Index of entries from February 2005
February 28, 2005
Mornings with Mike
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:45 PM, 20 Comments
I've been a frequent guest lately on Mike Siegel's morning radio show on KTTH 770. Starting tomorrow, I'll be a regularly scheduled guest on Tuesdays and Fridays in the 7:00 - 7:30am time slot, with updates and commentary on the... [read more]

Musical Chairs
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:02 PM, 33 Comments
Today's Seattle P-I article on King County politics reports that Republican Councilmember Reagan Dunn, recently appointed to fill Rob McKenna's old seat, is challenging fellow Republican incumbent Steve Hammond in the new 9th District. Hammond is a good guy. Dunn... [read more]

Everybody is right. AH-CHOO!
by Brian Crouch, 11:39 AM, 49 Comments
In a Seattle Times day-in-the-life piece by Ralph Thomas, Gregoire seems to be uncomfortable with the principle, "the bucks stop here" [sic]:Gregoire is the most sought-after politician in town. Legislators, lobbyists, labor leaders, business executives and citizen advocates— just about... [read more]

February 27, 2005
Credit where credit is due
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:29 PM, 31 Comments
I found more proof that King County Election officials are telling a cock and bull story when they say that voter crediting is just a "file-maintenance chore" that "has nothing to do with ballot-counting". From King County's "STATEMENT FOR ABSENTEE... [read more]

Solidarity Forever
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:47 PM, 20 Comments
The Washington Labor Council and the state's Democratic Party are not only joined at the hip, they are, for all intents and purposes, one and the same. Members of the affiliated unions of the Washington State Labor Council gathered Thursday... [read more]

Washington State's Education Crusader
by Matt Rosenberg, 01:04 PM, 66 Comments
Bill Gates has some harsh and deserved words for U.S. high schools. The Seattle Times reports: Bill Gates blasted the state of U.S. high schools yesterday in a speech before the National Governors Association education summit in the nation's capital.... [read more]

February 26, 2005
Grassroots action. Quite literally.
by Brian Crouch, 10:38 PM, 33 Comments
"Critical areas" ordinance victims protest at the Sims mansion:They all loaded up on a bus, and drove to the King County Administrator's neighborhood to stage a surprise protest in front of his home. When protesters arrived, Ron Sims was not... [read more]

Keeping the poor poor in the 2nd District
by Timothy Goddard, 08:58 PM, 36 Comments
Democrat Congressman Rick Larsen's "town hall" on Social Security reform wasn't much of a town hall, and it didn't talk much about Social Security reform. Instead, it was a thoroughly partisan operation devoted solely to attacking the idea of adding... [read more]

That Magical Binder
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:37 AM, 31 Comments
Yes, King County really does have a magical binder with precinct reconciliation data (at least they did at one time). And by the account of someone who is familiar with the contents, it would confirm that there were a significant... [read more]

February 25, 2005
Don't Weep For Blue Seattle
by Matt Rosenberg, 07:27 PM, 31 Comments
Society, that cruel beast, is still victimizing the weaker sex, as they are forced to please others before themselves. According to the Seattle-based instructor of the Seattle-based class "How To Be A Bitch 101." Ana Saskia, a Seattle musician, ex-nanny,... [read more]

Larsen Social Security town hall tommorow
by Timothy Goddard, 05:52 PM, 17 Comments
Don't forget that Democrat Rick Larsen is holding his Social Security reform town hall tommorow--the one being held at the Everett Senior Center, despite the fact that no reform proposals will affect anyone currently a senior. I'll be there to... [read more]

Next on Carlson: The Magical Mystery Binder!
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:14 PM, 46 Comments
I'll be on John Carlson's show in the 4pm hour talking about King County's mysterious "Big Binder" of election secrets. The binder really does exist, by the way, or at least it did at one time. I have that from... [read more]

UW's Sorry Social Sciences
by Matt Rosenberg, 01:08 PM, 10 Comments
Research and academic programs in the hard sciences and some other fields at the University of Washington are a point of pride. In contrast, the social sciences and humanities are an embarrassment. Today's Exhibit A: a UW assistant professor has... [read more]

Rossi leads both Gregoire and Cantwell
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:36 AM, 52 Comments
Today's Rassmussen Reports says that in a survey of 500 likely voters about the 2006 WA Senate race, Rossi attracts 47% of the vote to Cantwell's 44%Overall, Rossi is viewed favorably by 55% of Washington's voters. Cantwell is viewed favorably... [read more]

Report from Mount Vernon
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:24 AM, 3 Comments
Bellingham reader Charles Jenkins has a report from last night's Election Reform Meeting in Mount Vernon. My favorite bit: Reed also stated that re-registration would not be allowed under the Motor Voter Act that had been passed by Congress in... [read more]

Unions 2, Taxpayers 0
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:16 AM, 21 Comments
Former Attorney General Christine Gregoire signed her first bill yesterday, becoming the first former Attorney General in state history to accidentally get a chance to sign a bill. And what a bill it was. SB 5097, a pay-off to the... [read more]

Real Soon Now (2)
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:36 AM, 12 Comments
Today's Seattle Times reports on yet another instance where the King County Elections Office has not released the information it has said it would release. "Probe of felon voters not yet started" King County's January 23 press release and the... [read more]

February 24, 2005
Real Soon Now
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:12 PM, 53 Comments
A certain lunatic-fringe blogger, whose name we conveniently forget, reassures us that nothing went wrong in the King County vote count, and informs us that everything is explained by a "big binder", which he has never seen, but nevertheless claims... [read more]

Ron Sims is Toast
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:55 PM, 36 Comments
The Stranger reports that King County Executive Ron Sims could easily be tossed out of office if the right challenger steps up to the plate: One possible Democratic challenger is former state legislator and ex-supreme court justice Phil Talmadge, who... [read more]

