginning to criticize those Democrats from time to time, as they did in this editorial on... [read more]

Watch for the rush to judgment
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:44 AM, 5 Comments
Today's P-I: "King County's vote counters still have a lot of work to do". Reporter Gregory Reborts quoted me, sort of: The department has gotten better at balancing its electoral books since then. Even so, Stefan Sharkansky, the Seattle blogger... [read more]

Whither the Washington GOP?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:40 AM, 54 Comments
REMINDER: Tonight's meeting of the Downtown Seattle Republican Club will feature a post-mortem panel discussion with two leading Republican state legislators on the outcome of this year's statehouse races. Join me this Monday at 5pm at the College Club when... [read more]

Education Quagmire
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:34 AM, 26 Comments
Yesterday's Seattle Times editorial: "Funding is key to education reform" Funding, as in "more will be required to get the job done". How much more? And what does it mean for the job to be "done"? The editorial doesn't say.... [read more]

Ever Wondered What Happened To Rem Koolhaas?
by Jim Miller, 09:21 AM, 22 Comments
After, that is, he designed this strange building for the Seattle Public library.... [read more]

November 19, 2006
Sound Dining
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:29 PM, 9 Comments
We celebrated Mrs. Shark's birthday this evening at Eva Restaurant and Wine Bar, which, to our delight, is just a few blocks from our home. The cellphone camera doesn't do justice to the magnificent semifreddo with sour cherries. Nor... [read more]

"Are You Nakie?"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:53 PM, 15 Comments
"Racy text messages lead to Lewis County official's fall" A recently fired top-level administrator in Lewis County, Patti Prouty, has gone from anonymity to infamy. As central-services director, she was in charge of hooking up police cruisers with mobile data... [read more]

Apple Capital no more?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:54 PM, 31 Comments
In another SayWA moment, Wenatchee has changed its slogan from "Apple Capital of the World" to "Wenatchee. Meeting Rivers. Meeting Friends. Meeting Needs.". Whatever. More apropos would be "City of Ridiculous. Trials.". But seriously, I like "Apple Capital of the... [read more]

"But voters won't necessarily get the final say"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:32 PM, 17 Comments
NPR had a report last week on Seattle's successful Initiative 91, prohibiting taxpayer subsidies of sports teams. The report quotes initiative organizer Chris Van Dyk and Tom Montgomery, described as "the Chris Van Dyk of Minnesota". Montgomery successfully held off... [read more]

November 18, 2006
Reichert's Victory Rally
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:52 PM, 13 Comments
Congressman Dave Reichert, holding his grandson, thanks supporters at his victory rally this morning. He didn't talk a lot about the race, but he did recommend the book 1776, with the message that the fight for our freedom is... [read more]

"Operator in crane wreck has history of drug abuse"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:10 PM, 51 Comments
Today's P-I The man who was operating the massive tower construction crane at the time of its deadly collapse in downtown Bellevue Thursday night has a long criminal record, including at least six drug convictions. Crane operator Warren Taylor Yeakey,... [read more]

November 17, 2006
Jim Miller trumps Karl Rove
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:23 PM, 16 Comments
Lawrence O'Donnell at The Huffington Postthe damage Murtha's ethics history can do to the Pelosi Speakership is nothing compared to what Alcee Hastings can do ... If Rove had been smart enough to make Alcee Hastings a household term during... [read more]

A modest proposal for transportation budgeting
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:37 PM, 25 Comments
Matt posted a terrific entry yesterday about regional transit funding, the Puget Sound Regional Transit Council report, and next year's battle over the forthcoming multi-gazillion dollar RTID roads-and-trains tax-and-spend proposal. Be sure to read Matt's entry. Here's my modest proposal... [read more]

Here and there
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:36 AM, 41 Comments
Outstanding theft case of felon who killed police officer Beth Nowak was not seen as a priority (but this was a priority) "Bergeson offers plan for better schools" (hint: it includes a pay raise) "New state windfall of $57 million... [read more]

McCain Channels Goldwater; Moore Channels.....Kucinich?
by Matt Rosenberg, 10:36 AM, 51 Comments
One day, two great thinkers. First, news of '08 GOP presidential contender John McCain, speechifying to conservatives yesterday: "We were elected to reduce the size of government and enlarge the sphere of free and private initiative. We increased the size... [read more]

November 16, 2006
Darcy Burner's final implosion
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:42 PM, 69 Comments
I wasn't planning to beat up on Darcy Burner any more, but she's both apparently eager to remain in politics and too inviting a target to deserve a free pass. Her concession speech was as ungracious and divisive as her... [read more]

Mortgages for illegal immigrants ...
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:39 PM, 33 Comments
... are getting more common, reports today's Seattle Times. I want to secure the borders and take other steps to minimize the influx of illegal immigrants. But most of the millions who are already here are here to stay. (If... [read more]

Sound Weather
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:18 PM, 4 Comments
It's days like today that make days like yesterday bearable. Green Lake, this afternoon... [read more]

A Billion Here, A Billion There....Pretty Soon: Real Money
by Matt Rosenberg, 12:27 PM, 22 Comments
A new, 172-page report from the legislatively-mandated Puget Sound Regional Transportation Commission identifies a staggering $134 billion of estimated road and transit project needs over the next 24 years in King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap counties. Pages 1-7, 5-1 and... [read more]

Mail Ballot Horror Show (XXX): A nationwide scourge
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:24 PM, 10 Comments
I focus my blogging on the mail ballot horror show here in Washington state. Gentry Lange, Green Party activist and former candidate, has started the "No Vote by Mail blog, dedicated to problems with absentee voting around the country. (BTW,... [read more]

Pelosi, Murtha and Hoyer
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:08 PM, 24 Comments
Democrats have elected Steny Hoyer to be House Majority Leader, over John Murtha, who had been promoted by incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Hoyer's the better choice, but this is not a good indication of Pelosi's abilities to have such a... [read more]

Milton Friedman dies at 94
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:49 AM, 7 Comments
Milton Friedman has died.... [read more]

Is vote-by-mail in 2007 a fait accompli?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:28 AM, 6 Comments
Republican elections observer Tim Borders tells me that senior Elections staff informed workers at the canvassing facility today that King County would transition to all vote-by-mail for the 2007 Primary. The announcement was made by Interim Elections Director Jim Buck... [read more]

Seattle prostitution sting
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:06 AM, 27 Comments
"Prostitution sting leads to nearly 100 arrests" Rented furnishings and hidden cameras were among the props Seattle police vice detectives used to arrest nearly 100 men who showed up at a ritzy downtown condo in the past two weeks expecting... [read more]

Does Your Congressman Tolerate Corruption?
by Jim Miller, 07:22 AM, 42 Comments
Thanks to Nancy Pelosi, many of us will be able to answer that question. If you are represented by a Democrat, and that Democrat votes to make John Murtha majority leader, then your congressman tolerates corruption. It's as simple as... [read more]

November 15, 2006
Presidential Programming Note
by Eric Earling, 08:19 PM, 28 Comments
I've been meaning to get to a post naming my preference for the GOP nominee for President in 2008, and my reasoning therein. Because of a hectic schedule, I haven't gotten to it quite yet, but do want to throw... [read more]

Giving Due Credit
by Eric Earling, 06:54 PM, 17 Comments
As an admitted political junkie and former campaign hack, I think it appropriate to pay compliment to the other side of the political aisle when a campaign's work is duly impressive. Accordingly, let me take a minute to say Darcy... [read more]

The "Competence" Scam
by Matt Rosenberg, 06:08 PM, 5 Comments
The de-coupling of actions and consequences permeates society's sensibilities; especially in the mainstream media and the courts. Associated Press writes off the Sept. 11 toppling of the Twin Towers as a "plane crash," without once mentioning in the account that... [read more]

Your government at work
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:56 PM, 17 Comments
AP: "State creates beer commission to market microbrews" In Washington state, where the brewpub craze was launched two decades ago, craft brewers have created a new state-sanctioned commission to better market their ales to consumers. I enjoy beer, but isn't... [read more]

Sound Weather
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:18 PM, 6 Comments
There's something about living in Seattle that causes one to abandon one's former good sense to stay in out of the rain. That, and I need the exercise. Green Lake, this afternoon... [read more]

Sometimes Bias Shows Up Most Clearly In The Smaller Things
by Jim Miller, 03:05 PM, 17 Comments
For example, in the choice of editorial cartoons at the Seattle Times and the Seattle PI.  Some time ago, I began thinking that I never saw a pro-Bush, pro-Republican, or pro-conservative editorial* cartoon in either paper.  This morning I decided... [read more]

Mail Ballot Lifecycle
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:48 PM, 14 Comments
For all the talk of vote-by-mail, most of the public discussion centers only on the voter's experience (getting the ballot in the mail (or not), returning it on time, coping with the possibly that one's signature was rejected). Little is... [read more]

It's in the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:04 AM, 17 Comments
"P-I Special Report: Women still struggling to break the glass ceiling" Women have reached the apex of Washington's political landscape, but they are almost nowhere to be found in executive offices and boardrooms in the state's biggest publicly held companies,... [read more]

The Face Of Evil, In A Courtroom
by Matt Rosenberg, 09:55 AM, 31 Comments
Murdered Cop's Relative Speaks If O.J. did it, here's how it happened. Neal Kelley did it. Here's how it happened. Rich man, poor man. Both escape legal justice. One thanks to big-bucks lawyers and race-baiting; one thanks to institutionalized therapeutics... [read more]

November 14, 2006
Today's canvassing board meeting
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:52 PM, 14 Comments
KOMO-TV reports on today's meeting of the King County Canvassing Board. The main issue was the 116 bags containing roughly 15,000 absentee ballots which were dropped off at polling places on Election Day. The bags were improperly sealed, in some... [read more]

The Netroots...(Sigh)
by Eric Earling, 09:50 PM, 35 Comments
So, Dave Reichert won. This is good. Now would anyone be surprised the netroots isn't taking the loss with much humility or class? Hey, stop laughing. In all seriousness, I do think it is important to take defeats on the... [read more]

Back to work for Congressman Reichert
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:12 PM, 12 Comments
Darcy Burner's concession speech is here. Jim Brunner, filling in for David Postman attended her press conference and has a report. Back to work in Washington, DC, Congressman Dave Reichert gave a post-victory interview to KING-5, here. And for those... [read more]

Where's The Math Makes The NYT
by Jim Miller, 12:13 PM, 15 Comments
And the front page, at that.   Here's the article.   And here are the opening paragraphs: For the second time in a generation, education officials are rethinking the teaching of math in American schools. The changes are being driven... [read more]

Canvassing time
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:16 AM, 14 Comments
Now that Reichert is the acknowledged winner, there don't seem to be any really close high profile races in King County this year. Nevertheless, I'm taking a closer look at the canvassing process, because the integrity of the process is... [read more]

I nominate the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:08 AM, 21 Comments
The Powerline Blog is holding a contest for the worst newspaper in the United States. How about a readers' poll on the question, with desrving candidates nominated by readers? In the interest of fairness, the newspaper must be accessible online... [read more]

Washington Learns (that Mrs. Gregoire is living in a fantasy world)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:56 AM, 13 Comments
Mrs. Gregoire unveiled her "Washington Learns" final report with much fanfare yesterday. One of the big goals outlined in the final report is "personalized education". Gregoire mentioned this in yesterday's speech and listed a number of consumer products which today... [read more]

Republicans Should Fight Hard on Prescription Drug Policy
by Eric Earling, 07:55 AM, 18 Comments
One of the core elements of the Democrats "100 hour agenda" after taking over the US House of Representatives includes giving the federal government direct authority to negotiate prices with pharmaceutical companies for the Medicare drug benefit. Based on the... [read more]

November 13, 2006
Burner concedes to Reichert
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:06 PM, 46 Comments
Associated Press: Reichert said Burner called to congratulate him on a second term, and the two shared their frustrations about the slow pace of Washington's largely vote-by-mail elections. "Finally, something we agree on," Reichert told The Associated Press in a... [read more]

Car Thief-Cop Killer Had 20 Convictions
by Matt Rosenberg, 08:15 PM, 58 Comments
UPDATED, 11/14/06 (see links at end of post): King-5 TV has preliminary details on the dead perp who - racing a stolen car - killed Iraq War vet and rookie officer Elizabeth Nowak this morning as she drove to her... [read more]