Don't Divide, Conquer
by Jim Miller, 02:51 PM, 28 Comments
That's my advice to the Washington state Republicans who are considering the idea of dividing the state in two.  It has been a long time since Washington has had a Republican governor, and much of the state has been neglected... [read more]

Clearing the air
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:51 PM, 21 Comments
Secretary of State Sam Reed concluded last week's webchat at The Olympian accusing bloggers and talk radio of spreading misinformation about the election. I followed up by asking the SoS office to present specific examples of misinformation that appeared on... [read more]

Election Reform Public Meeting Tonight in Mount Vernon
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:59 AM, 20 Comments
Secretary of State Sam Reed will be holding a public meeting of the Election Reform Task Force this evening in Mount Vernon-- 6 - 8 pm Thursday, Feb. 24 - Skagit Valley College Cafeteria. Be there if you can, wear... [read more]

Die, Monorail, Die
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:22 AM, 63 Comments
A class action lawsuit filed against the Seattle Monorail Project [large PDF], if successful, could mean very big trouble for the agency. The suit lists 5 causes of action, which I summarize: (1) and (2) The valuation method for calculating... [read more]

Colson Hammers Washington State Cloning Bill
by Seth Cooper, 09:57 AM, 5 Comments
Senate Bill 5594—the deceptive bill pending before the Washington State Legislature that falsely claims to outlaw human cloning—but in fact in fact permits cloning in alarmingly expansive terms—has caught more national attention. Charles Colson weighed in on the legislation in... [read more]

All-Mail Voting? No, thanks
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:39 AM, 26 Comments
Perhaps the worst of the various "election reform" proposals coughed up by the Democrats in Olympia this session is HB 1990, "Requiring elections to be conducted by mail ballot" Effective January 1, 2008, all primary, special, and general elections shall... [read more]

Death by chocolate
by Brian Crouch, 08:55 AM, 44 Comments
Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, King County Councilmembers Dow Constantine and Dwight Pelz, and Seattle City Councilmember Nick Licata will be judges at what strikes me as a rather tastelessly marketed event: Chocolate for Choice 6,000 square feet of tempting chocolate... [read more]

February 23, 2005
Who won illegal votes of felons?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:34 AM, 125 Comments
WA Republicans announced yesterday that over 1,000 felon were found to have voted in Nov. 2004. Naturally, state Democrats claim that most of these are Rossi voters: [Democrat lawyer "Baghdad Jenny" Durkan] argued, the Democrats can raise questions about "the... [read more]

Schools To Police Student E-mail & IM?
by Matt Rosenberg, 11:25 AM, 16 Comments
So now the state legislature wants to make Washington school districts investigate and mete out punishment for inappropriate private e-mail and instant messages some students send to others. Senate Bill 5949 adds the following "cyberbullying" provisions to existing state law... [read more]

Stuck with whatever we're given
by Marsha Michaelis, 11:13 AM, 11 Comments
Nina Shapiro of Seattle Weekly wrote a good article last week on Seattle's public school choice program. Parents in Seattle have the freedom to choose which public school they want their child to attend, but district officials are thinking of... [read more]

Cascade Curtain or Space Needle Effect?
by Jim Miller, 08:29 AM, 27 Comments
That's the question I answer in my post on Washington's basic political divisions.  Those discussing the possible division of the state will find it especially interesting, I think. (I did not cross post it here because it contains large graphics,... [read more]

King County Cover-up
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:08 AM, 61 Comments
I've now put enough together on King County's story about the 1,800+ discrepancy between ballots and voters that I can call it what it is. It's past the point of routine spin control, it's a lie. It's a major league... [read more]

February 22, 2005
Social Security reform along the Sound
by Timothy Goddard, 06:39 PM, 49 Comments
The news media is awash in talk of Social Security reform, a subject very close to my young heart (and my young pocketbook). Of all the millions of words written about Social Security reform--specifically, the creation of personal retirement accounts--some... [read more]

Another form of Distributed vote fraud
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:55 PM, 43 Comments
A Snohomish County reader e-mails: Your site helped us over the weekend as we found out my wife's' uncle who is declared 'incompetent' by the State and has a legal guardian, voted and is now a PAV as well. Besides... [read more]

Selective public disclosure
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:42 PM, 14 Comments
One of the more excitable lunatic-fringe bloggers reported this weekend that "KC Elections reconciled results. (So there)" Said blogger bases his giddy report on a conversation with the spokeswoman for King County Elections. However, it appears that our good friend's... [read more]

Election Reform Public Meeting Tonight in Spokane
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:20 AM, 17 Comments
Secretary of State Sam Reed will be holding a public meeting of the Election Reform Task Force this evening in Spokane -- 6 - 8 pm Tuesday, Feb. 22 - Spokane Community College Lair Student Center. Be there if you... [read more]

The Wrong Split
by Matt Rosenberg, 09:10 AM, 54 Comments
Gotta love that joker, State Sen. Bob Morton (R-7). He's yanking Western Washington's chain again with that old perennial goofball measure asking the President, U.S. House and U.S. Senate to declare a 51st State in Eastern Washington. Senate Joint Memorial... [read more]

Secretary of State losing confidence in King County
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:55 AM, 10 Comments
"What happened in King County? We don't know either in some cases". Ouch. So says one of Secretary of State Sam Reed's top deputies, Assistant Secretary Steve Excell, speaking for the SoS office. I contacted Secretary Reed's office last week... [read more]

Should Tom Foley still be voting in Spokane?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:36 AM, 83 Comments
Former Speaker of the House and Ambassador to Japan Tom Foley continues to vote in Spokane, 10 years after he left Congress even though he hasn't lived in his old district for years. He votes absentee, listing an address on... [read more]