Reichert declared winner, Burner refuses to concede
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:52 PM, 18 Comments
The Seattle Times "Developing News" box on the home page at this writing says that Reichert has "declared victory". The Associated Press now reports that Dave Reichert has been re-elected, but Burner's campaign refused to concede the race, saying it... [read more]

Yet another good day for Reichert
by Stefan Sharkansky, 06:19 PM, 24 Comments
King and Pierce Counties just reported their Monday numbers (see Sec. of State's site) Reichert's overall lead has increased to 4,727 votes, or 2.27% (51.14% - 48.86%) Reichert expanded his lead in Pierce by 560 votes out of 3,344 new... [read more]

A failed school district should dissolve itself, now
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:17 AM, 39 Comments
Yesterday's Seattle Times editorial: "A failed school board should resign, now". Yes, Seattle's school board is a collection of useless kooks who should all be forced out. But the district's problems are deeper than the school board, which doesn't really... [read more]

"Are Iraqi rebels cheering Dems big election wins?"
by Eric Earling, 07:14 AM, 50 Comments
A provocative question. David Postman discusses here, based on coverage he heard on NPR. In discussing the issue, Postman essentially validates a portion of pre-election criticism of Democrats by the Bush administration. That criticism in particular being that assorted terrorist... [read more]

November 12, 2006
Liberal Interest Groups Expect Democrats to Pay the Piper
by Eric Earling, 09:36 PM, 21 Comments
Not exactly a stunning turn of events I know, but organized labor and other such Democratic allies have high hopes for this coming legislative session. Meanwhile, Democratic leaders profess to seek restraint, at the risk of the angry, anti-Republican, independent... [read more]

Where Is Okanogan County?
by Jim Miller, 04:45 PM, 21 Comments
Don't know?  Then you are in good company; neither does the Seattle Times editorial page editor, James Vesely, as Fred Jessett points out in a letter to the editor: James Vesely, report immediately to ninth grade!  You need a refresher... [read more]

"Ballot-bag problems may slow counting of 8th District votes"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:01 AM, 107 Comments
I'm not blogging today but this deserves a mention: King County Elections staff said about 100 bags -- containing up to 20,000 absentee ballots that had been dropped off at polling sites on Election Day -- remain uncounted because of... [read more]

Voting By Mail Is Becoming More Common
by Jim Miller, 06:28 AM, 19 Comments
That's a mistake, in my view.  Election law expert Richard Hasen explains why. Fraud problems would not go away if we switched to vote by mail, as Oregon has.  Such voting — let's call it mandatory absentee balloting — takes... [read more]

November 11, 2006
Excellent news for Reichert in King County's Saturday numbers
by Stefan Sharkansky, 06:36 PM, 29 Comments
King County's Saturday numbers are on the Secretary of State's site. Reichert's lead increased to 3,514 overall. In today's 10,433 ballots, Reichert led by 419 votes, or 4.02% (52% - 48%) As noted Friday , Burner would likely need an... [read more]

Veteran's Day
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:04 PM, 1 Comments
For Veteran's Day I'm making a donation and giving a plug to Project Valour-IT, which provides voice-activated laptops to wounded servicemembers. Donations support the needy regardless of branch of service. I joined the symbolic Army team in memory of my... [read more]

Congressional Majority Will Leave Progressives Disappointed
by Eric Earling, 01:39 PM, 20 Comments
With a hat tip to Orbusamx, I read this truly amusing post at the NW Progressive Institute Blog, summarized thus: "Lieberman is indeed ultimately irrelevant." A fascinating description since as the Orb also notes, Lieberman is the likely chairman of... [read more]

Light blogging
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:06 PM, 8 Comments
My own blogging will be light this weekend as I spend time with family, clean my office (see photo), catch up on paperwork and read a novel. My one indulgence in the blog will be to post an update... [read more]

November 10, 2006
JihadWorld: Coming To A Nearby Theatre Soon?
by Matt Rosenberg, 08:28 PM, 35 Comments
Many in Puget Sound have probably forgotten that the original Sept. 11 plans of al-Qaeda's Khalid Shaikh Mohammed involved a commercial jet headed straight for Seattle's own Bank Of America Tower (now Columbia Center), as the Seattle Times reported in... [read more]

More good news for Reichert in King County's Friday numbers
by Stefan Sharkansky, 06:40 PM, 26 Comments
King County just reported today's numbers. Darcy Burner's overall lead in King County over Dave Reichert has narrowed slightly to 0.70%. Burner's margin in today's 12,467 ballots was only 25, or 0.20%. Reichert now leads by 3,095 overall. As I... [read more]

More on the statehouse GOP implosion
by Stefan Sharkansky, 06:24 PM, 23 Comments
We'll have post-mortems on the state GOP's legislative implosion later, but here's what other folks are saying about it. Thursday's article in the Times and Thomas Shapley's laphamized Sunday column in the P-I attribute the statehouse losses mainly to the... [read more]

Thomas Shapley, time traveller!
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:23 PM, 4 Comments
Seattle Post-Intelligencer columnist Thomas Shapley has performed a Laphamization and published a column based on events that have not yet transpired. In his column pre-written for this Sunday's paper and posted this afternoon, Shapley reports that: As of Friday's tallies,... [read more]

Seattle, Get Ready - For More Troops In Iraq
by Matt Rosenberg, 12:33 PM, 15 Comments
The Bush administration has botched things in Iraq, but not in the way many Left Coasters think. As important as it is to honor the war dead, it's time to go beyond the reductionist implications of "body count journalism," and... [read more]

Regional vote centers cannot be an afterthought
by Jonathan Bechtle, 12:22 PM, 8 Comments
Elections went smoothly in many places around the nation on Tuesday, but Denver wasn't one of them. This year Douglas County, one of the counties in which Denver is located, tried out the new regional voting center model pioneered successfully... [read more]

Suppression of dissent in Mrs. Gregoire's Amerikkka
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:11 PM, 31 Comments
"Washington Learns", Mrs. Gregoire's purportedly bi-partisan effort to examine the state's education system, releases its final report Monday. Task force Republican member Rep. Glenn Anderson released a Minority Report yesterday with a statement: While we spent this year working in... [read more]

It's in the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:56 AM, 40 Comments
Today's P-I editorial is a "Memo to Dino" Take note of the trouncing your party took in this state on Election Day. Not only did voters shift dramatically the balance of power in both houses of the Legislature, but the... [read more]

Darcy's Hurdle
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:57 AM, 58 Comments
As noted earlier, Congressman Dave Reichert has increased his lead over Darcy Burner to 3,120 votes. Darcy's fans remain exuberant. Jokes about King County Elections aside, what would it take for Darcy to overcome Reichert's lead (or even win a... [read more]

November 09, 2006
Post-Mortem: McGavick v. Cantwell
by Eric Earling, 07:29 PM, 54 Comments
Though it would be easy to dissect this race at a tactical level, allow me to make a bolder statement about the strategic implications of Mike McGavick's loss, and other recent statewide elections. Washington may be joining blue states like... [read more]

Reichert expands lead
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:11 PM, 34 Comments
UPDATE (7:11pm) King County has now reported. Reichert's overall lead has grown to 3,120 votes (1.82%). Burner's lead in King County in the new votes was 0.75%, smaller than yesterday's lead and far less than the 4% - 5% lead... [read more]

"Should the Handicapped Be Banned From Express Buses?"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:15 PM, 53 Comments
Erica Barnett poses the question on The Stranger blog: This morning, the ride on my express bus from the Rainier Valley, which is supposed to take 30 minutes, was delayed four times for the entry and exit of two handicapped... [read more]

Good night, Gracie
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:41 PM, 39 Comments
Seattle Times headline: "Burns, Allen concede, sealing Dems Senate victory"... [read more]

Time For Democrats To Wear The Jacket
by Matt Rosenberg, 01:30 PM, 25 Comments
Now that Democrats have the majority in Congress and the Senate, the caveats matter less than the expectations. Yet the realistic expectations are not for rampant spending (how could it get any more rampant, anyway?), or a hard left tack... [read more]

Post-mortem time
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:37 PM, 0 Comments
The results are mostly known. Some contested legislative races might still flip by the time it's over, but the trend seems clear: the statehouse GOP was shellacked. Senator Cantwell and Justice Owens won in landslides. I'd like to start some... [read more]

Post-mortem: Owens/Johnson Supreme Court race
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:36 PM, 26 Comments
I'm somewhat stunned by Justice Susan Owens overwhelming re-election victory over Sen. Stephen Johnson. My analysis -- 1) Most people, I think, tend to defer to judges. As an incumbent, Owens already has an overwhelming advantage. 2) I think most... [read more]

Introducing Byron Dazey
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:46 AM, 3 Comments
Many of you may already be familiar with work of photojournalist Byron Dazey. We've posted samples of his wonderful photoessays in the past -- including his dispatches from this spring's immigration marches, and this summer's protest against Bush's visit to... [read more]

Who was that masked man?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:35 AM, 26 Comments
UPDATE: I posted the item below from the election night party at the Bellevue Hyatt. I don't really know what to make of it. King County Elections spokeswoman Bobbie Egan posted a comment yesterday suggesting that some of the details... [read more]

Gnashing of Democratic Teeth Begins
by Eric Earling, 12:43 AM, 60 Comments
Many conservatives look forward to the spectacle of Democrats attempting to lead Congress with small, ideologically diverse majorities. Accordingly, it is no surprise centrists and progressives on either side of the Democratic coalitions are already beginning to fracture. By no... [read more]

November 08, 2006
Pictures from the Republican 2006 Election Night Party in Bellevue
by byrond, 07:24 PM, 11 Comments
I attended the Republican election night party at the Bellevue Hyatt last night and took pictures. You can view them and my thoughts at this post on the "My Own Side" blog. McGavick, Reichert, Lambert, Rossi, John Carlson, Slade... [read more]

Reichert still maintains lead
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:02 PM, 13 Comments
King and Pierce Counties have now both reported their Wednesday evening numbers. Reichert extended his numerical lead to 2,736 votes, albeit with a slightly narrower percentage margin than yesterday, now 50.9% - 49.1%. Reichert maintained his 12.9% lead in Pierce... [read more]

It's in the P-I
by Stefan Sharkansky, 06:50 PM, 9 Comments
Joel Connelly today: The Building Industry Association of Washington and religious-right groups set out to topple three Washington State Supreme Court justices in this year's election. The BIAW opposed only two justices this year, Gerry Alexander and Susan Owens. It... [read more]

I think that about sums it up
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:22 PM, 39 Comments
Mark Tapscott: When Republicans worry more about staying in government than about limiting government, they get thrown out of government. That's the lesson of Nov. 7, 2006. by way of Instapundit... [read more]

What The Seattle Times Doesn't Want You To Know
by Jim Miller, 02:09 PM, 15 Comments
This article appeared in the Washington Post on November 6th.  The Seattle Times runs many articles from the Post, but they skipped this one.... [read more]

More incompetence from Ron Sims' Elections Office
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:47 PM, 19 Comments
They ran out of ballots yesterdayEven record-breaking flooding in some areas could not deter voters in King County, who turned out in greater than expected levels countywide, leading to ballot shortages in some polling locations. Although Elections officials expected only... [read more]

Massive Democrat gains in Washington Legislature
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:38 PM, 70 Comments
The Secretary of State lists all legislative results here. At this writing, the Democrats are beating 3 incumbent Republican Senators and are winning 3 currently Republican open seats, net +6, for a Democrat majority of 32-17. In the House, Democrats... [read more]

Kos the Kingmaker
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:17 AM, 28 Comments
Assuming that James Webb prevails over George Allen, the incoming Senate will have 49 Republicans, 50 Democrats (including nominal Socialist Bernie Sanders), and 1 Joe Lieberman. Lieberman, having won re-election in spite of being dumped by his party in the... [read more]

Reichert maintains lead
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:50 AM, 46 Comments
As of this writing, Dave Reichert is holding his lead over Darcy Burner, by nearly 2,700 votes, or 2.2%. In King County, with early absentees and nearly all of the polling ballots counted as of 2:30 am today, Burner has... [read more]

Rumsfeld To Resign
by Matt Rosenberg, 10:41 AM, 24 Comments
The morning after Democrats decisively regained control of the U.S. House, it's clear our nation's messy intervention in Iraq was a key factor. The Senate may or may not swing Democratic, but highly-charged House committee hearings aplenty over the Bush... [read more]