February 21, 2005
Birthday Suit
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:11 PM, 35 Comments
The Attorney General, representing the Secretary of State, has filed a response to my lawsuit [large PDF] to compel disclosure of voter birthdates.... [read more]

The New Schoolhouse Rock: Remediation Station
by Marsha Michaelis, 11:40 AM, 35 Comments
According to a report published by three state education agencies in December 2004, 55 percent of all recent high school graduates who go on to community or technical college in Washington state must take remedial courses in reading, writing or... [read more]

Barone on the Gore-Gregoire Selective Ballot-Counting Gambit
by Seth Cooper, 11:04 AM, 23 Comments
Today’s must read article reflecting on the election mess in Washington State comes from Michael Barone. In “2000 Changed Everything,” Barone analyzes the political damage to the Republicans and corresponding fallout for the Democrats from Al Gore’s strategy of challenging... [read more]

February 20, 2005
Reardon makes it clear he hates meth, too
by Timothy Goddard, 01:05 PM, 15 Comments
A week ago, I highlighted Snohomish County Sheriff Rick Bart's nascent campaign to take the job of Democratic Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon in 2007. Reardon is already responding. Bart's main claim to fame is his internationally noted "personal crusade"... [read more]

Discrepancy Doughnut Hole
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:45 AM, 41 Comments
Let's revisit Friday's P-I article about King County's groaning discrepancy "Election expert praises King County: Record-keeping called very accurate". This article is being trumpeted by some of the more prolific fabulists from the lunatic-fringe blogs as a "definitive debunking" of... [read more]

by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:06 AM, 53 Comments
The Tacoma News-Tribune reports that "73 voter registrations voided" As fallout continues from the disputed governor’s race, Pierce County has revoked the voter registrations of 73 felons, all of whom apparently voted in the November election. Some of these felon... [read more]

February 19, 2005
"Whoops" on Wheels and the Ouija-board Blue Book
by Brian Crouch, 01:55 PM, 40 Comments
Remember what Stefan wrote back in December about a pay raise for the monorail executive director, Joel Horn?:On Horn's watch, the Moronorail has experienced a serious revenue shortfall. Only one bidder is still interested.... Is this man undercompensated at $175,784... [read more]

Seattle's Loony-toons School Board
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:46 AM, 13 Comments
The Seattle School District, mired in an ongoing financial meltdown, revealed more bad news this week. Seattle Public Schools managers overspent their $754 million school-rebuilding program because they weren't told that construction-levy money was coming up $6.5 million short, school-district... [read more]

The world's most expensive party train
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:33 AM, 44 Comments
The Seattle Monorail Project is now trying to be a Space Age version of the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train "Monorail banks on tourist trains" Cash crunch or not, Seattle Monorail Project's (SMP) tourist trains appear sacrosanct. Equipped with flat-screen... [read more]

February 18, 2005
Voter Registration Challenge Hearing
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:45 PM, 67 Comments
Here's my trip report from this morning's hearing to challenge the King County voter registration of Atlanta physician Daniel M. Sosin. The punchline: there is no punchline yet. Dean Logan promised a written ruling within a few days. The following... [read more]

Election Contest Update
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:27 PM, 56 Comments
Today's court ruling favored the Republicans: WENATCHEE — Chelan County Superior Judge John Bridges today declined to issue an order clarifying a series of rulings he made in the governor's election lawsuit earlier this month. Bridges instead sided with Republicans... [read more]

Tacoma News Tribune: Leave I-200 Alone
by Matt Rosenberg, 10:22 AM, 17 Comments
It ain't broke, so don't fix it. That's the message from the editorial board of The Tacoma News Tribune on I-200. The voter-approved initiative barred the use of race as a factor in public sector hiring, contracting, and public college... [read more]

"I was a Democrat until September,'' she said
by Brian Crouch, 10:05 AM, 58 Comments
As Stefan posted earlier, the 5th District Democrats, by applauding the unconstitutional confiscation of rural land by King County's Council through the Critical Areas Ordinance, are unintentionally enlightening their own constituents: Sims gave his planned presentation on King County's Critical... [read more]

Incompetent Elections Official Praises Less Incompetent Elections Officials
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:00 AM, 133 Comments
Los Angeles County Registrar of Voters Conny McCormack thinks King County "displayed amazing accuracy" in the 2004 election McCormack said she was impressed with King County's inaccuracy rate of only 0.2 percent. "We've never hit 0.2 of a percent (in... [read more]

"Distributed vote fraud" enters the lexicon
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:45 AM, 6 Comments
The latest Woodinville Weekly seems pretty skeptical of the King County Elections report. It quotes at length both Councilmember Kathy Lambert and Rep. Toby Nixon offering their doubts about King County Elections and closes with this reaction to Ron Sims'... [read more]

February 17, 2005
Election Reform in Olympia
by Stefan Sharkansky, 06:41 PM, 35 Comments
The AP reports that some election reform bills have passed out of committee in the Democrat-controlled Senate. The Senate package would hold the primary a month earlier so counties would have more time to get out general election ballots. It... [read more]

Pangs Of Guilt
by Matt Rosenberg, 06:40 PM, 17 Comments
This one cheeses me off, Good 'N Plenty. Although in a plea-bargain deal with prosecutors, Martin Pang agreed to a 35-year sentence for manslaughter in the 1995 deaths of four Seattle firefighters battling an arson blaze he set in his... [read more]

Is this good home training?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:00 PM, 57 Comments
King County Executive Ron "99.98%" Sims' attempt to hold a secret lovefest last night with Issaquah Democrats did not turn out as planned. "CAO opponents crash meeting - Democrats had hoped to keep county executive's appearance to themselves" The Democrats... [read more]