What It Means
by Eric Earling, 12:40 AM, 113 Comments
12:40 am Update: Based on the tone taken in a number of comments from liberal (aka Republican hater) readers in various recent posts, they have not grasped the point that Democrats captured Congress because people are disgruntled about Iraq. They... [read more]

Reichert now leading in King County
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:19 AM, 18 Comments
King County has now reported a quarter of the polling place precincts in the 8th District. Reichert not only erased Burner's lead in early absentees, but pulled slightly ahead in King and is leading 52% - 48% overall... [read more]

Take It Like A Man
by Eric Earling, 12:12 AM, 42 Comments
12:05 am Update: If the comments at Postman's blog, or the posts at the NW Progressive Institute Blog tonight are any guide, assorted liberals are not showing the class in victory I hope Republicans and readers of Sound Politics will... [read more]

"What are they doing down there, having lunch?"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:11 AM, 5 Comments
... "Good God, it's after midnight". So said former Secretary of State Ralph Munro on the slow pace of returns in King County.... [read more]

Leg. Races are a Wipeout
by Eric Earling, 12:01 AM, 19 Comments
Federal races this year seem to be generally a function of Iraq, President Bush, etc., with a few exceptions depending on individual candidates. That being said, state legislative races are some kind of painful this year. Brad Benson is gone... [read more]

November 07, 2006
Pollbooks misprinted
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:48 PM, 0 Comments
A King County polling place inspector is here and told me about an odd screw-up today. The pollbooks were misprinted and listed the wrong ballot code numbers. (the printed numbers were all off by 1. e.g. if the pollbook showed... [read more]

Who Will Control Congress?
by Eric Earling, 11:45 PM, 30 Comments
Reader note: This thread will provide updates on races for the U.S. House and Senate throughout the night. It will be updated with the newest updates at the top, the oldest information at the bottom. 11:45 pm: Webb's lead over... [read more]

Strippers, Streets & Buses
by Matt Rosenberg, 11:26 PM, 5 Comments
We'll track a total of three Seattle and King County ballot measures in this thread tonight. Brief overviews, with updated election returns, are below. UPDATE, 8:25 a.m., Nov. 8: Voters resoundingly want Seattle strippers closer to patrons, under dimmer lights;... [read more]

Reichert speaks
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:20 PM, 1 Comments
Dave Reichert addressed the ballroom a few minutes ago. He didn't say much, other than to observe that he's ahead, to thank his supporters and to indicate that he would have more to say later in the evening. The King... [read more]

Statewide Bloodbath
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:57 PM, 16 Comments
* Mike McGavick has already conceded and left the ballroom. His campaign has declined to make any statements. * Absence of Justice: Susan Owens is decisively ahead of Stephen Johnson. * The early numbers for the state legislature are astonishing.... [read more]

Wind, Land & Death
by Matt Rosenberg, 10:54 PM, 12 Comments
In this thread I'll be tracking three statewide ballot initiatives. Overviews - with results as they accrue - below. UPDATE, 8:15 a.m., Weds. Nov, 8: Last night's numbers continue to hold the morning after, and it's part of a broader... [read more]

State Ballot Measures Across the Country
by Eric Earling, 10:27 PM, 0 Comments
See a summary here, from CNN. Minimum wage increases and bans on same-sex marriage are generally passing. The Missouri stem cell ballot measure is 50% - 50%. The South Dakota abortion ban is failing pretty convincingly, though I think in... [read more]

Netroots Alert: McMorris Winning
by Eric Earling, 10:20 PM, 3 Comments
10:20 Upate: McMorris has nearly a 10% lead, and is leading in every county. No more counts coming tonight, but this one is in the books I think. Over a 5% lead for Cathy McMorris over Peter Goldmark in vote-rich... [read more]

McGavick Call
by Eric Earling, 10:00 PM, 7 Comments
10:00 pm UPDATE: here's the coverage: AP and CNN calling the race, as covered by the Seattle Times. McGavick is in for a long night. Early returns in Clark and Spokane county are untenable for a Republican nominee. The question... [read more]

Reichert leading in early returns
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:52 PM, 0 Comments
At this writing, Reichert is leading by 1,500, 51.2% to 48.8%. His lead in Pierce County is 55% to 45%... [read more]

Nobles on Seattle transportation levy
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:30 PM, 1 Comments
Jim Nobles from the Seattle Monorail Board is here. Nobles: Results are still early, but I'm pleased that the Seattle transportation levy is failing because those expenditures should be coming out of the general fund.... [read more]

Shark Radio
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:22 PM, 2 Comments
I'm about to be interviewed on 710 KIRO... [read more]

At the Bellevue Hyatt
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:09 PM, 0 Comments
I'm now at the GOP party at the Bellevue Hyatt. Setting up next to David Postman. Tim Eyman is here, and upon hearing the news that the Seattle stripper referendum is being rejected, he cheerfully announced "Lapdances on Eyman!" (not... [read more]

Election Night Party Hopping
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:50 PM, 8 Comments
On my way to the McGavick/Reichert party in Bellevue, I'm stopping by some other parties. My first stop was Drinking Liberally at the Montlake Alehouse. Unfortunately, I left my USB cable at home so I can't post the photo of... [read more]

What to Expect: Early Local Results
by Eric Earling, 04:07 PM, 5 Comments
I fully expect the best count for Democrats in the all general election tabulations will be the first run of absentees, showing up a little after 8 pm from most county auditors. In my personal observation of competitive races in... [read more]

Turnout Experiences?
by Jim Miller, 02:48 PM, 18 Comments
When I voted at noon today, turnout appeared to be light, perhaps even lighter than usual for a mid-term election.  There were fewer voters at the Lakeview school than precinct workers, and the list of those who had voted was... [read more]

What to do if you can't get to your polling place
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:15 PM, 4 Comments
First some humor: (first seen at Hugh Hewitt) Now for serious instructions, courtesy of Toby Nixon, for those who are rained-in in northeast King County. If this applies to you, READ THE WHOLE THING. Particularly the part near the end... [read more]

Diebold touchscreen voting machines? None for me, thanks.
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:32 PM, 12 Comments
I voted this morning at my neighborhood polling place, St. Benedict's Parish Center in Wallingford. I would have expected to see more people there, but then again it was raining and it's a heavily Democrat district. I used a new... [read more]

Those Darn Calls
by Eric Earling, 12:37 PM, 14 Comments
Many a liberal pair of underpants seem gravely in a twist over the prospect that, eek!, robocalls are not always the most saintly tactic employed on the campaign trail (local coverage here, national coverage here). And I do mean seriously... [read more]

Re: Hyperbole Watch...
by Eric Earling, 11:54 AM, 3 Comments
In follow-up to yesterday's post on political hyperbole from the Seattle P-I's editorial page, I give you this bit of even worse nonsense occurring in Georgia, equating electing Republicans with the virtual return of Bull Connor. How pathetic. Programming note:... [read more]

Sound Politics Election Night Coverage - Stay Tuned!
by Matt Rosenberg, 10:43 AM, 8 Comments
We'll have election night coverage aplenty for you this evening at Sound Politics. Stefan will be in Bellevue at the Reichert/McGavick gathering. He'll be blogging on the contest in the 8th Congressional District between incumbent Republican Dave Reichert and Democrat... [read more]

Hastings Versus Hastings
by Jim Miller, 10:01 AM, 8 Comments
While I have been writing a few sharp words about Democratic Congressman Alcee Hastings, for example here and here, Seattle Times staff columnist Kate Riley was attacking a different Hastings, Republican Doc Hastings... [read more]

What to Expect Today: Rolling National Results
by Eric Earling, 09:22 AM, 6 Comments
I was going to do a short and sweet summary for readers of races to watch as election results start rolling in later this afternoon from Eastern and Central Time Zones, but then John Fund has gone and written an... [read more]

What to Expect Today: Exit Polls
by Eric Earling, 07:30 AM, 29 Comments
Ah, yes, that tempting friend that comes to us every couple years, promising to be faithful, then he screws it all up when it's time to live up to his promises. Exit polls were wrong in 2000, 2002, and 2004.... [read more]

Biggest Campaign Contributions?
by Jim Miller, 06:51 AM, 17 Comments
As those who read this site regularly know, I have jokingly suggested that many pieces in the "mainstream" media should be reported as campaign contributions.  Most of the Mark Foley pieces would fall into that category; for an example, see... [read more]

Endorsements, Round 2
by Jim Miller, 05:57 AM, 10 Comments
In the first round, I urged you to vote against Alcee Hastings as chairman of the Intelligence Committee, and against Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House.  Hastings could not be hired to be a lowly clerk on that committee... [read more]

But we can get our money back, can't we?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:02 AM, 28 Comments
Mrs. Gregoire's gas tax overpromised and will underdeliver: The cost of planned highway projects in Washington is going up faster than expected. As a result, officials say some of the 274 projects promised with a nine-and-a-half-cent gas tax increase will... [read more]

November 06, 2006
Vote, then relax and enjoy the counting
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:40 PM, 11 Comments
There's not much more to say about candidates and ballot measures that hasn't already been said (read my endorsements if you want my opinions). Get out and vote. If you want to help make "Get out the vote" phone calls,... [read more]

And speaking of silly endorsements
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:30 PM, 8 Comments
I was dumbstruck by the Seattle Times endorsement of reinvented-as-a-Democrat Rodney Tom over Sen. Luke Esser: Tom offers the right blend of progressive politics -- pro-choice and stem-cell research supporter -- with fiscal conservatism that is in sync with his... [read more]

King County Journal didn't give Franz a chance
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:14 PM, 8 Comments
The King County Journal issued its complete slate of endorsements yesterday. I agree with most of their endorsements. One of the exceptions is for incumbent Democrat Pat Sullivan in the 47th LD. Sullivan has a worthy Republican opponent, Andrew Franz,... [read more]

Reminder: Ballot Drop Off Locations
by Eric Earling, 03:47 PM, 3 Comments
For those voting by mail, but who don't trust the postal service to handle your ballot from here on out, here is a resource put together by the McGavick campaign. At the site you can click on your county and... [read more]

Rainy Day Democrats
by DonWard, 03:13 PM, 15 Comments
Driving in today's weather and hydroplaning like the Slo-Mo-Shun V got me thinking about an old wives tale that was taught in school. When it rains, Democrats don't turn out to vote. A study cited in the St. Petersburg Times... [read more]

Darcy Burner's Last Chance
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:52 PM, 31 Comments
The Reichert campaign e-mailed a list of issues on which they claim Darcy Burner has never stated her position. These are fair questions and I welcome a response from the Burner campaign. Also, I recently wondered aloud whether anybody could... [read more]

Hyperbole Watch...
by Eric Earling, 07:57 AM, 33 Comments
...and a Vietnam flashback to boot. All nicely contained in today's editorial from the Seattle P-I. While imploring people to vote in this election, the editorial board says: "it's about the war, the war, the war, the war." Uh, huh.... [read more]

Republicans Picking Up Steam As Election Day Nears
by Eric Earling, 06:58 AM, 46 Comments
The conventional wisdom remains that Republicans are swimming upstream, with nary a paddle, going into Election Day. The House seems lost, the Senate up in the air. Everyone hates Bush, and Iraq, and Republicans. Because Bush is bad. Etc., Etc.... [read more]

November 05, 2006
Burner's Dilemma
by Eric Earling, 10:19 PM, 23 Comments
Shortly after September's primary, some points we're raised here at Sound Politics about Darcy Burner's low name ID, and the opportunity for others to define her image (see points #'s 2 & 3 at this post). On October 10th, it... [read more]

Two Scary Things
by Eric Earling, 09:42 PM, 6 Comments
Daniel Kirkdorffer has a short video of a CNN story on the Reichert-Burner up at his site. Here are the two scary things: 1) At about the 1:55 mark in the video the viewer gets a shot of Joel Connelly's... [read more]

Superintendent Rice?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 06:39 PM, 17 Comments
Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels has proposed that former Mayor Norm Rice take over as Superintendent of Seattle Public Schools. It's possible that Rice has the credibility as an education leader to inspire some wonderful changes, but I wouldn't necessarily expect... [read more]

This Week in HIstory
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:39 PM, 6 Comments
Given all the predictions of a Democrat takeover of Congress, written as if it were a fait accompli, I was curious to see how well the media predicted the Republican Congressional landslide of 1994. I found the following pre-election week... [read more]