Monorail Bombshell
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:50 AM, 49 Comments
A source close to the Seattle Monorail Project confirms the following: 1. The "Elevated Transportation Company", which is the precursor to the Seattle Monorail Project and put the Nov. 2002 measure on the ballot, knowingly understated the cost of the... [read more]

Just Another Day In "Progressive" Seattle
by Matt Rosenberg, 10:59 AM, 17 Comments
Seattle blogger Skot, at Izzle Pfaff, in this sad but laugh-out-loud post, relates his recent encounter with Capitol Hill's finest: a happily deranged man confronting cars that were entering I-5, and a "hungry" panhandler. Quick, send the social services-mobile! The... [read more]

Pasco Report
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:35 AM, 18 Comments
The latest of Secretary of State Sam Reed's Election Reform Task Force public meetings was last night in Pasco. Sound Politics reader and tipster Hanna attended the meeting and sent us this report: The meeting went pretty much as expected.... [read more]

School Dress Code Advances In Port Townsend
by Matt Rosenberg, 06:33 AM, 42 Comments
True, raging hormones rule in high school. It's eternal. But precisely because of that, school dress codes or regulations are a legitimate defense of the learning environment in an age when students are aping the droopy-pantsed, underwear-forward teen boys and... [read more]

February 16, 2005
Expect more bad news for the Monorail
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:03 PM, 45 Comments
Today's report in the Seattle Times that the sole bid is $200 million more than what was sold to the public is just the tip of the iceberg of devastating revelations to hit the fan, sources say. Details of Cascadia's... [read more]

Voter Registration Challenge Hearing
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:33 PM, 48 Comments
I filed a formal challenge to the voter registration of Dr. Daniel Sosin, the Atlanta, GA resident who continues to vote absentee in Seattle 12 years after he left town. A formal challenge hearing will be held before King County... [read more]

FOX Honcho Talks Smack on Revote
by P. Scott Cummins, 12:00 PM, 72 Comments
FOX Honcho Talks Smack on Revote [read more]

More on SB 5594 -- Senate Dems' Junk Biology Bill
by Seth Cooper, 11:36 AM, 3 Comments
Following up yesterday's post (here) discussing Wesley J. Smith's National Review Online article discussing Washington State's Senate Bill 5594--the bill is the cloning ban that ISN'T--some additional insights are worth your attention. Timothy Goddard has answered the call and weighed... [read more]

Monorail Meltdown
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:22 AM, 54 Comments
The sole bid for the Seattle Monorail appears to be $200 million higher than expected. The report says this problem has been "privately known for months". That would explain why the Monorail Project has been lobbying in Olympia for permission... [read more]

February 15, 2005
Answering my critics
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:38 PM, 53 Comments
Here at Sound Politics we do our best to engage with our critics who attempt to challenge us with actual facts. Two of my favorite critics, a couple of anonymous bloggers from Portland, OR who call themselves "Carla" and "Torrid... [read more]

Live Web Chat with Sam Reed
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:05 PM, 31 Comments
The Olympian hosted a live web chat with Secretary of State Sam Reed this afternoon from 3pm -4pm. The transcript is posted here. He completely minimizes the ballot/voter discrepancy in King County: They have military people not on record, address... [read more]

Downtown Seattle Republican Club
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:38 PM, 3 Comments
The next dinner meeting of the Downtown Seattle Republican Club, on Monday, February 21, 2005 will feature guest speaker Mike Siegel, popular morning talk radio host on Seattle's KTTH 770. He'll be making the case for performance audits of government... [read more]

Ron Jeremy's Not The Problem At EWU
by Matt Rosenberg, 12:48 PM, 21 Comments
Noted porn star Ron Jeremy is coming to Eastern Washington University in Cheney tommorow evening (7 p.m., in PUB MPR). He will receive $6,500 of student government money to talk about the downside of pornography (STDs, mistreatment of performers, etc.)... [read more]

Friday Court Date
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:19 PM, 9 Comments
The next court date in Borders v. King County et al is Friday morning in Wenatchee. [now that King County is dismissed as a party, has the suit been renamed Borders v. et al?]. Attorneys for Dino Rossi and the... [read more]

Democrats and Distributed Vote Fraud
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:56 AM, 27 Comments
A Washington Democratic elected official sent this in a private email explaining his reasons for opposing a revote and letting Gregoire keep her job. No election is 100% clean and fair. Mistakes are made, more often human mistakes and not... [read more]

Washington State's Junk Biology Bill
by Seth Cooper, 10:43 AM, 8 Comments
The attack of the cloners has come to Washington State, in the guise of Senate Bill 5594. The bill is misleading in the extreme, purporting to ban human cloning in the State while redefining the term “cloning” later in the... [read more]

Worse Election Than We Thought?
by Jim Miller, 05:44 AM, 16 Comments
This letter to the Seattle Times, written, I would guess, by a Democrat, makes an unusual claim: In November, Washingtonians voted 53 percent for John Kerry vs. 49 percent for George Bush. (For what it's worth, some of the other... [read more]

February 14, 2005
What went down at the Courthouse
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:56 PM, 29 Comments
My highlights from this morning's King County Council meeting, where Dean Logan and Kurt Triplett (Ron Sims' chief of staff) presented their 2004 election report. The first two hours were a complete waste of time. The meeting started 15 minutes... [read more]

James Na on Seattle Blogosphere
by Seth Cooper, 05:04 PM, 21 Comments
James Na’s column in today’s Seattle Times gives a take on Seattle’s blogging scene, focusing on the work of many of the diligent bloggers on Sound Politics--Stefan Sharkansky, Andrew MacDonald, and Matt Rosenberg, in particular. Be sure to read it!... [read more]

Ukraine, Iraq and Washington (in that order)
by Marsha Michaelis, 03:30 PM, 38 Comments
The latest from Bob Williams at the Evergreen Freedom Foundation: On Sunday, February 13, the results of the Iraqi election were announced to the world. The Iraqi people, in large numbers and at great personal risk, demonstrated their commitment to... [read more]

Sheriff Bart to take on Reardon for Snohomish County Executive
by Timothy Goddard, 01:29 PM, 14 Comments
While the vast majority of the 2006 political races have yet to take shape, a major 2007 race is already beginning to heat up. Snohomish County Sheriff Rick Bart, a Republican, announced his candidacy for Snohomish County Executive last week,... [read more]

February 13, 2005
Monday Evening Meeting
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:28 PM, 127 Comments
Secretary of State Sam Reed will hold another public meeting of the "Election Reform Task Force", Monday, February 14th, 6 - 8 pm at Highline Community College Student Union Building in Des Moines. Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to... [read more]

Monday Morning Meeting
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:52 PM, 85 Comments
Dean Logan will be presenting his election report to the King County Council on Monday, Feb. 14, 9:30 a.m., 10th Floor, King County Courthouse, 3rd and James. Predictions: Julia Patterson, Dwight Pelz and Larry Phillips will praise Dean Logan for... [read more]

Fordham Foundation Fails WA On English, Math Standards
by Matt Rosenberg, 07:25 PM, 35 Comments
The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation gives Washington state an "F" for 2005 in two recent reports: "The State of State English Standards," and "The State of State Math Standards." The analysis on English instruction standards for Washington state public schools... [read more]

State Patrol Denies Talk Radio Threat
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:46 AM, 75 Comments
I now have some answers from the Washington State Patrol to my questions about Mrs. Gregoire's allegations of death threats from talk radio. It does not look good for the besieged former Attorney General. Gregoire's exact words: Reporter: Have there... [read more]

February 11, 2005
Republican Radio
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:41 PM, 19 Comments
This Saturday's Republican Radio will be a really big show. Host will be Jerry Miller, celebrity co-host Chris Vance, non-celebrity co-host Yours Truly and Anne-Marie Lake as senior co-host and traffic cop. 11am -1pm on KOL1300 in Seattle and other... [read more]

Orange Patrol
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:10 PM, 46 Comments
Reader P.L. from Port Orchard emails: while driving on the freeway near Bremerton I was passed by a Washington State Patrol vehicle. To my pleasant surprise, as he passed me, I noticed he had one of those magnetic orange Revote... [read more]

Birthday Suit
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:17 PM, 23 Comments
I have filed suit against Secretary of State Sam Reed to compel disclosure of the state's voter registration file, including birthdates. This issue arose last month when the Seattle Times obtained a copy of the birthday file, which the Secretary's... [read more]

Judge OKs Wording For Indoor Smoking Ban Initiative
by Matt Rosenberg, 12:20 PM, 157 Comments
I've just learned that Thurston County Superior Court Judge Richard Hicks has ruled today against the Recreational Gaming Association's challenge to the wording of Initiative 901, which if approved by voters would ban indoor smoking in Washington state in all... [read more]

99.98%, 99.8%, what's the difference?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:57 AM, 58 Comments
Much fun has been made of Ron Sims' claim at his Wednesday press conference that King County Elections was "99.98% accurate" which Sims also believes is an accuracy rate that any bank would envy. As noted, I corrected Sims during... [read more]

Gregoire in her own words: "these talk show radios" are trying to kill me
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:21 AM, 74 Comments
Oh my. One of Mrs. Gregoire's communications aides told me on Thursday afternoon that her office didn't have a recording of Gregoire's Q&A from Feb. 3 -- the one where she explained why she was withholding release of her public... [read more]

Institutional Racism
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:23 AM, 35 Comments
The Democrats in the Washington Legislature are once again performing their annual ritual of trying to overturn I-200 and reimposing state-sponsored racism -- See HB 1586 in the House and companion bill SB 5575 in the Senate. KVI's John Carlson,... [read more]

February 10, 2005
On a lighter note. So to speak.
by Brian Crouch, 11:18 PM, 12 Comments
WA Supreme Court lifts Pierce Smoking Ban. There are strong views on both sides of this issue; I tend towards the libertarian argument: the state should not be telling a business owner how to run their private enterprise on... [read more]

Report from Vancouver
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:44 PM, 22 Comments
Ray B., who frequently posts comments under the name "north clark county", sends us this report from tonight's election reform meeting in Vancouver: The governor's Election Reform Task Force held their first meeting in Vancouver on Thursday night. About 150... [read more]

Gregoire and talk radio
by Stefan Sharkansky, 07:23 PM, 23 Comments
I got a callback from a spokeswoman for Mrs. Gregoire, in response to my questions about the death threat against Gregoire and her implication that talk radio was somehow responsible. To recap my questions, which I emailed to the spokeswoman... [read more]

Stewart Goes to the Slammer: Terrorist Lawyer Convicted
by Seth Cooper, 03:47 PM, 16 Comments
Far left New York attorney Lynne Stewart was convicted earlier today by a jury in federal court of criminal charges, stemming from her smuggling of violence-inciting messages from one of her convicted and imprisoned clients to the foreign terrorist group... [read more]

Senate Dems Sponsor Stem Cell Bill
by Matt Rosenberg, 02:33 PM, 76 Comments
Seattle Democrat Jeanne Kohl-Welles (36th) is sponsoring SB 5594. Here's more, from the legislation: ..An estimated one hundred twenty-eight million Americans suffer from chronic, degenerative, and acute diseases, including diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease, heart disease, and... [read more]

Cantwell in the Crosshairs
by Seth Cooper, 01:08 PM, 53 Comments
Both today’s and last Thrusday’s WSJ Political Diary ($) contain entries discussing the 2006 Senate race in Washington State. The common sense prediction is that it will be a tight contest. Bad news for Senator Maria Cantwell. Last week, John... [read more]