Separated at Birth?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:07 PM, 44 Comments
Ted Haggard Jamie Pedersen UPDATE: Judging from the comments, some readers have wildly misinterpreted this post. A "Separated at Birth" gag is little more than a humorous juxtaposition of oddly similar headshots. I didn't mean it as much more... [read more]

Saddam sentenced, McDermott conflicted
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:54 AM, 25 Comments
Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to hang for crimes against humanity. Apart from Hussein's Sunni base, most Iraqis are celebrating. Speaking of Saddam, I'm reminded of my encounter with Seattle Congressman "Baghdad" Jim McDermott when he was running for re-election... [read more]

More dishonest smears against Toby Nixon
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:31 AM, 15 Comments
Toby Nixon e-mailed this response to a Democrat hit mailer alleging that "Toby Nixon voted against having clean drinking water for Washington" This is a LIE. The bill you reference, HB 1458, has NOTHING to do with "drinking water". It... [read more]

November 04, 2006
"Cantwell Doesn't Care"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:58 PM, 43 Comments
The fretting about civil liberties and the Patriotic Act are grossly exaggerated and I'm not criticizing Cantwell for voting for it. But the general perception that "Cantwell Doesn't Care" resonates, and is something the McGavick campaign could have exploited... [read more]

Re: Snohomish County Ballot Measures
by Eric Earling, 04:59 PM, 4 Comments
Endorsement reminder: for those interested in Snohomish County, I'm personally voting for all six proposed Charter amendments on the ballot countywide. More details here in a previous post on the subject. As before, I'm happy to answer questions at ericearling... [read more]

Rodney Tom Steps In It
by Eric Earling, 04:38 PM, 2 Comments
David Postman adds some further coverage of the Have You No Shame website put up by Rodney Tom defending himself against charges made by Luke Esser and supportive organizations. I originally delved into the merits of a couple of the... [read more]

Getting Mail-In Ballots Turned in Right
by Eric Earling, 01:25 PM, 4 Comments
Republicans have raised concerns about voters in rural areas adapting to new logistics involved in voting by mail. Short version: make sure to get your ballot in the mail before the last minute. Do it before Tuesday if you can.... [read more]

Re: McGavick Rally in Everett
by Eric Earling, 01:07 PM, 16 Comments
Fascinating rally today in Everett for Mike McGavick and Republican GOTV efforts. The crowd was about as big as a similar such rally near the end of the 2004 election season for Dino Rossi. Moreover, McGavick is one seriously energized... [read more]

First Round Of Endorsements
by Jim Miller, 10:06 AM, 12 Comments
This round is easy:  You should vote against Alcee Hastings for Intelligence Committee chairman.  You can do that most easily if you live in Florida's 23rd district.  But you can also vote against Hastings anywhere else in the United States,... [read more]

Why I'm Voting Republican
by Eric Earling, 09:48 AM, 70 Comments
On the radio yesterday (which you can listen to here), the question came up about what issues should motivate voters this year. Different voters have different reasons for their votes, but at times like this Election Day, I believe it... [read more]

November 03, 2006
Mail Ballot Horror Show (XXIX): Ballot parties for people who can't speak English
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:24 PM, 44 Comments
KOMO-TV reports: Ali Molahel speaks very little English, and has never voted before -- not even in Somalia where he's from. Right now, he's voting, for the first time, casting his votes on a mail-in ballot and getting his questions... [read more]

What have you done for me lately Dave? Oh I see.
by DonWard, 05:32 PM, 17 Comments
And for reader approval here is an item which may make voters vote for or against the incumbent congressman from Washington's Eighth Congressional District. Use common sense while dealing with the source. Just beware though. It touches upon actual issues... [read more]

The bird is the word
by DonWard, 05:01 PM, 36 Comments
Not since The Trashmen recorded their hit single has "The Bird" received this much attention. It's interesting that the local, and national, media have finally gotten around to covering this one issue that is on the minds of every voter... [read more]

Mail Ballot Horror Show(XXVIII): Ballots disappear!
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:36 PM, 4 Comments
Mail ballots sometimes disappear, The Olympian reports: There is no official count of reported missing, lost or damaged ballots, [Thurston County elections official Keith] Mullen said, but the percentage of county ballots involved is "itsy-bitsy," perhaps less than one-fifth of... [read more]

Mail Ballot Horror Show(XXVII): Secrecy can be compromised
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:24 PM, 5 Comments
Some voters in San Juan County have filed suit to prohibit a mail ballot tracking system that places unique bar codes on ballots, asserting it violates state law. The vendor is VoteHere. As I understand their explanation, its shared key... [read more]

Has anybody vouched for Darcy Burner?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:49 PM, 42 Comments
One thing I've noticed missing from the Darcy Burner campaign are testimonials from people who have known her and worked with her, telling us what a wonderful employee, colleague, boss and/or community leader Darcy was. (If I've missed any, let... [read more]

Mail Ballot Horror Show(XXVI): The great mailbox hunt
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:24 PM, 9 Comments
Mail ballot booster Sam Reed reminds us that mail voting isn't so simple after all: Mail voters who wait until the last minute to send in their ballot on Tuesday might want to go to an official election drop-off area... [read more]

McGavick Rally in Everett
by Eric Earling, 02:34 PM, 7 Comments
For what it's worth, I'll be at the GOP rally tomorrow morning in Everett featuring Mike McGavick, observing what unfolds. Come by to join in, and head out for GOTV activity afterwards. Or just come by to tell me you... [read more]

A Testy Race in the 48th Leg. Dist.
by Eric Earling, 02:15 PM, 8 Comments
No surprise there, since party-switching Rodney Tom is bound to stir some emotions either way running against incumbent Republican Senator Luke Esser. However, Tom and his allies are certainly pushing the limits of reasonable discourse with a couple of their... [read more]

Did Darcy Burner Vote Republican in the 2000 Presidential Primary?
by Eric Earling, 01:09 PM, 21 Comments
Working off a tip, I've been digging into this question, and have at least found some indication she did. Labels & Lists, a firm that provides assorted forms of data and voter lists to interested entities, confirmed to me that... [read more]

A tale of two debts(I): Introduction
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:33 PM, 16 Comments
Articles on yesterday's Dotzauer divorce file hearing from reporters who were in the courtroom: The AP's Gene Johnson and The Herald's Scott North. There are two curious Maria Cantwell/Ron Dotzauer debt transactions that the divorce records might help explain. The1999(?)... [read more]