February 09, 2005
Revote Rally / Election Reform Meeting in Vancouver
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:37 PM, 65 Comments
The first public meeting of Secretary of State Sam Reed's "Election Reform Task Force" will be held this Thursday evening, Feb. 10 in Vancouver. These public meetings are opportunities for citizens around the state to give their input for the... [read more]

Shark Radio
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:44 PM, 30 Comments
I'll be on two radio programs this afternoon with a recount of Ron Sims' morning press conference -- John Carlson KVI 570 at 3:00, and Dave Ross 710 KIRO at 5:30.... [read more]

King County Whitewash
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:08 PM, 166 Comments
I attended this morning's press conference with King County Executive Ron Sims and Elections Director Dean Logan. It was an attempt at whitewash and it backfired. Big time. Another nail in the coffin not only of this disastrous election but... [read more]

Voter database update
by Stefan Sharkansky, 01:16 AM, 31 Comments
Spokane County has now been added to the online voter database. We're up to 12 counties (including the 9 largest ones), nearly 3.1 million voter records, and 81% of the people who voted in the November election. Check out the... [read more]

Curtains for King County
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:47 AM, 47 Comments
A couple of stories I've been pursuing are picking up traction in the big media. Today's Seattle Times article "Official disputes gubernatorial vote-tally assertion" David Irons, R-Sammamish, said yesterday that in the 2000 general election the discrepancy between the numbers... [read more]

February 08, 2005
Gregoire and talk radio
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:57 PM, 15 Comments
Radio Equalizer Brian Maloney suggests that it's "Time For Gregoire to Apologize For Her False Talk Radio Slam". He looks at Arbitron ratings for the Yakima area, where the only identified death threat came from, and concludes that there aren't... [read more]

This should be interesting
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:25 PM, 28 Comments
Sims, Logan to discuss 2004 King County Elections Report King County Executive Ron Sims and Director of Records, Elections and Licensing Services Dean Logan will hold a news conference tomorrow to discuss the 2004 King County Elections Report. This report... [read more]

Lowering The Bar For Minorities
by Matt Rosenberg, 02:28 PM, 96 Comments
Washington state Democrats are pushing another bill in Olympia to undermine public education here, and weaken official state learning goals and "essential academic requirements." This latest travesty comes on the heels of SB 5638, an odious attempt to more quickly... [read more]

I read it in the funny papers
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:55 AM, 47 Comments
The headline of today's Seattle Times article about yesterday's Rossi press conference "Rossi declares himself winner in latest round of court fight" Declares himself? After Judge Bridges denied every single one of the Democrats' motions to dismiss the contest? It... [read more]

More on Gregoire's Secret Schedule and Bogus Death Threat
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:27 AM, 46 Comments
A reader pointed out yet another interesting coinky-dink about the timing of the announcement of Gregoire's two-week-old psychiatric patient death threat and the decision to conceal her schedule from the public. As we mentioned yesterday, Gregoire made her announcement on... [read more]

February 07, 2005
Connelly on Congress's Ethics
by Ron Hebron, 10:32 PM, 11 Comments
Joel Connelly in the Seattle P-I only sees power plays. He can't imagine that an elected official would ever do the right thing. My theory is that power is all he understands. Today in seeing cross-eyed over Doc Hastings being... [read more]

What to do about the anonymous moonbat trolls?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:38 PM, 163 Comments
This is an informal consulation for other Sound Politics contributors and our readers. What do folks feel we should do about the anonymous moonbat trolls in the comments section? I actively encourage an open discussion and a variety of facts... [read more]

Dino Rossi Press Conference
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:43 PM, 45 Comments
Webcast here. Among Rossi's points-- Says that even though Judge Bridges says he can't order a "revote", the Judge can set aside the election and a new election could be held in November. If Judge Bridges reverses the election and... [read more]

Wenatchee Report
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:25 PM, 17 Comments
At the risk of turning into a Walter Winchell-style namedropping gossip columnist, I post this report from a reader who attended the court hearing in Wenatchee last Friday: At the court hearing, one wonders how the Seattle P-I reporter (sitting... [read more]

Julia Patterson on King County Election Reform
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:24 PM, 18 Comments
As noted earlier, King County Councilmembers Kathy Lambert (Republican) and Julia Patterson (Democrat) together proposed election reform legislation. I spoke with Kathy Lambert and posted her perspective on the legislation here. I also contacted Patterson's office last week to ask... [read more]

Challenging a bogus voter registration
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:05 AM, 65 Comments
One of the issues in the election contest is that it's too late to throw out hundreds of illegal votes that were cast because of the section of the contest law which states that "Illegal votes do not include votes... [read more]

Why are they keeping Gregoire's schedule a secret?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:28 AM, 46 Comments
It was reported last week that former Attorney General Christine Gregoire's schedule of appearances will be kept secret, on account of a "death threat". The interesting timing of the death threat report gives us a clue as to what might... [read more]

February 06, 2005
Welcome Aboard, Caitlyn
by Brian Crouch, 01:56 PM, 37 Comments
The entire Sound Politics crew extends a warm welcome to the newest member of the extended family -- Caitlyn Elyse Crouch, born today at 6am. Baby Caitlyn, mother Gretchen and father Brian are all doing fine. [posted by Stefan under... [read more]

Judge: Heal Thyself
by Matt Rosenberg, 11:48 AM, 1 Comments
A King County District Court judge and Federal Way resident named named Judith Eiler, who in 2003 taught a seminar to Washington state administrative lawyers in "ethical fitness" will now be taking ethics and sensitivity training at her own expense.... [read more]

Kathy Lambert on King County Election Reform
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:50 AM, 27 Comments
A lot of people were surprised by last Tuesday's Seattle Times article which implied that Republican Councilmember Kathy Lambert was advocating all-mail elections "Vote-by-mail test is proposed" King County should consider conducting elections entirely by mail, County Councilwomen Julia Patterson... [read more]

February 05, 2005
Kirstin, Kirstin, Kirstin
by Matt Rosenberg, 10:22 PM, 51 Comments
Scorched-earth spokeswoman for the WA State Dems, Kirstin Brost, emerges from this fawning Stranger profile with egg all over her face. Regarding the pending contested election lawsuit against Democrat and current Governor Christine Gregoire by Republican opponent Dino Rossi, she... [read more]

Reagan Wing Response
by Timothy Goddard, 09:14 PM, 34 Comments
For anyone interested, the Reagan Wing has posted a response to my report from the Washington State Chair Candidate debate they hosted last Friday.... [read more]

Ward Churchill Speech At EWU Cancelled
by Matt Rosenberg, 01:38 PM, 113 Comments
Eastern Washington University in Cheney, Wa., has cancelled a scheduled talk by purported Native American activist, vile 9/11 apologist and controversial University of Colorado Ethnic Studies professor Ward Churchill, stating there would be a threat to public safety if he... [read more]

Misconduct, Neglect Grounds For Voiding Election
by Matt Rosenberg, 11:13 AM, 39 Comments
....That's what jumped out at ME in this morning's Seattle Times story. As Stefan notes in his first post today, the transcript will help everyone. But chew on this: Bridges...denied a Democratic motion to limit any challenge to issues of... [read more]

Wenatchee Update
by Stefan Sharkansky, 08:35 AM, 52 Comments
Today's Seattle Times print article about the election contest hearing walks back the implausible and uncorroborated report in yesterday's online story that "Republicans must show any illegal votes were cast in favor of Gregoire". Today's paper: A major issue that... [read more]

February 04, 2005
Republican Radio
by Timothy Goddard, 09:15 PM, 12 Comments
I'll be on Republican Radio tommorow morning at 11:45 am to discuss the day's happenings in Wenatchee, and possibly some other issues of interest. You can listen on 1300 KOL in Seattle, and many other stations in the Northwest. I'd... [read more]

by Ambra Nykol, 07:30 PM, 41 Comments
First there was the inauguration day fiasco at Seattle Central Community College, wherein a campus group called "Students Against War" (also known as "Tofu Crusaders for Justice," "Students for Social Peace Through Poetry," "Hippies for Hemp," or any other ninny... [read more]

What really happened in Wenatchee?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:58 PM, 90 Comments
I step out from the office for a couple of hours and when I come back I learn that the whole world has changed. The Seattle Times reports: "Judge refuses to dismiss lawsuit over governor's election". So far, so good,... [read more]

You say “No,” they say “Yes”
by Marsha Michaelis, 04:05 PM, 44 Comments
Ten state legislators are sponsoring a bill that claims allowing regional cost-of-living salary increases for teachers “is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, or safety, or support of the state government and its existing public institutions.”... [read more]

Who is Timothy Borders?
by Stefan Sharkansky, 02:12 PM, 4 Comments
In case you were wondering who is the man behind the name of the lead plaintiff in the election contest lawsuit, today's Seattle Times has a profile of Timothy Borders. I'm proud to say that I know Tim. He's a... [read more]

Flash: Judge Bridges issues more rulings against Democrats
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:26 PM, 180 Comments
Denies the motion to exclude the Rossi campaign as "not a proper party" Denies the counties' motions to dismiss on lack of timeliness. On the other hand, the court is dismissing every county from the action, as they are not... [read more]

Medved Show
by Brian Crouch, 12:08 PM, 13 Comments
Michael Medved is discussing the governor's race right now on KTTH Talk 770AM. He just used the term: "magical mystery ballots."... [read more]

Democratic legislative shenanigans
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:20 AM, 3 Comments
For years, Republicans in the state legislature have been promoting the concept that the governor be held accountable for the administrative rules issued by agencies under the governor's control. Good idea. Democrats, unfortunately, have cynically moved to actually make that... [read more]

The "Fulfilling Marriage" Bill
by Matt Rosenberg, 11:15 AM, 10 Comments
A bi-partisan group of Washington State Representatives is sponsoring HB 1252, a bill that would direct school districts to offer courses on "family preservation" and "developing the relationship and communication skills that are vital for a successful and fulfilling marriage."... [read more]

Flash: Judge Bridges rules against Democrats
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:53 AM, 14 Comments
Intervenors' motion to dismiss for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. Question: Does this court or any court have the jurisdiction to rule on an election contest involving the governor? Ruling: Cites Article III Section IV of the State Constitution. "Contested... [read more]

Brightwater Art Update
by Timothy Goddard, 09:51 AM, 15 Comments
Ron Logan, who originally alerted me to the Brightwater art issue, attended the project's open house last night, and he's passed on some good news and some bad news: The good news is that they aren’t spending $16 million on... [read more]

Watch today's court hearing live
by Stefan Sharkansky, 09:31 AM, 24 Comments
The KING-5 TV website has live streaming video of today's Chelan County Court hearing.... [read more]

February 03, 2005
Gregoire Receives Death Threat
by Stefan Sharkansky, 10:38 PM, 79 Comments
Christine Gregoire has received a death threat. The death threat was inexcusable. But then so was Gregoire's reaction: She said blamed "the level of discussion on some of these talk radio shows" for whipping up people. Oh, please. I've heard... [read more]

Where Kurt Cobain Scored His Smack.....
by Matt Rosenberg, 08:32 PM, 30 Comments
We have previously remarked that a regular feature in Seattle's Sandinista Weekly, The Stranger, titled "I Anonoymous," may in fact be written by the publication's staff. And in any case, that it is foul-mouthed, and close to sub-literate. However, you... [read more]