A tale of two debts (II): Dotzauer's $15,000 - $50,000 debt to Cantwell
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:32 PM, 5 Comments
The previously reported loan from Maria Cantwell to Ron Dotzauer is still a mystery. Neither Cantwell nor Dotzauer will disclose the exact amount, the timing, the terms, what it was for, and why it was still unpaid as of her... [read more]

A tale of two debts(III): Cantwell's $35,000 debt to Dotzauer
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:31 PM, 1 Comments
While Ron Dotzauer was managing Maria Cantwell's 2000 Senate campaign he was still in litigation over money owed to his ex-wife, Angela. Cantwell's 2000 FEC reports and some of the unsealed court records I obtained earlier suggest that Dotzauer and/or... [read more]

Denial is not a river in Egypt
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:36 AM, 11 Comments
Richard Nixon: "I'm not a crook" Stan Lippmann: "I'm not a kook"... [read more]

The Face Of Seattle
by Matt Rosenberg, 08:08 AM, 35 Comments
The Seattle P-I reports this morning about the new (Paul Allen) Vulcan development on South Lake Union, called 2200. Among the earliest tenants are two (apparently) gay men sharing a condo. They will operate a bakery below, for dogs, perhaps... [read more]

GOTV opportunities
by Eric Earling, 07:38 AM, 5 Comments
I've posted in general on chances for you the reader to get involved in helping turn out Republican voters this year. For readers looking for specific opportunities, check out the County Info page at Mike McGavick's website. Locally, King, Pierce,... [read more]

Sound Politics Radio
by Eric Earling, 06:59 AM, 3 Comments
Well, not quite. But I will be appearing on KUOW's Weekday program with Steve Scher from 10 - 11 am today. I'll be joining columnists Danny Westneat from the Seattle Times and Susan Paynter of the Seattle P-I. You can... [read more]

November 02, 2006
Theocracy Alert
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:39 PM, 34 Comments
Today's Seattle Times: The war in Iraq. American children living in poverty. Environmental challenges. Saying it's time for people of faith to act on these issues, about 150 local religious leaders and laypeople held a news conference and marched to... [read more]

Dotzauer Divorce File Hearing
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:58 PM, 27 Comments
Another hearing on the Dotzauer divorce file (rescheduled from tomorrow) was held this morning. The entire file will remain sealed until after the election. Most of the file will be unsealed within weeks, except for certain financial, medical and educational... [read more]

A Trifle Overstated, Professor McKay
by Jim Miller, 01:45 PM, 33 Comments
Yesterday's column by retired journalism professor Floyd McKay included a number of gems:... [read more]

What Do John Kerry And General Motors Have In Common?
by Matt Rosenberg, 10:28 AM, 34 Comments
The much-warranted John Kerry dungstorm doesn't occur in a vacuum. The Democratic senator's "botched" comments in the final days of tight-mid term elections, mocking U.S. soldiers in Iraq as dumb, might seem a curious way to close his party's sale... [read more]

Mail Ballot Horror Show (XXV): Partisan gamesmanship
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:43 AM, 22 Comments
This blog, June 22: The original pressure [for King County to switch to mail-only voting] reportedly came from Maria Cantwell. She is said to be "very concerned" about mail-only voting in the rest of the state, believing that if people... [read more]

Seattle P-I in a death spiral
by Eric Earling, 07:29 AM, 28 Comments
Since 1999, the Seattle P-I's circulation has plummeted, while the Seattle Times has suffered only a modest drop (Note: at the link, click "Next" at the picture tool to the right to see an interesting chart on this score). Is... [read more]

RE: Who's the Sexist?
by Eric Earling, 07:05 AM, 19 Comments
Claiming Reichert's latest ad is sexist is really not too different than the liberal rush to assume Republicans are racists because of the ad run against Harold Ford. Here again, liberals are actually the ones showing prejudice in the assumption... [read more]

November 01, 2006
Who's the sexist?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:42 PM, 29 Comments
Over at The Stranger they're accusing Dave Reichert's "Darcy Burner Job Interview" ad of being sexist. In the comments, David Goldstein: It is insulting to women, and will be understood as such. Perhaps that message plays well with some of... [read more]

Mail Ballot Horror Show (XXIV): It's a faith-based initiative
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:55 PM, 24 Comments
Fox News examines vote-by-mail Secretary of State Sam Reed is quoted. His support for mail voting seems more rooted in faith than in fact: Reporter Kim McIntyre: Could this be the new way Americans vote? Reed: I think it does... [read more]

Poll: Reichert leads Burner by six points
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:54 PM, 37 Comments
KING-5's Robert Mak reports: a new poll by KING 5 and Survey USA finds Reichert leading by six points: 51 to 45 percent. This seems more realistic than the Majority Watch poll that Burner fans are touting. Mak's conclusion gets... [read more]

State Democrats settle with Michael Yon over unauthorized photograph
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:58 AM, 4 Comments
Michael Yon told Postman that the issue over the state Democrat Party's unauthorized use of Yon's image in a mailer for Darcy Burner has been resolved: Earlier today, concerns were raised about the use of an iconic photo to which... [read more]

"Closed Cantwell"
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:28 AM, 8 Comments
Josh Feit at The Stranger blog writes about the Cantwell campaign's response to last week's Bellevue Community College incident. The Stranger has endorsed Cantwell and Feit has been the primary reporter covering this race. Today he characterizes Cantwell's response to... [read more]

Ballot measure policy briefs
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:05 AM, 10 Comments
If you're trying to decide how to vote on the state, King County and Seattle ballot measures, the Washington Policy Center has detailed policy briefs about some of these: State I-920 estate tax State I-933 property fairness State I-937 renewable... [read more]

The gift that keeps on giving
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:42 AM, 61 Comments
I know, Kerry said he misspoke his line. He meant to tell a joke about the President's education (which is silly, given that Bush earned slightly better grades at Yale than Kerry did, and then went on to earn... [read more]

A Tale of Two Elections
by Eric Earling, 07:42 AM, 7 Comments
As we approach November 7th, there exist two competing views of how this Election will unfold, both nationally and here in Washington state. One, you can believe the generic Congressional ballot polls, and the conventional wisdom permeating MSM coverage that... [read more]

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