When counties count
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:14 PM, 38 Comments
I've received new information to confirm that King County's large discrepancy between ballots counted and voters counted is an outsized anomaly. As I reported earlier, King County's discrepancy of miscounted ballots, (considering both voterless ballots and ballotless voters) --... [read more]

"Taking Secession Seriously"
by Matt Rosenberg, 02:18 PM, 23 Comments
Eastern King County secession has become a hot topic again (recent SP posts here and here). Now, a leading liberal Seattle publication is getting behind the idea. The Seattle Weekly's Editor In Chief, Knute Berger, has penned "Taking Secession Seriously"... [read more]

"Guest workers:" potential social security liability, or benefit?
by Brian Crouch, 11:22 AM, 17 Comments
According to the 2003 Statistical Abstract from the Dept. of Comerce, in the year 2000 there were approximately 139,000 "undocumented workers" a.k.a. illegal aliens, residing in Washington state. There are almost undoubtedly more now. That puts us in the top... [read more]

by Ambra Nykol, 01:55 AM, 37 Comments
Late last year, Carmen Dixon, a mom in Friday Harbor was told that her testimony against Oliver Christensen was invalidated because it was based on an intercepted phone conversation. A state Supreme Court judge ruled that eavesdropping on a conversation... [read more]

Voter Database Update
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:20 AM, 14 Comments
The voter database now includes Whatcom County. Speaking of which, Whatcom had a larger number (relative to the size of the county) of people voting at the County Administration Building than King County had. 37 people voted in November using... [read more]

February 02, 2005
SCCC Military Hazers Ponder Apology
by Matt Rosenberg, 07:56 PM, 35 Comments
Recently, Brian Crouch of Sound Politics beat the Seattle papers to one of those stories that's another harbinger of the Disintegrating Left. Students at Seattle Socialist - er Central - Community College virulently chased a U.S. Army recruiter away from... [read more]

Mandatory public art: not too Brightwater
by Timothy Goddard, 04:36 PM, 37 Comments
Washington State law says that 0.5% of the budget for all state-funded public works must be spent on art. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it? And maybe it is--but when you start doing the math, things start adding up. The Tacoma Narrows... [read more]

by Brian Crouch, 03:09 PM, 19 Comments
The Federalists will hold a gubernatorial election panel next Tuesday. Their flyer frames the following posers: "What went right? What went wrong? What is next?" Get a load of the guest list: Mr. Paul Berendt, Chair of Washington Democrats Mr.... [read more]

by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:24 PM, 1 Comments
Sound Politics contributor Tim Ford has started his own blog dedicated to "Legal News and Commentary in the Northwest and Beyond" -- check it out!... [read more]

Terwilliger Bunts One
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:20 PM, 36 Comments
Snohomish County Auditor Bob Terwilliger filed this declaration (under penalty of perjury) in Borders v. King County: Petitioners allege that Snohomish County election officials “counted votes in excess of the number of lawfully registered voters that participated in the election.”... [read more]

City of Olympia Joins Nuke Debate
by Matt Rosenberg, 12:13 PM, 13 Comments
The city of Olympia, Washington last night passed a resolution in support of a nuclear weapon-free world by 2020. But it wasn't enough for one local resident, who urged the city to declare itself a nuclear-free zone, as well. Otherwise,... [read more]

Daily Briefs
by Stefan Sharkansky, 11:26 AM, 39 Comments
The Democrats in the Washington state legislature are proposing a "paid family leave" bill. Sounds good to me. Get paid for not working. But as the owner/operator of a one-person business, I have to wonder how I could take advantage... [read more]

February 01, 2005
WA Democrats Scared out of their Wits
by Stefan Sharkansky, 05:52 PM, 129 Comments
The Washington Democrats appear to be scared out of their wits by the prospect of a revote. If they were feeling confident in their prospects, their message would be along the lines "of course Christine Gregoire is the legitimate governor... [read more]

Voter Database Update
by Stefan Sharkansky, 04:57 PM, 50 Comments
Clark County has now been added to the voter database. See if you can find the 225 magical mystery voters that the county auditor cannot find. And speaking of Clark County, a reader from Vancouver e-mails: REVOTE RALLY PLANNED FOR... [read more]

On the Carlson Show
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:49 PM, 6 Comments
I'll be on John Carlson's show this afternoon at 4pm. KVI 570. UPDATE: My segment was rescheduled to 5pm. Keep listening in the 4pm hour as John takes apart Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles.... [read more]

Institutional Racism
by Stefan Sharkansky, 03:38 PM, 21 Comments
Every year at the start of a legislative session, it seems, the Democrats in the Washington legislature propose overturning I-200 in order to impose state enforced racial preferences. In today's Seattle Times, the usual suspects tell us that they... [read more]

Tune in to Dave Ross today
by Marsha Michaelis, 02:52 PM, 1 Comments
I'll be on the Dave Ross Show (710 KIRO) at 5:30pm today talking about my recent post on public school performance. UPDATE: The segment was bumped, but may be rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon.... [read more]

Democrats Ply Education Shell Game
by Matt Rosenberg, 12:49 PM, 34 Comments
The national push for higher achievement standards in public schools continues to bedevil Democratic state legislators in Washington, who worry that too many students aren't making the grade. And regrettably, one of their primary solutions is to make mandated passage... [read more]

by Seth Cooper, 11:23 AM, 2 Comments
For your comic relief concerning the recent Governor's race and election fiasco, I offer my recent cartoon contributions, here and here.... [read more]

Rachel Corrie is still registered to vote
by Stefan Sharkansky, 12:08 AM, 42 Comments
Nearly two years after her fatal accident, Rachel Corrie is still registered to vote in Thurston County. The voting history (not online) shows that Corrie last voted in 2001. But it seems weird that she's still registered. The nominal excuse... [read more]

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